XXXTENTACION - whoa (mind in awe) (Audio)


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    1. Debo Myrick


    2. Robert Faithful

      Xxxtentacion was the best of the best legendary to everyone around him he may be gone but I'm still here for him for his music I don't wanna cry but it hurts inside me that he's dead

    3. alvin alvin

      actually xxxtencation didn't die but she just begged her death

    4. FN Mist

      2021 anyone?

      1. Dedi Adrianto

        Me from 2077

      2. Dedi Adrianto


    5. Nangbia Nanung


    6. 湯智嵐TONG CHI NAM


    7. It’s Idiz

      2k20 vibes

    8. WEED23 FF


    9. Skyler Cabrello

      if you’re listening to this in 2021 among all the bad stuff and terrible things happening, you’re an actual legend

    10. Adam Sydney

      Xxxtentacion always made unfinished songs

    11. Christina Cropsey

      He finally got 30 mil subs

    12. Trent Paul

      On the road to 100million. On HUfast alone.

      1. Jose Luis Ibarra Medina

        Sad 1b

    13. Roman Gonzalez


      1. Dedi Adrianto

        He live

    14. achraf man


    15. Afnan Pene

      Whos here in march 2021 ? 😚

    16. IHSAN S

      Maap bang baru nongol

    17. Ильяс Уразов


    18. zakarynio vati


    19. İsmayıl Məmmədov

      2021 January 💔

    20. Jamie Smith

      2021 strong

    21. Nila Vivo

      X i really Miss u:)

    22. SPB_EzRa_xX

      2021 ?

    23. aqdpt

      Been here

    24. Caleb Christian

      Man how could anyone have the guts to take someone's life. I'm so sorry x that you didn't get to spend time with your gf and son and family, friends. But we all know your safe up there justice has been served, they aren't getting out I hear 3 of them got life. Long Live King X💙💙💙💙🙏😭😭😭

      1. Craig Taylor

        Ask drake!

    25. Мухит Максот

      RIP: Michael Jackson RIP: Paul Walker RIP: Johan Cruyff RIP: Eazy-E RIP: Bruce Lee RIP: Bob Marley RIP: Freddie Mercury RIP: Tupac Shakur RIP: The Notorious B.I.G. RIP: Heath Ledger RIP: Stan Lee RIP: George Michael RIP: Muhammad Ali RIP: Chester Bennington RIP: Chapecoense Plane Crash Victims RIP: Lil Peep RIP: Stephen Hawking RIP: Avicii RIP: XXXTENTACION RIP: Mac Miller RIP: Emiliano Sala RIP: Cameron Boyce RIP: Grant Thompson RIP: Etika RIP: Juice Wrld RIP: George Floyd RIP: Kobe Bryant , Gianna Bryant RIP: Irrfan Khan RIP: Sushant Singh Rajput RIP: Pop Smoke RIP: Naya Rivera RIP: Chadwick Boseman RIP: Eddie Van Halen RIP: King Von RIP: To all soldiers who sacrifice our lives RIP: To all the people whom died from Covid-19 RIP: Maradona [ Legends never die they live in our hearts ]


      were almost near is 3 year aniversry mss u X R.I.P

    27. WhyKlixys

      The beat so beautiful

    28. Jose Romero

      Here during the attack on titan hype

    29. Sergio Lopez Cayetano

      @key_epic 2021

    30. Jarvis Blazkowiz


    31. james mullins

      I miss x you hide do to

    32. Senseii先生

      Fire song! We love you X

    33. Amelia_playz

      I taught my parrot how to say rip XXXTENTACION #LLJ

    34. Hockey Live

      {\__/} ( • . •) хочешь шоколадку / >🍫 {\__/} ( • - •) ня я добрый >🍫

      1. BARSUK 3233

        о я не один русский

    35. Hockey Live

      Как мне сказать Алисе что бы она мне включила эту песню? Типо вуа я конечно же знаю что он мертв... Я скорблю и понимаю что я его уже никак на фан встрече не увижу но блин как мне Алисе сказать что бы она мне включила эту песню

    36. Michael Masterson

      Don’t hold me but xxxtentacion was trash to me I just listened to this song today and it’s actually fire prolly one of the very few songs I like by him

    37. Kota Bentz

      i was crying we are all doing that😭

    38. Joselino merida

      No one can forget xxxtentacion🥺🥺😭

    39. Tech Tech

      Damn I miss that kid 🌟🙄🥺😞😖😭

    40. daniel_ dmt


    41. caiden s

      If your still whaching this in 2021 your a king ur queen

    42. caiden s

      Im never leaving this man

    43. Charts

      we never leave bois

    44. I am Brunonz 特神

      La mejor cancion Del mundo.

