Yandere Sim Will Never Be Finished...

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    This game started off as imageboard scribblings several years ago, in that time frame massive events have happened and I've went through life events of my own, in that time frame I can say that it seems not much has happened in regards to this popular indie game. Thanks for watching!
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    1. SomeOrdinaryGamers

      Please consider this video more of me also scratching the surface on this myself. I am currently playing this game and have been doing so for the past five hours. I will make a more in-depth video when I can assemble all the history behind this game. Their is so, so, so much. In the meantime please watch these amazing videos by some awesome content creators. KappaKaiju's Video: hufast.info/plan/vide/fGqVfJV3mZm1oYk The Right Opinion: hufast.info/plan/vide/pWe8l55lsXjKY2Q

      1. Naresh Kumar

        u used the rong there, your are 2 bad

      2. Batsy

        Sir, on my trash geforce gtx 1650 it runs a 60 fps

      3. bad bish

        Okay thank you

    2. Alichan Sagiev

      are you german?

    3. GameGator

      He runnin a monopoly lol

    4. CreamyViolet

      Maybe at 2040 yandere simulator will be completed...

    5. ActionJackson

      That slightly blurry camera effect in combo with the purple/blue lighting always makes me question if I'm high, or too high...

    6. Kira

      to clarify the spaghetti code thing, theres nothing inherently wrong with using if/else statements, it's about how you use them. he has tons of them--wasting cpu cycles--for simple variable checks in an attempt to cover many cases that absolutely should be in switch statements.

    7. Dazed

      half life three

      1. Connor Cornwall


      2. Dazed


    8. qweriop

      Unity.exe has stopped working.

    9. freedom goddess

      yanderedev: *projects about shortcomings* WNM dev: "ich liebe capitalismus"

    10. Clorox Bleach Color

      bruh i have a windows 7 and it works very smoothly

    11. cowardice

      cool video but i fucking hate women

    12. Aidan O

      I appreciate how he look at both sides of the story On just about all of his videos. Great job! Keep it up!

    13. Shannon H

      I was in 3rd grade when this game started development. I'm a high school freshman now and it hasn't even moved on from the demo stage. Bro wtf.

    14. Lulluf

      I totally forgot this existed! I'm gonna play whatever game comes out first, I don't care who ripped whom off xD

    15. jai sweett

      else if

    16. Myakhlom

      yandere dev is a code philosopher, he always uses if statements

    17. Drifters Nut

      I feel like destiny had the spaghetti code

    18. Tenshi Akuma

      For SomeOrdinaryGamers : Sure the Gameplay is no different than a simple stealth game. But the context, the story, the theme or even the public targeting is different. The idea of Yandere Sim is innovative. No one else that I've seen so far made a Game about playing psycho girl that needs to get Love from someone without failling his heart. Even the objective might be innovative. The main goal is not complete destruction, it's obtaining the heart and the eyes of your senpai. So I disagree with you saying it's not original. Because today sir with your logic, Nothing is.

    19. Tenshi Akuma

      To people who compare it to Scott Cawthon : Guys, the first Fnaf games where poorly made in mechanics, yet they WERE are enjoyable. But yandere Dev is making a 3D game with a lot of mechanics to simulate some stuff. It's unfair to say that Scott Cawthon putted more effort into his game. Because his games lack more mechanics like Yandere Sim but they where good and innovative. I dunno what's his life is, but if I were him I would spend every second of my life making my game. And respect others fan works or even cooperate. But he is salty and irresponsible, You don't tell people to stop doing what they love just because you feel threaten by their own work on their side. You should challenge or cooperate. Asking them to die is dumb.

    20. Cosmo

      Watashi no mono actually means my thing in japanese

    21. abject Brute

      2:23 best part of the entire video

    22. Gasty

      Me : watching this video SomeOrdinaryGamer : talking about the YandereDev Me : That's a beautiful Curtain

    23. JBABlox

      If there is spaghetti code- my code is ramen with a hint of finding the exit to Ikea

    24. Haris Akma

      Yandere Sim is the next Duke Nukem Forever.

