YASSUO (Moe) talks about FEDMYSTER being kicked out of OfflineTV

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    Twitch Clips Daily | 30th JUNE 2020
    Yassuo, one of Fed's (ex) best friends, released a statement on today's stream and gave some insights on the manipulative side of Fed.
    As stated in yesterday’s video S*xual harassment is NOT a joke, we fully support Yvonne, Poki and Lily and we do NOT condone the actions committed by FED.
    We hope you can also show support to the remaining members of offlineTV

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    1. Lifted Sailboat

      Looking back at this, it's funny how he was willing to "forgive him" (even tho he wasn't the one harassed and assaulted and had no right in choosing whether to forgive him or not) UNTIL he realized he was also a victim of Fed's manipulation. Really changes the perspective when you're the one under attack, huh? Meanwhile, he was willing to excuse Fed's inappropriate touching with Lily and Yvonne because he was drunk, lol.

      1. jazzidreamer

        Yeah a few times he's like yeah he sexually harassed women but what's WORSE is that he lied to me. Sorta weird how he kept swiping at that .... he kept undermining each time he said it was bad what happened to the girls, I'm just gonna assume it was the shock of everything that happened and bad wording 😬

    2. Lesley Francisco

      offline tv got much more safer with fed out. like imagine the more damage if he were to still be there... scary.

    3. Lesley Francisco

      he looks and sounds so pissed... omg.

    4. Yassine Drissi

      I think if fed fk the girl yassuo will still help him but he must do something really badddd to moe, what do u think guys he did?

    5. Robert Gabriel Chiriac

      Ok so what that guy did that bad

    6. Yagai 144p

      Tables has turned

    7. linhkimphuy minhkhuy VLog

      pizza time

    8. a nobody

      13:54 You know Moe still felt like he wanted to help Fed if its about money thing. He didn't directly answer the question about Fed needing to stream so he can make money and survive. He didn't want to say he doesn't want to help if there was a money problem. I wish I had a bestfriend like Moe

    9. Jay

      he might come back just like albert chang

    10. Captain Ace

      Fed was Impostor Among Them before the game Among Us popped off.

    11. Penguin Nub

      I'm just amazed By how fast you can talk like dang

      1. Captain Ace

        I was watching this at 1.25 speed but you said that I noticed that maybe he does talk fast.

      2. Marra SCHPR

        Have you heard about xQc ?

    12. Lucas Antunes

      WOW, didn't know this guy was that huge of a jerk. His biggest arguments are cussing and perma-banning people. I feel bad for him :/

    13. Meegz0

      Honestly this is so sad, all Fed's friends are hurt and devastated. They all loved him and he just manipulated and tried to take advantage. Some of the people want him back if he gets help but...I dunno, he shattered a lot of boundaries and trust. :/

    14. Rhayn Y OpsimAr

      Greates anime betrayal Ever

    15. Channel Victorious

      It’s the betrayal. He was your best friend until he took off his mask. I’m sorry Moe ur the realest homie ever 👊

    16. M. Zack

      Real friends stay till the last moment through thick and thin.. TILL THE LAST moment. Dont u dare call urself a friend.

    17. John Howardz

      If he had said one more time ''you guys don't even know, it goes way deeper than that,you don't know half of it, you don't know anything so don't even talk'' I would've lost it. You either say it OR STOP BRINGING IT UP IF YOU AIN'T GONNA SAY wtf jesus

    18. ally moore

      wii music

    19. Jimuel Ortigue

      Why is fed on the cook off while that's 1 month ago and this is 2 months ago???

      1. DISZZ

        Otv tend to record a few videos in advance, so it was recorded about a month before hand

      2. name blank

        That vid was pee recorded

    20. Becky Sonnenberg


    21. Rohan Agrawal

      can we get an f word counter?

    22. Яeverse

      Has Dom ever said anything about this situation? I can't seem to find his statement.

    23. Mac F

      This is some clown shit y’all act like he’s r kelly and shit. Just remember karma comes for all.

    24. black fairy


    25. KarmaKrazee

      Woah... now I really want to know what exactly Fed did to the people involved.. with how Moe keeps repeating that its so fcked up.

    26. ScorgeBSK

      His statements are doo doo af.

