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    1. jacksepticeye

      What's Finneas and Pherb?

      1. Maggie McCool

        To sleep and forget about everything important and remember everything not important

      2. Waffles618

        Please, just....... Just watch it

      3. YN Chan

        I'm sorry I'm blind 👩🏽‍🦯💨

      4. Leo Bates

        It’s a children show

      5. Leo Bates

        Ooooof I’m sorry but how don’t you know Finneas and Pherb?

    2. Dark Wolf

      I'm loving your outfit.

    3. TheGamingTusk

      3:43 yea i really felt that 😩😩😳😳😌😌

    4. Demon _Cookie21

      Petition to make Sean a VA for an anime : D

    5. Bill’s Farm

      Jack vs 27 million people

    6. Rabbit Can't Sleep

      Dude in taller than you and I'm a junior in high school. And I'm a girl.

    7. XxDeathstarYTxX

      I know that Jack won't respond, but I've used all four of my accounts to subscribe to you coz your videos are FUCKING AWESOME

    8. Connor Kallembach

      Bruh on the anime talking part my parents actually thought that I was watching anime

    9. W key Xaktt

      Hey jack I would apritiate you checking my TikTok for the VIBE CHECK suraimu_xaktt , thank you for your time

    10. DJ Blazing

      ive been watching you for 8 years and i will always come to your videos for comfort love you Seán

    11. Kinsey Vachon

      18:33 it may not change but we have multiple animes,meme time, the LAUGH intro aswell..swahg

    12. ScarceBonnie145

      1:18 Joker Sean

    13. ColourLess Fool

      ahh, my weekly dose of therapy with jack

    14. Bella Nipper

      Jack, I just need you to know that I'm in a really bad place right now. Everytime I turn around, one of my loved ones is dying or in the hospital. I'm incredibly stressed over finals. But meme time gives me a nice, relaxing moment of my day to smile and remember that everything will be okay. Thank you Jack❤❤

    15. Night'Claw 2020

      No more depression 😌✨

    16. Brittany Iannone

      Remind what the show for the "fighting dreamers" theme was?? It sounds familiar but I can't recall it

    17. Darth Sped

      How dare you have top of the mornin coffee but you stopped yelling “TOP OF THE MORNIN TO YA LADDIES MY NAME IS JACKSEPTICEYE” at the beginning of the vid

    18. Ada Melby

      1:01 Unus and Annus

    19. Chase Hosa

      i mean one of my older friends came in, scribbled laugh on my whiteboard then smacked the shit out of it before screaming laugh in my ear... now its a tradition

    20. Alana Garibay

      I have been here for 6 years baby

    21. that gamer with a dream

      Nobody likes me I just have to beat another person up and get a suspension again which they have to take the first hit so it's self-defense I'm not a bad person

    22. Hidden Funster24

      I miss when Jack could say whatever he wants without offending half the people on this sensitive planet. :(

    23. Giyuu Tomioka

      Bro why did you have to become a weirdo, painting your nails smh

    24. Youtube Yandere

      Right as he yelled tea bagging my parents decided to walk in ✨☺️

    25. AT Renee

      "It's meme time the only cure for sadness"

    26. Chaosical Fox

      3:37 yeap , that's a Naruto OP4 right here ( : P ) 3:43 WhaTTTttt xD??? EDIT : To 3:43 .... 3:24 3:57 AoT OP2

    27. jad mezher

      Jack:whispers in oarent's earbin midnight Me:oh sheet i be scared to be whispered in midnight

    28. Moblofett

      When the like reality show bad noise screech like thing happened it just filled me with fear for sone reason I think I have reality show ptsd

    29. The Cuzinziz

      Sean mccaloertpdichjsi

    30. Kierra

      I love anime jack lmao

    31. Kierra

      Jack shouting sono chino sadame was something I didnt know I needed

    32. Emery Gulley


    33. Nofunforjon

      I’ve been subbed since the skate three videos and the ones with the hats and the mattresses in the back

    34. Owen. W

      shark boy and lava girl is much more iconic

    35. Imesha Edirisinghe

      Jack doing those anime voiceovers- made me do a triple take cuz DAMN those were some good voiceovers!

    36. Denki Kaminari

      I remember like, 3 years ago me and my friends would do the classic " wapoosh, wapoosh,, TOP OF THE MORNING" thing everytime we saw each other in public and we always laughed our asses off afterwards. People usually looked at us as if we were crazy, but it was totally worth it 😂 I also remember once i was in class, and we were learning about some history shit, i just screamed " NOOO little potato man-" (If you know the refrence, ur a legend) And my whole class repeated it. I guess its safe to say my class was a big hella fan of jacksepticeye 🤣

    37. Kaivion Crawford

      I haven't watched jack in a while but why isnt he doing that one intro

    38. Voided

      Saw the thumbnail and immediately thought: shit it’s black hole sun

    39. TopDINO Productions

      N-nani Jack making a jojo reference (also)Sono Chi No Sadame JOOOOOOOOOOOOOOJO

    40. logann miller

      Jacksepticeye: Name a more iconic duo. Weebs: NARUTO AND SASKUE!!!!!!

