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    1. Cryptic Skull

      I hate... When people BEG for likes on comments just to boost their ego People who say... WhO iS WaTChiNg In 2021 When HUfastrs put like 50 ads in a video When people copy content I HATE when people are making videos with ABYSMAL acting, such as morgz

    2. rockruff time

      can u pleeeeeeease do one for this year

    3. Angela Andric


    4. AngelicCinnamonBun

      My biggest pet peeve with HUfastrs is the fact that some of them are really out here forgetting how to be decent human beings. Like I get it, you're public figures and controversy is BOUND to happen. There's gonna be a couple bumps on the road sometimes, for sure. But I'm just genuinely sick and tired of waking up in the morning and hearing that a HUfastr I've been supporting for years has actually worn black face, said the n-word multiple times, or has been caught sending nudes to underage fans. I'm also sick of all the false allegations against each other as well. It gets so exhausting, because you're always wondering who's gonna be cancelled next, and it's so hard to know if you're following a genuinely good person or if it's a facade. Like.... is it really THAT hard to just be a kind human being without a racist track record or predatory tendencies???

    5. a very angery budgie

      Ok I like you and all but NEVER and I say NEVER diss my man WillNE

    6. Ravencat 123

      Ooga Booga

    7. TheGamingBoy40

      I hate the channels that call out other channels because of how negative they are. And how they include personal bias into the video. Basically everyone who talked about the Miniladd situation like Prison Mate Luke.

    8. peachy corgi

      then a few months later, all of roomieofficial's thumbnails are pretty much the same..

    9. Brendan Tuura

      its not if you do it its how you do it

    10. hsan

      now this is epic


      We need a part 2 of this

    12. PlutoniumOxide

      i hate the loud clicking noise when they play the subscribing animation

    13. XenoPhone

      It would preeetty funny to do a "Comment Section Rant" as well

    14. Joshua pere

      I really find it annoying that ypu cannot sort the youtube comments by Top comments Newest Liked/hearted by the creator Ik that it is given, but it doesn't work and when you do sort it by the Top comments, the most liked ones won't be on the top. :( But, anyways Thank God, pinned comments are atleast on the top.

    15. theIndiangamer26

      Papa Pewds' ranting out about how youtube changes as generations changed. (PS: I'm with Pewds on this one xF)

    16. emilie kisling

      I used to think Azzy and Lea was sisters 😂


      Im not a hater Your camera angle sucks

    18. Im Scarred

      Me when my teacher ask me questions : 5:10

    19. Gabriel Zerna


    20. Mr Man Doodle

      You don't have to COnSUmE ThE Podcast. ConSUMe

    21. memymomalex

      Felix being a crotchety old man for 20 minutes lolz 😂 you kids and your youtubes

    22. Bunny Bro

      Searches "why" Scrolling down through the music videos "Why are there 900000 black balls in this reservoir" Bruh,it checks out

    23. its ssC



      Big will

    25. Kalebo Coker

      Pyro was finally in a pewds video 9:01

    26. YOLOMAN

      pewdiepie : youtube is stinky me : I DONT CARE !!!

    27. Withro Anime Edits

      0:09 when you Really wanna sneeze but you can’t.

    28. 10k With Videos Challenge

      Get my channel as big as Pewdipie's and I'll give you a cookie 👀

    29. Poppy Zaiger

      I agree with you Felix. I hate these HUfastrs making money off of bullsh**

    30. Jerome Chrysostom

      Whos watching in 1869?

      1. Masdaffa


      2. celticsprings


    31. MaxSwims

      Things I dislike on YT: Video titles without any capitals e.g. ‘i ate at a burger king...’ People saying “FiRsT rEpLy” with such pride. Fake giveaways. People who take 3+ minutes to begin the real video.

    32. Faith Littlefield

      Is he using a voice changer? . . . Bruh-

      1. Faith Littlefield

        Why his voice sound so deep?

    33. Allie White

      When a couple years ago you got one ad at a time and now it give you two one minute videos

    34. Mr. Steal Yo gurl

      WhOs waTChInG 2021

    35. Heather B

      @18:53 : "when youtubers overly complain about HUfast " Pewds: I disagree *titles video "HUfast is Stinky"*

    36. imatija

      bro I have arabic noika as a ring tone to my phone I literally thought someone is calling me XD

    37. ludmila dana

      11:30 I understand and I think its totally tru3

    38. LegendBruh

      Who is watching this in 2021

    39. Yeee Boi

      My HUfast pet peeve is when a u tuber uses the same face for every thumbnail.

    40. Leena Mars

      11:12 thats all im gonna say

    41. Raeanne Curtis

      14:37 jacksepticeye has taken over Literally sounds exactly like Jack

    42. aka 789

      who be watching in 2021?

    43. Sarahloveslaurenzside

      I don’t think Azzy and Lia are Vopy and paste. I think there just people who ended up looking the same and have the same personality

    44. Dripp

      That thumbnail is hella sus

    45. Agent Sojasauce

      I know this video is old but SSSniperwolf is actually the one copying Azzyland

      1. Agent Sojasauce

        @Hayden Baldwin lol what

      2. Hayden Baldwin


    46. shan smit

      I want pizza

      1. elise

        Me too

    47. sacred squid

      This comment is sponsored by raid shadow legends

    48. Cronk

      When nobodies go to larger youtubers and says shit like "what do you think of my channel" or "like if you agree" just to generate more traffic directed to their own channel.