      1. PhobiaFL

        ur just ignorant

    27. Shreyak Manandhar

      WTH idont buy it .. Why the hell should i believe this guy ... Looks like he is just mad about Fed breaking the bro code one time.. And now moe is pissing all over FED. ( i dont need love send your love to someone else ) dog shit .. I know FED has done some Fked up shit but moe you really proved that your a snake :angryemoji: dont use " best friend " ever again.

    28. Tom Lau

      Idk why but i busted out laughing when he said Fed needs to learn about Buddhism lmfao

    29. Navi.Listen Listen

      Of course he is the bad guy but you are all young, He may be a trouble kid but you aren't that cool A very big half of the world is is on Fed side beacuse we are all troubled.

    30. Shaiza

      I got sexually harassed by a drunk girl, I told my friends about it and no one gave a sht. lmao

    31. zarko Sretenovic

      7:45 That dono😂

      1. hubba_bubba huex

        TheSpecialO_O X 1 not butthurt 2 yasso is talking about sexual harassment and i dont think its the time nor the place to make jokes, also sorry if you are mad about me saying this but its EXTREMELY offensive to joke about thank you for your time❤️

      2. TheSpecialO_O X

        @hubba_bubba huex Dont get butt hurt bud. He was just pointing out a funny moment chill out

      3. hubba_bubba huex

        His friends were sexually assaulted and harassed stfu

    32. Adrian Derroni


    33. Cam Foster

      What did he do??

      1. PhobiaFL

        he was a pervert to the girls in offline tv, he was drunk and tried to do sexual things to them, like he took off his pants in front of Yvonne, and he always wanted to sleep in lily poking and Yvonne bed, he was basically just a perv

    34. Σπυρος Κουνδουρακης

      Who is fed?(and what dis he do)

      1. Llyd

        Federico Michael Gaytan known as FedMyster is a popular streamer in OfflineTV , the recent drama occured on him is sexual harrassment , there is more information about the drama by going one of any members in OfflineTV on Twitter

    35. Murei No Kami

      Fed was trying to get that streamer E Girl kitty. He was so thirsty for it that he got nasty to get it.

    36. Alanestus

      The guy slept with some dude's girlfriend fully knowing she's taken and he has the audacity to talk about bro codes and shit. Even trying to justify his behavior by saying he didn't like the guy. I guess the validation he gets from hormonal teenagers on the internet has gotten to his head.

      1. Diogo Barreto

        @Alanestus Nah, that was a fucked up thing to do, people have fantasized about it, but the ones who put it to practice are straight up douches. Moe might or might not have the right to criticize Fed on this matter depending on what he meant when he said Fed broke bro code. If Fed went after girls Yassuo said he was interested, then Moe doesn't have the right to judge, but if it's in the same length of Fed alienating him from his friend group, then he has the right to call him out for it.

      2. Alanestus

        @Diogo Barreto Believe what? We already know tarzaned is toxic and fed is manipulative and predatory. That doesn't mean yassuo is absolved of any blame. If he had sex with a girl without being aware she's in a relationship then it wouldn't be morally wrong. He knew she's taken and he had sex with her just because he hated the other guy...this is obviously done with malicious intent. I don't care if his fanboys hate me for this but honestly fuck him too.

      3. Diogo Barreto

        IDK the whole truth about that situation, I'm actually more willing to believe Moe over Tarzaned, who seems to be a pathological liar. What Fed did was way worse tho, he manipulated, lied and made the lives of his friends worse, just so he could satisfy his need of controlling others, or just because the girls friendzoned him, not to mention the sexual harassment.

    37. dRei312


    38. Cappie

      When he said maybe you’ll get refunded just like doc

    39. Meyer Buaharon

      that's why i prefer to watch Gosu 0 drama

    40. Wei Li

      The bro code is fed asks guys what girls everyone’s into and fed thinks it’s fun to have sex with them first. Scarra mentioned he did it to him twice in otv podcast 4.

      1. EternalSnoie

        Wait what.....

      2. Esther Yap

        poor Scarra tho

    41. Wei Li

      Thanos snapped his fingers and wiped out half of offlinetv. Michael is the new hero now.

      1. Wei Li

        GangstaMango Dict right and xell, Mark, fed, Albert, and Edison got dusted in less than a year

      2. GangstaMango Dict

        ... There's 6 members still. But aye. Noice.

