Youtuber Lies About Being Beaten and Robbed


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    This is the greatest lying of All Time

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    1. Damien Laybelle

      Doesn't this man almost die like every night though?

    2. He took the L

      Well if anyone doesn't know. Blood is a rust or brownish color when dried. And your also not leaving the hospital within 12 hours of arriving with this type of "investigation" your going to be questioned by investigator's and your house will also be on lockdown until their down with the crime scene Also that window he opened and climbed out of was no where near clean. There's dust all over it. No handprints or anything it's all BS

    3. GreaterCreation

      the 3k people who disliked this are prob his fans lol

    4. Jonathan Perez

      pov your looking for implaystasin

    5. Vipr Playz

      You look like super shaggy that ran out of snooby snacks

    6. Nicholas Sinis

      There is too much blood for it to be real, also his face would be more swollen and beat up

    7. Mrhalogamer _

      A REAL beaten up face has (a face being punched): Swollen Face Blue and Purple areas (trauma to blood vessels) and scabs starting to form if there was any cuts

    8. Patrick Henderson

      “Man I was getting choked out, and I was unconscious.” Hmmm. But then you got up and ran to the kitchen? Wtf

    9. Nolan Grimes


    10. wendy sustachick

      why ishe makeing a youtube vid about this i would be doing litterly anything else

    11. Felix Rodríguez

      i just love how he basically got hit on 1 side of his face only

    12. Jon Stoner

      That is fake af he’s dumb as shit

    13. Surupy Surup

      jay: i got beat up bad man they were gunna smash my head robers everyday: Hey kill anyone in a home we burgle and not take anything

    14. Tartyt

      To be honest I think he would have died if that happened or at least be unconscious for like a day or a few hours...

    15. Happypug

      the "blood" was him eating a burger and getting ketchup everywhere and he was high so he though there were people hitting him.. this would also explain why he keeps going unconscious. The 100% real verdict is he was high and battling a ninja cheese burgers... 10 of them. .

    16. Angel Mora

      They fuck me up again

    17. Pooh

      “Where’s the robux”

    18. Anime sucks or does it

      Is this the guy from the meme?

    19. insurgent of the watermelon rebellion

      when someone runs his shit for real. no one is going to believe him.

    20. Rhino27

      Check the video right after that one and see if he still has his injuries.

    21. Hydronix Strife

      How much you want to bet he fell down the stairs

    22. Ruan Antunes

      I hope he got arrested for this fake BS.

    23. Alfie Watson

      So he doesn’t even try to fight back

    24. MMC_ Aqua

      The robbers said dont call the cops he still called the cops they would have watched the hideout go and kill him

    25. The Muffin Head

      wut the fuck is that hourse shit lie about being robed

    26. Nutsack Gaming

      Charlie doesn’t watch in full screen

    27. Corwin Ho


    28. Blitzops

      Dude you are so annoying🤨

    29. Blake Levin

      he should show his medical bill for proof

    30. Adam Thao

      "little baby wiener jay station"

    31. Random

      his life gets threatened. His first instinct: pull out the camera and start filming instead of calling the police LMFAO

    32. Gavin Taylor

      what if this is true and this penduin guy beat him up

    33. Lourenco Brasile

      That video is not fake.... ;)

    34. [Rx] Koshti

      I mean anyone who has been in a fight will know how hard it is to remember every second in detail. You are filled with addrenline. I feel like the story is crap just based on that.

    35. Tito Labrador

      He is so obviously wearing contacts

    36. Mac MacNeil

      I've never heard of that loser but god damn do people actually watch this shit?

    37. Mute Core

      i love how this man says a no no word almost every second un bleeped

    38. E Demers

      his eye is literally black like did dye your eyes black or some shit like wtf

    39. Galaxy Pug

      i wonder how much ketchup he used

    40. marko kustri

      how sis thw swelling go down so fast tho?

      1. marko kustri


    41. TYUIO11111

      god this idiot is Canadian :(

    42. Th3ltBoiy

      He prolly got beat up by some mean looking 2nd graders

    43. darkbonnie

      If they hit him whit a hammer on his head how he not ded? Is this guy god or something

    44. Envar

      Charlie the lawyer huh.

    45. Leo Spowage

      He was like OK make a video of me going down the stairs falls down OK ez content say I got beaten ok

    46. Shadow Ninja926

      There is fut prints

    47. YellowWuki 12

      "put your nose on the cement" literally the next sentence: "I thought he would slam this hammer right in my face" the good old face on the back of his Head

    48. Noah Lafleur

      he doesn't look that injured to have shed that much blood and if they were gonna kill him how is he alive

    49. ItzShinePlayz

      Oh Ow Jaystationz Ur In Dad trouble! Im A Fan for quick a while but yeah after I Delete my past 20 channel and Not hearing back but now Jaystation is going to be in big trouble but Yeah 3am vid Are bad coz All these satanic can cause A Religion In A Bad side or something and I Forgot what was it supposed to be called lol XD

    50. ツVrop_marshmellows

      he should have got his demon friends to help him

    51. AI Games


      1. AI Games


    52. mete acay

      Guys this is not a good joke my friends cousin became blind in one eye becouse it.

    53. NoobsUnleashed

      This is the worst acting i have ever seen. period.

    54. god jesus

      this guy dislikes jaystation im now a subsciber

    55. Tyler Martens

      The police dont investigate if theres no witnesses... Police in my area wouldnt have cared unless there was a witness.

