Hello, I'm Luke TheNotable. Yes, my name is supposed to be spelled that way.

I play a range of popular video games and make content on those games.

Enjoy my interesting yet crude humor and always STAY NOTABLE!

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  1. White Webber

    2 first donates grom Poland

  2. Bradley Dillon

    I want 200 I want 200 I want 200I want 200

  3. Holly Berkebile


  4. XxWhite WillowXx

    Why can’t I tell if Tors is a girl or a boy? Oops I just figured it out lol

  5. Scripted

    makes me cry that i cant even last a second in a minecraft world

  6. karrot

    19:48 there you go if you’re searching for that

  7. Mikael delos Reyes

    why dont you make a ender man farm

  8. Dominick Thiessen

    2050: I survived 1 billion days on hardcore minecraft

  9. Smug Pelican

    Idea leacher with a book for the noteable name

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  11. Marin 2.0

    Try playing Portal Knights its like Minecraft but the entire game is based on portals please try it

  12. Joshua Choi

    me just being sad that the level 69 did not last long

  13. CrazyKid

    Imagine he dies on day 9999

  14. Mandy Brown

    Pls do 300 days super flat with tors

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  19. Jackson Weise

    Day 1356 : I’m becoming a rich man. Me with 5 diamonds: cmon man

  20. Joshua

    4:02 is also my favourite section, the “oh damn!” Factor is great, the multiple ways you can go about it is awesome, and the feeling of being a badass when you’re done is incredible

  21. Jingle Jingle Bell

    39:50 *"Mincraft For Noobs Flashback"*

  22. Bryony O5

    34:00 maybe use a book and lectern? Writing people's names in a book, I don't think that'll be laggy

  23. Joshua

    3:35 I played this mission so many times and I’ve never known about the machine gun in the corner!

  24. Guestgames

    Luke Do 30000000 days in Minecraft lol

  25. shiying xia

    If your doing this on mobile Day 1 dirt shack Day2 to 6 I didn’t find a single village and i starved to death

  26. Sarah Goodwin

    Gimme da 🍕:)

  27. PPGG Boiii

    He sounds so drunk during that last segment when he got the zombies and diamonds

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  29. K a n a s h ī

    the cool thing of beeing so og at minecraft is that mellons are rare and emeralds no

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  40. AlphaMC

    Who else misses stark robots?

  41. Fauzah Mahri

    Pls do a speed run on Minecraft hardcore

  42. Daniela Kocevska

    cool video

  43. Мөнхжин Марал

    i like the singing in day 842

  44. Brent Aguirre

    Luke: sleep sleep my children Me: scary

  45. NE Mobsters

    How do we know that you never died and are actually in survival

    1. Mathieu Pelland

      His word is the only thing we have, plus these videos are made to entertain you. Even if he is in survival most people wouldn’t mind much.

    2. Philip Ireland

      @A&A C&C what about a hardcore texture pack?

    3. A&A C&C

      check his health bar, the hearts are different in hardcore

  46. Serina Thomas

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    I reached level 230 lol

  48. Bryony O5

    I dunno if he knows that you can make sea lanterns😂just use the prismarine shards from killing guardians

  49. ItsYaGurlSelena

    Fun fact: Luke won't beat Philza's Minecraft hardcore surviving bc Luke only survived 2k days and Philza did 5 irl years. Sorry Luke TheNotable fans. It's reality.

    1. ItsYaGurlSelena

      @James Simpson yes , indeed

    2. James Simpson

      He’s also not dead

  50. Dripskiii

    Happy birthday

  51. Koms

    Good choice

  52. DoggoOOF

    Luke the notable: my MASSIVE empire All the old empires: lol that’s the tiniest empire (Still a great job though I liked 👍)

  53. Emma Law


  54. Chris Dinoia

    are we gonna see a 3000 days hardcore?

  55. Jay Mali


    1. Holly Berkebile


    2. Rebecca Hufton

      I don’t

    3. Fauzah Mahri

      Hmmmm I a gree for you

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  58. randomized

    57:13 Australia be like:

  59. Sw1fty

    OMG 2000???!!

    1. Mathieu Pelland

      It came out 2 months ago dude

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    I like how he went from paranoid of everything that moves too rich tycoon that exploits disease,families,famine,the goodwill and reverence of his subjects and the very nature itself all to bring in endless profits capitalism at its finest.

  68. mark christian balbueno

    I lovehes video but video told so long

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    1. creeper_ magico


  70. corsair

    I put this on every night and fall asleep while watching it

    1. SunnyFidgets

      who cares?

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  76. The Bodhi Tree School Almora

    doo more plz asap

  77. 33syska

    Make a 3000 days plz

    1. Mathieu Pelland

      Seeing as this came out 2 months ago and a super flat 100 days came out a few days ago, he is either stopping the series or continuing it. The same thing happened when he was doing 1000 to 2000. (Also to note that 100 days = 33 hours, so 1000 days = 330 hours. Even in quarantine its a long time.

  78. love love

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  79. Milo Kauuds

    Your a true fan if you watched the hole thing without pauses or leavening then later going back I watched the hole thing nonstop

  80. Shaila Lunaa

    5:53 😏😏😏