    42. Νίκος Μπαμπαλιάρης

      I don't try to defend him but offlineTV destroyed him. Fed did horrible things but he didn't deserve to be sentenced like that. Everyone is going to hate him online, people on the streets might even attack him especially Lily's fans. He will definitely be suicidal. It's illegal to expose someone like that even if he committed murder. Why do you think on the news they censore criminals faces?

      1. Bob John

        @Uli Grand Cross fed literally admitted to it dumbass

      2. Breech Juanillo

        youre just disgusting yourself thats why you say things that will cover you up because you did the same disgusting things to girls

      3. Majid Hasan

        Uli Grand Cross stop acting like a smartass, innocent until proven guilty? Dfkm? Fed tweeted that he did all of these things so he’s not innocent he confirmed the allegations against him so he’s not innocent.

      4. Uli Grand Cross

        Everyones innocent till proven guilty, people should stop with their social judges

      5. Vincent Ling

        Also what news censor murderer's face?? There are so many murderers thats been on news that people know

    43. Tommy Young

      Sad to hear that Moe and Imane could have been a thing :S

      1. M P

        I thought this too. I mean, ultimately as they all heal from this then she may end up with an even more perfect person. I think Moe is happy and that’s something to be happy about, but shitty that their choice was taken away.

    44. Wrenchguy

      moe talks so fast lmao. Ben shirparo fast lmao

    45. Pzot

      When even the snake tells something's fucked up, you know that's pretty bad

    46. Youngblood PH

      Fed just outright made Albert look so much nicer now..... Yeah, Albert cheated, but that wound (looking at it now in the grand scheme of things) isn't that gaping compared to the wounds Fed created. I think everyone's gonna forgive Albert eventually but Fed is at a point of no return now.

      1. Review Maniac

        His an black mamba Albert is just an anaconda , and Fed did called out Albert for what he has done but in the end his way worse that Albert

      2. Review Maniac

        True af

    47. Adamboulahia17 Adam2015

      Fed should become a movie producer or make a drama series Cuz this is a story that can have a whole documentary over it

    48. Indian 19 year old army Supervisor

      I hate twitch chat so fucking much

    49. koko ze

      Are people blind when watching twitch streamers? From an outsiders perspective (myself) the first time I saw Fed I categorized him in my head as a horny good looking guy that is acting as being "just a silly fella" in order to be friends with girls so that he can later convince them into fucking. And having a house of youtubers/twitch streamers is horrible idea in any scenario and I don't belive that offlinetv will last long or at least it won't have all of its original members.

    50. The GlobalWarming

      So Fed really did some F-ed up crap?... I still wanted to believe in him...

    51. TalriFy

      And we thought Albert was the big snake

      1. TalriFy

        @hana rose cheated on lily a long time ago

      2. hana rose

        im late but what did albert do

      3. DankMeister

        Lord Chin-Chin waaaaaayyy worse, Albert is a poor Example for a human sure, but what Fed did? He did some psychopathic shit my guy, shit was fucking NUTS

      4. Bacon

        @Aang Sama so feds was worse?

      5. Aang Sama

        what Albert did compared to fed was « nothing »

    52. Aleegen


    53. I'm back

      4:38 If "we don't know the half of it, or even 1/4, and he's done even more fucked up shit that we can't even think about," shouldn't police charges be pressed and this guy arrested? I don't get it.

    54. Alby Kenji

      its so hard to take moe seriously with that bald spot in the middle of his mustache. hearing this from moe just showed me how fed really was a messed up dude.

    55. Lucas Iñiguez

      I love gringos drama, pretty fucked up shit that fed did with that girls, i dont know what he did to yassuo, the only thing i dont umderstand about is what the fuck is the bro code

    56. The nash

      Since offlineTV aired all of feds dirty laundry and hes completely cancelled with nothing to lose at this point, he sould air their's.

    57. Andrew Hubbard

      Fed probably saw this and just imagining fed watching this feels weird.

      1. someone from somewhere

        Ryu It was so Fed couldn’t control the narrative and more importantly to warn others.

      2. amy

        Salim Ryuu idiot

      3. Ryu

        They shouldnt wash their clothes in public

    58. Mohammad Rajab

      Katie is the unsung hero in all of this 🤦‍♂️

    59. Rayven

      So refreshing seeing people care about justice and speaking up. Sick of shitty behavior from people getting forgiven, overlooked, or downplayed.

    60. Shahmeer Zaid


    61. Tara

      6:22 voyboy is that u?

