you're studying in a haunted library with ghosts ( dark academia playlist )


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    with rain !! im back everyone !! a lot of chopin in this playlist hehe
    Also I would like to just let you all know that although I do not mind it when people take inspo from my videos to make their own, I do ask for credit !! Please keep that in mind :)
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    Mariage D' Amor 0:00
    The Swan 5:11
    Piano Concerto No.2 Shostakovich 8:18
    Edward Elgar Salut D'Amor
    Nocturne in B flat op.9 no.1 17:37
    Chopin Nocturne op.9 no.2 23:22
    Rachmaninoff Pano Concerto No.2 Op.18 Moderato 27:52
    Eternal Slumber Yonder Dale 38:06
    Chopin Prelude in E minor 40:42
    Chopin Waltz in A minor Grande Valse Brilliante 43:26
    Swan Theme 49:46
    Scarbourogh Fair 52:46
    Tchaikovsky String Quartet No.1 op.11 56:15
    Nocturnal Waltz 1:04:49


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    1. Ava Wilson

      the ghost: ITS NOT THAT HARD! me: *flashback to doing math with dad at the table*

      1. natalia ꕥ

        my dad who literally failed math in every point of view: "uh idk go ask your mom" 👁👄👁

      2. Arthorius Lau

        I'm at that point where I seriously believe that I've lost the ability to study XD.

      3. Silvia MS

        Same but it was my mom LMAOO

      4. marla

        dad:tell me what is 5 + 5 me:6 dad: -_-

      5. I k a r i

        @Daisy Chan yall have dad's? Huh yall lucky you still got time to spend with him hahahaha mine left my 12 years ago the last time i saw him was 7 years ago? And now he has a new family😀👌

    2. Rashi spark

      Pov: You are trying to find the a book in a super huge library so that you can lift a curse up from your friend who has been cursed and you all will die slowly

    3. Mattea

      Edward Elgar Salut D'Amor 14:23

    4. N.B.

      fuckk this paired with some adhd calming sounds is amazing

    5. Erika Elektra Sahara

      I wish I can studying in a dark academia school with friends 😣💕

    6. Autumn Howard

      There is no pain after death. There is no suffering after death. The stars would embrace you as their own. Planets would welcome you amongst them. Now I do not believe we would go to space after death. We may be reborn, or stay right where we are. After death nothing is lost. There is nothing to lose. Only to gain from death. After all, life is the last thing one will ever lose. I do not blame you for not wanting to live in this wreck of a world, because I don’t either. There are somethings we can’t be afraid of. Death is unavoidable. And learning to accept it is something we learn along the way. Some earlier in life and others during their parting moment. While I’m not going to encourage you to end this. I’m not going to tell you lies to scare you away from it either. It is your choice. But I’m asking for you to please learn to live before you go. There has got to be so much more than pain. We see others reach beyond suffering and enjoy life. We could reach it too. Who cares if they would miss you, let them. They never did anything to keep you here. Find someone who does. Find someone to keep you amongst us. Sincerely, A friend who understands