    25. Niccster10

      even more than a switch statement. he could probably find a simple way just to implement hashmaps or something so there isn't 1000000 lines of code for the same thing

    26. Mother Eye

      the game is in developing for 6 year -scott had to time to make at least 5 game in these 6 year and yet yandere dev still havent put the 1 rival in the game-

    27. stlbullet

      He's using sjw logic. My feelings are hurt, you HAVE to do what I say!

    28. h h

      nahhh il make a test demo with the lazyest code just to see if its fun and wont expand that

    29. Amilkar Higuera

      I got banned from his discord by saying the game wasnt poggers

    30. Mikael Morrell-Stinson

      Poor yanderedev... his code has some major potential if he could learn some basic coding etiquette. I tried sending him some clean code videos but his only response was banning me from his discord.

    31. kill me please

      Didnt he create the game from scratch. Do correct me if im wrong. And no idea is original anymore.

    32. dad 69 420 ಠ_ಠ ϟ

      Are you Winning son?

    33. intense_pickle

      *Yandere dev* Stop being better than me guys! *Other developers* Umm, no

    34. Encoded Musician

      The frame rate is due to how Yandere Dev made the game check every. single. solitary. thing. every. single. frame. Also using if, else if statements instead of switch cases, that also didn’t help...

    35. Kirsten Patricio

      he can supply a whole ass Italian restaurant with pasta from that code

    36. Nelson Sham

      Guess What guys... all the drama is done and there won't be any YandereSim for anyone...

    37. Commander Gull

      clearly the game was far behind development. yeah so was cyberpunk sure it has alot of issues but hey at least they have a finished product.

    38. Linke Socke

      Yanderedev is angry because other people took a similar theme/idea and made more progress with it.This reminds me of the whole pubg and fortnite situation. And as we all know, it didn't go well for pubg.

      1. Connor Cornwall

        Fortnite definitely took their idea and made it better,and suck now

    39. S o u p

      if else true else if false

    40. TurtleSauceGaming

      Man both this game and love letter could be great games. What the fuck is with these people.

    41. ShrillMouseTD

      Even Summertime Saga is 60 percent done and Yandere Simulator was released 2 years earlier

    42. Black Ketchum

      1:00 German subtitles okey

    43. Big Hog Entertainment

      Ole muta, a true free market capitalist, just like myself

    44. Riley

      From the very start I just wanted the game to succeed but it feels like it just keeps going down.

    45. Savidge

      If he said that then I can understand, cuz I'd be pissed. But he is playing the victim card too much

    46. Pheanix

      Im tellin u guys SMOG is like a yt rabbithole itself.

    47. Ifroggie

      So. Ya like splinter cell? I’m asking because it’s a stealth game

    48. Ibiss K.B.

      My profile pic looks more like me than Alex's avatar looks like him.

      1. Connor Cornwall

        So you're a birb?

    49. Mythikal

      We all remember our first page of if/else statements lmao

    50. Jerf

      Didn’t run well - 55 FPS Bro running well for me is 15-20 fps

    51. zanerkin dardis

      "Scuffed weeaboo Hitman" I'm fucking dying boys. XD

    52. Peterj McGee

      And by the way you might want to groom your beard and mustache it's a little shaggy especially you've got growth Parts going underneath your neck there that are not in line with the guy with the beard line fix it up you're neglecting yourself how about that for a little criticism

    53. Peterj McGee

      I was with you until you started talkin about these anti communities popping up because the Creator fucked up it's not always that way there are people out there who because they cannot create just want to fuck people over that are just so jealous and so evil that they just want to scoop people's lives up and this is what's happening it's not always what you think and you throwing that out there screws it up even more so before you open your fat mouth I make statements like that do a little more research and see what's the truth is because it's not always what you see in front of you so go out there and research your stories a little further before you flap your lips because it may open your eyes to what's really going on out there because it would be like somebody coming out and saying that you're a pedophile and you're not there's always something else going on behind the scenes you have to dig it deeper instead of being lazy get out there and do a little bit more research open up your eyes mustache man and do more research before you start making these videos because you screw with people's lives when you make statements like the last one you just made about people not putting out a better game it may just be because this person starting this anti whatever the game is called maybe jealous that he's not able to create something giving this guy a hard time there are people out there like this or do you think that the sky is full of lollipops and the world is a wonderful place because if you think that then you're as nuts as the rest of the world this world is full of assholes and you're just starting to sound like one of them when you make statements like that

