ZAYN - Better (Official Video)


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    ZAYN - “Better” out now

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    Production Company -The Social Register
    Director - Ryan Hope
    Producer - Nathaniel Greene
    Production Supervisor - Diana Desiderio Ernst
    Assistant Production Supervisor - Jeff Volpe
    1st AD - Solita Hanna
    Stedicam - Travis Plante
    1st AC - Gino Varisano
    DIT - Adam MacDonald
    Gaffer - Pedro Cunillera
    Key Grip - Conor O’Mara
    Swing - Mike Pares
    Art Director - Zach Michaliszyn
    Prop Master - Jamie Richard
    Hair Stylist- Alie Hernandez
    Groomer - Joanna Simkin
    Stylist- Marcus Paul
    Stylist Assistant: Danielle Ellsworth
    Tailor- Brigit Landau
    Sound Mixer - Sean Hoffman
    VTR - Rich Meyers
    Location Manager - Kevin Streckewald
    Location Manager - Scott Currie
    Editor - Johan Arthurs
    Color Studio - A52 Color
    Colorist - Paul Yacono
    Producer - Jenny Bright
    EP - Thacher Peterson
    Finishing - Sunset Edit

    ‘Cause sometimes it’s better that way
    Gotta let it go so your heart don’t break
    ‘Cause I love you
    Yeah baby I love you
    Just this one time hear what I’m tryna say
    Know you might not feel quite the same way
    But I love you
    I tell you, I love you

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    1. ZaynVEVO

      Thank you for all your love and support x

      1. guada polo

        gracis capoooo

      2. isaa

        you deseve it!! love you

      3. Shahala Sherin

        @ZAYN & 1D me

      4. Shahala Sherin

        I love you zayn 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘😘

      5. John jerwin Ruiz

        I loveeee you zayn, keep safe always mwa ♥️

    2. Samit Subha Islam

      always there you are with your magic of voice whenever I feel lost. such a peace to the ears and soul

    3. Iffat Tasniya

      তুই বিশ্বের সবথেকে ফালতু singer

    4. K A

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    6. Muthara Saranya

      Good night 💙

      1. K A

        Good night💙🌌

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      Kani whOt does گه‌مژه means?? 😂😂

      1. K A

        @màmàsvirus I knew it😑😂

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      2. K A

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      3. màmàsvirus

        @K A ik but whyyyyy😂

      4. K A

        Dum dum means dummy😂😝

    10. K A

      I'm TrYiNg To BuIlD A FuTuRe

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        @màmàsvirus Dumbo😑😂

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        This is iconic 😂😂😂

    11. K A

      I love kdramas but their romantic scenes are so cringy Ugh

      1. màmàsvirus

        They r😂😂

    12. màmàsvirus

      Kani u were at school till 4pm???😦😦

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    15. Ass Kicker

      I just can't stop listening to this *Masterpiece*

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    17. hey harry

      We got such a spiritual connection don't u knwo you're fooking beautiful?

    18. hey harry

      I see all ur flaws and imperfections But that's what makes me love u more - zayn

    19. K A

      Where's tessa???

      1. K A

        @Suryansh Kumar oh

      2. Suryansh Kumar

        She was on cc

    20. Sonakshi Dey

      What we have to str3am for ot5's: 1D-What a feeling. Zayn-Better.(Get in the charts) Louis-Two of us. Walls. (For his birthday.) Harry- Golden Liam- Naughty List LP1 Midnight cosmic performance.(Don't sleep on him he deserves it.) Niall-Heartbreak weather. Small talk (Pls listen) Make a cycle and str3am each of these on HUfast 5 times in 24 hours that's maximum limit. 15 min stop between playing the same song, so v1ew other videos till then. Keep commenting a lot of random stuff to get it trending. On Spotify 🍎 music and all other platforms. Keep going and spread the word.🤡🤡 (I copy and pasted this....)

    21. K A

      Ofc I give the best nicknames😌

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        Oii oii

    25. Sonakshi Dey

      11/30/2020: 24M KEEP ON STREAMING

    26. Sour Diesel

      This song is so chill lol very underrated Deserve much BETTER

    27. Sour Diesel


    28. Sour Diesel

      King Z is so underrated

    29. màmàsvirus

      Niall: this year the theme of Halloween is the worst clothing ever **halloween night** S*mon: why do u all dressed like me?

