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  1. Buysome Bitcoin

    Any time I feel like throwing it all away, this song says it all. Give me a reason to stay.

  2. jakubkoalzbetka Kalman

    Wonderfull ❤️ and Bradley top 🥰🥰🥰🥰

  3. Rex Rille

    Endlich mal ne Lady GAGA, die auch etwas fülliger ist...einfach nur zum anbeissen!!! Bitte nicht wieder abnehmen...die Kurven stehen ihr richtig Klasse!!! So ist sie auch ein viel besseres Vorbild für die Girls, die nicht einem modellmass entsprungen sind! Respekt und bleib KURVIG...

  4. William Jackson

    POV: you are a jojo fan trying to find other jojo fans commenting

  5. Ar-Li

    в клипе стиль Параджанова

  6. Manuela Butzbacher

    Das schönste Liebeslied in unserer Zeit....

  7. Dragon Mr

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  8. Veronica Doeses


  9. Bradley Skywarrior

    even tho her performance is great this is one of the best super bowl game EVER

  10. Adrian XCX

    Trash, crap, shit PERIOD

  11. zainah pomsky

    only 2000 kids will remeber this

  12. Nautica Atlantide

    My sister: rain on me Me: *BLADE ON ME BLADE BLADE ONE ME BLADE*

  13. 環奈橋本


  14. 環奈橋本


  15. Maria Baroni

    Y love

  16. Maria Baroni

    Y love

  17. Tatiane Sergio

    Linda musica .lindo filme lindos

  18. Paula Decesary

    Não supero o final desse filme💔😔


    Only regret I only will have how much we have to pay the day we all have to pay one way or other but its imminent.. No one can surpass no one can deny

  20. diretório Nacional rock musica

    eu vim porque já passou o filme kkkkk

  21. Oumie Jallow

    I love this song.lady gaga is a star

  22. Mori Joestar

    Hey I watched this on November 24, 2020 and it was released here on November 24, 2009.

  23. Paweł Zieliński

    Every fan of Lady Gaga must comment this video:

  24. Youpo1


  25. Maike Ferrera

    Top d Maiss

  26. Paweł Zieliński

    Every fan of Lady Gaga must comment this video:

  27. Paweł Zieliński

    Every fan of Lady Gaga must comment this video:

  28. Akshaini

    This song came in my recommendations after 11 years

  29. Paweł Zieliński

    Every fan of Lady Gaga must comment this video:

  30. zane401

    Gaga is epic !!

  31. Karola Siqueira

    Esperando esse M/V porque sou Blink e não canso de ser tombada.

  32. zane401

    Id love to hang out with Gaga - just for a day ... that would be the best !

  33. cheryl bryan

    You are such my inspiration 💞

  34. Paula Pereira

    Meu Deus que dupla mais linda 🥰😘👍👍👍

  35. Ella Ho

    Happy 11 birthday Bad Romance, I love you Lady GaGa! I'm your little monster 😘😍

  36. Elinda Putri


  37. Nihal Terzi

    Who watch this without crying is not from this world

  38. Ana Marcia


  39. Elinda Putri


  40. Laura Martínez

    Always my queen

  41. Alejandro -

    24/11/20. 5:19am 98,448,398M views. 706,691K likes

  42. Michael Johnson


  43. Dany Rodrigues

    Asusti o filme homtem amei chorei❤

  44. Bryson

    She went to kiss him at 3.29

  45. Patricia Endlich

    Show 🎧🎵❤️👏👏👏

  46. Васек Трубачев

    Каким боком гага знала о Армении??????? Что через 9 дней начнётся конфликт. Фестиваль армянского кино, к чему это. Похоже ответ ясен, она слуга

  47. deeplookman

    11 years

  48. Karla Ramos

    we se enteraron que como regalo de navidad garena va a empezar a regalar este pase elite? yo consegui el mio y este video me explico como hacerlo

  49. yevad .nosnevets

    Lady Gaga and this song resonate so much pure humanity and artistry. I just fucking love it. Ave Gaga!