    54. Cristobal Castillo

      I think it would be better in the long run for YandareDev to scrap the whole codebase and start again with better & healthier programming principles- using the original codebase as a reference. When you make your code in excess long conditional chains, micromanaging state- to the point that you have to go back to nested if-else chains and hardcode in even more if statements & try to remember what else this might affect & what else might affect this... Not a pretty picture to be in. I think all of us programmers have been in the boat in the very beginning. The whole listening to criticism thing is one everyone has big opinions on & everyone suffers with. Nobody is going to hear criticism & not get offended. Period. We all take ourselves seriously & don't wanna let that up. It's hardwired into our very nature. The big kicker though is how we choose to react to our emotions. Anyone who disagrees, disagree with me on the internet, fine, but please don't do it to yourself. One of the things that taught me the most about programming is listening to the pretentious programming elitists on the internet who want to shit on all of the beginners to get an ego boost out of it. We are all human, and nobody knows everything. When we take criticism too harshly to the point of disagreeing with the critique, we're succumbing to our own ego & trying to justify our own ignorance with inherently flawed reasonings that prioritize our own pride more than our own drive to learn.

    55. G Sui

      Bro you need to grow up!!!

    56. Alex Mizyris

      So... should I download Yandere or Lovesick?

    57. Michael Glahn

      In this situation, yandere dev could of simply asked to put their hard work and effort from their game into his, make the game faster, make revisions to the code and it would also benefit him by getting maybe getting more fixes out. So in all, big oof

    58. Mobile Empire

      So I’ve seen people have issues with the game (obviously). But what’s wrong with it what would you improve. Would you rather the game be story based with a sandbox mode. Maybe switch environments to a university to prevent underaged relationships or violence against minors. Should it stick to more traditional anime tropes of rooted more in Japanese Culture. What parts do you like, I’d love to hear your ideas and opinions

      1. G Sui

        I agree with you

    59. Electric_Light12

      *me who codes in scratch and also uses a concerning if and if else statements*

    60. smoking one

      dude looks like Mclovin

      1. Kishka

        His name is actually Mohammed

    61. SOD4

      We need a YandereDev Simulator

    62. Drew Morris

      If he

    63. Adam Stolar

      1:02 why are Markiplier subtitles in German? I've seen this on another one of his videos.

    64. Reaper man


    65. Cheeselad2401

      The CHAD Scott Cawthon The VIRGIN Yanderedev

    66. soiled skeleman

      markiplier just promoted a bunch of shitty alpha video games and people suckered into it and those games got too big while they were dogshit (like beasts of prey just got abandoned)

    67. Stephen Kusler


    68. KtntKot

      Bruh that if if if if looks like my code from month ago

    69. Casuality

      "This is a game that didn't run well on an i9 9900k, an rtx 2080 ti and 32 gb of ram" *Cyberpunk 2077* : Let me introduce myself

    70. Death Dog Gaming

      Mutah complaining about 60 to 50 frames a second me is lucky if I get 30

    71. gang swag

      you use audacity? what are you, a pleb?

    72. Yoshi

      I did watch this video, but i have this habit of clicking like buttons, so i un-liked the video (liked it again).

    73. galliardz

      i was maybe 12 last time i looked on yandere sim and i remember him saying it was almost finished OVER and *OVER*, now i am 17 and it looks close to the same maybe with a bit fun shit

    74. Glanni

      yanderedev is scam

    75. Emil Sundstrom

      Maybe they just misunderstood the lesson of premature optimization and decided to make everything as unoptimized as possible?

