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  1. Maxi F

    What an start Mark as a Rookie finish at Home in debut in top 5 what it is 10 points system but H44 make better with start in top 3 and overtakes 2 in 1 outside and finish 3 at debut race Mega 2 awesome starts of their career

  2. Dhairya Oza

    that ferrari had to go for the move in end while merc passed vettel just at pit exit shows ferrari had slow engine ,also showed in spa and usa where had pace but speed wasnt favoring him at all

  3. Thrashmetalkicksass

    Sebastian Vettel driver of the year 2017

  4. SAN M

    Vettel devia se tocar e cair fora, aposentado em atividade, ridiculo!

  5. Alessio Marcelli


  6. Chinelo Ndefo

    Lewis Hamilton spent million!!

  7. Aum Oza

    nah the door left open by bottas in Silverstone, 2018 was a much better overtake

  8. MalteFS

    At least in this Video David Coulthard was first!

  9. Bo Bo

    Seb looks younger already.

  10. Battyman

    This is the opposite now lol Finnish driver in a silver car blocks a German driver in a red car :D

  11. jimbooo 1

    There's going to be confused people out there. Does anyone else remember the "do you see pink and white, or green and grey" shoes?

  12. Abarth AH

    We want these F1 cars back and not the idiots hybrid F1 cars

  13. Neo

    Is that Gemma Arterton?

  14. dsf0501

    If hamilton passes someone with Drs crofty and brundle scream but they put this off as a normal overtake (not ham's fault!) ... British bias man.. I hope they know that they are on the international broadcast as well?

  15. Malaysian Autosport 2021

    Nice beautiful f1 car and great to see with kubica the new livery from Alfa Romeo ✨✨✨💗💖🏎️

  16. Unscience

    the *old* switcharoo


    French revolution!

  18. Jerha2008

    It's wery c

    1. Jerha2008

      It's wery cool

  19. Archer Tor

    The commentary ahem ~unbiased~

  20. The Comrade

    No way the ferrari unlaped himself so clean ;-)

  21. Vini Almeida


  22. Rushikesh Ware

    Seb's overtake was no doubt a brilliant one. Botas was sportsman enough to not run into him. No MAXimum attack, you know what I mean 😬

  23. TheGalonator

    Ok but what is lances hair????😅

  24. Dim Doulge

    Seb should have left Ferrari after the 2019 season ended would have been better for him and Ferrari !

  25. Categoria Xbox

    Around 5:13 you can hear a guy shouting "are you okay?"

  26. Michael Griffin

    Admin isn’t a Bottas fan, clearly.

  27. Rafael Carlos de Castro Silva

    Famoso passa muleque!

  28. Vettel Fan17

    Ah brings back memories of more fondly remembered times... 😢

  29. Rafael Carlos de Castro Silva

    Ele deu um verdadeiro drible no Bottas!! Oleeeeeee

  30. XantheFIN

    Thanks that he got out of Ferrari. Not pleasant place to be.

  31. Stfn Krkr

    Filmste quer siehste mehr!

  32. SKULL mint

    Back when Ferrari was fast.

  33. Paul H

    Back in 2017 he was mentally stable

  34. G11

    2017 and early 2018 were vettels time, i hope he shines like that again in AM!

  35. GawainAndor

    Almost fell off my couch

  36. Danny

    only 1/3 of video :(

  37. DaniMacYo

    If this was Ham Crofty and Martin would have wet themselves.

  38. Aizuddin Fahmi

    Even though VB was tricked by Seb, you gotta respect how VB abide to the no moving under braking rule.

  39. Lefteris Lefteris


  40. winsen zyzz

    I know he’s probably not gonna win another title, still don’t want to accept it. Seb you’re my hero 💚

  41. мяαуσυв

    Can forget this move!

  42. Surya

    Sergio puraezz

  43. Mr_Rail [M4CHT]

    I want Vettel to show this year how capable he really is in his glorious Aston Martin.

  44. Sportsman

    That overtake is way better than rickroll.

  45. DaniMacYo

    I miss the 2017/2018 Seb I hope he's back in 2021.

  46. mathtsai

    Brilliant move!

  47. Lastname Firstname

    Back when the engine was illegal.

  48. Shiny

    Here comes Sebastian Vettel!

  49. Bhrz

    Valtteri Bottas Radio: To whom it may concern, I'm useless.

  50. Matej

    Oh f1 make short

  51. hdutje6482


  52. Vasco Breña


  53. raffix 2015

    Even if he doesnt win im so happy for him

  54. Ger O'Connor


  55. Gab MUSIC


  56. DDSIT5514

    おお! 2000年前半のジャガーみたいでカッコいい! セバスチャン頑張れ!

  57. Ryan McKinnon

    Sweeeet arrangement. My prediction 2022 Seb and Lewis will be on the grid for this Team!

  58. magz

    Can we get the uncut version so we can see both of them at the same time?

  59. Tom

    Hi F1, Please upload in landscape when on HUfast and not instagram! Kind regards, F1 Fans 😁

  60. Qazi Talha Ali

    One of those overtakes where every f1 fan would go boonkers