  50. Karla Ramos

    we se enteraron que como regalo de navidad garena va a empezar a regalar este pase elite? yo consegui el mio y este video me explico como hacerlo

  51. C. Ed u

    Impossível não chorar no final, principalmente pra quem já perdeu seu amor pra morte

  52. JF

    Just hearing this song for the first time and it put my heart in a blender🥀

  53. Секлита Лимариха

    Какая скромница!

  54. Arch Angel

    Its not enough with one ring.

  55. Arkham Asylum controller

    Wow!!!❤️ Love You mother monster ❤️

  56. Anjela Brazil

    Nov 24 2020 anyone?

  57. miminandrei

    Eres una fenomena de la muzica del espectaculo de los disfraces de la belleza contigo todo es alegria nunca conoci una estrella como tu y soy amante de la muzica y tengo unos años pero tu....vamos eres lo maximo!!!!!

  58. Даниял Тоимбеков Муратович

    I remember the day when I saw Lady Gaga without any extraordinary makeup and realized how beautiful she is.

  59. Danish Raiyan

    11 years ago

  60. Paradox999

    whatever anyone says; 95% of performers (singers, actors,..) fail. In this movie we can see Cooper showing his singing, editing, directing talent, and we have a privilidge to listen to one of biggest pop stars. A lot of people say movie was a bust, I say for me it was a hit, it was reality. Comment if you reached your goal. Or if you are among 95% of others - I know I am, would like to be more, but it's not ment for me.

  61. joselitocespedes1985

    When John Denver Take Me Home Country Road is next on the list.. really shows how random my taste in music is..

  62. sparetimeneeder

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  63. Valentina Cherry

    24 november 2009, today it’s 11 years🥺❤️

  64. Yvish

    Sorry for breathing your air

  65. ruy venus


  66. Shauka Hodan

    Chales! Soy el único que empezó a cantar por que no entiende el inglés y no está subtitulado XD

  67. Realm of the Black Shadow

    What's the problem for you in say me calling out your name loud and clear?

  68. francisco solano

    I'm here just for Madeon

  69. Realm of the Black Shadow

    As IF the likes and subscribers couldn't be easily and heavily manipulated by record companies and friends. Compare with the latest US election, the "Dominion" voting system, etc. Maybe, just maybe, the correct number of likes and subscribers is: 1-10? Who is set enough, in order to prove it? To prove everything to be in order, with the supposedly expected?

  70. Иисус Мануэль

    Classic top 🔥🎶🔥

  71. Rusty Rocket Man

    I love life ⚽🇬🇧


    What is with the Brazillian spam in the comments

  73. Davi Bartav

    I miss this time so much 😭😍


    Looks like this song is popular amongst the Latin community

  75. Shane Blanford

    "But why is ARTPOP the album of the millennium?" -shows them this performance

  76. Alejandro Olivares

    No sé, sentí dolor en esta canción

    1. C4 24

      @නිදුකි අප්සරා ඔව් නිදුකියෝ ඒ කියන්නේ කලින් දිනූෂ මල්ලිගෙ ප්‍රොෆයිල් එක දාගන ආපු එකම තමයි ඒ profile එක මාරුකරාට ඒක ආපහු පේනවනෙ නොටිෆිකේශන් වල ..ඒ කියන්නේ අර වේසිම තමයි ..හොඳට බලන්න fbට විතරයිනෙ මොකුත්ම ලියන්නෙ නැත්තේ ඒ කියන්නේ ශුවර් ඒකිගෙ වැඩක්ම තමයි

    2. නිදුකි අප්සරා

      @C4 24 ඔය ගද පාංකඩ බැල්ලි තමයි සී

    3. C4 24

      නිදුකියෝ මගේ මේ channel එකේ කොමෙන්ට්ස් බලන්න ගිහින් ෆේක් එකක් ඇවිත් ස්‍රීමතී කියල ඒකෙන් ඒත් ඒක නොටිෆිකේශන් වලින් බලනකොට තියන්නෙ දිනූෂ මල්ලිගෙ ප්‍රොෆයිල් පික්චර් එක channel එකට ගියාම තියන්නෙ ස්‍රීමතීගෙ පික්චර් එක ..මේකත් දරපාන්ගෙ වැඩක් ශුවර්

  77. Shane Blanford

    Shes so iconic 😭😭😭😭