Our mission is to build the most advanced robots on Earth, with remarkable mobility, agility, dexterity and speed. \nFor more information about Boston Dynamics and our robots, visit us at www.BostonDynamics.com

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  1. Руденко Дмитрий

    Sarah Conor is on her way!

  2. Евгений Панкратов

    Осталось только создать искусственный интеллект и у него будет отличное подвижное вместилище

  3. Yerik Karaulov

    Жынды билеп қояды екен! Техникалық прогресс деген осы.

  4. Kilo Meter

    nice but its CGI, look at the feet when they contact the mat.

    1. FIix

      look at 1:50 when the tip of the feet deforms the mat when they jump. Ignorance is bliss.

    2. SexPest

      @Jeff Piol Previous videos don't mean this isn't faked.

    3. Jeff Piol

      Guess you haven’t seen the live interview of Boston Dynamics displaying the abilities on live tv in front of a live audience.

  5. Mild Fracas

    Oh lord Jesus the end of the world is nigh.

    1. FIix

      End of the world is certainly not a multimillion dancing robot, altough the idea has its kinks.


    Teach them to play music, Thunderstruck would be great.

  7. אמיר וויסבלאי

    just imagine people from 1990 reacting to this

  8. Tharun Sajjanam

    Who are here after Elon musk tweet?

    1. Teo!!

      @אמיר וויסבלאי xD

    2. אמיר וויסבלאי

      what tweet

  9. 14megasxlr

    The fact the people are trying to comment that this is fake is what really terrifies me. The robots wont even have to try to enslave us once they gain sentience, at this rate. I suppose I should count myself extremely lucky to live in a country, and indeed, a home environment, where I don't have to be technologically illiterate.

    1. Adrian Mach

      Thing I dont get is why would robots enslave us, like why the fuck would "they" or "it" attempt such thing. Imagine that its 1 AI network that has managed to gain control over all of the computing power that we have. All of that under command of 1 being. Not only would it instantly find a way to improve itself to the point that it would seem like sci-fi to us, but why would it bother with earth at all? What would its goal be? There is an entire universe out there and people think that some super advanced entity would bother with "controlling us", that would be its purpose after gaining conscience and free will, right.

  10. Numan Özakçil

    24K dislikes : People who cannot dance better than a robot 😂

  11. Mateusz Szymanek


  12. pottywotty100

    Another fake

    1. 14megasxlr

      @pottywotty100 Wait, what exactly are you even trying to say? Like, are you trying to call them out for effectively programming robots to do a coordinated dance? Because if so, that's such an utterly obvious point to make that it doesn't even warrant saying it. Framing it like you've "spotted a lie" is just stupid on your part. Even the fact that anyone COULD program bipedal/quadrupedal to do a dance this well choreographed is impressive. I'm really having trouble figure out what your point is. Care to elucidate?

    2. Sebastian Stark

      @pottywotty100 so youre saying its fake because theyre preprogrammed to do these exact movements? what?

    3. pottywotty100

      @Sebastian Stark The robots real but it’s choreographed to death.check out atlas disarms humans,same shit.ps good for them who bought dogs yea

    4. Sebastian Stark

      so what about the people who bought robots like spot from them?

    5. Gail Webb

      Who cares? It’s for entertainment.

  13. Aidan Morgan

    robot dances better than me 0-0 but yay

  14. Crazy Cracker

    We are united for the robot revolution

  15. anand raman

    keep coming back for the music

  16. Deku


  17. General Kael

    We are all going to die.

  18. OutherewithitTV

    Didn’t think so many people would be here right now

  19. Luca Herman

    This was supposed to be for CES or something wasn’t it?

    1. FIix

      I guess not, its a new year´s promo. The video is cut together and it´s a "best of."

  20. thelivefromdenmark

    This does not seem like a real video. Absurd how long they've come

  21. Türkan Öztürk

    You too greattttt!!!

  22. Ken Regan


  23. skobywan kenobi

    Since MF Doom died I'm only pouring my artistic love into immortal machines now.

  24. SexPest

    So dishonest, why do this?

    1. SexPest

      @Sebastian Stark 24k can see it.

    2. Sebastian Stark


  25. Gabriel Graf

    Iam from Germany and sad why this Company isnt Here so I can Work with them on awsome Projekts like this robots

    1. FIix


    2. Peter Somers

      Thought they were worldwide, no?

  26. Salih

    fake ._.

    1. videogiocatore3

      Search for "BigDog Overview"...and thats an early model from 2010, freaky stuff how it reacts to being pushed by humans

    2. videogiocatore3

      @Salih Yep, dancing robots exist. The future is now

    3. Sebastian Stark

      @Salih so how is it possible that they are selling them?

    4. Gail Webb

      Who cares? You can’t just enjoy the video?

    5. Salih

      @videogiocatore3 i believe in robots but how can a robot dance

  27. Guanglai Kangyi, Age 15

    Roger Roger

  28. Adomir

    When robots will start to show true intelligence, we will think of it as a bug.