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      2. K A


    30. Hal Oma

      465.647 15:15

    31. Christophe James

      omfg all for Dustin

    32. asteria yaz

      this song is just beautiful

    33. asteria yaz

      love u z

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      Who has heard this song more than thousand times now😌🎧

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    36. Suryansh Kumar

      Zayn's hair in acoustic version of night changes was just 😦😵

      1. màmàsvirus

        @LyRiCaL Candy Station I can literally die for that😍😍

      2. LyRiCaL Candy Station

        @màmàsvirus yesss ... i love that one too😍

      3. màmàsvirus

        Oh in AMAs 2014😍😍😍

      4. màmàsvirus

        Ikr😩 Also lou and Zayn in that award i forgot the name of it

      5. LyRiCaL Candy Station

        @Suryansh Kumar yess

    37. Suryansh Kumar

      Best Christmas song?? Naughty list 😌

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    38. ZAYN & 1D

      Mimiiiiii is the coolest nickname😂💙 Who gave you this nickname?

      1. K A

        Ahem ahem😌

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      Ok I fink kani won't come today😐 Cos she has to study uhhh

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        @ZAYN & 1D idk :/ She was in current chart!!!

      2. ZAYN & 1D

        And Tessa ??

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    45. Squishy Mug

      wonderfull ❤

    46. lena loves tommo

      hope you know how much we love you, we're so proud of you zayn ❤️

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        @Hal Oma Ohh happy to see you too

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        @Hal Oma I don't know French 😅

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        @ZAYN & 1D Salut! Très contente d'avoir de tes nouvelles ! Tjs Zeynator? Zeynator for ever? Me ? Same

      5. ZAYN & 1D

        @Hal Oma 'VAS Happenin'

    48. màmàsvirus

      Me: pls at least just fink of reading this book and nofing My brain: ok **read the first sentence of the book** My brain: do you know Louis goin to be 29 in only 24 days? Or it's only one month left to zayn's bday and the vi3ws r still 24M?? Me: I guess I can't study

      1. LyRiCaL Candy Station


      2. Suryansh Kumar


    49. màmàsvirus

      **Me studying** Me: so I'll just use my phone to use calculator **a notification from yt** Me: just lemme see whOt is that I'm not gonna answer it **after 2 hours talking to my friends** Me: wait a second why tf did I use my phone? Uhhh

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    50. Suryansh Kumar

      I found sabrina- rumours ft zayn also today 😑😑

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        Also listen you cant hide from yourself

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      Why tf have I never heard M.I.A freedun ft zayn 😑

      1. màmàsvirus

        @ZAYN & 1D aniiiii

      2. Suryansh Kumar

        @ZAYN & 1D I've heard them 😁 In fact trampoline is one of my favorite songs

      3. ZAYN & 1D

        @màmàsvirus mimiiiiii

      4. màmàsvirus

        @ZAYN & 1D 😂😂

      5. ZAYN & 1D

        🤦 Listen Rumors and Trampoline

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    53. Farah Amjad

      Why ? Why wait to like ? Just give it a like

    54. I'mInLoveWith 5 Boys

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    55. I'mInLoveWith 5 Boys

      🎶Help me It's like the walls are caving in Sometimes I feel like giving up But I just can't isn't in my blood🎵

    56. ZAYN & 1D


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    57. Melisa Ceylan

      damn how hot this man is

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      Everyone Deadddddddddd

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    60. Ynaiza Kaye Barrios

      hope he releases an acoustic version. im sure it will be firee 🔥

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    62. Glyzzel Nielo

      i listen to almost whole of zayn's discography every night, sexiest male voice ever!! one of the best artists 💕💕 I love you so much Zayn

    63. ZAYN & 1D

      I have loved you since we were 18

    64. ZAYN & 1D

      Right now I can't see straight

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    66. Help me reach 200 S U B'S

      Children : crying Girls : lip - syncing Boys : dancing *Legends : scrolling through* *comments*

      1. ZAYN & 1D

        Legends : Crying in High Notes (Zayn's baby ) 😭❤️

    67. Help me reach 200 S U B'S

      *My neighbors liked this song Soo much that they smashed my window with a brick just to hear it better.*

    68. Aurea Lopez

      This song was premiered when I was in my biology class and miss was presenting with our cameras on and I was here😂

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      This song gets better everytime.

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      Please make the one direction together

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      Voice is blowing...🔥 From First watch was your fan

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