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  1. Luisa Ramirez

    My favorite song 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  2. Yohanaduarte Soledad Lugo


  3. Alyssa Da savage

    No hate not trying to be mean but you a boy or girl?

  4. Esteban Treviño


  5. Solvorine

    This man is the guy who gives me nightmares and ecstasy in my dreams.

  6. Milii Sala

    Es adictivo

  7. antonio zolochevski

    Wow!!! This song №1 - 2021 years!

  8. Daisy Fonder

    Rarely does a remix sound as good as an original but this shit slaps SO HARD and I listen to it all day long since I found you on tiktok!!

  9. Luiza Bianco

    Why does this sounds like fnaf animatronics singing??

    1. taeahhh

      wait i hear it-

  10. bay77 hernandez


  11. BLU3 JACK3T

    Okay am I the only hear the BO2 zombies music in the beginning?

  12. Cantino

    Кто после видоса с Навальным во всех пабликах под этот музончик!?)

  13. Psycho Boy

    Aquí tu comentario en español 🇲🇽🔥

  14. ᅳmichael

    he sounds like lil peep

  15. Pierre Walz

    New BO Zombie Theme Song hahahaha

  16. Ysabellism

    2:54 I just felt my whole body vibrated

  17. Toxic Danch


  18. Toxic Danch

    Мне нечего сказать... Это бомба!!!!

    1. Enrique Reyes

      hola tomas vobka?

  19. Pyzio T

    Awesome dude! Greetings from Poland! 😍🇵🇱🇵🇱

  20. Zatím žádný

    Who all before 10 million??🔥🔥

  21. yahir alejandro botello palacios


  22. chris riker

    Bro the zombie beat merges so well with your version awesomeness

  23. Husain Ammar

    This go hard ngl I’m not even into rock

    1. Una Vela

      This isn't even Rock

  24. Yui Mocha

    I wanna send this to my father's mom 😂😂😂

  25. Shelloy :p

    1:48 you wont regret it by clicking that 🙃

    1. GENERIC Toaster Stroodle

      @Shelloy :p Yeah not my taste lol but overall a good song

    2. Shelloy :p

      @GENERIC Toaster Stroodle it's oki:') everyone has different opinions

    3. GENERIC Toaster Stroodle

      I disagree

  26. just me

    This 1:03 ^^

  27. Maxine Zuño

    I’m totally inlove lol

  28. Alondra Rodriguez

    Cool 🔥

  29. Morey86

    My new fav song

  30. cry you kid

    100 komments and 5 million views

  31. cry you kid

    99 komments

  32. cry you kid

    98 komments

  33. A stūpid Pëanüt

    I didnt come here from Kitty channel afnan’s paparazzi meme, I came here for the laugh

  34. Barbie Girl

    this is amazing

  35. хината тян

    😍словила краш с голоса😍

    1. Toxic Danch

      Не плюсую а умножаю👆👆👆

    2. W3roN SP

      краш - вылет игры, а под каким смыслом сейчас используется это слово - высер полнейший, тупые девки)

  36. Ryan velazquez

    Yes sir yes sir

  37. iosif gavril


  38. Blue hair Hobi

    Is this on spotify?

    1. farmbun

      Yes it is

  39. M M

    In my opinion its the best of your songs. Ik lyrics isnt yours but the performance and music is ✨immaculate✨

  40. Diablo

    I hear bo2 zombies vibes

  41. ElSwifftey

    please do a feat with ghostemane PLZZZZ

  42. Soupra Boi

    I can't be the only one feeling Midnight Club Dub Edition Remix's soundtrack vibes at the start

  43. Bhavna Devi

    Bops ZOMBIES

  44. Rasiel

    why is this top comment??

  45. P Kennedy

    Kinda reminds of marilyn manson.

  46. Edward Martin

    Here before 10M 🥳🥳 👇🏻

  47. Mr.YairoFb

    Contiene copyright?

  48. Rocky Oof

    I swere he sounds like lil peep I swere

  49. lifeline music

    his voice is everything <3

  50. Bitrueta Bofity

    Dis song fires asf🖖👌🤘🤙✌🤞

  51. Dakota Hinkle

    3.1 million views and only 78 comments, wild

  52. Malak Marooki

    I'm not into this kind of music but this song is fire🔥🔥🔥

  53. SpainYTClips SYC


  54. Cat Rayne

    I can’t begin to explain how happy my heart feels when I hear him sing

  55. therealisticone

    he will be famous soon, i am sure🙄not our little secret anymore

  56. Ленка Николић

    im obsessed.

  57. geometryfnx

    Oh my fcing god😻❤

  58. farmbun

    Ugh im in love with this

  59. Jaanika Sarapuu

    i love thisssss

  60. High DFS

    Why does this strike me as a wanna be marilyn manson cover..?? Never gonna be, never will be and never could be. Not a horrible remake tho. Just plz stop biting marilyn manson's style.

    1. Salvador Gutierrez


  61. Chris Miller

    Oh fuck yea!

  62. jess is cool

    omg yes

  63. Tracy Rae

    New favorite song! ♡

  64. Marcin Narzeczny


  65. Adua Youtube

    That voice ?! 🔥 WOOOW ❤️💪🔥

  66. Jacque Tutty

    Yoooo this song SMACKS

  67. RPMD

    Why this shit go so hard tho 😭

  68. all dark, no stars

    IT BLEW UP. YES!!!

  69. Musolino Gaming

    Lil peep?

    1. Edgar Perez


  70. Gabe Herndon

    I hear bo1 zombies

  71. Ema Chrvalová


  72. kaija


  73. The Gamer That's Afk

    so goood

  74. Jack O’Connell

    Black ops 2 zombies vibes

  75. Bobby Clay

    This is going to blow up 506k views right now just wait...

  76. Bobby Clay


  77. Bryson Vidal

    <3 I fucking Llove you ..... :P

  78. sunflower. bby

    i`m just in love!!!!! i`m vibin` rn xd


    Omg thank you I’ve been waiting for your official posting of this awesome track 😎

  80. Alasha ADAMS

    He sounds like lil peep a little but not a lot. I thought he was a woman for a second