      1. Jacob Nussbaum


    62. Pink Nugget

      He made me more disappointed than my father.

    63. Everton Dale

      Wtf is going on

    64. Everton Dale

      How TF are we supposed to care if noone wants to talk about what happened?!?!?

      1. Everton Dale

        Yikes so offline is on its last legs then I guess.

      2. Tara

        hufast.info/plan/vide/gne1i9Gnp6DGo40 this vid gives perspective on how fked everything rly was Theres more stuff from other ppl's stories as well, iirc scarra said that there were 6 girls that were affected by Fed's shit

      3. Edgar Retana

        Everton Dale look up the poki explaining the drama video she basically sums it all up

      4. Bao Phung

        Everton Dale you’re gonna need to search up fed drama for yourself, starting with lily, yvvone, and poki on twitter or even reddit. There’s too much to explain in a single YT comment.

      5. Everton Dale

        @JR what did he do? I've been offline for a couple days.

    65. Jimmy Xin

      im calling it. Fed hit on moes sister

      1. Legit A Mint

        cheese butterface that ain’t stopping him xD

      2. Mofu Mofu

        Hit on or slept one of the two but both still broke brocode either way

    66. BOUROUBA Mohamed Abderrahmane

      what is offline tv ??

      1. Zebediah Legalde

        yo offline tv is going strong now

      2. DISZZ

        @secuhdayh they're still going strong, so how are they falling apart?

      3. JRevan

        secuhdayh how is it falling apart?

      4. ᅵ

        ​@secuhdayh is it their fault they hired a sociopath creep without knowing? Its not like being in OTV made him a creep, he always had problems.

      5. KingPotato

        @secuhdayh exactly everyone wants to join faze but they dont understand that they take almost most of your money

    67. Lewis

      Ironic that Alex picked fed over schlatt because she felt that he was more real and personal than schlatt

      1. Dagger the Swagger

        That shows just how good Fed is at manipulating people and making them addicted to himself, making them feel like they can only be happy with him.

      2. Rickymex

        @Omari Ramsey You know she's not actually dating him right? Love or Host shows are just for content.

      3. onherchiny chin chin

        Like half of schlatt stans are salty about it, like almost witch hunting fed to the bottom of the ocean

      4. Omari Ramsey

        Thats all ive been able to think about throughout all this. I hope she lives with her choice though. It'd suck if she left Fed for schlatt over this, though I wouldn't really blame her if she just left Fed in general. What he did was messed up.

      5. Vanilla


    68. Marcus Trevor

      This is more damning than all of the other statements. And props for doing that

      1. hubba_bubba huex

        Nicole Padred like tf so we only believing victims if their friends say ya this happened chile NO

      2. Nicole Padred

        So the girls coming forward was not enough, needed his bestie to drop him to think that sexual harassment is wrong? Mmkay.

      3. hubba_bubba huex

        Um what?

    69. Chris Chang

      i just want some Fs for them bro (massive F to fed)

      1. Chris Chang

        oof sorry not fed i meant people affected by fed (even though i still like everybody)

    70. Mychael Jones

      20:56 holy shit Moe is so right

      1. someone from somewhere

        Jonathan Saw Genuinely nothing compared to the fed shit

      2. Review Maniac

        @Jack g I mean u right too I guess

      3. Jack g

        Review Maniac how is it moes fault for some random chick cheating on her boyfriend all he did was lay pipe

      4. Review Maniac

        But are we gonna ignore the fact that yassuo did fk a random girl who was dating other guy?? Jesus they are all animals

    71. Marin Vuksanović

      Im not mad, just disappointed

      1. Engie4Evar

        It's hard too. Just months ago we were just spamming 'It's just fed being fed' for the harassment he did on camera, like a normal awkward fuckboy would, but now we just realize that we've just become so complacent that we can let him do this and we can laugh it off and encourage him, even.

      2. Marin Vuksanović

        @KingPotato it really hurts to see someone you liked, someone who was your role model and somdone who looked so kind and caring Do such an awful thing

      3. KingPotato


    72. 미드나잇

      Kimi just streamed about her side. Was she the one Moe was talking about?

      1. Lesley Francisco

        can you give me a little info or link for the kimi stuff???

    73. MoreeZ

      "NOW LET ME TALK TO YOU ABOUT ME" Classic yassuo

    74. Anxienknown

      Me to Katie: perhaps i treated you too harshly.

