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  1. Bartwon

    I am sorry the kind people were sucked into watts wicked web of horror

  2. Mark ODay

    OH OH! AMERICA MIGHT BE THE GREATEST COUNTRY AFTER ALL honestly not so much propaganda more the IDEA

  3. Awie Mulder

    Vaccine kills

  4. L C

    this video with no audio makes it look funny.

  5. spirit 1770

    Urine Therapy is nothing new its been around for thousands of years. We have just lost our way in these modern times

  6. Kevin mchebri

    All these fucking ads getting played makes me go ballistic

  7. Kevin mchebri

    All these fucking ads getting played makes me go ballistic

  8. scott mckenzie

    The gun was sideways! It's a killlshot!

  9. Tanya T

    This woman is delusional and clearly not playing with a full deck

  10. Kavin Moore

    I'll bet you that if you were in that same situation, you wouldn't be laughing..

  11. kevin chhuon

    Make them dig a ditch and shoot them in it

  12. Noventa Sport

    Can we crowdfund this guy a year supply of burgers for his trauma.

  13. Ricky Spanish

    Look at all those scumbags!

  14. Mir Mir



    They look even gayer in their woke 😷 masks


    I like fake news


    I love fake news

  18. BACNandEGGS

    If you kill a child you should automatically be charged as an adult/ be put down. That poor child had an entire life ahead of her.

  19. bangbang boogie

    Let me guess..... not related??? LOL

  20. DOUGIE FRESH 007

    I sleep now. Thanks again President Obama and President Trump.

  21. Sharon Harris

    If you get a special person analyst..for body persona an stature..i suspect a light will come on to part of this...First notice the stature of how they walked and in the manner of each foot step..there you will see differences and manner of Gender

  22. AZZAMNO1

    The volume in this video be like 🔉🔉🔉🔉🔉 🔊⚡🔊⚡🔊⚡

  23. Tyler Moser

    Dudes got a strange grip. I’ve never seen that. Not that it’s not effective. There is no one way. I’d be interest as to why he curves his thumb into the pistol instead of on the side.

  24. NIGHTOWL 1963

    Damn, that tire took off like a football headed for the end zone! 0:31 the tire came from the horse trailer.

  25. Bruhverly BRUH

    Maybe it was a young adult with little experience? Lol

  26. Zx14r Rider

    Agree with life in prison.

  27. EIon Musk

    A r o u n d b I a c k s N E V E R r e I a x.

  28. Blade Valdez

    The lord was with him that day

  29. EIon Musk

    A r o u n d b I a c k s N E V E R r e I a x.

  30. shane michaels

    doesn't look very cosy

  31. Benson Downey

    aimbot smh

  32. Tim Bango

    They acting like the cop ment to do it

  33. keanumaikekai s

    Know the pastor and a great guy and great church. But I'd be damned if i was going to accept anything from the communist governor. He's using them for his own nefarious purposes.

  34. Andenni Hauki Dalleti

    Все в намордниках. Весело им там бегать

  35. biga87718

    Why is he worried about a house he will never return too?

  36. usaearthling

    Been there done that. The first word that comes to your mind..OH SHIT!!

  37. Kevin Willingham

    They will hide their self in the mountains and they will tell the mountains to collapse on their self and they will say hi to from the Lord Jesus Christ pay close attention it's coming soon except the Lord Jesus Christ is your personal savior before it's too late

  38. tama yeager gibson

    I hope she is hating the hell out of the killer.

  39. Restore America

    Anyone else notice that in the thumb nail the brass is backwards in the chamber? Yea. 0:36 seconds in and pause....see that rim?

  40. UR Awesome!

    This has absolutely nothing to do with fossil fuels. Who ever writes your checks is telling you what BS to say, and it isn’t science.

  41. Frog Man

    this made me cry

  42. 7H3 0LD 0N3

    Definitely just aim assist.

  43. Jzwiz

    Wouldn’t be surprised if someone had some hearing damage after that jeez.