  29. فارس محمد


  30. mzf 11125

    Robot rules

  31. Dope Head

    is this real or cgi?

    1. ohw well

      @Luke Freeman it is more difficult than programming fixed movements, they have to remain in balance aswell, and constantly calculate how to do that while still following the programmed movements.

    2. Jonas G.

      It´s real. You can see how the wheels and feet slightly deform the foam mats on the floor.

    3. Luke Freeman

      @SexPest well that's because you're a fool :) It's totally and utterly real. We even know roughly how it's done - and quite frankly, this is the least impressive aspect of what these robots do. Dancing is literally following a set of known commands. The difficult stuff is what we've already seen - active object avoidance, surface friction changes and being kicked are shoved by humans. So if you really have been following them for years, why would you even consider this video fake?

    4. Luke Snellen

      @SexPest Given your username, no one will take you serious.

    5. SexPest

      I've been following this company for years and this looks so fake.

  32. Inna Eremina

    Я тебе сейчас

  33. tchellyng

    that thing must be doing the hulk smash these days

  34. Rafael Nguyen Alvarez

    Bruh, these robots can dance better than most humans, not gonna lie. The robot revolution is closer than it seems and they might take all our part-time jobs in the near future. Lol. Much respect and a big round of applause to Boston Dynamics.

    1. A random person

      The tech still needs to come a little further, but if they can sell these kinds of robots for around $50K and make them easier to use we'll start seeing mass displacement of unskilled/low-skill jobs.

    2. HomersRevenge

      A lot better moves than me 😔

  35. Nane First NameLast

    1:41 the robo dog like a balerine)). Choreograph THE COOL DUDE!!

  36. Andre Augustinov

    Everybody: "Robots are going to destroy us someday !" Robots meanwhile:

  37. Licht AmSchluusseln

    The Contours were ahead of their time. 😆😆😆😆😎👍

  38. Antonio Startch

    That moment when a robot is a better dancer than you.

  39. Nicholas Lohinski

    How long does the battery last?

  40. Xtrem War

    Et ben faut pas attendre la ration de combat , parce qu'elle est pas prêt d'arrivé ! Et puis ça m'étonnerait beaucoup qui mettent dix milliards de dollars , pour aller au combat !🤨

  41. Xtrem War

    2030 ....t8000 Terminator ?

  42. Andrew Malkasian

    I want to see them do the Robot

  43. detroitr

    Enough of this. I want to see one fold laundry, put the dishes away and wash the car

  44. Straight-Mind

    Future is here

  45. Amit Singh Nagi

    How is it possible? I can't believe it. I want to see it live ...

    1. maxfishy

      Amit my man this is not fake

    2. Mr Tiddles

      Key framing and mocap my dude

  46. NINJA24sib

    Вы крутые )))

  47. Felipex P

    1:06 *_Spot: DO YOU LOOOVE MEEE?!?_*

    1. lolnon kolpo

      @VCT234 🤣😅👌

    2. VCT234

      @lolnon kolpo 😳 👉👈

    3. lolnon kolpo

      Do you love me?

    4. lolnon kolpo


  48. Роскомнадзор

    -20 минимум? Видимо в Россию его долго завозить не будут

  49. Vincent Ducas

    Now its time to put a v8 turbocharged on it

  50. Shaq’s Thicc Ass

    Anyone who unironically believes that “robot overlords will take over” is kinda dumb considering that although we have made AI, programming true sapient entities is nearly impossible without the proper hardware which, last I checked, even supercomputers have a tough time with complicated “human” structures like emotion and whatnot. So unless all these Boston Dynamic bots have a supercomputer embedded in them, robot takeover is unlikely.

    1. Shaq’s Thicc Ass

      @ShlomoMr That’s true. If anything, the “robot apocalypse” will come in the form of human jobs being replaced with automation. Why would we need truckers if an AI is created that can drive 10x better than a human with less accidents? What would happen to market analysts if an algorithm is created that makes much more accurate predictions? Will cashiers even exist anymore? The robot takeover will not be like the Terminator, but a passive replacement of human work which is even scarier in my opinion.

    2. ShlomoMr

      @Shaq’s Thicc Ass While I agree with you fully, I think the greater danger is to the fragile stability of our economic system. With robot capabilities ever evolving, humans stagnate in comparison. I wonder how, or maybe if, we'll adapt.

    3. Shaq’s Thicc Ass

      @Luke Snellen Yeah, I know. This comment just goes out to the few nutcases who actually are serious.

    4. Luke Snellen

      I think most of the comments are saying that for fun, not serious.

