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In 2018 we welcomed Lionel Richie, Katy Perry, and Luke Bryan to our judging panel, with Ryan Seacrest returning as host. Congratulations to our 2019 American Idol, Laine Hardy!

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  1. M Ahsan

    His guitar is kind of noisy, he would be better without that

  2. Tanner Michels

    What? I'm so confused... They said Yes to him but not to Ace!?

  3. Alphaphotographer

    I like that he isn't just strumming 2 chords. He has clearly put in the work. Novelty? Oh BS, he is interesting and presenting something fresh.

  4. sabrina Hamrick

    I agree that it needs more dynamics....but not more mainstream.

  5. Bryce Simpson

    Where can I buy his original song like wtf!

  6. Dave D

    That is an amazing song. Kid is talented.

  7. Gavin Barnes

    I feel like I’m watching Bob Dylan get discovered

  8. Viktorija Novak


  9. Jill

    "You need to be more mainstream" is just about the most honest feedback that truly speaks to what this show is all about. Shame on KP. When LR gets excited about an artist, THAT's a compliment that matters! I thought he was fantastic - in artistry, individualism and talent. I hope he gets signed by a label and doesn't get 'mainstreamed' by Idol.

  10. Gavin Barnes

    He’s like a cartoon character. If he’d have been around in the 60s he’d be an icon now tho

  11. Tasha Crockwell

    Omg the minute he started his first word I fell in love with his voice I love that grit and raspy voice that guys have everytime I hear that it makes me want to hear more........ I hope he goes far...

  12. theschwartz3

    I'm curious as to where he learned to play guitar like that. Amazing. Cat Steven's, 70s songwriter vibe for sure. Luke " rain makes corn corn makes whiskey..." gonna give him a shot? With exception of Lionel, Murphy can write circles around Luke and Katy.

  13. Valerie La Tendresse

    Um, what did Lionel say? Why cut off the end?

  14. John Flanagan

    You’re kidding me that she said no, I don’t think I have the same values as Katy Perry when it comes to spotting stars ⭐️

  15. fuzzles93

    I could listen to this original all day

  16. Michelle Miller

    She is the front runner in my opinion..she is going to succeed! Amazing talent

  17. Maximus Brandon

    Holy shit

  18. Scott G

    Boy he reminds me of Mungo Jerry.

  19. Taylen Lemaigre

    His voice soothes my soul. I absolutely love this guy

  20. Mirandaaa

    I actually really like him, his style reminded me of milky chance.

  21. Chatra Bahadur

    The next thing... I can see bob dylan back somewhere singing along

  22. Lindsey K

    I’m sorry but THIS is talent, someone tell me he got through!

  23. paola urena

    Let him go to Hollywood! ✨

  24. FollowingMaria

    Are u even serious? He is SO good. Like a already recording artist good. Omg I’m so angry

  25. Western RAM

    Katy perry literally said we need something more mainstream. Are you kidding me? This guy has skill!!!!!!

  26. MMSabre79

    This guy was great. Easy yes for me.

  27. Emily E. Bean

    Oh yes what a remarkable voice

  28. Eagulzz

    I figure he says yes but how the hell can u end the video on that without the final vote. Horrible

  29. C.O.G. Forevermore

    Do you like his music enough to pay for it? That's the bottom line. I would definitely buy it. I want to here him sing something slower, like yesterday or the sound of silence.

  30. Yem M

    This guy doesn't belong here. He should already be signed up and be selling records. He doesnt need American idol. He is not 'mainstream'.

  31. Mi Pon

    I feel you'll be the next AMERICAN IDOL 2021.

  32. T muir

    WOW He's great!!! I would like to hear more of Murphy. I wish I'd an album of his music, such as painted man. I'd be listening to him all day.

  33. Clyde Skywalker

    weird, before i watch this i look on the thumbnail and feel that this one gonna be great, just by looking her face, and i am right ha ha, this one is my favourite by far

  34. Blue Virtue

    That audition was just as similar To A AUDITION

  35. Allen Trice

    Unless he's great for the other ones. Otherwise, he might be able to get it! 🎸🎼🎵🎶🎵🎶🔊

  36. Collyne Mullins

    I think I’m in love

  37. Marni Dunphy

    Murphy, what they call novelty we call greatness. With or without this show, keep doing what you do and stay being yourself!

  38. Jay Bee

    Murphy is an artist.Just by looking at him you can tell that he is very unique and extraordinary.Come on Kathy as an artist yourself you should know better.He feels and breath music and bond with his guitar.Very talented.

  39. m m

    I would have loved to see him. I agree that he is better than others who got through. There is something special about him.


    im gonna stop watching this shit, he was so good

  41. Brittany Stuckey

    This guy is phenomenal. Idol would be insane not to showcase this BRILLIANCE. Pure artistry.

