YUNGBLUD - mars (Official Video)


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    #Yungblud #mars
    Music video by YUNGBLUD performing mars. © 2020 Locomotion Recordings Limited, under exclusive license to Geffen Records

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    1. Yes

      I’m in pain

    2. Leyla Ali

      That is makes me cry

    3. Saar Hooftman

      ALMOST 2.000.000 !!!!!

    4. Yasmin Chard

      this song saved my life in a way i love him so much x hope i get to meet him one day

      1. Yasmin Chard

        but I'm not trance gender but it still hit me

    5. Micheal Boots

      Do you see me Mom? Dad? Am I what you wanted when you said it was just a phase? Are you joking? Please tell me you see me! Please tell me I'm not your daughter I'm your son! I WOULD DO ANYTHING! The hate you give to me is horrible but ill take it, if that means I have a chance to open your eyes to me being trans. So Mama, Dad, do you finally see me? Do you see Micheal not ? Do you see him/they not she/her? Can you see past my breasts and vagina? Can you see past the "F" on my birth certificate, can you see past the "F" that will be on my learners permit and my drivers license? Tell me you see me.. Because I want you to see the me I want. The me I dream of, the me that I will become..

    6. I like fnaf

      My parents: why would you watch this it’s so dumb and the music sucks Me: this is the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen with every detail correct with layers

    7. Nair Teffé

      Nem te conheço direito mas te amo

    8. Sa Ya

      I love this song so Much

    9. Rey .s.g

      I’m crying this song means so much

    10. Ava Dennis

      Wait why am I crying

    11. bakugou katsuki

      I only had one friend and we got in trouble for skipping school since we got caught but we did it bc we just gave up and we didnt feel anything ive make alot of stupid disisions after that.

    12. teresa yeh

      Does that makeup come from David Bowie's "Life on Mars"?

    13. Поліна Гудухіна

      Можно пажалуйста песні без мата і крові мне просто не разрішают ето слушать патамушто я ещё маленькая УМАЛЯЮ можно без матааааа і крові🙏🏻 Спасібо

    14. sunnymelike

      i cant explain how much i love this song. it’s my favourite song from yungblud. this is amazing

    15. weirdo alert

      well im sat doing work bc of corona n hearing this song particularly makes me think about everything we have and what our parents give us like people who are homeless or cant afford things we have it hurts to see them on the streets but what can we do you know, we are just stupid kids :(

    16. Monica Niemandt

      My crush is trans... And this song reminds so much of him

    17. harryishabit T

      can't stop crying while listening this song.

    18. julie deliga

      How the hell Can you dislike Art like this?:(

      1. julie deliga

        @Shawn Tyler i really like your Songs :) You have Talent. Stay Well to:))

      2. Shawn Tyler

        Agreed. Song is great and video is deep. Hope to do a song with him one day. Would love to hear what you think of some of my stuff if you get the chance. Stay well Julie!

    19. Joslyn Unger

      I can’t transition at school or home but here I can just cry and be who I am and nobody give a shit because they have issues too and we can just sit and think whit the knowledge that it will get better I have to tell myself that every single day and here don tell me and so many others to stay that you are worth it

    20. Erina

      I'm Japanese. I don't fully understand what he is saying, but their music is awesome

      1. NamjoonsDimples

        ❤ it's a bout a trans girl

    21. Enrique Bustamante

      Yungblud is like a primer for The Used

    22. Tressa Zimmerman

      Wow! Googebumps and tears.

    23. Bro Peep

      what a voice

    24. Dear Destinyシ

      Luckily my mom supports me for being lesbian and never told my dad bc I’m scared of what my dad would do bc I’m innocent near him and dirty near my mom

    25. gen Asagiri

      Yo hice un amigo mientras esperaba está canción y nunca le volví a hablar .__.

    26. Ali

      is it ok for me to send this song to a friend? wouldnt it trigger him? or should i just not send it?

      1. NamjoonsDimples

        It depends ask them if they think it might trigger him

    27. Random Person

      This song - this song is straight up from heaven I love it so much

    28. TheName'sYuna

      Anyone out there who needs to see this: You're valid, you're great, and don't take shit from anyone

    29. Cybernetic Rose

      Yung blud doesnt just make music,this is beautiful art,I love this,I'm pansexual but I'm so afraid to tell that to people cause I just dont wanna get judged..but this song just helps with that reassurance that your not alone with that feeling❤

    30. Anto Dal Santo

      I dunno what it is but the long-haired blonde girl looks like the owl in her tattoo somehow @0:21

    31. sophia Carrillo

      I’m not trans but I am bi and no one know well besides the people reading this comment I don’t tell anyone I know because ik i won’t be accepted I’ve had the secret for 5 years now every time I listen to his music it makes me want to scream it at the top of my lungs I don’t think am ever really going to come out but his music makes it kinda better

    32. Leniwiec _00

      Wow ❤❤

    33. Gabriela Rojas Amador


    34. xSparkleGachaEmeralzx

      im not 17 yet but thats pretty acurate

    35. Samuel Cornel

      So relatable love this song it’s dope

    36. emillie acosta

      PLEEEEEAAAAASEEEE i have been crying to this song for like three months

    37. Sarah Dixon


    38. rosen zombies

      I'm nonbinary and can't wait to get out of my household

    39. xnatuu

    40. Rhianna Nunes

      Did anyone else see the last kid mouth I'm sorry when they shed a tear?

    41. Mäx

      who is that at 0:17 ?

