I’m Roman Atwood, this is my life as a Father to my sons Noah and Kane and daughter Cora, along with my wife Brittney in Ohio. I’ve made pranks on HUfast since 2010 and vlogs since 2013. This channel is family-friendly and kid-friendly, so everyone can join in on the fun! I love you all!

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  1. Bethany Kabelman

    It’s crazy how this can happen to the people who are so pure and whole some and only want to make you happy and to think that someone could do that to really anyone is just wrong we’re just happy you guys are safe and everything is going well we love you guys

  2. Littleboykenzie

    All Roman and everyone on this channel does is bring positivity to everyone who is watching, sharing so much love and yet someone/people are really doing all this to them is so disgusting 🤮 these people really really need to think hard on there own can come to realisation that if it was the other way around that they would Certainly hate and fair for their life as Roman and the family have done. Like this comment and get it to 1000 likes to show are support towards Roman and the family ❤️

  3. Nick Warren

    You got a demonic genius messing with you.

  4. Purple Crewmate

    this is why humans are my least favorite species

  5. Christian Velasquez Music

    I remember watching you guys in my high school year 😢2017

  6. Darla Bailey

    Welcome back. I am truly sorry your family had to endure that. The fear must have been overwhelming. Glad everyone is safe. Does this new video mean that they caught the bad guys??? I hope so.

  7. Anders H Jakobsen

    Had to watch this 2 times, can’t even start to understand how stressful this must be

  8. ABBY Christner

    honestly sick what these people are doing to them it it not acceptable and fucked up

  9. Chantel Dawn

    Roman and family! Congratulations I’m so beyond happy for you! I recently wrote a kids book and I really would like to send you a copy for your kiddos to enjoy, I know you have a P.O. Box but I wasn’t sure if your accepting mail at this time with everything your going through? Ive been a big fan for a while so I don’t need any shout outs or anything! Just wanna share my book with your family! Please let me know if sending it to your P.O. Box is still acceptable.

  10. Albert Vanasse

    if you dont have a gunget one now gat a glock or an ar in 556 youll feel safe

  11. Emiliano Sosa

    where’s your mask??

  12. Riley Causey

    It felt so good to hear that ending again. It brought back so many memories.

  13. Azilem Villarreal

    There’s actually a Name for these type of people there are Sasaengs the term is mostly used in asian country’s the definition is is an obsessive fan who stalks or engages to invade the privacy of a public figure

  14. Dtalorico

    Glad to hear you all are okay!

  15. Mike Young

    I need one asap

  16. Xavier Villa

    Hope yall get through this but just remember that god is by your side god bless you and your family

  17. Dale Lichtenwalner

    Wow just wow. I'm lost at the words to even describe how scary that is. When you guys had stopped posting, I was just fearful that something was wrong. Glad to hear that you guys are coming to the other end of this. Hope everyone can begin to heal from this.

  18. Jack Corcoran

    This is actually unbelievable. People are insane! I have been watching for the longest time and it’s sad to see an amazing person have to leave social media because of a single person. I think it’s crazy that some people send death threats and waste their time to make someone scared, and angry. It’s good to see your family all safe and living life.

  19. Orlando Hernandez

    Wow that’s crazy

  20. Moth Light bulb

    Dont yall have guns?

  21. Mark Butler

    This just goes to show the positive and Godly influence you have on your life. The level of demonic attacks against you tried its best to shut you down, but please take the experiences as encouragement. What you do on this channel changes lives for the better, and be encouraged that what you're doing works so well that you were specifically targeted and attempted to cut off your Godly influence. BUT, He overcomes, and you're here to continue sharing your testimony.

  22. Kyle Lanoue

    Y’all need guns and tactical training

  23. Violet Newnham

    Roman: homeschools gonna get more popular Us in 2021: uhhh how the hell did he know??!!

  24. wyatt harrell

    U helped us get through stuff u can get through it I believe in u

  25. Brandon Basler

    Hope these people are locked up

  26. Shane Scanlon

    so the people were caught right

  27. JDM Las Vegas

    Ayo I remember dis dude

  28. John Doe

    Get shotgun in the house

  29. Spears racing

    I miss romans video's

  30. AnalogX64

    The amount of effort these people put into abuse, bully and intrude in your lives is insane. If they would only put that much effort into bettering their lives instead of hating.

  31. Alma Martinez

    I am so sorry you guys had to go through this I’m so glad you guys are safe and i used to watch you as a kid and for you guys to not be here would destroy me and i just love you guys so much i would never want anything ever happen to you

  32. daddy creo

    Lmao can you not defend you and your family by yourself that’s sad

  33. hayli booth

    Sick sick unbelievable monsters. Wow. I hope they catch these people. Congrats on your beautiful new baby boy. I would have never in a million years guessed that this was happening to you.

  34. Lucas Gonzales

    Knox is a badass name. Excellent choice!