    49. Judah


    50. Dino pig shreck man _

      Me In 2021 hoping psds will like one of my comments

    51. Dustin Lozano

      11:13 hmmmmmmmmm

    52. Yankee Delta20

      6:11 sweating MrBeast noises

    53. Dog Called Pickle

      one year later and im just now figurin out what thongs are

      1. Dog Called Pickle

        He said thongs in the video, a year later I am watching the video again I know know that thongs are flip flops

      2. Molly Samuelsson

        wait I don't get it

    54. _-_ partyfox_-_

      My pet peeve is morgz bc he always Copies everyone and screams in his videos..

    55. the accordion dude

      I hope all of pewds future vids start with the 3:21intro lol

    56. Enlaidén _

      19:34 Pewds, you remind me of the old pewdiepie 😂

    57. Ant Supporter 2

      new one: stealing dream’s intro and showing your fucking statistics to gain subscribers

    58. Fuck You

      I love this guy, and all the points he was making are soo true

    59. Ganesh Silwal

      Hey if you are watching this in 2069 congrats u are alive

      1. Den lilla vätten . 67 years ago

        U am born In 2010 so i am gonna be alivie

    60. AstRoPhysiCal GD Johnson

      Mr. Beast is the master of Giving rewards in his videos but goddammit da shit good compared to the other channels

    61. Bibo 64

      I agry

    62. Jonathan Riis


    63. lunk notzelda


    64. Sarah Nonye

      My pet peeve is when people on aimless live streams say the dumbest questions ever so that the person can respond. Why do you need to know what they ate last week, and why do you want a room tour for no reason?

    65. Just Sol

      That uglysweater Pewdiepie edition set is literally the most beautiful thing I've ever seen, and I'm a year too late.

      1. Inkling Main

        Maybe he’ll do another one

    66. MasterChief1279 Dokkan_12

      why does the face cam keep zooming in and out

    67. Sierra Hart

      Something that annoys me about youtubers is that they put something in their thumbnail and it isnt even in their video, and also the title of the video sounds way cooler than the video is, like it's such a disappointment

    68. Polar

      I like this vid and if you dont want to like it its good but Just reply if you like it :)

    69. North mountain hhsrh

      Me. Pick me... I'll happily write descriptions for you, for the low price of nothing.

    70. Ponykillerthe2nd

      Who is watching in 2069?

    71. cliparts vlogs

      And we dun care even if they used the same thumbnail

    72. Falling Petals

      the pay 10k or something is just people copying Mr Beast

    73. MOTUBE

      Finally we know who is STINKY


      Pewdiepie:It has to be 10000 dollars on the line and when the video starts of super loud Me:*cough* Mrbeast

    75. JudytheExtraterrestrial

      I stan internet historian and his sponsorships, still major entertain

    76. Anirudh Rai

      Best video ever.

      1. dave hamm

        @Anirudh Rai what

      2. Anirudh Rai


      3. Anirudh Rai


      4. Anirudh Rai


      5. Iama Humanbeing


    77. StratoSpoon


    78. Mindstorm Productions

      "Everyone has a podcast now" Me: *sweating profusely*

    79. hjki hd

      I feel sorry for you, that you cannot quit HUfast and pursuit a reasonable vocation because you still have so many views so that quitting is not an option.

    80. Etot08

      Pewds: I hate when theres pointless rewards in videos Also Pewds: WHATS UUUUPPP MRBEAST!!!!!!!/ I love Mrbeast.

    81. Yoanis Attalla

      I wonder how much the lives of the people that had their comment liked and then had like removed were affected

    82. Doodle Army

      Why is Azzy on his random vids

    83. lemon gurl is happy

      Pewdiepie : "Every youtuber gives out money to do anything nowadays" MR Beast : Im sorry sensei but I must disagree with this statement

    84. Sam Schmitz

      "the writers that game devs hire are so ******* bad" *sad david cage noises*

    85. Dumb_ Sad_loser_toaster

      My pet peeve: When they make a long ass intro When they “shade” other HUfastrs When they make a 30 min apology video

    86. Robert Debrah

      I was watching this in the background and when pewds was making the joke about being sponsored by raid, I thought it was a real sponsor 😂

    87. Funny Bunny

      Imagine those people randomly getting those hearts then having them removed

    88. Leonhard Euler

      When I HUfast something basic like how to change my wallpaper (as an example im not this dumb) and the video is like 15 minutes long for some reason. This makes me irrationally angry and I just gave up on HUfast for tutorials at this point.

    89. Exotik Gamez

      Those high tops where fire tho

    90. Hector Santos

      Happy birthday video

    91. lloydonix

      the thing is I care about the questions since the vid is actually interesting. idk its curiosity, it aint the cure for cancer

    92. Strontium Sryinged

      wow a whole year ago

    93. XxGxGxExZxX

      my pet peeve is "underrated comment" and its always top 5 comments

    94. Mr. Onion


    95. Mr. Onion

      sad boyz is good btw

    96. Vishesh Shivashankar

      5:50 this “why” sums up HUfast

    97. Jackson Berrigan

      Just realized every win 10k video is just a MrBeast concept reused

    98. Soggy Brownie

      6:42 "No, I'm not 12." You sure about that, buddy?

    99. gangster cheese

      Phooods like my pubes

    100. allstaroman

      hey 2021 or 2022 or 2023 or 2050 or 3000 OR 9999999999999999