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  1. Logan Ross

    Good luck Tampa

  2. Protot57

    Brady isn’t the goat for his skill, he’s the goat for his leadership.

  3. Constantine Stefanidis

    These old recaps are everything

  4. Danang PW

    This loss will forever hard to digest. Packers was the better team by a mile, and suddenly we crumbled when it matters the most. Tae dropping TDs, O-line allowing too many sacks, sudden brake from MLF.. it's just ironic when your defense finally step up

  5. Mr Captain Meme Man

    this guy sucks he will never be league mvp or even win a super bowl #bust

  6. Victoria Klein

    Thank God you guys care

  7. Aldo The stud

    Let’s go Cheifs

  8. Miles Davis

    He tough💪🏾

  9. EnT-L


  10. Constantine Stefanidis

    These old recaps are everything

  11. Tadodaho Tadodaho

    It can down to skill or will. Tom obviously had the will

  12. Nick Carson

    Well for the few bills that still think they won the draft trade in 2017.... turns out you didn’t.

  13. XSA

    It's hard being a giants fan

  14. Yin Tai Ng

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  15. Jatin Saini

    This superbowl remind me Istanbul 2005 ac milan vs liverpool when liverpool win ucl despite 0-3 in first half

  16. XSA

    If brady loses lmao

  17. Donlin Buchanan

    Rams number 1 defense but lose twice to the injured 9ers 😂

  18. Victoria Klein

    I ❤️😘 everyone has this beautiful personality.. feels good to laugh again about the old school talk

  19. Rich V

    Crowd noise unreal

  20. SoggyPanda

    Chase Young is a beast.

  21. Kalel311 superman

    the harbaugh bowl

  22. Oakley Crabtree

    where are the ravens


    aaron rodgers sounds interiverted

  24. Brendan Boyle

    aj brown made it but not terry mclaurin...

  25. Ada Lecune


  26. Mohammad Zainuddin

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  27. King Regalado

    Dj Khalid ruined this whole segment. He has nothing to do with sports

  28. Arturo Loza

    So.many.missed.tackles on the bills part

  29. Weaponson3 -

    Too old, too slow, can’t throw, can’t run, can’t win any games, no team identity..... etc. then the just waits: make the play offs “just wait till Washington” best Washington “just wait till saints” beat saints “just wait till packers” beat packers “just wait till KC” (we are here).

  30. Alexia Chege

    Its 2021 and im still convinced this is the best halftime show im sorry

  31. Screen Apple

    Europeans don't blame US. It's them....

  32. Mohammad Zainuddin

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  33. yurrp yurrpt

    what was that noise kamara 25:30

  34. svensationell


  35. PoPadopulas 89

    I really want Brady to win but how are you supposed to defend against KC's speed?

  36. Olin Bradley

    This is arguably one of the best rivalry in football.

  37. Mohammad Zainuddin

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  38. Mike Raimo

    let go

  39. Nmeadows54

    Some bs calls in this game. between the clearly touched fumbled return, the no catch for hogan, bs non existent roughing the passer... Jesus, no wonder the 2018 superbowl was garbage. chiefs saints would've been better

  40. larry5200

    How could Falcons-Patriots be #1?? It was a massive failure on the Falcons part. It was like an even game, with two teams playing a competitive game. It was a team getting a huge lead and absolutely falling apart. I think Bill- Giants should be on that list, possibly #1. Call Pats-Falcons the greatest comeback or greatest choke, but not the Best Super Bowl.

  41. Moon Man


  42. agro argo

    How the hell is a two time SB MVP #27

  43. Cards Fan420

    it's such a shame he fell off after just 2 absolutely fantastic seasons.. wonder what happened? Maybe started playing safer since he got injured.. Who knows.

  44. Neil Mendoza

    Hello NFL fans who understand better the game. I love watching NFL games I am fans of chiefs. Can you discuss to me what are the meaning of in the last part the 2 & 3, 1st & that. Because I don't know what are the meaning of that in the game. Thank you.

    1. Neil Mendoza

      I don't understand that sorry in the game even i always watching the game. Btw I am from Philippines.

  45. Nicholas Sutton

    He’ll be great as a number 2 behind Najee

  46. Rich V

    I remember recording this on the VHS player

  47. Donald Pace

    Bump drew brees i say

  48. That's a Toilet

    Chiefs will win the Super Bowl 38-24

  49. Nathan Watson

    Bills had some good drives just couldn’t finish at the end

  50. noah frank

    Jesus loves you .

  51. Luke Andris

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  52. Fernando Tomasino

    i would love to see the jaguars for their first time pats had to ruin it

  53. Alex Gambrell

    at a certain point you start seein that Pats logo an awful lot >:)

  54. Quentin Campbell

    Beasley played in the playoffs with a broken fibula.

  55. Inari Nickens

    I'm not a fan of either team. But I will always remember at 11 years old I wanted the Colts to win this game and I'm still upset that touchdown didn't count

  56. Dr. Edward KarenKiller Kevorkian

    Hardman had a rough start but I liked how Big Red went right back to him to give him the opportunity to get that one mistake back. And the Love form his teammates on the sideline after he muffed the kick... 100% KINGDOM

  57. Robert Jayroe

    Three TD’s but three interceptions and the defense dropped three others that could’ve given him six. Good but not great.

  58. Jerald Nabayra

    One of the greatest perform SUPER BOWL QUEEN B & BRUNO MARS IDOL 😍😍❤️❤️

  59. Patrick Lannon

    I love Nfl but it already over chiefs will win

  60. Patrick Lannon


  61. Ayushi Parsheera

    I love my india .. And you, who respects your country, owns my respect. Ps Beautifully sung

  62. Colin Leahy

    Originally scheduled for 1 PM on CBS

  63. Jake Ozzy

    Sorry bucs fans its not gonna happen

  64. Duval Only type shit

    I’m officially done with the nfl Thx arod 🙃

  65. Joeyplaysgames

    No one wanted this

  66. Colin Leahy

    Originally scheduled for 4:05 PM on CBS

  67. joshu tierney

    Joe Buck really has gotten a lot better.. still not great but man this is excruciating

  68. Ty Perdue

    Makes me cry to see how much fun and wish the whole world could be

  69. RZARECK36 777

    Hope he gets drafted

  70. Luke Andris

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  71. yenley mercado

    Estas son las reproducciones que gente sana hace de un performance en el del año pasado es increible la cantidad de desquisiados que pasan dia y noche reproduciendo para sentir que sus vida tiene sentido.

  72. Raymond Agosila

    unbelievable throws by Brady!

  73. Notafratdude

    Jesus loves you Please repent because He is coming soon, Like so more people can see this.

  74. Colin Leahy

    Originally scheduled at Levi’s Stadium