  42. Travel Diaries

    Katy Perry you serious? You gave yes to that girl who’s lyrics I people don’t even understand. Was acting like child and you still said yes. But no to this gentleman? Common

  43. Michelle Gorman

    So Katy says no to him, but yes to Claudia?!?! I just lost all respect for her.

  44. Leo Briseno

    Yurisbel is a lot better than him. because the passed him right through, unless they completely lost their sense of good taste. This guy got so much talent is unbelievable.

  45. Ahmed Waly

    Very beautiful song

  46. ThrowbackSoul

    When she started singing to her mother ....wow!

  47. Spanish Fly

    Claudia sings very well. Some voice lessons woukd polish up her singing. She could be a very good singer with some work and a good coach.

  48. Tabatha Padgett

    Katy- No, it doesn't need to be more mainstream!! That's the problem! He's amazing and a true artist!

  49. Gj Onin Samson

    How come Phil Phillips wins from this? Common America.. HAHAHA choices

  50. Sakina Mengle

    I love this guy's originality! I have not watched this show in so many years. I am curious, did he make it through?

  51. Jason Todd

    Murphy, if you are reading this comment, you sir, are a musical genius. You are what the world needs, music from a genuine artist. May God bless your journey, he has most definitely blessed you with a talent beyond measure.

  52. Leia Anderson

    Beautiful, authentic talent! 👏👏👏 What was Papa Lionel going to say...He's the only one with sense on that panel.

  53. xxx Adventures

    That 0:19 ass

  54. Jenny Desu


  55. Fe Klimek

    I just can't stop listening to this girl Bishop singing, she is awesome ❤❤❤ her, she is the winner!

  56. Minecraft Boy26

    How could Katy Perry said "no" to him. He is better than most of the people that she said yes to. She most not know who is good or who not. She does not know her singing stuff!

  57. Medeline Jayasaputra

    I cried~

  58. M D

    He looks like lionel richie illegitimate love child

  59. Matt B

    Why did they cut it right as Lionel started talking??

  60. Buckeye Phillips

    “You seem like a pure spirit. ...try selling your soul like I did...? And then talk to me.” Katie Perry

  61. Euwanphylla Marbaniang

    i wanna see more.....

  62. Gabriela Ortiz

    He would’ve been better on the voice or something. American Idol is for mainstream artists sadly they don’t appreciate real musicians like him

  63. Mtenzi Annie

    She was cool likeable lovely God bless her😘😘

  64. Damian Messer

    Katy is wrong for this 😞I realy like her from beginning felt like she wasn’t gonna give him fair chance some About this guy he is special he gonna give world such great music

  65. #PPR Craft Cannabis

    KP why are you a judge with all your BS music talking about novelty and originality when you don't write your own music? And More reasons why someone on this panel is not the person to be casting singers. He has more individuality and the It factor they say they love more than anyone they've cast this far

  66. JMkni14

    I want the lyrics to his original! Wow! SO GOOD!

  67. Isadora Castaneda


  68. Shane S

    this dude has the essence of a vampire

  69. wilfred witzke

    he is on the wrong show he should be on the voice this guy is a true musican

  70. Patrick

    His music is like a story you can listen to it for hours

  71. Dennis Davis

    "Commanding the audition room with his distinctive voice and style, Murphy delivers a performance that is unique, inspiring and positively original." Apparently the judges didn't think so. What a shame. Murphy is one of those unique talents that comes along just once in a while at AGT.

  72. Robin Lukenbaugh

    He reminds me of Rodriguez

  73. Clyde Skywalker

    he is great ... but this kinda of music is not gonna go long for idol

  74. Julius Cesar Tacal

    I love her. She is pure and as clear as crystal.


    I’m getting a little tired of all these Idol videos I keep seeing on here that read “THE BEST EVER”, “THE GREATEST ARTIST”... Is this the new gimmick?

  76. Monique Nichols

    Way better than Erika Perry that went thru... Smh

  77. TheaToorn

    he was honestly sooo much better than most of the people they’ve already said yes to 😭😭😭😭 he’s literally a hidden gem and is so unique and talented 😭😭

  78. AnxiouslyPainting

    “More mainstream”??? No....KP, we are done with “mainstream”, or at least I am. Gimme cool and unique any day! Pop is tired and is basically the same song played over and over again on the radio.

  79. Matthew Hagner

    He has more artistry then she does and she is judging 🙄 frustrates me that she is judging a singing competition.

  80. brendan valenzuela

    This guy is absolutely talented! Original and has his own style. One of the best singers and songwriters yet he should’ve gotten 3 FAT yes’s!!