    76. TraficHat

      It's a shame that the game's development is being handled by such a dickhole.


      1:50 muta to be fair, SNAP mode was a feature teased from 2014 and now it was revealed to be a glorified murder suicide minigame....


      you should see summertime saga

    79. RC99 Productions

      It will only be finished when the developer decides to stop updating or working on it.

    80. 41st Joint Task Force Recruitment Board

      I find it funny how the game that was being made to kill this game died in days because one of the people making it was similar to Dev.

      1. PARICYTE

        If you mean love letter, the reason it was stopped was bc the devs got doxxed by a psycho yandev fan.

    81. Was Lyre Taken?

      "My average was 59 fps." Those are rookie numbers.

      1. Daiya Higashikata

        he mentions that in the video. the reason is because the game is full of shitty code and it runs slowly for no good reason

    82. Jack Eye

      Ubisoft boom did this shit in 2 days shits ez

    83. Cooper H

      I think this is called Capitalism

    84. Guneesh

      He released the demo recently and sounds a bit more happy actually and listened too criticism like it's not like he did listen to all criticism but is genuinely trying to improve the game I don't think most of his ways work but it's like he improved and that's great

    85. Kakyoin donut321

      I think solving the if else if else mess with switch statement will not fix the problem, my theory is that he need to rebuild that code, idk how but the only way to rebuild the code is to have support and critic but instead he ignores it and thinking that he is the smartest and the people who trying to help him is harrasing him according to his prespective

    86. Tɑcks

      yeah I'm pulling like average 114 frames on max settings r6 siege so I have no clue how I would play that

    87. Baku baku

      If videogames

    88. Innocent troll0

      First problem their programming in python

    89. Young Abstract

      It runs worse than Cyberpunk 2077

      1. Fulcrum 67

        At least Cyberpunk actually released and you don’t see CDPR telling fans to kill themselves, censoring opinions, buying out subreddits, and procrastinate.

    90. The Anonymous Lemon

      i agree with the no harrassment but he literally told one of his fans to fucking kill himself and kept telling him how worthless his life was. that isnt okay bruh. he also suicide baited both dr apeis and the dev of watashi no mono, dr apeis diddnt give a fuck but has controversy of his own, but watashi no mono literally stopped development because of him acting like a child

    91. DlolFace

      when this "prototype" game comes out and see people plays it years ago i'm not a weeb and hate the game because it's weird years later i became one, a proud one to admit and look back at it again, and now i hate it because of the stupidity

    92. British Nickers

      Bro why does Yanderedev sound like Dutch Van Der Linde "Have FAITH Fanbase!" "Just need some more money." "Are you doubting my codeing, fanbase?"

      1. Koba

        I don't know what you're saying, Yandev, but it seems like I've heard it all before

    93. SPHEXINE

      else if else if else if else if else if else if else if else if else if else if else if else if // I DONT KNOW WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING

    94. Nick S

      Yandere Dev just discovered Capitalism lol Competition will either enable a better alternative to come out or him to work harder on his own game.

    95. TeaAndToast

      I wish I knew how to code

      1. Farhan Mirza M

        Nahhh don't worry bout it, it's easy

    96. You can save 15 % or more on car insurance

      The thing with No Mans Sky and probably Cyberpunk is that they redeemed themselves (are redeeming themselves) and actually made the game stable. Elite Dangerous Horizons was not finished, but its enjoyable. Yandere Dev complains instead of making the game stable and enjoyable. So many promises made that were never completed, many promises made with No Mans Sky was actually fulfilled.

    97. Anglepsycho

      The pedophiles will absolutely be able to sexually violate the target in-game sparking more rape cases and suicides of male victims before the death penalty burns Yandere Dev's skin to the bone like he deserves to suffer.

    98. Plasma The Protogen

      I auditioned for this game, idk if I got a part, but no idea what's going on with it. I don't think i got the audition

    99. Mauk

      i'm funny

    100. just another account

      you didn't see steve jobs whinge when other companies came out with their own iPhone.