      1. D

        Nah she’s still trash asf

      2. Muλ

        True. When this all came out, I remembered about Katie

    75. Yuu


    76. black _boi11o8

      Damn yassuo shittin on these niggas💀

    77. Apokalyptika95

      Even tho he did fuck shit up. If you are a REAL BRO you stay with your BRO though every shit he does. Seee im in no way sayin fed deserves any deffense. Jus sayin BRO'S ARE BRO'S 4EVR. IF YOU ARE A REAL BRO YOU TAKE HIM TO F***N THERAPY. LIKE I DID.

      1. ᅵ

        you sound like 12 who know nothing about the world.

      2. JR

        @Apokalyptika95 imagine wanting to keep toxic people in your life

      3. Apokalyptika95

        and yeah he might have Manipulated erryone. Yeah and? Imma not be attackin anybody. But thats ma oppinnion

      4. Apokalyptika95


    78. Littelocy

      “You were the chosen one fed!” (Star Wars reference)

      1. Paul Hudson

        @Omar ?

      2. Omar

        @Paul Hudson no lmao what get a dictionary

      3. KingPotato

        Cap for the F

      4. KingPotato


      5. Littelocy

        Paul Hudson ty bb

    79. EternalSnoie

      Did he like the tweet by accident?

    80. Jim Maliones

      Guys Dr K will have a talk with Michael this Friday. www.twitch.tv/healthygamer_gg

    81. JuniorBlix

      The fed breaking the bro code is concerning

      1. Ria

        @N yes they're gamers. So what. What is your point.

      2. Youngblood PH

        From what I saw on Reddit, I think Fed badmouthed Moe to Hyoon; honestly, I genuinely thought at the time that they were into each other and were willing to try things out that I was shocked that the Moe-Hyoon thing died out so fast. I know it's speculation, but if you were able to see the pattern here, the probability of this happening wasn't far-fetched.

      3. The Grexsome

        Wasn’t that just the using what he said against him part? Or was it something else?

      4. Blue RainTv

        Rayven 😂😂

      5. KingPotato

        @N shut up u ruined that good comment

    82. bryan gomez

      Probs has to do with that Hyoon girl

      1. Mychael Jones

        No bro code is 3: 1. dont go for family 2. dont cheat on your spouse with friend (female) or cheat on bro with his gf 3. dont steal from friends and never pay back

      2. Shashke Shashke

        What's with her

    83. James Chan

      Let’s be honest, if u were on fedmysters position, ofcs he’s not gonna be able to admit or say sorry to ervyone lmao. He has a lot of others things he be thinking of and forget wats around him. Let’s be real, a lot of us can’t multitask and forget other ppl then once called out we realize, oh sht I didn’t know. His multitask is social media, what’s he’s done, how his friends gonna think abt him etc, while others is probably a job and may forget someone’s day...ALL of u or a SMH

      1. Patricia Hernández

        the fact that you can justify his weird shit makes you weird too

      2. Cheyenne

        Wow. Excusing predators. Nasty op

      3. Melody Truong

        Let's be honest, I don't think you realize the gravity/weight of the situation. What he did to Yvonne and the other girls in OTV+Friends was all wrong, just because he has to multitask just like everyone else on this Earth, it doesn't excuse the poor decision that he made. There is NOTHING that will excuse the shit that he did. Keep in mind that the people that are a part of OTV are people that Fed lived with for the past few years, and that the friends of OTV aren't just any friends, they're CLOSE friends, and Fed should have prioritized his relationships with these people if he truly cared about them, but instead he prioritized himself. What Fed did is not and will never be excusable in any way, shape, or form. However, Fed can still learn from this experience and it's important to wish for Fed to improve as a person in order to maintain better relationships in the future. Fed is not a bad person, however his mindset and the way that he handled things with everyone in this particular situation was all wrong, that being said, just because he isn't a bad person, doesn't mean that what he did can easily be excused by that, especially when it comes to a topic like sexual assault. Sexual assault is a serious social issue, and there is no excuse whatsoever for sexual assault. Nobody should be experiencing sexual contact/behaviour if they have not given consent. Sexual assault is a serious social issue, especially in a place like America, where it has become a social norm, in which 1 in 4 women choose NOT to speak up about/report to the police about because it's difficult, and I'm sure that it's hard for male victims as well. It's important to provide support for sexual assault victims as it's already hard enough to support themselves, and they should NEVER have to feel as though they have to keep their traumatic experience to themselves from the people who care about them.

