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  1. Khen Wilfred P. Pedraita

    If supercell would to lose revenue on Clash Of Clans, they have a great future in the animation career

  2. Ahmad AB

    لك رجعوووووووووووووووووووووووووووووو الشات العالمي اللعبه صارت ممله

  3. Ahmad AB

    I hope you bring back the global chat, because the game has become boring

  4. Sebastian.D

    Ta piola 👍

  5. Mohammad DVN Darmawan

    Wow 8 years


    I love clash heroes

  7. Kim Hai Tjandra

    0:29 upgrading th14

  8. Roman Garcia

    TRASH! Couldn't have come up with something better. Or better pets. 👎👎👎

  9. gavin gouveia

    He’s not wrong

  10. punchparty 400

    I freaking love hog rider

  11. Ace Toons

    I love the animation on this. It uses a depressing gray pallet, but the animators somehow make it feel happy and warm.

  12. saeed xd

    God jab

  13. Jr Sun

    The og valkyrie is better than the redesign

  14. BlaNe Music

    I started playing clash of clans when i was 8 y/o...

  15. shirou x

    they ruined the design of a beautiful troop

  16. RetroRyanK

    dear cheif,while you were out there killing elites...

  17. JUAN Gal

    When this came out I really was curious what the video is about or what Supercell was gonna pull on us, nostalgic. Kept watching the video since we've never really payed much attention to the ocean.

  18. JUAN Gal

    And now they can help out more by having their own defense than being torn down

  19. g a t t o

    Builders are cool

  20. JUAN Gal

    0:28 PEKKA sounded like some Daft Punk

  21. Inderpal Singh

    Please reply.A night theme in home village.

  22. Fortunata Ocampo

    imagine this is how coc really worked

  23. Inderpal Singh

    Please add a night theme in home village in next update.A day theme in builder base.Please🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  24. Avengers Engame


  25. luis alfredo martinez murcia

    Supercell, can you please put the Reyna Guerrera event in the store so you can buy the offer

  26. Edward Nebreja

    You guys still remember the time when you can sell buildings and defenses?

  27. Matthew Serra

    Good game

  28. luis alfredo martinez murcia

    Supercell, can you please put the Reyna Guerrera event in the store so you can buy the offer

  29. OnFys


  30. Malachi Woolsey

    That scene from the oven is very menacing

  31. Kurt

    That's really interesting

  32. Olivia Rodriguez

    This 8 years ago* HUfast:lets recommend this

  33. Mictoon Animation

    0:42 me and the boys see a enemy or zombie

  34. JX 51 Official

    its like charlie and the choclate factory

  35. Sergio Palacio

    Year later I relised that the Barbarian said batman lmao

  36. Sergio Palacio

    This commercial is still one of my favorite commercials of all time

  37. DirtyMadLion

    I almost forgot to watch this today

  38. Kuveo Therie

    When th 14 came we can't received max troops 😭😭😭😭

  39. Auston Galod

    This was in my news feed 🤭

  40. Jeeko Drawings Inc.


  41. Zakry

    I am apart of the recommended gang

  42. Nacht Faust


  43. Jeeko Drawings Inc.

    I’ve been playing since 2013 lol

  44. Tsukicide

    Hollllay holay th14 poggggggers


    2:14 Clan War BGM

  46. Chris X

    We need more crash rama. Pushing mini accounts kinda got old quick with repeat of cwl games cwl games back to back. We need something different in coc.

  47. Alan Pantoja

    Town hall 12 people: Finally I can upgrade my town hall 12 to 13 and max out Clash Of Clash: I'm afraid not buddy

  48. Chris X


  49. HydroCorps

    Now that’s a lot of DAMAGE

  50. Chris X

    Give us back global chat. The repeat of cwl and games back to back got old quick.

  51. Fetrax

    Brawl stars you are friend game your brawl animation

  52. Iskandar Zulkarnain Bros

    In the may season make Gladiator Champion pls

  53. essam 1

    رجعو المحادثه العالميه

  54. Cqmel

    Why is there a boxer giant at 0:27?

  55. dolimi jotoo

    Another town hall.. that's gonna take me a decade

  56. C S

    I love his shirt

  57. Paolo Apaza

    ¡Oh por dios ! tropas oscuras :0

  58. rafael reyes garcia

    Esto simplemente me devolvió las ganas de volver a jugar, que hermosa

  59. Kingshiloh

    Lol I remember trolling the builders by changing the location of the builders hut right before he reached it(making him run back and forward)

  60. Damian Rosinski

    Ich bin deutscher

  61. Damian Rosinski


  62. Diego Landa

    Live for God

  63. Splinter

    Remember back in 2016 how good clash was to play with the boys “We didn’t know we were making memory’s we just new we were having fun”

  64. Diego Landa

    Live for God

  65. Diego Landa

    Live for God

  66. Splinter

    Enough to make a grown man cry😪✊

  67. Diego Landa

    Live for God

  68. Basit Raziel

    Queen iq is OP please nerf 🤣

  69. Jmd777

    poggers poggers

  70. Marij Khan

    Ok why is this in my recommendations

  71. woober

    Clash's marketing strategy is really good, this video got me playing clash

  72. LuKeY Loves Piano

    These dudes are taking the time to learn the art of music for a videogame- and it’s beautiful 🥺🥺

  73. Meghann Ledbetter

    I'm so excited!

  74. Ninja Gamerz

    Add Pakistani flag

  75. rasya Naufal


  76. Mor w

    Did anyone notice the party wizard outfit on the right at 0:09?

  77. Gustavo XD

    1:17 solo los que son veteranos en clash la conocen :,)

  78. Grumpy Jam

    If Clash Heroes becomes available on PC you have my bank account info..