    7. Joel V.

      "I don't know what illusions of romance you seemed to have, but I'm not the one to fulfill them. Leave me alone." I absentmindedly muttered at the spirit staring at me. I heard stories about this library, constantly populated by types obsessed with the supposed darkness, writing and reading prose to one another, scheming against their enemies in the darker spaces of this building, finding and rekindling love in secluded corners . I'll never understand it, my head was better suited for numbers, anyway. Regardless of the people, it was probably one of the most silent places on campus, apart from the Nightingale concert hall when it's empty. Another thing I heard about this library, is that it was haunted by a sundry assortment of spirits. I wasn't necessarily superstitious, but I had my reservations about the dead. The spirit bothering me at the moment was the soul of one Amelia Berkshire, some upper crust girl who supposedly died of heartbreak in this library a century ago. I'll admit, she was rather stunning in life, if her ghost is any reference, a nice, flowery black dress, fiery red hair, and piercing green eyes. Now, they /say/ it was heartbreak that did her in, but most know what that really means, poor girl probably saw the love of her life messing around with another and couldn't bear it. Ms. Berkshire started bothering me a good hour and a half into my study. I'd feel a sudden chill, a brisk touch on the nape of my neck, inaudible whispers. Then she appeared before me while I was about to solve an equation. After that, it was a quiet back and forth, her trying to find her lost love, and if I could fill that void. "My, I don't think I've met a mortal in this library as rude as you! Are all you students inclined to mathematics and engineering this brusque?" Amelia shot back. I sighed, it wouldn't be the first time that accusation was thrown my way, and it certainly won't be the last. "No, just me. Especially when my study is being interrupted. I already told you once, go find another lovesick fool to haunt. There's bound to be some in here" I said, a slight anger rising in my tone. I heard a noise come from Amelia and looked up, she had a dejected expression, I could have sworn I saw tears forming around the corner of her eyes. "Fine, I shall leave you be. Good night." "Wait." I abruptly blurted. Never in my years did I think that a spirit would make me feel bad about hurting its feelings, but this would not be the strangest situation I've found myself in this school. "Forgive me, I'm just all over the place. I tend to get this way from lack of sleep, among things like a recently failed relationship and tests. Again, I may not be able to help you in the romance department, but if you'd like some company, I'm more than willing to provide." Amelia's expression softened, a slight bit of understanding in her eyes. "Apology accepted. You definitely need to work on your demeanor from here on. But.... May I?" She motioned towards the chair next to mine and I pulled it out. I knew she can do it herself, but I figured I would be courteous after talking to her the way I did. As the night progressed, I noticed she would stare intently at my notes and the engineering textbook I was reading from. Every so often, she would ask questions, and I sometimes could provide the answer. Surprisingly, this helped my studying, being able to teach some things to others while doing some work yourself was a good sign, so I heard. And another surprise, I found myself enjoying the spirit's company, and I secretly hoped she had enjoyed mine. The clock tower in the library's foyer softly rang, it was midnight. "Ah, the library will close soon" Amelia whispered. I looked around and saw that she was correct. some of the lanterns were being snuffed and whatever students remained, they were packing their things and quietly departed. "This might sound strange, but will you come again? Your company was most delightful" She asked me, the slightest bit of hope gleaming in her eyes. I looked at her for a few seconds and nodded. "Sure, I never run out of material to study, and this might be my new favorite place. I'll be sure to see you tomorrow" I packed my things and put on my old brown overcoat, as pleasant as the October night's chill was, I'd rather not get a cold. Before opening the main door to the library to leave, I turned back to Amelia. "Good night" "Good night"

    8. Artris_iguess

      Okay but imagine you’re studying in said library and then a ghost pops up, he’s wearing a red beanie, has bushy brown hair, a yellow sweater and a pair of black pants, “hello there” he greets you with a smile, he also had a British accent, you were startled at first but soon realised he was one of the friendly ghosts, “mind if ask you what’re you doing here in my house?” The ghost asked, “house? But this is a library” you replied, “to you, but I’ve stayed here for far too long, I’ve forgotten it’s a library, it’s much better as a house” he says, “I’m y/n, you?” Then he looks at you once again with a smile, “Call me Ghostbur”

    9. Anya Sudz

      Just wondering but what's everyone's favourite piece?

    10. Soothing Ambience

      Awesome video! I really enjoyed it!

    11. Crazy Cousins

      pov: ur listening for the ghost but dont here them

    12. Noel nomady

      "i think im hearing voices" but idk whether its from this vid, outside or in my mind

    13. Noel nomady

      @ 7:23 the music played my emotion of not getting the answer right

    14. Maria Mertika

      I'm reading ancient greek while listening to this and this feels so magical and brilliant

    15. Kissuli Lps

      I was born in 2007, But my soul had been born already... In the 1800❤️

    16. kristin ramsay

      roses r red violets are blue im obsessed and so r u edit: OMG THANKYOU SO MUCH FOR 1 LIKEEEEE

    17. Srita Hito

      52:46 They used this melody to create the song ¨Duerme¨ by the band Mägo de Oz

    18. Regelus Grey

      the door just closed itself xD

    19. By Ana Gabrielle

      For why with ghost?

    20. Katty Mieller

      i... kind of wannabe your ghost... can i ?...

    21. Katty Mieller

      can i be the dark vampire boy with dark fluffy hair and round silver glasses and black shirt a bit opened sitting right in front of you while reading a love story book with an impassive look which would attract you ? also, i loved to be your valentine this june.