      4. Muλ

        Speak for yourself. Things that I realized I've done wrong, I still remember it after a decade. Guilt strengthen my memory , especially on negative things. Especially shits that I've done. I can't never let go of those since I'd feel horrible about it. And you had the gall to say " no biggie ,ppl forget their mistakes cant really blame them" disgusting.

      5. Jaca De

        So you mean his friends didn't mean anything to him at all? If so I agree because it seems the case for literally ALL of his friends from that streamer circle.

    84. Zick Zaha

      fed is just everybody's best friend

      1. Opinions

        Literally everyone has two sides. Not as bad as fed.

      2. Opinions

        @Rayven that's fucking school in a nutshell.

      3. Face Gae

        I still kinda actually have a spot for him.

      4. Murei No Kami

        He got a little too friendly

      5. Multifanprotectoroftheidols

        now he's on their "You're dead to me" list

    85. Junior Jaw

      "Friendship ended with Fredasir"

      1. Junior Jaw

        @Dylan no worries, got my likes worth over on Brimstone's channel

      2. Dylan

        Underrated reference

    86. Moro

      turns out Fed was the Armored Titan after all

      1. Caleb Ennos

        Top 10 Anime Betrayals

      2. kage


      3. Opinions

        *Cue Youseebiggirl*

      4. LemurWasHere

        New chapter is out, hype

      5. Cam Foster

        I laughed so hard at this

    87. Jade

      i think they need to "expose" him even more so that more people realize the gravity of the shit he did

      1. Gaming Bros

        Bruh if they exposed this guy it would fuck his whole career which is already done

      2. Seiso ch

        revealing more doesnt only expose fed, it also exposes the people he did shit to, and no one wants that kind of attention, its even worse this semi-celebrity-from-a-platform people, I think this kind of situation is for the first time being handled somewhat properly, specially when they had an intervention, kicked out fed AFTER the intervention, and kinda sent him to look for mental help instead of not telling anyone close or just exposing EVERYTHING to the public.

      3. Tara

        Yeah it didn't seem that bad at first because a lot of people downplayed it but then I looked into it and...holy shit it's so fucking bad.

      4. Blonded Helmet

        Some people don’t want to talk about their pain. It makes them feel uncomfortable

      5. Muλ

        The thing is , the one that's still defending him are probably people similar to him. I only read Yvonne's side and it's enough to make me feel overwhelmed. Hearing more would only makes me hate him more which is good , but not for me .

    88. Barack Obama

      This is like albert again Edit: I was just trying to compare the two dramas seeing as they were both quite big in offline even though the fed situation is much worse and much bigger

      1. Brandname ._.?

        @onherchiny chin chin yeah but he still manage to make scars deeper than cheating

      2. onherchiny chin chin

        Fed didnt cheat tho, he doesnt have a girlfriend in the first place

      3. Hype Skiller

        TheHerzLoz and even other communities

      4. Kantapong Bunyaratnikorn

        Albert is just involved Lily and Sarah. Fed is like the whole community.

      5. Frandahab

        @allah bless this is so much worse

    89. Dman557

      13:53 someone just goes "who the fuck is fed" like they live under a rock

    90. Shadow Frost

      Fed really is a Moelester

      1. Shadow Frost

        Lmao I said Fedator on another video about it

      2. psd

        Yeah one might say he’s a Fedmolster or even a Fedator

    91. emmanuel Smith

      2020 is such a shit year.

    92. Bicky Ross

      ' moe always got my back thats why i have a photo of him and me in the toilet '

      1. TaxiLatte

        In the end, he lied and manupilated

      2. Anon Rahman


    93. masny misza

      jeez I think that the worst thing in these OTV stories is going to be that Fed was giving A LOT content to them so now it's just gonna be...boring and probably a lot of people will stop watching them

      1. Zane Wall

        I never watched OTV for Fed. I found that he subtracted from the experience rather than adding to it. If Michael were to leave though....

      2. Mychael Jones

        Heel Fed is great content now that we have babyface Mykull to hold things down.

      3. Jaca De

        @Infinity8816 the videos haven't released yet though so time will tell

      4. Jaca De

        They actually hired someone (Brodin) to do Fed's work as far as probably a month ago cuz they still don't know what to do with Brodin's first two videos of which Fed is in.

