YUNGBLUD - Parents (Official Music Video)


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    Directed by Miles & AJ
    Produced by SixTwentySix
    Executive Producers Austin Barbera and Jake Krask
    Line producer Aiden Magarian
    DP Jon Chou
    Production Designer Kendra Bradanini
    Styling: Harper Slate

    Music video by YUNGBLUD performing Parents. © 2019 Locomotion Recordings Limited, under exclusive license to Geffen Records, under exclusive license to Geffen Records

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    1. neki čudan lik

      This is actually real good

    2. torta

      Amo esto

    3. Kirishima_ dad

      how are some people so fucking cool

    4. uzjwh jw Glonczi


    5. uzjwh jw Glonczi


    6. Dereck Darnell Santos Garzon

      This song is a fucking jewel

    7. Yanina Di Primzio


    8. Clevelander216

      It’s called titty wittys

    9. Kimber Banks

      Why does he look like Harry styles

    10. ̈ ̈Burguesinha Imunda ̈ ̈

      Mds como eu amo essa msc vei, a letra dela então.... Perfeito

    11. Alba Gómez López

      Canta como los dioses y el mensaje que quiere transmitir es muy bonito

    12. Ken Pudsey

      Now we know Johnny Rotten has a son😁..and a very talented one!

    13. siana

      "ok boomer": who are you? this songs: i am you, but better

    14. David Silva'


    15. liacookie

      This dude tryed to hard to make this music video

    16. Sasha Kuliavina

      Тут есть русскоговорящие?

    17. Anime. Hub


    18. Nathalie Bon

      tes le meilleur

    19. 『Zariaxpasta』

      Guys.. don’t say you like all genders then say you’re bi-

    20. Addy Hayes

      A hairdryer A toaster What next his dress and his fans

    21. Sonja Petrusevski


    22. Sonja Petrusevski

      ugly song ughhh

      1. Anetkaaa Hh

        That is deep xdddd just try to use brain thx

    23. Jessica Díaz

      Si a todo

    24. alondra alvarado


    25. Julia E.

      Unfassbar gut!

    26. Angie Torres

      WIIIII, YUNGBLOOD IS BEA- Ah espera. No se hablar Inglés- ._. JAJAJS Yungblood es genial tpm. Y quien diga lo contrario que se joda 😎💞💞💞👊🏻

    27. Nemo

      I really dislike gay people

      1. Anetkaaa Hh

        Wtf What is wrong with u

    28. Jimin Pretty

      Dioss amo el estilo de este chico y la letra Wow brutal 💕

    29. Alicia

      who listen to this in 2021?

    30. John Asmas


    31. Kyrie

      l didn't hear any wrong idea or word.

    32. Pheonix layne

      So, in all honesty, I think that the reason that we as kids/preteens/teenagers usually blow up on our parents when we turn to an age where we can do what we want is because the parents are always saying that they are right, and they never give us the choice to say no.

    33. nuriamrtnzz

      Yungblud es mi religión

      1. Maria Monagreda


    34. Pelusa 64

      In what year he born?

      1. Anetkaaa Hh

        1997 or something like that

    35. Gizem Selçuk

      it really sucks. It made me sick. I absolutely do not support these tour contents. What is this now that an elegant man wants to kill other people?

    36. Chume /:

      kinda sus

    37. Rotari Erikutza

      You are gay?

      1. Anetkaaa Hh

        He is pansexual

    38. BB B

      'God overestimated people'

    39. Joslyn Unger

      Ok boomer in three minutes

    40. STBR ElderBaron

      Me that hears to rock all the time including emo and goth. Wow Yungblud is kinda talented.

    41. Kaylee

      years are short and we all have a short life in 783 months we will all be dead

    42. Toast Toast

      I just want to borrow his pink socks. Just borrowing... 👀

    43. ItZ mIcHeLLe xd

      Enamorada de esta canción

    44. Kaylee Weiss

      i am lesbian with an exception, this man.

    45. Zoey Lopez

      I love this song so much it makes A point🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

    46. Franchesca Millaray Muñoz Carmona

      Quien aún en el 2021

    47. Jay’s Fortune

      I’ve listened this 64 million times.