  35. RNFY Reaper

    Hope you guys are ok

  36. wyatt harrell

    We miss u Roman and I hope u get through it

  37. RJ Pinder

    Wow I needed this

  38. Jimmy Jones

    Wow, I hate that yall had to deal with this kind of stuff. I hope you can get your life back to normal. Something like this will change you for life though, security becomes more of a priority

  39. Biggy Doggy

    watching someone with such a huge part of my childhood talk about this type of subject blows my mind

  40. 8 8

    Please leave again. Forever.

  41. Mandy Crush

    Message me privately i have a deal

  42. luna knick

    Happy birthday roman

  43. Airsoft Tea

    Glad you guys are doing well now.

  44. MopeyLight 607

    If you ever feel comfortable about sharing the stuff to public why not break some of the stuff into parts

  45. Zoe Rooney

    Who would do that to anyone thay know you have kids as well

  46. EMU_ Dark

    That doesn’t sound like a stalker the things the group/person did isn’t something everybody can easily do. Have you thought about if you ever did anybody wrong in your life?

  47. Madison Roby

    Been rewatching some old videos and I saw Zeus and I teared up a little🥺🕊

  48. Britt Martin

    I mean who hates on the Atwoods??? Nothing but love is all I have ever seen in them!!!!

  49. ttv. sasentra _

    What the heck is wrong with these people. This is so sad. Like these guys are probably grown up adults messing with a family that didn’t do anything bad. You guys deserve way better than this. Let me get in a boxing ring with them. I’m only 14 but like I don’t care I’ll beat them up. What’s wrong with them how are people like this In the world.

  50. Connor Jensen

    so not good

  51. Abisai Santos

    2021gang, where u at

  52. Anthony Bly

    People are nuts!! Being that you are a public figure and not JUST A NORMAL FAMILY despite your claims, you need security bro. I hope they caught the people responsible.

  53. maximus kruk

    that's really just not right

  54. Sp00 N

    Some one bought these stalkers off the dark web who ever did you need hel

  55. xxxevil

    Super horrible guys...thanks for the update! The internet was missing a shiny spot since you have been gone!! Hope everything gets better!!!

  56. Dave Mac

    Roman I have been watching you for so long I live in England and I’m so upset to see you go. I feel so mad that someone could do this to your wonderful family. You have helped me through so many struggles. Also I would like to say to the people that have been doing this that it is wrong to do this to a family that would never do something to cause trouble or hurt someone so guys please stop I’m sure you have better things to do. Goodbye Roman hope you have a fun and amazing future with your family.😔


    Man didn't put advert on the video respect

  58. Leland Carr

    I finally returned after 6 years, what a difference

  59. Cheap Ship

    The fact this happened to a family... a family that has more than 2 children... I really hope that your ,at least, safer than before. This kind of situation, I can only imagine.

  60. harris papz

    Make a movie , perfect horror script ! You make money back and actually make something good , ia happy you are healthy and everything bad is past

  61. Exploring With Fluffy

    Such a shame people have to be like that we love you so much and got your backs! 🙏🏼❤️ I’m so sorry y’all had to go through that

  62. Chulo NYC

    I ain’t the biggest and or strongest but when it comes to my family i will do anything so we understand you guys I’ll be praying for you guy🙌🏽🙏🏽❤️

  63. CoV3 HeadfirstCarpet

    I live in uk but If I was with you guys I would help you out you guys are like family to me I’ve been watching you for years!

  64. Kip Graham

    thay are mean thos stackers are

  65. Chadi Tawil

    Sounds like the night stalker

    1. John knoxville

      Its not the night stalker. He died in 1997 You are safe.

  66. Roisin Celine

    2021 damn i remember watching this when it first came out

  67. MpowerMike 570

    It's insane how sick people can be! This is the first real HUfast channel my boy's and I would sit and watch together.... and the first one I didn't mind them watching on their own! Until they wanted to fill the basement full of ball pit balls 🤣😂🤣😂

  68. Epetius Lehti


  69. Matthew Dartnell

    I wish I can come and just get ride of these haters like I cannot believe they’ve taken it to a different level, I really hope you and your family will be fine for the future, much love ❤️❤️

  70. Lamair Hayde


  71. Landon Joseph

    Comments are coming seconds ago.

  72. joker lerone

    do u have a VPN

  73. Robert Jackson

    This is crazy. People are freaking insane! When I won 2 tickets to see you, i needed an extra, and you granted that for my kids. You guys are awesome. There are people with just evil in their souls.

  74. king Cole

    Well all i could say and I know you probably dont want it to come to this but use that second f***ing amendment to keep you guys safe.

  75. August Juslin

    im sorry for this but who tf disliked this video???

  76. fearsomezq

    This is what makes me not wanna be an actor. Knowing that theres some crazy people out there that could do this.

  77. Tanner Bushey

    Yo take a look at tom petty someone tried to burn his house down with him inside and the came back with his song don't back down, idk maybe some inspiration to keep going and doing you,,, smile more 👍

  78. BadBoySwag420

    Hang in there guys :(

  79. Student Mateo Rice

    hey it's unspeakable and Gabe and Nathan omg


    I can’t believe Noah can drive now I’ve been here since I was six now I’m 14 I can drive in 2 year this is crazy