    5. Shaq’s Thicc Ass

      @Travis There is only one AI that has debatably passed the Turing test, and that is Google Duplex which does not have the brainpower to dominate the world and has the sole functionality of scheduling haircuts and the like. Also, if you listen closely to the demo you can tell that it is an AI. Eugene Goostman is another AI said to have passed the test, but one look at it’s conversations shows that it is just another chatbot that simply has a lot of responses to specific inputs. If you type an input that isn’t expected, it comes out with a visibly inhuman response. We are far from having the technology for a sapient AI. All AI that utilizes machine learning and neural networks are unable to break free of the boundaries set to them. If I create an AI to invest in stocks for me based on market data and it utilizes machine learning and neural networks, it’s “thoughts” and behaviours will never extend past the stock market. My StockBot will not ever think about, “Hey, I kinda now want to take over the world”. To actively create “consciousness” is a challenge that even the most talented Computer Scientists and Engineers could not solve today, whether it be hardware limitations or sheer difficulty.

  51. Beck Iverson

    Boston Dynamics engineers be like C O C A I N E

  52. Микола Лесік

    Неймовірно! Фантастично! Таки ж ХХІ сторіччя...

  53. Bhagyshree Tambe

    When a robot can dance better than you:

  54. Neil Booth

    Absolutely astonishing the progress from Boston 👍✌️ u guys rule

  55. Ютуб канал Mahout_81



    Uh huh, just wait until these things are patrolling our streets, will you be cheering that on?

    1. Luke Freeman

      Absolutely I will. They'll be much more effective than humans. They won't be crooked. They wont need to worry about their own lives and therefore won't kill people. Can't wait!

    2. zebbedee


    3. Ron Thompson

      Ironically, if these things start patrolling our streets, you will be cheering.... or else.

  57. Michael Adel

    Don't panic in your comments. I am sure this is not real 100 %. we are still in 2021, not 2121 !. it is probably a mixture of reality and fakes. this robot might rule the world one day but we would die before seeing this massacre due to ageing or COVID-19 or any stupid reason. so. keep calm and smile :)

    1. Michael Adel

      @Hans Oberhauser well some moves must be faked to make a good commercial ;)

    2. Michael Adel

      @*-_TheOlian04_-* since it is advertising so it must be fake.

    3. Hans Oberhauser

      This is 100% real!

    4. Travis

      Well, you're wrong. This is 100% real and in the market already

    5. *-_TheOlian04_-*

      They are selling these robots. This is a tech demo to show off what their products can do. If they faked ANY of this, that would be false advertising, which is illegal in almost all countries. Everything you saw in the video is 100% real. Stop spreading dumb lies.

  58. TripleMeatCombo

    0:14 what just flew off the robot lmao

  59. Colour Pro

    I can feel the choreography

  60. 소울펭귄

    This reminds me of <Portal>


    Kala movie

  62. Alexandra Wołk

    Terrible horrors are coming our way. Soon we will look at 2020 as the "good old days". Wars, famine, even greater inequalities, environmental crisis... Its coming.

    1. Jia Tao Su

      @MITLOML i'm pretty sure this guy IS a right winger

    2. MITLOML

      and they call right wingers fear mongerers

    3. Jia Tao Su

      yeah right

  63. Afzal Nisar

    I'm hoop k8w309ezlse7i oooo9ooooop0 6

  64. bunsoft2

    Is this real or CGI? If is real we are f*cked! I think i give a call to Sarah Connor...

    1. ohw well

      @O B S E R V A D O R 01 you can see the crew in the reflection when facing the windows. aswell: hufast.info/plan/vide/Z4nSg893rWPQpmQ&ab_channel=AdamSavage%E2%80%99sTested

    2. Luke Freeman

      @O B S E R V A D O R 01 It's absolutely real. Stop being stupid.

    3. Luke Snellen

      @No No Yes. It is real.

    4. Luke Snellen

      @Brandastico No

    5. Luke Snellen

      @O B S E R V A D O R 01 No

  65. Samuel Gamio

    I dont wanna be there when this robots find out what we made them do

  66. rongalas

    The moment you realise that even robots have you beat in your dancing skills 😣

  67. Taimun540

    Esos robots bailan mejor que yo :')

  68. 2015 Mercedes-Benz GLA 250

    Buying 100 of these and strapping a hi-point C9 pistol to all of them would cost around $7.55 million. It's not a dream, it's an objective.

  69. Argentum

    Do You Love Me? Нет, я вас боюсь! Свежи еще воспоминания о Скайнет :)

    1. Luke Snellen

      Why no? They will be sad 😥.

  70. neil harrison

    I fear what Michael reeves is going to do

  71. SupraSamourai

    yup C,H,A,P,P,I

  72. Will Alex Bom Braga

    Qual é o uso de um robô, se o que importa é ser usado em guerras, nada

  73. David

    Why do I sometimes get notifications when a channel has uploaded nothing?

  74. RoBoot Servicio Técnico

    Loved it. I want them to dance this when the Robot Emperor takes his crown

  75. Moataz Harb

    Where are the fighting robots?!. It is 2021 and still not far from the model in this video! LoL

  76. kamm smith

    Holy crap

  77. Joey Duren

    When it takes you 2 weeks to eradicate humanity instead of the planned 3 weeks.

  78. Aim Bot


  79. Atash Gallagher

    Great now our robot overlords can do dance emotes on our corpse