    48. isela hdz

      52k from homophobic people :c

    49. Rei

      I find it ironic cause everyone see him in his underwear LOL

    50. Annika Z

      “These people are so old” Teen parents: 👁👄👁

    51. Mînä Ašhidø

      Don’t you ever judge someone for liking a song for no reason and then end up liking the song? Yep, that’s me.😁 I couldn’t talk then tbh i was obsessed with electric love but now i’m into Mother Mother and stuff-

    52. ReaganN Neu

      Totally random thought I mean it not like this is common sense but maybe people kill people not the inanimate object. Its equivalent to saying my pencil failed my test. A gun does nothing by itself it's not going to magically stand up and shoot you. The person attached to the gun is making the choice to pull the trigger.

    53. Tania Barros


    54. Gustavo Esqueda

      Ay told My mom i am gay with this song

    55. Justin Allen

      This song is stupid in good at the same time

    56. Mariana Mendiezabal


    57. Adalberto LópezSmith

      Yo digo que es ✨Arte✨ 👺

      1. Jimin Pretty

        Yo lo confirmo 👺👍✨

    58. Shadow Fox Entertainment

      Talented, Flamboyant, either gay or bisexual, and emo? New fave.

    59. Arabella Roy

      Dom: *Releases "Parents" Literally all LGBTQ+ Influencers : *Casually steals*

    60. Carly B

      Is it just me that ships YUNGBLUD with Abbyartistry like so bad lmao 😂

    61. Via's Wonderland

      1:27 my new wallpaper

      1. •M a d a l y n n•


    62. flis foster

      "parents aint always right" is true

    63. cavaties_r0t

      Make sure to stay G a y xoxo

    64. целуйтесь уже, твари

      лучшее, что я видела в своей жизни

    65. Cristina Alvarez

      yungblud is lowkey sooo bad for me.i can already feel myself getting unreasonably attached

    66. Exotic_Cl0wnGirl

      Me singing to my mom: CUZ PARENTS ARENTS ALWAYS RIGHT 😂😂🤣🤣🤣her face 🤣🤣😂😂

    67. Exotic_Cl0wnGirl


    68. Annoying- uwu


      1. Annoying- uwu

        @Natalie R idk

      2. Natalie R


    69. Cozzolino Miriam

      Literally the most punk song in 10 years

    70. elfie afton

      Ok this began to be my favourite song my aunt listens to you and asked if ya looked like my uncle but you do a lil bit and i didnt like you first but then i saw this song recommended so i clicked it and boooooooooom now my fav song

    71. Howtie-CHAN

      Im 10 years old and i watched this, And i just say Im proud of my self. For some reason I don't fucking know but it's fine y'know ok Bye

      1. Howtie-CHAN

        @Natalie R Mhm. :D

      2. Natalie R

        Be proud :)

    72. muharrem yalçın

      Fairuza Balk's reincarnation as a man: yungblud

    73. Jesse Pizzo


      1. Natalie R


    74. Mini Cookies

      The dislike is the parent ... AND MY MOM AND DAD:)

    75. Heloisy Santos

      Irmão do Rodrick de, diario de um banana??

    76. Izuku Midoriya

      The dislikes are from the parents that listen this song :V

    77. Ruvikova

      I want tatto with words Parents ain't always right. I will do this anyway

    78. Stella Clouds

      My non binary ass is vibing to this, I don't regret being myself 💀💀

    79. Audrey Allen

      he wears diapers in the front yard, yeah we know you had a messed up life

    80. Tobias Erin Rodgers

      This is my favorite song seriously

    81. Ellataine

      Micky milkovich vibes

    82. Maddie_plays _haha

      This is bad

      1. Natalie R

        Nah it's a bop

      2. Meaghan Loves Luke Hemmings

        Maddie_plays _haha I love it!

    83. Maite astigarrga

      Quien viene por tiktok jejejje

    84. XxSavageXx


    85. Rebeca xd


    86. Dylan

      Yungblud mi nueva religion

    87. MOON Ring

      Not me next to my parents listening to this

    88. brisa sevlever


    89. Baby Aestheric

      this gutter feels man✨

    90. Maliha Willoughby

      Story of my life

    91. Tucker Mulder

      Why does this give me 21 Pilots vibes???

    92. hi there!

      ✴️🖤Congratulations, if you are reading this, your musical taste Is gorgeous✴️🖤

    93. Aixa Valentina

    94. Gail Boer

      I will always come back to this song!

    95. Poeta Conurbanense

      Hola quién más viene de tiktok?

    96. Bad Girl


    97. Jessica Díaz

      Amo amó