    22. Cheyenne Jones

      im in my bathroom cutting my hair to this feeling my fantasy.

    23. Lillsnoot

      keeping a log of every time im here :) [5-4-2021:] had to take a math test today! im kind of nervous to see what i got on it but honestly i didn't have that much trouble besides on the bonus question so i feel okay about it :) [5-5-2021:] here again today to try and write an entire english essay the hour before my class because i literally forgot that we were supposed to do it

    24. Gabin

      The library doesn’t have a roof, apparently.

    25. Gabriela Santos

      mano que maravilha de playlist

    26. Nyx Sanguinati

      Suits "The creation of Vengeance" well Short story on Wattpad. Sequel to "The Bird feeder" :)

    27. Unmotivated Arlo

      Me crying over my over due essays on poems Devkota's ghost: bruh I did not over describe those why are u supposed to write it like that

    28. Afra Mohamed

      Me: Reading a book that's very new The ghost that was spying on me: Vintage nice.

    29. Alex Gray

      Guys I made a group chat on Telegram app for the people like us that love aesthetic things to talk! Here is the username of it. You can search it on Telegram and join: aesthetic_kids

    30. aureliana brown

      it's raining outside as i'm trying to write my essay that was due at midnight and it's just adding to this whole vibe

    31. sarina ss

      I just discovered this side of YT and I love it ♡

    32. Diet Soda 1569

      "you're studying in a haunted library with ghosts This is a threat.

    33. Iván Carbone

      wtf how could anyone study with this dark vibes

    34. soffiaj


    35. HOLLY ELLA

      Hi, I made a playlist, but it was removed. In the description section there is the song artist youTube licensors section, how do we do it or does it happen spontaneously? Can you help me?

    36. noob2 coffee

      I love that i, in a fancy maner, made coffee in a jar and immediately knew i had to come to this playlist.:)

    37. Muffin Monster


    38. Scarlet Leg

      the first music makes me want to fall in love.

    39. Ana Leticia

      POV: vc ta procurando um comentário brasileiro olá

    40. Box Fox

      In the library with the vas narada, the shadows are moving. "Then suddenly" a sound of "the "Tardis"

    41. 萱

      studying? nah, its better to plot a cheat with the ghost

    42. glosslyniee

      hiiii, so i wrote this little story let me know what you think! On a cold day at the library studying away, the cold breeze outside, the rain dropping on the roof. I could feel every moment. I have never been to this place before but something about this place makes me so attached. As if somethings special to me belonged here. I’ve heard that my great grandma came here so I thought to myself maybe that’s why I feel so so attached to this place. This place was A place that I would love to visit everyday. I was full of tranquility. Listening to a relieving melody I proceeded to complete my work. As I proceed to complete my work, I get a unsettling feeling. I stopped and turned around looking at every direction to see if anyone, or anything was there. No suspect of anything. As I try to go on with my work the same feeling keeps coming again. I felt like my souls was being pulled away from me. A very strong feeling, but what is this feeling? I asked to myself. I couldn’t take it anymore I decided to take a break. I started to explore around this huge library, no one seems to ever come here. There were so many books all over the place. I wondered to my self, it’s probably a abandoned library. I’m sure if people renovate this place, they can make huge profit out of it! I stopped all my thoughts and went back to my work. Once again the feeling came back. I was frustrated, it seemed like every time I tried to finish my work something try’s to hold me back. The echoing of the huge library I hear a voice. I flinched, looking everywhere to find any suspect of anything. I sat back down on my seat shaking in fear. I start to feel a slight breeze near my shoulders. At first it gave slight pressure, the pressure of the breeze kept getting heavier, and heavier by the moment. Suddenly it all stopped, I was relieved but still trembling in fear. And right there I heard it. “Looks like you need a little bit of help? I’m here you know” saying in a seductive voice. I start shaking uncontrollably, I was ready to head home. I grab all my things and sprinted. Right as I was at the entrance, I felt it again. The same breeze, but this time in was so strong all my belongings fell from my hands. I couldn’t even move a finger. I hear the voice again, only getting louder, and louder. I couldn’t bear it anymore. I suddenly fell down on the floor. I blacked out for a moment. I open my eyes seeing my things on the floor nothing else. I see a figure coming up to me, I can barely see what it was. The figure came up to me once again. I asked in a silent voice saying “What was that feeling?” Once again saying in a seductive voice “You felt that right? As if your soul was being pulled out of you?” I replied “yes” in a trembling voice. Well your in for a surprise then, I have something to show you, said the figure. Slowly the figure brung out the thing, I started shaking so much. The figure said “Like what you see?” To be continued......