    45. HALLS FF

      3 years later....😞

    46. NHB


    47. Hamed Haidara


      1. Hamed Haidara


    48. sadboy

      one of the best like if true

    49. Kacy Booker

      “Zero2x Whoa” search it

    50. Skyler Cabrello

      if you’re listening to this in 2021 with all the terrible things and bad stuff happening, you’re an actual legend

    51. pé de capa ツ

      i'm from brazil i'm 12 years old and i'm a fan of more than x i listen to him since of members only hahahah yes i'm a big fan. I cried at his death but I know he is in a better place

    52. Karlos Traves

      Man I cant stop listening to this banger its addictive.

    53. Decari Burley

      It's like I can still hear him❤❤💛💛❤💛😭😭😭😭😭❤💛❤💛❤💛❤💛❤💛❤💛❤

    54. saustin 916

      Listen to this song in some head phone when your having a bad day trust meeee

    55. jahseh onfroy

      For ever XXXTENTACION ❤💔

    56. Mo Saleh

      Miss you

    57. KUBSOS


    58. KUBSOS


    59. KUBSOS


    60. KUBSOS


    61. KUBSOS


    62. KUBSOS

      Ja 3

    63. KUBSOS


    64. Xxx Tantasion

      ♕YA X will remain in our hearts ♕

    65. Melvin Dxrk

      I looking it in 2021

    66. Vernon Kok

      RIP to one of the G.O.A.T

    67. rena alviani alviani 𝑀𝑒𝑟𝑐𝑖 𝑖𝑛𝑓𝑖𝑛𝑖𝑚𝑒𝑛𝑡 𝑝𝑜𝑢𝑟 𝑐𝑒 𝑏𝑒𝑎𝑢 𝑝𝑎𝑟𝑡𝑎𝑔𝑒... 𝐷𝑒𝑝𝑢𝑖𝑠 𝐿'𝐼𝑙𝑒 𝑀𝑎𝑢𝑟𝑖𝑐𝑒🇲🇺 Из-за отсутствия лучшего слова, захватывает дух. Наборы яркие. Их богатый цвет и подвижный статус притягивают наблюдателя к действию. Костюмы являются декоративными, красивыми и работоспособными одновременно. Макияж выделяет костюмы, и никто никогда не замечает тот факт, что это люди, разыгрывающие части животных. Вы настолько увлечены образами всего этогоbwjn10

    68. Asude Karaoğlan


      1. Doğukan Skl

        @Asude Karaoğlan fjaojfafoafhoagsgsg

      2. Asude Karaoğlan

        @Doğukan Skl 😒

      3. Doğukan Skl

        @Asude Karaoğlan Amenna. Buraya nasıl geldi konu

      4. Doğukan Skl

        @Asude Karaoğlan Allah'ımm klkfklajfla

      5. Asude Karaoğlan

        @Doğukan Skl turist☺️

    69. F Adty

      bro? 2021??

    70. ethan_wilde1

      Re-listening to this bop after the Juice remix was announced

    71. Jesus Gael Mondragon

      Just the best

    72. Cristina Robles

      Miss u so much x will never be forgotten

    73. tresure4k

      es el mejor

    74. chris dusan

      Giving me nostalgia now. Fuck, we miss you x

    75. Foziljon Eshmatov

      Who is in Febrwraury

    76. Xiavier Herrera

      Miss you x

    77. Archangel M

      This slaps 🔥

    78. Thomas Watson

      cant believe juice is hopping on this 2 of the best artist of the last 5 to 10 years on one song

    79. Shanobro

      Hey! If you are seeing this, I just wanted to let you know that Jesus loves you!! He loves you so much that He died on the cross for your sins and rose from the dead so that you could be saved from sin and the wrath of God!! This is the Gospel; you can be saved from God’s wrath and hell if you believe and trust in Jesus! God Bless you all!!

    80. LAUTY


    81. Kaspar Kolossov

      Bad vibes forever

    82. Xdepressa Lol

      Best album

    83. PixTheMedic


    84. Tornado Crossfire


    85. kalyan

      This song just makes me wanna cry


      It’s like they say legends never die ands that’s a fact. Hope y’all the best of luck.

    87. Jose Jiménez Jiménez

      THANKS YOU X❤️ JAHSEH ONFROY 👼1998/01/23 - 18/06/18👼

    88. edric han


    89. thegod is the best at fort demon

      may u rest in peace with people listening to ur music

    90. Fairuz Rasyiq Habibullah_9D_15

      Indo mana suaranya?

    91. Colby Boutin

      30 mill subs less goo

    92. supersam393

      beautiful, just beautiful...

    93. Baham Zhanup

      *XXXTENTACION* we made this creative map for you 2526-8405-4603 (:

    94. Andrew Valencia


    95. Jaklin Farnandos

      *XXXTENTACION* we made this creative map for you 2526-8405-4603 (:

    96. Peralta Cerón Edgar Gabriel

      Music perfec = xxxtentacion

    97. WALKERS

      *XXXTENTACION* play this creative map please 2526-8405-4603 (:

    98. naruto sakasi