      5. mattyrose

        no shade towards them but i used to enjoy them until i realized they were literally just fake laughing at each other and I didnt even find them funny anymore, their jokes all seem so forced and it feels scripted but too dogshit to be scripted at the same time

    94. Nova

      "You're permanently-banned for being a stupid idiot" \ Honestly the best response to people who are trying to still defend him.

      1. Tanay Verma

        @Matthew Batchelor it's funny because you're being insecure rn, you can't compare him to stalin or hitler is true, but when you're a streamer, YOU ARE A DICTATOR FOR YOUR OWN CHANNEL. Understand that and you're covered. Just a few guidelines to keep every channel in check tho viewers give him money and he rules his viewers

      2. Tanay Verma

        I don't defend him but random people on the internet who have barely anything to do with offlinetv get too mad like bro focus on your own life

      3. Stella C

        @Matthew Batchelor Moe was trying to tell everyone something while agitated, his side, and a rando says that he's wrong, rudely. If that random couldntbuse hos brain to read the room or filter, he shouldn't be there.

      4. PersonA Non Grata

        @Matthew Batchelor "free to run his twitch as he likes". Nope. Afaik twitch have guideline, and that private company can interpreted their own guidelines how ever they want. Just my 2cents

      5. Matthew Batchelor

        @Nova you think the guy was being an ass - IN YOUR OPINION - this guy is free to run his twitch as he likes - doesn’t mean I cant compare him to Stalin, Hitler and Kim Jun Un as he oppresses other opinions. I think that not only makes you a horrible person, but emotional and insecure.

    95. David WolFGaming

      Moe Using facts

    96. Soap Disco

      Its funny how when Dr. K says that there's someone who's a sociopath inside the offlinetv and some people thought he was talking about poki but then it turns out to be fed.

      1. PipaPlays

        @Vex- 魈 yea I only knew her from Among Us streams but sometimes the way she treats people makes me dislike her a bit.. I end up asking "why would you say that wtf" a lot of the time but she never really says anything cancel worthy. she's not a bad person.. sometimes she may sound a bit fake because she's careful about what she says. She is def not a bad person, she's just flawed like everyone else

      2. Stella C

        I went to the video and was so excited for the tea, but its not even true. Having sociopathic traits is different from being a sociopath.

      3. Patrik Gregr

        He did not say that though.

      4. Vex- 魈

        hello there I watched she playing with her friends, so far I've only seen some salty moments and that's all, why is she a brat and why is she always flamed? She seems nice

      5. Blackshinkuu

        @someone from somewhere not comparing them. I am just stating the fact that just because someone else did something bad it doesn't justify another person for what they have done. If person a killed one person and person b killed two, person b killing two people doesn't justify person a for killing one individual.

    97. diabolicaltears

      I can understand your POV

      1. Greetox 95

        and i love POVs LUL

      2. X-Fayad -X

        I can understand your POV

      3. AkASpxcs

        I can understand your POV

      4. KingPotato

        I can understand your pov

    98. Celdric Liam Chua

      Bro don't put "ex best friend" ik it's for click bait purposes but it's fucked up to put that there

      1. Celdric Liam Chua

        @Twitch Clips Daily ay man thx for being understanding hard

      2. Blonded Helmet

        Twitch Clips Daily 👍

      3. Twitch Clips Daily

        I didn't mean to put it as a clickbait, but as a fact like yassuo said. I can understand your comment, so I'm deleting the best friend part. The really last thing I want to do with videos like this is clickbait..

    99. Noir Lapis

      Moe's a good friend, he reacted to Fed's situation like a real adult. Protecting someone as a friend is a normal thing to do even if he did something unforgivable.

      1. someone from somewhere

        Noir Lapis Theres a difference between protecting your friend and protecting someone who wants you to be friends so you side with them.

      2. nobody cares

        @amine baaziz he was sexually harassing Lily and Yvonne.

      3. amine baaziz

        @Brendan Duong what fed do pls ?

      4. Brendan Duong

        Felipe Ovalle initially fed manipulated yassuo and lied to him about the situation which made yassuo think fed was a good person but after all the shit yassuo hear he had enough

      5. Felipe Ovalle

        But he said that he in his side when fed told him the situation but when he talked with the other members and knowing the whole thing he said I don't want to protect him anymore I can't that is unforgivable... My main lenguage is Spanish just if I spell something wrong