    42. Yoshioka Futaba

      mds ,q música incrível ,__,

    43. 444 sins

      Fell in love with every actor in this clip

    44. M

      thank you so much for this song

    45. 손Son

      Who wants to go to Mars with me? This planet has had to much death and sadness.

    46. Nur Gülderen

      The value of this song is not seen!!!! :(((

    47. paola de vitis

      too many emotions in one song

    48. Stephen Friedberg

      I love this song so much and this video is BRILLIANT 🙏💫💫💫💫💫💫

    49. Liam Mcgrogan

      I listen to this song at least once a day and I get emotional every single time

    50. GruK1z

      que porra e essa kkkkkkkkkkk

    51. Jalissa Villarreal

      I kinda want that eyeshadow it's so bright

    52. Gukkie

      A minha alma ficou completamente arrepiada, choro TODA VEZ que ouço essa música

    53. Zaria Mena

      HE CAME OUT AS PAN!! YUNGBLUD: "If I was to identify somewhere on the spectrum, my sexuality is ever-evolving, I will probably be close to probably pan" ME: am I supposed to pretend I didn't already know? PROUD OF YOU DOMINIC!


      Made me cry ngl

    55. brenna lambert

      props to the people who we can only see the arms of. i would feel so bad being mean to all these beautiful humans.

    56. Iamjademc

      David Bowie would Neva

    57. Sam M.

      yungblud- thank you

    58. Dirty D

      This song was ok until I saw the video.

    59. Raya Fernandez


    60. Noah Salem Jasper Hattingh

      i've watched this like 50 times in the past three weeks

    61. Adriana Gurlita

      I'm so stuck on this song

    62. hellz zo

      why did this make me want to cry...

    63. Vannesa Vasquez

      Goosebumps each time..

    64. Peter Reed

      Ladies and Gentlemen, we’ve found our generations David Bowie. And I am sort-of saying it since discovering him through the Life on Mars cover. He stands with Freddie and David and must be protected at costs. I can’t wait to see what else this legend can produce 😁

    65. Tania

      Bloody hell. I am speachless. Dom is a fucking genius!!!!

    66. fram Gaming

      Is there any life on mars...i felt dat

    67. Jetta Wilber

      2:44 Ok- but like cute

    68. Chipzzz

      these people have forgotten about COVID 19 XD 0:53

    69. pinksocksrock

      dom ilysm 😭😭😭❤️

    70. Lini Lavender

      his face kinda looks like trisha paytas lmao

    71. CoolPlush 95

      I'm 12 and I'm crying

    72. Saad Abdullah

      Why does the "she dreams she'd go to California" part sounds like harry styles

    73. Gav Smith

      who is the blonde in this? I feel like iv seen her before.

    74. calledtoanswer

      Possibly the only time a video sold me on a song

    75. Starboyy

      This SLAPS very hard

    76. Bailey Titus

      I'm not trans, but the story behind the song just puts me in my feels..

    77. v

      welp i cried

    78. Beau Ponsford

      This wonderful man always manages to touch my soul in the most perfect and beautiful way every time I hear this song it brings tears to my eyes and my mum doesn't understand it but I do and I just want to say thank you for helping me find who I am 🖤

    79. Astronaut&Bard

      This is absolutely breathtaking. Stunning job to everyone.

    80. Lil Shine

      I cried

    81. Jeremy Fox

      Cheers to the actors. Should have seen you in Canada when I could. Thanks for the movement Dom

    82. Pierce the Colby

      Is it just me or does the one girl look like Alyssa from teotfw

    83. paula march


    84. Daylin Rodríguez

      Wow I love you wowwww ❤❤❤❤❤

    85. Szymon 8750


    86. Elegant Disarray

      Every time I come back to this, I cry my fookin eyes out...💔

    87. • Cerise Art •


    88. Mary Gillies

      Everyone in this video is so talented, they must have been so good to work with.

    89. Lulu LD16

      So powerful... brrr

    90. Makayla Ward

      Im not trans but this song really hits with not being accepted and not being able to be yourself

    91. guigui 12347

      Alguém br

    92. Anastasia

      Omg. Guys, I guess I just thought of something. HEAR ME OUT We al know that Dom is David Bowie’s fan (he said that David shaped his whole existence) Dom performed a song “life on mars?” On David’s memorial concert. If you look at the music video, Bowie has red hair and circle blue make up like yungblud is wearing here, in “Mars”. The also both look up, when say about life on Mars. I’m not sure if that’s a coincidence, but if it’s not- Mad respect for Dom to be able to honor and pass the message (Ik there is a story behind mars, but it makes it even better) 😍😭🖤⚡️

    93. Mango Kat

      The tear at the end got me

    94. Tomas Penas

      Here after Jesse's video

    95. Ixxi See

      „she dreamed she‘d go to colourfornia“ (and in that moment they put their colour on their eyes)

    96. AXN

      I ain't part of the LGBTQ but the song is so lit

    97. Jill Hansen

      i might be stupid, but i was just thinking that this video reminded me of the cover for halseys manic, with the makeup. does anyone know if this was a thought out thing?

    98. Angeline Stacy

      #Sexiestman alive 2021 but why can’t it be human?

    99. Venemous Syrin

      Shout out to trans kid who isn't out yet and is still in the closet and feels transition is way too far to achieve, we see you, we love you, we want you here! and you are still trans even if you are not out yet and not on hormones. You are valid! You exist and we need you here. Hold on tight, you will get there.

    100. TBFlame

      I Made a Montage With This Song -