    41. BlueHuskyYT

      That thumbnail tho 😂😂

    42. Falcon btw

      That fanart at 16:40 looks like the Professor

    43. Gamingghoul GG

      anyone else notice that the clip at 10:20 was from seans video of screaming in class

    44. Raziel Bloom

      11:47 The upvotes: *giorno's theme intensifies*

    45. Mr Test

      Every Jojo Fan At 3:43: "OMFG" "YOU SON OF A BITCH, YOU DID IT"

    46. TapoBow

      swetin migk is now u name

    47. alexthefish

      Jack would be a good voice actor for any memey anime

    48. Lupita Almeraz

      For your consideration...the meme time theme song is like Departure! from Hunter x Hunter 🤔

    49. Anastacia Yancey

      I was literally put on socks and I'll slide around my house screaming top of the morning my name is jacksepticeye and welcome back to Happy Wheels I love getting to scream that around the house and my mom doesn't understand

    50. Josebee Brnia

      Look at those nails

    51. bunny boo

      Play fragile please!

    52. SegralJr

      There's so many mainstream Anime I haven't seen I wasn't expecting to relate to whichever intro he started singing... BUT THEN SONO CHINO SADAME

    53. JuicyChris

      Sean McLuvin

    54. zEscOOt

      Jack asks Jojo why are we yelling every Jacksepticeye fan ever I can ask you the same question

    55. XxIllysaGachaxX

      We stan a good short king and tall queen.. Sean and Evelien, Fuyuhiko and Peko,

    56. Angels Agent

      Ish I just started watching instant karma and this vid you have painted nails ishhh 😐😐😐

    57. Helena van den Berg Seaborne

      Sean McLocklin???????

    58. Rimsha Thakur

      Deku and wheel chair are the most iconic duo

      1. I Understood That Reference

        No. Deku and hospital bed

    59. cri2477 boy

      17:25 The new anime coming out jack and the sub wars coming out in 2021 🤣

    60. Troy Thomas

      1:00 hank and Conner

    61. Emma Summers

      i just moved to texas for one day to stay the night with my dad and it was terrible so far, this made my whole day better lol

    62. Ethan Gutierrez


    63. Christopher Budd

      Bring back the purple trumpet of doom.

    64. lemonelon

      That thumbnail makes me happy

    65. MC Troller

      @jacksepticeye Finneas and Pherb is a tv show that a lot of people watch and i watched when i was 3-5

    66. Miss Froggi


    67. Dogstar

      straight fucken water is embedded in my vocabulary now

    68. Random Dude

      he was hangry

    69. Никита Телицын

      That thing with reality shows' sound effects... * Gordon Ramsay's voice * appsolutly spot-on

    70. Cam Yua

      the nails are amazing

    71. justMummie

      That thumbnail though is just the definition of *happy intensifies*

    72. Nevin Johnson

      3:43. You say'in jojos a bad anime?

    73. Daniel Marshall

      How did he not know phineas and ferb

    74. Mc Tiny

      i named my son parmesan give me money now

    75. HazardGamer Studios

      Name a more iconic duo Ok then Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez

    76. Nick Davenport

      MAKE A MEME WARRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(^///^)


      I call it my chill place.

    78. SuperNova II7

      This is one of my first jacksepticeye videos and that intro... it was a little concerning

    79. Brooklyn Jackson

      17:33 jack.... no you’re not ready we have netherite swords

    80. Pepe Lefrog

      When the fuck did jack become a weeb?

    81. Pepe Lefrog

      That vending machine line? I'm gonna steal that

    82. Lemonade

      painted nails?

    83. KyeGKY

      i used to scream fus ro dah at school

    84. SanicTheKing

      The only anime intro I will always bop to DONT STOP DONT STOP WERE IN LUCK NOW (Plz continue it}

    85. The Phantom Gamer

      Jojo reference. Pog

    86. Floofy Introvert

      This is a jojo reference

    87. Slavnej Týpek

      Today was a good day for seán *TO KILL SOMEONE!* uuuuuuuuuuuuu

    88. Goggles

      Sean ur nails are AWSOME

    89. CNinjabuns

      Name a more iconic duo Cod Zombies Players Be Like ERM INSTA KILL PLUS 2X POINTS

    90. Waffles618


    91. Rhombus

      4:47 genius

    92. Vance Cunningham

      15:10 as a lotr fan, so proud of jack

    93. YukiHowaito

      From 6:37 to 6:40 for the ASMR tingles. 😂

    94. Kayden Gott

      Dio turned into theo in subtitles

    95. Caden Driggers

      6:48 song name?

    96. Jack Rayne

      I wanna see Sean dub an anime scene from JoJo now. Would go down in history.

    97. Zach Moize

      I'll name another popular combination. Pineapple and pizza. *Why are you booing me? I'm right?*

    98. KingAtlas Animations

      Seán as child: c-can I please have beans... Seán now: BEAN ME, M O M

    99. Alex Cervelli

      the inly special thing about the episode is you,

    100. Hayden Easter

      Jack and Sam is more iconic