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  1. Salopian

    Pierre masterclass

  2. Tongsmai Reang

    James ward Prowse and Free kick is directly related to each other.

  3. Sonpav

    Понимаю Салах машина!!

  4. GAURA - The King's Kid

    K8popk8kppkpo d

  5. Prett Bengelly

    We all just going to ignore how awful the keeper was on that free kick? I mean yeah, it was a decent strike but he should be saving that at his near post.

  6. Batnab 22

    “He’s off the line” 9:20

  7. BRUNO- IQ

    When i hear that ward scored a goal My mind : it's a free kick

  8. Tim Smith

    Yes! Thankyou very much for not putting the score in the title, more channels need to do this

  9. Jamie Oregan

    It was riggered they heat the ball the that they want to go against for example as soon as the Man U ball comes out they will pull the heated one witch is Liverpool

  10. Glen Kightley - Everything Arsenal

    James Ward Prowse does it so effortlessly 😭

  11. Fat Frank The Pe Teacher

    Arsenal will destroy this lot come saturday...

  12. Glen Kightley - Everything Arsenal

    Guess it's not Shrewsbury 😭

  13. George Benjamin

    Number 40 for Southampton is special everytime he comes on he impresses me vs Liverpool he was excellent

    1. Style PlayzYT

      his name is Dan Nlundulu


    best football skill video

  15. Septian Azhar

    Waiting for another goal from Theo Walcott against his former mediocre side

  16. pelle

    Che che che che...

  17. Kori Irons

    HKfxfvb Mbl

  18. Ben 2901

    Ward prowse might be the best free kick taker in the world

    1. airmax899

      Goalie didn’t even have a prayer.

    2. Laurence Grant

      @Oscar birch messi has fallen off this season but ye it’s between those two

    3. Oscar birch

      Messi is better but prowsy is class

    4. TFRM


    5. Joe Viney


  19. Sam Hawes


    1. Sam Hawes

      Just heard the "no keepers got a chance" line at the end there ,😭

  20. Sara Sara

    We missed Ings💔😢

    1. Bodyoth

      he'll be back soon

    2. Moamen Eid

      I agree 💯

  21. Christian meech

    Lol in desc it says at the stadium of light which is sunderlands stadium

    1. Efraim and Sam

      No it doesn’t. It says St Mary’s Stadium. Bruh.

  22. Thornton heath. .CROYDON.


    1. Aaaa Bbbb

      What about them?

  23. OG Boat

    Kgaugelo chauke made an excellent debut

  24. Darragh Nolan

    How did che not score there 😱

    1. TFRM

      Could’ve maybe passed back to N’lundulu

    2. Alan Moore

      He just took too long... got past the keeper - then must be one quick touch to get it in...

    3. Puner

      He shouldn’t of cut back once he got passed the keeper

    4. OG Boat

      That should've been a goal i agree

  25. Arsenal Talks

    Well it looks like the gunners have Southampton

    1. HarryMacdonald06

      That was literally our youth team and a few experienced players wouldnt say they have us yet if we have some 1st team players back

    2. Eman2dr1ppy

      Yep they do but whats worse is that they have them again in the league

  26. Danzie Wobble

    Arsenal Vs Shrewsbury COYG please beat Southampton

    1. Danzie Wobble


    2. Danzie Wobble

      @Nashen Awuf oops I meant Southampton lol 😂

    3. Danzie Wobble

      @Nashen Awuf Yeah

    4. Nashen Awuf

      ??? its arsenal southampton in the fa now

  27. Thomas O'Donovan

    Can I please get a reply 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

    1. Kyu Studios


  28. mohammad amir

    Steele is much better than kepa.

  29. Anónimo Anónimo

    Chile vs Chile Alexis Sánchez vs Claudio Bravo

  30. Dan Everton

    Off his line on that last one.

  31. Bubbles 12o

    Schmichael was the best keeper ever

  32. Caesar Is a Red

    I was at north end for that match in the town end

  33. stuart balchin

    Santi Cazorla's free kick was better the Drogbra

  34. Do you mind

    It's a pity United lost.

  35. weetabixharry

    I miss this no-nonsense football. There would have been about 25 red cards by today's standards.

  36. Ishaac_ 77 YT

    5:45 the goalie swears

  37. Kirk South

    Always want to watch the imps when i am home. Ill have to wait now

  38. Joshua Coombs

    why do u never show bristol rovers was derby 2001 ??

  39. DCPlayz

    And to think Steele played for the Sunderland team that got relegated from the championship, how is he playing for brighton and pulling this off.

  40. nate stonerson

    I just wanted to see Percy tau

  41. Hookshot

    why is this an ad


    What a dramatic shoot out!

  43. Henry Gyan


  44. Gabriel Mullan

    Wolves are bettet

    1. O. Bin Wheelie

      Than Newport County? You’d hope so.

  45. Hookshot

    Spend your money on something else than advertising

  46. Hookshot

    Why is this an ad

  47. Tanya Marie Brandt

    Pj mask

  48. Anwar Kamal

    One is steel, one is king. Living up to keeper names

    1. Rachman Hakim


    2. Dylan Cole

      King was prime Yashin right up until the shootout

  49. Chris LeRoy

    Tottenham vs Norwich just wasn't 2015 though was it 🤦‍♂️😂

  50. Nero Pasta

    He saved more penalties than Kepa, Karius, Adrian combined

    1. Ethan Rothermel

      Actually Kepa has 4 pens saved in shoot-outs during his time at Chelsea (Spurs, City, and Frankfurt twice)

    2. Shane

      Completely irrelevant and not even humorous

  51. Goalkeeper Will


  52. Chan 1944

    Seagulls Korea 화이팅

  53. Abinendra Pinnamaneni

    I remember being at this match the atmosphere was amazing

  54. Marcusinho Youtube

    bit late

    1. A . D

      so true

  55. Soulaimane HD

    Louv morocco 🇲🇦👏

  56. Soccer Games

    Привет з України 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦

  57. ItzDaniel


    1. A . D

      @ItzDaniel 🤦why though

    2. คપรՇٱก รՇɼคՇՇѻก

      @faze destroyer Make some decent videos instead of begging. And stop putting up 2 minute clips of Cobra Kai.. how about that?

    3. Jack Olivant

      @Enzo Danley runner up though, but still, never mind. It’s the taking part that matters most

    4. Enzo Danley

      @Jack Olivant 🤦‍♂️

    5. ItzDaniel

      OK I'll subscribe to u

  58. Sebastian

    I love underdogs.

    1. Eliot Haliti

      @Sir Zoj play like it

    2. Matthaeus

      @Sir Zoj he was being sarcastic

    3. Sir Zoj

      @Eliot Haliti city ain’t an underdog

    4. Eliot Haliti

      That’s why u support city

  59. Anónimo Anónimo

    Como olvidar cuando era muy bueno Alexis Sánchez

  60. Hookshot

    why is this an ad

  61. Darkwear GT

    They can just injure them

  62. Darkwear GT

    Lucky bastards brighton defender sux

  63. JasperRFC2011

    the ref was jared gillet

  64. Luke Wlsn

    Glad to see this on my recommended again

  65. Sean Metcalf

    The best game of football you’ll ever see in your lifetime it had everything red card penalty save disallowed goal and an unreal heroic solo goal

  66. Veronica Montoro


  67. Justin Chicharito

    2:04 isn't that Detective Quentin Lance from Arrow?

  68. ليث عويد


  69. Sergio Santillan


  70. Vojta Cards