    56. the bros Barnett

      he said he had to take his pants of so I went back to look when he showed the the chanz but they not there but every thing else is still there

    57. Chad Siakimotu

      Bruhh he would have had stitches on his face of all how many beaten he got

    58. mm reviews

      I think he got his ass beat but I dont think it is in the way he claims

    59. rusty

      The most drastic way someone could tell the world he has a rolex

      1. Seamus Mitchell


    60. Tobias Lautenbach

      bruh, the knife has no blood and he said thay held it up to him, gg not well played

    61. ø Sky Wolf ø

      drop a like guys I aLMosT DieD lASt NIghT

    62. TangoFruit

      I love how fake this is

    63. Tyler Stelzer

      ay ay don't diss him he is fake yes but he dose it for entertainment

    64. bookakaf

      Plot twist: There was no robbers it was demons that he attracted through the 2 years of 3am challenges.

    65. Romaio Brown

      10:30 How is he getting in the car if his keys flew out?

    66. N1 1k

      in german we say mii mii

    67. Chakk0

      I feel like someones had a bad day

    68. MyNamesMario !

      bruh who dumped flour on the ground?

    69. Alexander Henninck

      lol this is so fucking funny in a way but yeah this has to be fake

    70. cole price

      This guys pretty funny until he says the same thing 20 times in only 5 different ways. Yup good job we get the point move on

    71. tokyo

      took him to the basement oh yes beat a guy senseless and then look for the basement and oh ye lets take him to the basement what the fuck

    72. Irllywantamint

      His finger prints are now all over the knife if its true lmfao

    73. Barrelcub5 5

      Another thing is if this was a real robbery and he was getting thrown around im pretty sure something would be broken

    74. Ignia San

      a lot of it was make up and he most likely put a contact in the eye that is bloodshot to make it look like someone beat his facing right there where his blood vessels and his eyeball burst it open I used to like his 3 a.m. videos but after what he did with saying his girlfriend or ex-girlfriend now died in a car accident I stopped being a fan of his and if he really did get robbed and jumped the only way they would have been able to bust his face open like he was saying they did with one punch was if they had some hard-hitting brass knucks

    75. meme katø

      He's going to end up like the boy who cried wolf

    76. Turner Siddens

      How did you not die from cringe - when making this video

    77. kuba Miller

      The people who disliked belive JayStation.

    78. OwxQ

      I'm seriously late but I would've believed this 1% more if he just didn't record his face like it makes it more obvious that it's fake because why tf would you want to show gore on your community that's filled with kids. If it was real, he could've informed the police about this as soon as he got his phone. Instead, he got his camera, lighting, makeup, etc, and went to the recording. What a smart move totally. edit: It's absolutely stupid for him to mention 'smash the like button.' Being beaten up and robbed isn't something to mess around with, people's lives are at risk because of that. Another thing, he's just walking normally in the totally real recording. ANOTHER THING could've sent taken photos of ALL evidence he had and sent it to the police. Lmao I pretty sure he didn't even bother calling them.

    79. blitzXZecon

      Why would you have stuff like this in your basement

    80. The LBs


    81. Tasslehoff

      Also how would anyone go around a tour of how u almost died days after, and be completely calm about it?

    82. emil tougaard

      Those 100 dollars just on the floor looking up like ¯\_( ͡👁️ ͜ʖ ͡👁️)_/¯

    83. It’s your Boi

      Why would you call Minecraft trash

    84. PhenixIFA

      How come dj cook hasnt made a video about this

    85. Godly_Gaming

      Me: Explaning why I didn’t do my math homework

    86. Rosa Jensen

      Did he stutter? I don't think so...

    87. ZsA3

      LMFAO I READ HUfastr lies about being EATEN and robbed LMFAOOOOOOOOO

    88. Alpha-1 1

      Hell yeah. Donut operator

    89. OlofTV

      i might be wrong but when he said "in and out of conc...." i cant spell it but thats not how it works? right? you pass out and stay passed out for a short while edit- i had only watched a min of the vid so i had not seen what he said

    90. HYDRO HIT

      i know im late but this was funny as hell 😂😂

    91. Kyru988

      What's also funny about this video, is if he actually had a black eye his face would be swollen. He just smeared makeup or whatever under his eye as that's grounds of a "black eye". I also love how he knows exactly where all the blood splatter marks are as well. Being beaten up to the extent he is talking about I'm surprised he can walk, talk, or move as constantly as he does.

    92. Ika Inana / XkMusic

      who tf ties up someones pants -_-

    93. Don Æ 323

      “ Unconscious is his defense mechanism “ 😂😂😂😂 i fucking died when I heard that

    94. Jake Powell

      Minecraft is not garbage!

    95. SharkRule64

      If someone beats you up in like 20 different locations I’m sure they wouldn’t have a problem to break a bone or two but apparently not

    96. scooty_tootey is goated

      and this is why he plays among us, hes so smart!!!

    97. Kingbeer01

      "Eventually I went unconcious, tried to escape" Thats seems ligit right ? 4:02 LoL

    98. Yanis Agodor

      Jesus love you, he died on the cross for you, accept him as your lord and savior he can change everything. For God so loved the world that he gave his only son, so that everyone who believes in him may not perish but may have eternal life" (Jn 3:16" But you must repent too. From that time Jesus went about preaching and saying, Let your hearts be turned from sin, for the kingdom of heaven is near. (Matthew 4:17)$

    99. Batman Begin

      I agree he’s a fucking idiot

    100. Young Slimez

      your a fuckin idiot mate you 100% can be knowcked out multiplle times. im not on jaystations side but stop chating out your arse

      1. SharkRule64

        Your profile picture makes you look like a fucking twat that everyone wants to beat the shit out of