Zara Larsson - WOW (Remix - Official Music Video) ft. Sabrina Carpenter

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    Video Director: Emil Nava
    Video Producer: Kirsten Arongino
    Production Company: Ammolite
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    baby I’m not even in a gown
    I’m just in a t-shirt on the couch
    the way u want me makes me want u now
    and the only thing u have to say is wow
    and i feel this way
    with no chemicals
    In my system babe its incredible
    when ur touching me
    ya that says it all
    you said it all yeah
    baby I’m not even in a gown
    I’m just in a t-shirt on the couch
    the way u want me makes me want u now
    and the only thing u have to say is wow
    make your jaw drop drop say oh my drop drop drop
    make u say oh my god my drop drop
    make your jaw drop make u say oh my god
    and you never felt this type of emotion
    In a crowded place
    Can you just imagine
    its unparalleled
    The way it all just happened
    if u can’t have me
    u don’t want no one
    u don’t want no one
    I got all my friends
    asking what its like
    to be loved like this
    to be recognized
    behind the scenes
    made me vulnerable
    You make me so vulnerable
    baby I’m not even in a gown
    I’m just in a t-shirt on the couch
    the way u want me makes me want u now
    and the only thing u have to say is wow
    make your jaw drop drop say oh my drop drop drop
    make u say oh my god my drop drop
    make your jaw drop make u say oh my god
    and you never felt this type of emotion
    (C) 2020 Record Company TEN, under exclusive rights to Epic Records US/Sony Music Entertainment Sweden AB
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      I relistened and rewatched this a lot and i get goose bumps everytime!! And Zara looks like a Chloe from Bratz

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      On Loop

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      I have new waifu

    6. Pia Wartsback

      Zara is like high priestess and Sabrina looks like a new recruit

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      Holy shit.

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      this keeps me vibin all time...………..

    16. Darryl B

      Ur hot stuff lady, largely under-rated mostly.... What's key is u know how to drop the bangers...... Following a little bit close mabey 🤣

    17. Skylar Duck

      I didnt come from tiktok, i came from the movie work it- anybody else? just me... ok.

      1. Luna Gouveia

        Me too! The movie is amazing!!

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    19. ꨄ Banana Besties ꨄ シ

      Sabrina and Zara goes Wow! And makes me go DROP

    20. Sayna Jit

      I love how in the thumbnail, Zara looks like Sabrina before Sabrina did her eyebrows and her eyeliner.

    21. Richard Spraggett

      I love this video Every time I think you did the best And you blow other this world once again

    22. Marcos Torres

      Amo as duas 😍🇧🇷❤️

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      I love the drop 🎉👌💓

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      Both are just queens, amazing job

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      Halo Combat Evolved: Original Soundtrack ❤

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      Zara looks like a young Erika Jayne

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      Hello, I make amateur music in Ableton. I know it's hard to create something original these days when we have a lot of great artists. So I hope you will appreciate my work.

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      0:57 um 😂

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        Did she really just do that

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      Am here after "Work it" movie

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      hello cutie pie ❤ Why did Swedish Empire decline? ❤

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      I love you this song is awesome I heard this song from hit1

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        This song is awesome

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      I loved Sabrina dancing very well

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      Omggg u haven't heard her songs ever since lush life but this is just bomb Im gonna make a edit to this audio

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      Sabrina's carpenter remix never for get you

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      Wow me creía buena cantando pero tu me ganas por muchos millones

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    70. ابو يوسف الجيجلي

      Zara if u are there just shut up I dont like ur songs Yeg yeh yeh Its a song the title of that song is is( i hate ur songs zara) I dobt lije ur songs just ur eyes if u accept to exchange eyes u give me ur eyes for a week for get a girl friend then i marry here then i will Give it back after it And sorry for my broken english

      1. ابو يوسف الجيجلي

        @Sayna Jit Zara s sings bad except nobody sees its beautiful song words u can expresing by it evry feeling love.alones .. Lose ..broken self I like that song by beautiful voice of zara but rest songs is not intresting And shut up I like just her eyes woow

      2. Sayna Jit

        1. What the hell are you trying to say, there are to many typo's so I don't understand. 2. If you hate Zara so much, don't watch the video. 3. If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything.

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