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  1. Mauricio Iglesias

    Whyyyyy 68 M views???? This song is amazing..... 😔

  2. Olivia

    Your music has taught me to love myself and I finally came out as non-binary

  3. Audre Bourlier

    Random person: do you have cable yungblud: no i dont have a tv random person: no i meant, do you catch cable off of your hair.... yungblud:.....

  4. Alexandria Braxton

    Hi guys, wondering can you help me out..I’m looking 3 years for the song I posted on my HUfast channel..can anyone please identify the song it’s so annoying..Shazam does recognise it✨

  5. omar

    Ack I love this song even after two years

  6. ConnorKreiss

    this song means the world to me, it is a master piece. thank you dom, just thank you <3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Quynn Roudabush

    I can drown in those eyeeeessssssssssssss..............

  8. chris follmer

    Definitely stole this song from the 90's 🤢

  9. malencuripan


  10. chris follmer

    Thank you Lord for not making me gay. Amen!

  11. neki čudan lik

    This is actually real good

  12. Krista Sharpe

    I met you through Parents. It is such a captivating song. And the madness in it shows the world.

  13. Krista Sharpe

    I met you through Parents. It is such a captivating song. And the madness in it shows the world.

  14. Sir Almonds

    i cant understand a word hes sayin but i fuck with it

  15. Ma Ka

    Hes so fooking talented

  16. Luiz Guilherme Motta

    Are you playing The Sims 2?

  17. Salvatore De Falco

    i would love to see a feat wuth PATD! for this song. This is so Brendon Urie'style

  18. Tania

    My only child little girl is in lockdown again. Taken away from all her friends. Its just me and her and I feel so sad about that. She lives for the interaction with her friends. This song makes me think of all the kids all impacted by what's going on. I watched this live on here at Reading and cried. Doms songs hit me right between the eyes. 😞

  19. hehe banner


  20. Kimmahful

    I just wanna take my, I just wanna take my, *shakes seroquel pill bottle* my medication

  21. torta

    Amo esto

  22. Hyunsuk’s Yellow purse

    Which member in treasure recommended this ?? 😭😭😭😭

  23. Billy

    Ma arse is soakin', man.

  24. sziszi pov

    kc yungblud

  25. javier campos

    1:26 OUCH! </3 :'v

  26. Kirishima_ dad

    how are some people so fucking cool

  27. The bakery, tryna make some more.

    Luv you 🖤

  28. Sa Ya

    I love this song so Much

  29. uzjwh jw Glonczi


  30. uzjwh jw Glonczi



    Hi um, its about to be 4 am um, im sad :)

  32. Dereck Darnell Santos Garzon

    This song is a fucking jewel

  33. Yanina Di Primzio


  34. Clevelander216

    It’s called titty wittys

  35. Kimber Banks

    Why does he look like Harry styles

  36. ̈ ̈Burguesinha Imunda ̈ ̈

    A vibe dessa msc >>>>>>>>>>>

  37. Confucius ;-;

    Yungblud is crazy, outgoing, and such an understanding person, i feel like if you had a bad day you could pop next door (by that i mean if you ever get the chance to talk and see him) and he would genuinely understand everything your saying, this dude is incredible, keeps me going 😌

  38. ̈ ̈Burguesinha Imunda ̈ ̈

    Mds como eu amo essa msc vei, a letra dela então.... Perfeito

  39. Julia Dorociak

    Every time I listen to this song, it saves my life again

  40. Alba Gómez López

    Canta como los dioses y el mensaje que quiere transmitir es muy bonito

  41. malencuripan

    no entiendo como tiene tan pocas visualizaciones

  42. Karelle.p


  43. Ruby Saunders

    i love you so much Dom, u literally saved me. beyond thankful

  44. malencuripan


  45. Ken Pudsey

    Now we know Johnny Rotten has a son😁..and a very talented one!

  46. siana

    "ok boomer": who are you? this songs: i am you, but better

  47. Sam M.

    Dom would play the best joker we've ever seen. Literally. And that is a compliment love, cause i'm obsessed with him! AHAH Love you dom

  48. Sodacan2.0 Grant

    Does anyone else ship them?!?!

  49. Sheccid Turriza

    OMG! 2 fookin yeaaars!! 🖤🧷

  50. Sofia Silva

    estoy tentada con esta canción

  51. Zoe _Nie02

    I feel so lonely... I can’t take it anymore what keeps me alive at the moment is his music:)

  52. Isabella and the lads

    I feel so sorry for you if this is real, people should not be treating you like this, stay safe xx

  53. David Silva'


  54. liacookie

    This dude tryed to hard to make this music video

  55. Hi

    i told my grandma(who i thought i could go to with anything) about a week ago that i wanted to get sum skirts and start wearing eyeliner and she said to me while my sister was in the car “you cant do that its to feminine if i ever catch you dressing like that in my house ill disown you and dont even think about doing it in public with me” my bisexual sister was in shock and couldnt even defend me she was so confused

  56. Fer

    4:55 BOY: 💪 girl: 🥰

  57. Rey .s.g

    I’m crying this song means so much

  58. Sasha Kuliavina

    Тут есть русскоговорящие?

  59. cool girl09

    Him trying to be scary: Me: “That’s hot”🥵

  60. Ibby Tobi

    I just love Youngblood who doesn’t

  61. cool girl09

    “Wishes to be the brain he is aggressively kissing” 👍😘🧠

  62. Anime. Hub


  63. fairyfanatic12

    this song feels a bit like an open wound learning it can close now

  64. Oriol Guardiola


  65. Nathalie Bon

    tes le meilleur

  66. Ava Dennis

    Wait why am I crying

  67. Alexandru Totolici

    Conectare ti au facut astia parodie la love is the way

  68. Bang Chan

    How are his songs so addicting...SIR-

  69. luli figueroa

    love it 🖤

  70. Bang Chan

    Me: I think that I am a lesbian Still me: How tf is he that hot kskdwkckskcksclskcmskcskckd

  71. Bang Chan

    My bi ass is ✨whipped✨ af

  72. Addy Hayes

    Dude if I ever got a hand shake by that man I would never wash my hand eveR

  73. Paige Mulleman

    I relate to this song sm purely for the fact that I wanna go to my California and have all those things and rn I feel irreverent

  74. Addy Hayes

    Me a bi person more that’s more into girls than guys but when I sall this song for the 12th time realizing I like to dog holding the lease to youngblud rather than the girl doing it

  75. bakugou katsuki

    I only had one friend and we got in trouble for skipping school since we got caught but we did it bc we just gave up and we didnt feel anything ive make alot of stupid disisions after that.

  76. Addy Hayes

    Most people looking at youngblud and the girl me omg this dog is so cute

  77. Addy Hayes

    And I’m only fukon 12 the world is so crappy

  78. Addy Hayes

    Dude before I could talk with a British accent After youngblud I only fukon sing in British

  79. 『Zariaxpasta』

    Guys.. don’t say you like all genders then say you’re bi-

  80. Addy Hayes

    A hairdryer A toaster What next his dress and his fans