    43. soulless vapid individual

      Finally a good playlist I don't have to dislike for the bullshit number of ads

    44. Soma GURUNG

      5:21 - song?

    45. M4Y4 _

      in studying history this is the only playlist I can find to suit my tastes lol

    46. ri

      cramming thingz ✨

    47. onceuponeliz

      This playlist is a hide out for me...escaping the real world and travel back time where I'm sitting alone in the corner of the library, stacks of Edgar Allen Poe masterpieces on the dark wooden desk.

    48. Cat

      You wake up in the library after studying for countless hours on end. You tried to recall any information you retained before your unexpected slumber but sadly you only remember nothing of importance of what it is you needed for school, which is the main reason to come to such a old yet large library. You could hear the faint whispers of nearby visitors of the library that were in different areas, perhaps behind the shelves considering they weren't in your view. You quietly stretched and stood up, leaning forward on the table to regain your balance but you was met with an usual convenience. You phased through the table and landed on the floor. You quickly looked around to see if anyone noticed your unusual situation but was only met with people still silently buzzing on with their mundane tasks. A faint whisper was heard very close to your left ear,you turned your head and was met with a little girl under the table. She sadly sighed. "You too huh? You know theres a reason why the library closes so early" you frown. "What do you mean? Its practically dark outside, there's still people here-" the little girl cuts you off. "Those arent least anymore. They're like you and i". "What do you mean they're not people "anymore"?" You asked. The little girl lowers her voice "you know they're like....". You tilt your head "like what?". The little girl lowers her head. " *dead.* "

    49. Cat

      Me: *writing an essay about the undead and how the body reacts after being pronounced dead* The ghost behind me: huh, you can just ask me- Me: did you know that your eyesmelt if you're burned alive? Ghost: okay what the fuck

    50. Carlotta Robbins

      I actually got a new idea for a story plot while listening to this playlist: a girl starts attending an old school that's said to be haunted by tons of ghosts - but she doesn't believe in any of that stuff. While she's there, however, she gradually figures out that there really are ghosts inhabiting the school - and then one of the ghosts starts falling in love with her, even though she's mortal and he isn't. I don't know how this story would end - it sounds like it would be set up for a sad ending, but I don't really know. Maybe it sounds like a generic Wattpad story - idk and idc. Point is, you just gave me a new story idea, and I'm going to try and write it - so thank you for uploading this playlist! :D :D

    51. Giapaige8

      okay but listening to this and "Rain On Window with Thunder Sounds - Rain in Forest at Night - 10 Hours" is such wonderful vibes that I'm crying inside

    52. Lena Seelig


    53. Rivera, Sofia Gabrielle D.

      That moment when my brain just suddenly asks: "WhO tHe HeCk iS pEeiNg iN tHe BaCkGrOuNd??!"

    54. khadijahjohari

      i feel like writing a whole wattpad story about a ghost who followed me everywhere- taught me things about life i couldnt have found out alone and i then fall in love even tho i know we were never meant to be.

      1. khadijahjohari

        while everyone else in the comment section is talking about homework x3 BAHAHHA

    55. EULA .

      إلى اين ؟

    56. firoud reda

      I hope this was true 🥺 i really get in the mood with this

    57. Débora Padilla Caiche


    58. Waiz Khan


    59. _neowisii_

      Actually I'm reporting princess Diana accident for a school work and damn it's feel like I'm an 18th century journalist. It's really a mood

    60. Dani

      everyone's talking about the ghost but not appreciating the music :(

    61. 11 C 25 Nehashree Hebbar

      piano + ghosts + chemistry ah what a bliss! :")

    62. Sofia

      * reads 'War and Peace' while having quiet discussions with Tolstoy's ghost over tea *

    63. Nethu Palliyaguru

      i feel like i've heard the first one somewhere before but i just can't put my finger on it asdfghjkl.