  44. MarioFilmsProductions

    hey i live in colorado

  45. Angel De Jesus Aguilar Moreno

    Well, I'm not a truck driver, but I knew what to do in that cases, my dad was a truck driver for 30 years in México, and we have more dangerous highways, but anyways, I guess I can opine about this wreck. First: If the truck doesn't have breaks, you can use the engine brake for help to stop the truck Second: If you don't have breaks, but you have enough air in the airtanks, you can avoid the other driver with the airhorn, or, if you doesn't have enough air, you ever can use the standard horn in the truck Third: NEVER MISS YOURSELF That is the worst thing you can do in that situation Fourth: If you down a heavy hill, ever use the engine brake and/or your magnetic delay or any other auxiliary brake, all for avoid this situations Fifth and more important: EVER CHECK YOUR TRUCK BEFORE TRAVELING I don't really now how harder is drive a truck, but I now the basics for don't runaway you car or truck, if something it's wrong I really appreciate your opinions

  46. Evil Grandmother

    That guy is cool

  47. Daniel Derbeck

    Ok mine hasn't been fixed I'm ineligable for regular UI and my peuc benefits have been denied for going on three weeks and haven't received any payment since November. I've lost everything. The regular UI just needs removed I've done everything on my end but still nothing and no answers. I'm going to have to call an attorney because it's getting no better by all the comments I've read.

  48. mr joHnz


  49. trey surtees

    That shriek was so high the neighborhood dogs started howling....

  50. raymond frazier

    2500 or kill 5 people easy 2500

  51. Chris Carlone

    Is Frank still alive? I want to meet him.

  52. mean he

    What an asshole!

  53. Chris Carlone

    I love Frank. He's a good man.

  54. jeffery Randolph

    there's no self defense for black people in America!!!!

  55. clash clanz

    Such a delusional bitch.

  56. Drunk Ramsay

    The title Made me think “no shit dumbass a bullet has to go through the barrel”

  57. clash clanz

    He looked like he wanted to pass out

  58. Hell No

    Jimmy gran *BANG BANG BANG*

  59. clash clanz

    He was sweating insane

  60. irishsetterarchie

    It was glorious today! Colorado is so beautiful.

  61. Caleb Brewer

    How do you think shananns family feels. So some empathy you idiot.

  62. Emjay

    If only there were some rocks around that you could throw at him.

  63. Arika Lopez

    Thanks you citizen for solving the crime ....

  64. dayton medcalf

    I didn’t even know that was a thing

  65. Crazygamer 88

    "Well he's an Arizona ranger"

  66. Eric Mungia

    This a boy or girl?? Looks like a wanna be smurf

  67. Arika Lopez

    Hope he rots in jail ... I'm getting cameras iny Home

  68. Migdalia Frazier

    Major red flag!!! Picking & choosing folks 2 die ...Folks are lining up 4 this miracle drug that has no cure period...yet folks can't even think 4 themselves...let ur pervert biden tell u other wise...

    1. Albie Oval

      @Migdalia Frazier and you call Biden a pervert because you saw something on mainstream media. Sheep

    2. Migdalia Frazier

      @Albie Oval I'll watch what I want & decide for myself..

    3. Albie Oval

      Can't think for themselves.... but you proceed to watch this video. Ok

  69. Lori r

    I love when maniacs defend themselves. You going away longtime lady.

  70. Leifman1000

    how fucking ironic is that a transgender fighting FOR trump breaking into the capitol .... the proud boys let "her" in?! hahaha

  71. Petesbackalleyspanks


  72. Ty VoVo

    Global warming was disproven now goes by "climate change" and that means nothing.

  73. Steve Shane

    No increased deaths after taking the vaccine but one person died hours after taking it🤔🤔🤔 and this guys a doctor!?

  74. Chris Housecroft

    Bus drive hates fambot 9000 there pain in one of he's arss cheeks

  75. Hog Fam

    It wasn't your daughter that does by a man it was your SON who killed an innocent women and his 3 kids well child to soon come into this world , they can act and look like us be deep down they're HIDEOUS! 🤦

  76. GATOR Ent. /Production BUFF Records

    Everybody talking don’t have social media everybody not social media hoes.Some ppl live in the real world.

  77. Angie Moses

    Its in the Bible Hell is making it hotter

  78. tony W

    All we have to do is get together as citizens and pay the government a bunch of money and everything will be fine LOL

  79. Robert Wilson

    "It was Kill or be Killed" Lying about his age just tells you how desperate he was to get involved. If it wasn't for boys like him, God knows what our country would be like today. Sleep easy your duty is done and Thank You for the sacrifices you all made.

  80. blazen