Doing animated commentary and solving crimes with my purple goose boi Wilfur!

I animate using Adobe Flash CS6, with a Wacom Intuos Pro M tablet.

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  1. Legal Pad Lawyer

    Great video. Very entertaining and clear.

  2. Aint that awesome

    This man should have more subs guys

  3. Aditya Khabiya

    good content dude... my first vid from your channel and you already have my subsciption I am a fellow Redditor ;)

  4. The cowboy

    If people look for fiction i would suggest the necronomicon, which is a collection of horror like tales in one big book.

  5. Cart00nish.Kitten

    Hey! as to Romanian to Romanian, Ce mai faci, Andrei?

  6. 237 YT you talk abt Funnel Vision?..... they're a family channel but its not harmless at all but idk whats behind when not recording they also have a family gaming channel and idk else?....i be a fan of them since i was 5 i was watching them in the computer after i aged to this.....i wonder whats behind when the camera is off...idk hope you notice this comment

  7. JonatasMonte

    The fact everybody says "I'm not a financial advisor" shows how scared everybody is of being sued over all of this.

  8. Gfs Fzyz

    the numbers mason

  9. JonatasMonte

    I came to the knowledge of this because one thursday I couldn't sleep and browsed reddit in incognito mode.

  10. Mario Ion Ion 2

    What about round2

  11. bin

    To be honest dream haves a good IQ on minecraft I have ever seen he do stuff that on his manhunt videos that you no he haves a great IQ ok

  12. Mr evil pancake Waffle

    i love game stop

  13. bin

    Dream even said he was going to get up to 10 million subscribers but now he got up to 18.8 million.

  14. DarkTrinity MS

    Lesson: We have practically unlimited power, we have to use it very cautiously.

  15. Flavius Tanigoi

    Bru 😂 game stop is all over the world ... Europ .... America even canada 😂

    1. Oyuntsetseg Lkhagvaa

      not here in asia or africa so not all over the world

  16. Miruku ESO

    We arent even done yet that small squeeze was literally fucking nothing.

  17. Kasturi Mule


  18. Yanis X608x

    Romania 🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴

  19. axolotlslikestoyawn

    only racist people are allowed to like this

  20. bin

    Weird thing is I didn't no about this ok

  21. bin

    One question who read books these days I thought poeple just play minecraft in stuff.

    1. Oyuntsetseg Lkhagvaa

      considering your poor grammer and spelling abilty i think you need to read more books

  22. Galaxite Official

    Imi place mult stilul tau de a anima


    In the short term, the stock market is a voting machine. In the long term, the stock market is a weighing machine. -Benjamin Graham

  24. Ronikun

    There are gamestops in Germany

  25. AaAaA quack

    I don't live in the us but we do have GameStop's where I live,

  26. SnowWolf

    Epic gamer moment

  27. Mohammed Bawar

    hope this dosen't affect people who are struggling to make money

  28. crustywater

    Hey andrei, every time I watch one of your videos it inspires me to so more drawing and get better. Your content is great keep it up!

  29. Mr.Shannu

    How can people be such karens? Wtffff

  30. Emeral115

    I’m not getting notifications for your videos....... thought you should know and I’ve got notifications on btw.

  31. Sander Heemskerk

    Lazarbeam did

  32. Hana Abuaali

    So, I love reading fiction (especialy if it is about magic) but as I'm growing up I don't know how to look for new books. Can somebody suggest good fiction for people in their mid 20's? I used to like throne of glass series and six of crows when I was in high school

  33. Madalina Antohi


  34. WillVRgaming

    Lol i got a hedge fund ad on this video

  35. Madalina Antohi


  36. WolfmanThe360

    Yay finally a new upload

  37. Curly Genius

    Au Au buy stonks Apes together strong 💪

  38. Ethan Wheeler

    Hedge funds: "Why do I hear boss music?"

  39. თათია ძაბირაძე

    This is the clone wars all over again

  40. Floupel

    if im interested in history should i take a history book about vikings, greece mythology and japanise history phichose those are the things that im interested in

  41. AHMED Patel


  42. AHMED Patel


  43. Zooski

    Great video, still got a ways to go haha

  44. Nestormelikis

    Billionaires when they lose all of their money to u/IHaveABadCaseOfDiarrhea2007

  45. Yellow Tri-stand

    As much as it a fun, never crash the economy. Remember the great depression? Happened because of something somewhat similar. Do you and an unemployment rate of *30%*? Mass poverty? Yeah, it's not that great of an outcome.

  46. Masoud Mansori

    Finally, I understand this Gamestop situation! Appreciate it, Andrei

  47. BM1x

    Why does jaystation look like a basehead

  48. B1ueJay

    Why read when u have this man

  49. Mercury Revenant

    Thanks to this vid, i finally understood the concept of stock market at least a bit better

  50. Marcus Gomez


  51. Xamazing

    these kids at 9 years old: watching logan paul me at 9 years old: watching dantdm me now: i miss craig the mailman

  52. Classic


  53. Tabyhunterwolf

    His voice is annoying.

  54. Cheezypuff games

    Ah, I love watching big companies burn to the ground and go bankrupt. (But not ToysRus)

  55. Thressiamma Cherian

    Those reddit users: hehe boi

  56. Dev Goplani

    I love how the new generation are literally changing every industry by just using Internet.

  57. Noel Star

    Andreiiii, you're back! 🤩

  58. Ewan McKeever

    MORGZ is like mobile games and mobile game ads

  59. Ahmad Sarem

    very nice and informative!

  60. David Dusea

    Ești din români

  61. Rišhëī


  62. Fenderman 420

    And we’ll do it again with AMC too!

  63. R3D_ B4RON

    Men group: ey yo this andrei guy knows too much, cut his youtube ad money and ban him

  64. OwenTheFurry

    Sums up reddit pretty good

  65. Thomas

    3:19 Why is there only 6 on the dice?

  66. R Radu

    Bună din România

  67. wafiy wahidi

    gamestop stock stop at the top

  68. BroomGaming

    When a person copyright claims a video its when a youtuber attacks another youtuber wich if you copywright incorrectly theres a chance for a youtube war, pokimane is a clear case of this

    1. BroomGaming

      lets be real here, every person has there simp or karen counterpart

  69. the zodiac

    Gugal naw gulag

  70. Sagnik Sanyal

    The fact that dream now has 18.8 million subscribers is just mind boggling

    1. Daniel ZH

      Yup, I don't know if there are many mine craft players, or he's doing a real special job. I was trying 9 months to learn HUfast, but It seems I still know nothing when I don't grow, not even as my friend

  71. Cremdem

    What abt the indians on pewds team aka me

  72. Giorgi Iobidze

    the wiping rocks were really useful in the USA covid pandemic.....

  73. Aldomeister

    “You said the 90 million shares they LENT out now had to be bought back at 70$. “They did not lent the shares, they borrowed the shares, then sold it on the market hoping to buy it back cheaper to return it.

  74. Mrderpyduck _

    Alinity isn’t trash *she’s the intire dump*

  75. Rowan Reid

    noooooooooooooooooooooo you cant just crash wall street haha stonks go brr

  76. Livingwithout

    Dude great video. The explanation is clear and engaging 💯💯💯

  77. BroomGaming

    Andrei terbea i didnt know you where *THICC* of and to see that 3:58

    1. BroomGaming

      10:01 the thing I thought of was a *THOT* cult XD, gotta always intensify the word *THOT*

    2. BroomGaming

      hold up I sall the chapter Cat abuser, the moment katty the goddess of ice knows about this She is done for XD, for does who dosn't know who katty is, she is a dumb cat person that annoys me all the time