    64. Andres

      i like it here

    65. suha.

      when you just want to escape reality and go back to the past

    66. Rachel Peterson

      27:52 Makes me feel like I fell asleep after hours of studying and am now dreaming of ghosts dancing around me with their ghostly lovers at one of their monthly balls to celebrate their past lives.

    67. Maddie Santiago

      this is fucking fantastic

    68. G u i l t y

      Me : *studying in library Ghost : *reading a book peacefully Hanibal : *dancing in the library with a corpse Ghost : "wait... is that me?"

    69. Oddly specific vibes for writers

      play this at 0.5 speed and it becomes a playlist about thinking over your life choices at midnight

    70. DragonTamer :D

      I've listened to this playlist so many times this year already

    71. Geile Giovana

      this is the most perfect playlist to read ever, tiktok recommend your channel and I loved so much, you are amazing

    72. Yoon Htet Nandar

      *crying with ghosts*


      I am ricocheting from reality to a snow desert where the moon's serenity is always gazing back at my soul while the white marble piano plays to my sheets of emotions.

    74. Lara Chauhan

      "Oh so that's how you do it! I wish you were my physics teacher, Berty." "For the 100th time, Aristotle! I do not wanna know about the universe. I'm learning physics for God's sake. Go speak to Shakespeare." "Shakespeare, tell those poems to Aristotle- SHUT THE FU*K UP BEETHOVEN! Oh shit . Forgot you are deaf."

    75. Lara Chauhan

      *reading history book* "Dayum Hitler, you were a bad man!" "Stop laughing Mussolini. You weren't good either. You disgraces "

    76. arya a

      i cant feel the ghost 💆‍♂️

    77. Ezra Kaye

      Awesome playlist! Didn't find it very dark though. Still love it.

    78. Génovéfa Prot

      i love sm this playlist, i do my homework !

    79. Melisa


    80. dellz soury

      I cant hear the ghosts 🥺🥺😭

    81. Michel Veilleux

      Being accepted into the academy was my, as of yet, greatest achievement of my young life. Everyone said I couldn't do it. That I wouldn't get there. Well, here I am. A young man from the sticks, a farmer's son, now a Magi in training. I shouldn't celebrate just yet though. I'm sure there are those here that would love nothing more then to derail my progress, and "Put me in my place". First year or not, my would-be-enemies watch my every move. I must be careful. The books here are ancient, nearing the thousands, maybe millions more. Old tomes and grimoire of ages past reside here. Near numerous is the content of this place of learning, and I intend to read them all. I will make something of myself...and show them my them how wrong they are about me...

    82. refia

      pov : you came here to read pov's,agagin

    83. Valeria Camargo

      No se como llegué aquí pero esto me ayuda a dormir muy bien ❤️

    84. Eda Rrushi


    85. Aly The cat

      Brenda was an beutiful lady she was 25 years old, it was 1979 and she had her dad’s mansion, her dad died from a sickness 2 years ago so she wanted to feel good there was a beautiful library on the mansion and she always was in there reading all the books but she felt something like if someone was on there with her one day she was reading as usually and the piano started to be played but there was nobody (the piano was playing all of the video’s songs) Brenda was scared she thought the library was haunted and she remembered her dad know how to play piano ~h-how! w-who is there?!!~ she said more than scared, the piano stopped and Brenda couldn’t move she was so shocked but then she saw how someone was in there and that person started to walk and going with her ~don’t move! Go away from my home!~ she screamed then she looked to that person and started to cry, it was her dad ~don’t be afraid of me my beautiful daughter I want to Rest In Peace and I just wanted to say goodbye~he smiled ~dad....~ she said crying more ~its time to leave good bye Brenda~he smiled and then his soul started to go up there was a beautiful light was on there and then it desappeard, Brenda was so shocked ~goodbye dad...~ she smiled, from that day Brenda started to play the piano remembering her dad who now rests in peace

    86. Mandadee :P

      this actually made me do my work, even if it was only for 1hr it was the most work I've ever done for months PERIOD

