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  1. Millionaire Chintu


  2. Sartaj Alam


  3. Angel Life

    Polishing a shoe with a banana makes ur shoe stink

  4. Ranjeet Jha

    Krna kya h iska 😂

  5. 1.B.D status

    Helo i am very poor😥 i dont have job to handle my family😭 i work on HUfast but no a good reponse😟 youthink i am worse thank other😭😭🙏😭😭""""""----

  6. Guddu Qureshi

    Ye hea kya chiz

  7. Kalpana Borse

    Why do you need to waste food to make jewelry? Stupids!

  8. outro patamar

    Fev oie

  9. Stella Schriefl

    𝑊𝑜𝑤 𝑒𝑐ℎ𝑡 𝑡𝑜𝑙𝑙 𝑑𝑎𝑠 𝑚𝑎𝑐ℎ 𝑖𝑐ℎ 𝑎𝑙𝑙𝑒𝑠

  10. Sarvesh Awasthi

    Triggered insaan should roast this

  11. Sarvesh Awasthi

    Triggered insaan should roast this

  12. Ice Cream 101 !

    Who else is in the “Watch but never do” squad 🤣

  13. Miftah Ullah


  14. yogi rawat


  15. korobi


  16. Job Creeper

    181 Milions 👏👏 Fantastic🔥🔥

  17. alfaro ROTULOS

    me encanto lo que isiste es genial

  18. Evaneli Esperanza

    Ya dkfh

  19. Evaneli Esperanza


  20. James Yeatman


  21. Girjesh Kumar

    6:23 indian flag colour🇮🇳

  22. creation & collection

    creation n collection

  23. Sukumar Mahara

    😛😝😅🙃🙂🙄🙄. Haha

  24. creation & collection

    अचभबतषयल बलम अयि

  25. new like life

    Kshgdnidnh iyhdgdibyd Jdgdobfhmfkfbgdnnf Nghdvidbidnfdkodf

  26. new like life


  27. new like life

    Jdgekvgdg jdbndh

  28. Prodromos Ioannis Spyridis

    Καλά, Κάπως καλο

  29. Craft @Home

    Really nice jewellery..... 😍😍

  30. 5-Minute Craft with Sadia

    You never fail to leave me Speechless with your videos💖💖

    1. Alicé

      Their videos are bad and you will never really need those "lifehacks"

  31. 5-Minute Craft with Sadia

    You're seriously enjoying your real passion.. Good Luck! 💜

  32. Zuheyra Karsodimedjo

    Mmm it's very yummy

  33. 5-Minute Craft with Sadia

    Such a good creativity you are such a great artist

    1. Alicé

      Its so bad

  34. 5-Minute Craft with Sadia

    Hope I can have it too!! Pls show us the tutorial on this product

    1. Alicé

      The product is trash

  35. 5-Minute Craft with Sadia

    You are so creative. I like your creativity.

    1. Alicé

      I think you have swiched creativity with stupidity

  36. 5-Minute Craft with Sadia

    love it, I see things

    1. Alicé

      It is so bad

  37. Bank Eswari


  38. Δημοτικό Σχολείο Φυλής Αττικής

    That's how I keep my hair like a morning hood.

  39. Kehkashan Ahmed


  40. meio Güzel


  41. Malika Malika


  42. Gjjjo Ffguu


  43. ata soy

    Harika bende deniycem

  44. Shubham Yadav

    Itna parfact nii ho sakta

  45. Malik Asghar


  46. 23 Ayush Sharma 5 F

  47. Neng Cantik

    Telat 1jam tapi gak papalah yg penting nonoton

  48. With A Bang

    Maybe the DIY earrings will last 24hours?

  49. pori paki


  50. xxKayliexx

    How do the black contacts that made her whole eye black work?

  51. Sabina Islam


  52. Preet Gujjar

    App slime bana sakte ho kya glue and shampoo se

  53. ch appala raju


  54. Preet Gujjar

    Very is a good

  55. Hailey Lim


  56. dark rider biker


  57. dark rider biker

    Nice videos please new video carefully

  58. laura howard


  59. A.J 9696 GAMERS


  60. Van Tinh Hoang

    am very good

  61. ATA Paper Arts

    wao good

  62. Yesmin Akhter


  63. Laura

    1:36 what did she put in the glowsticks to make them glow 🤔 plus I really like her crafts genius 🤯

  64. Manaswini Sanagavarapu

    Waste of time we can wash it with water and normal soap