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  1. Indri Iys23

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  2. Habiba Ayesha

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  3. Xavier Official

    David: If husband is head of the family then, what is wife? Xavier: Wife is the neck of the family, which can turn the head anywhere

  4. kisalay singh

    It covers many physics concepts

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  6. Isabella Lopera

    ugh i hate this part they were lying they lie always if you see under te nail of te girl its not green under its red 2:40

  7. Jane Wong

    who tf has a spray painted toilet- and if they do at least they wont fix it in gold-

  8. Sahil Nagda

    Thank you ❤️


    The first Question is this How do 5 minutes crafts know this all commercial activities

  10. Beauty Girl

    2:56 I tried it but it doesn't work

  11. SRAP سراب

    رابط قناتي اهم شي اشترك في القناة لاتنسى الايك ❤️ الله يسعدك بس

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  15. Roblox_ Ganger

    4:08 that does not look good to me

  16. Toca bubblez

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  17. Lyn Aives

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  21. SRAP سراب

    رابط قناتي اهم شي اشترك في القناة لاتنسى الايك ❤️ الله يسعدك بس


    She is very smart 🌊🍙👎🧘🧗🤼🧜🏋️🌼🙉🙊🐼🙈iftl

  23. SRAP سراب

    رابط قناتي اهم شي اشترك في القناة لاتنسى الايك ❤️ الله يسعدك بس

  24. Aidan Butterfield

    I love it

  25. SRAP سراب

    رابط قناتي اهم شي اشترك في القناة لاتنسى الايك ❤️ الله يسعدك بس

  26. SRAP سراب

    رابط قناتي اهم شي اشترك في القناة لاتنسى الايك ❤️ الله يسعدك بس

  27. Mo. Samir

    You guys are all very nice and lovely

  28. Fresh Music World

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    1. Alaa Kalloubو

  29. pinkmoon

    10:53 u expect that to work? a kid drew on the dresser, paint it white.. they put tape over the red pen and when they pulled up the tape it looked too small (10:42) cause the white was round it

  30. Sen Asmita

    Thank you @5-minutes craft for teaching me that a guy will come to you again if you have the same hair as that of the girl he leaves you for.🤓

  31. Because Of You Fahri

    Love this again

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  38. Local Jax ASMR

    May I know how many fans from Canada and New Zealand here.

  39. Erfan H.

    2:33 BRUH We're literally going back to old ages where human beings used to cover their stuff with natural resources 😅🤣😆

  40. Kagendo Kaecha

    Y'all know that meme with several spiderman(the animated version) about finding out who's been ruining your life?............... Yeap

  41. Yara Gerlings

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  58. Amelia O Lee

    ''''Legends are Directly Coming in Comments Section''''😂😂😂

  59. PLᴇᴀsᴇ Lᴀᴜɢʜ ᴡɪᴛʜ Mᴇ

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