    87. Penny

      Pov: the girl sat in the library, alone. It was silent since it was past curfew yet she had permission to stay by the lovely librarian of the boarding school. She flipped through the yellow, fragile pages of an old history book. She thought that maybe she could get some useful notes for an assignment. The book belonged to the so called "Queen florence"- Thats what was written in the inside of the book that is. She opened the book to find sketch after sketch of beautiful flowers and trees. Then she found out this Queen florence was all about changing things up. Many sentences of the text were covered by black ink and beside it a new note, in messy handwriting, had been written. That same thing thing appeared every few lines. She chuckled a bit at the girls messiness, reminded of herself. She heard another chuckle behind her "Guess you found my book!" "Queen florence? Pleasure to meet you" "Yours truly! So not afraid of a ghost like me are you dear?" "Of course not! I've lived with ghosts my whole life- Not the friendly ones"

    88. Alice Taylor 🆂🅴🆇 🅿️🆁🅸🆅🅰️🆃🅴!🅽🆄🅳🅴 !👌 💕 今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!この日のライブ配信は、かならりやばかったですね!1万人を超える人が見ていたもん(笑)やっぱり人参最高!まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした {-String.Spintax- | - {林檎|アプリコット|バナナ|キウイ|レモン|オレンジ|パイナップル} -} ! 🔥 在整個人類歷史上,強者,富人和具有狡猾特質的人捕食部落,氏族,城鎮,城市和鄉村中的弱者,無`'守和貧窮成%員。然而,人類的生存意願迫使那些被拒絕,被剝奪或摧毀的基本需求的人們找到了一種生活方式,並繼續將其DNA融入不斷發展的人類社會。, 說到食物,不要以為那些被拒絕的人只吃垃圾。相反,他們學會了在被忽視的肉類和蔬菜中尋找營養。他們學會了清潔,切塊,調味和慢燉慢燉的野菜和肉類,在食品市場上被忽略的部分家用蔬菜和肉類,並且學會了使用芳香的木煙 山核桃和豆科灌木 !

    89. hjancor

      everyone is doing math and im vibing and doing my english homework

    90. Pluto

      Me, to myself: What could be funnier than 24? The ghost behind me, whispering: *25*

    91. hope marie

      the first song sounds so familiar to me but i’m not sure why

    92. LRPG

      Drinking a cup of tea. I draw a line, then another one. I remember something. It gives me chills. I close my eyes. Still drawing. Still thinking about the past, about this present that is still so chaotic. I look at my drawing. I don’t like it. It’s boring. Isn’t life boring sometimes? It’s raining outside. More tea. How would it feel like, to be caressed, to caress, to touch, to be touched, by that person? You’re alone. It’s still raining. You look at your drawing. Oh. Why does everything feel so nostalgic? Why do you feel so alone? Why? Wouldn’t it be easier to be happy and cheerful and forget all the problems? No. You’re enjoying your loneliness, maybe it’s better this way. To close your eyes and pretend it’s your loved one.... Oh. If their eyes were on you... Oh it would be magical. If life was easier... if you were with them, if you were enjoying yourself feeling in peace, so relaxed... If there was nothing apart from peace. Cherry blossom. It would be perfect. But it’s still raining outside. You sigh. You smile at the thought of how it could all be, so perfect. But what is perfect? Isn’t perfection just an illusion? Maybe this is not love, just a little secret fantasy of yours. It’s just boredom, right? So keep drawing and drinking more tea. Perfect illusion of perfection.

    93. trjsha

      i used to think all ghosts were evil but now i just think they're here because their loved ones haven't let them go or they haven't. i would like to talk with one about the life they had, just hoping i wont get too scared if that ever happens

    94. Sharliz Nayyara

      *Have a twerking party with ghost cuz we both can't do math*

    95. Sharliz Nayyara

      *Twerks with ghost*

    96. shaine añasco

      Me, a Filipina, who enjoys this kind of playlist. :

    97. A s h t o n

      The Swan hits those feels.

    98. Emily Partida

      a moment remembering the pain he caused me... inner demons: " do you want to go back in time?" me: "yes" inner demons:" what time would you like to go back to?" me: " i wanna go back in time where there was royalty and fantasy, and where there is kings and queens" Inner demons: "your dreams may now come true"

    99. heter

      i just wanted to let you know, everyone in the comments, i love you, Olivia's comment section has to be one of the most down to earth and kindest out there! hope everyone is doing well!

    100. Samuel Withers

      POV: You're reading POVs instead of doing your homework