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  1. Bini Sana

    Omg the gayness 💕

  2. hakym aqua

    s/o braxton cook - the dude who made this song

  3. Akash

    Oh my Goodness.these show is full of tough ladies....Impressive... can't wait for the upcoming season ❤️❤️ Hulu❤️❤️

  4. Akash

    AWSOME.... Can't wait for these... Luv u HULU ❤️❤️

  5. David K

    Can't wait ...

  6. Virginia Britton

    Tired of the cover up.

  7. Nathalie M.L. Römer

    That head nudge she does at around ):08 minutes has an "you what?" feeling to it. Like something clicks inside her suddenly that tells her that this ain't any sort of benevolent people she's talking with. I've seen Aunt Lydia grow as a character, and together with Janine she's one of my favourite characters in the series in an odd sort of way.

  8. Nathalie M.L. Römer

    I think that Fred was a gender traitor from the start and he married Serena out of convenience. Two things I saw in the series that convince me that's ultimately his real past. The first is the reaction during the evening when Serena tries to be the handmaid, and in the scene you see her kneel for him to just walk away. Then there's the reaction to Winslow, who was acting in a "gender traitor" way towards him, and also seemingly took a wife for convenience reasons. Something about how Fred acted was like he was pleased that Winslow was dead. It means that there is no one left to reveal his secret. The fun part would be if in Canada they show off a file on Fred and Serena reads it to find a handwritten note on a page: "Gender Traitor > possible lover = Winslow." If Serena is pregnant she could do the ultimate betrayal by revealing she knows his secret and that he'll never be the father of her child and isn't the father. Then a further scene reveals her in bed with the diplomat she had met in Canada. (just a small fan fiction)

  9. Taro

    They should honestly just make The Wall it's own show at this point. People like it more than Solar Opposites.

  10. ray24051

    If Janine dies we riot!!!

  11. Tipsy Bass

    That told me NOTHING of aunt Lydia’s background. NOTHING!!

  12. cynthia rouse

    Many of these Companies are Cut Outs and storefronts set up to launder trafficking money. Did you see the movie 'I Care A Lot' about the sociopath guardian fleecing older people by getting illegal 'guardianships' over them. Watch the last half hour, when she makes a deal with the mobster to open 'care facilities' all over America and they end up as Wall Street IPO billionaires. This this the larger truth. Billionaires = Deal with devil Literally. This, allegedly, was never a real company. It was probably set up to launder trillions in illegal trafficking money.

  13. sametaltinpinar

    i think she will die this season

  14. venusfan

    Good for her live tour life the way you want.

  15. Ginge

    Photographer here, specifically not interested because they're using phones and not DSLR's or mirrorless cameras, which is what normal photographers would use in this instance. You're just doing this to prove a point when you could achieve a much higher quality photo with more dynamic range on a Sony A7R4. Those who don't know much about photography would argue.

  16. Darth Vader

    Why so little comments

  17. Marziya Shaikh

    "I tried so hard to be good, but then I realised that breaking the rules is the only way forward." - Janine

  18. mitsubishi 3000GT

    Thats a seggsy 3000GT

  19. 李嘉琳

    濱崎步被日本人稱為輝夜姬 她已經長的不是年輕的樣子 像SAYONARA那首單曲的樣子 那個樣子是日本傳說中輝夜姬的模樣

  20. entertain7us14

    the fact that Lydia calls her 'Janine' just stirs ALL kinds of feelings in me. this show is at its best when it's not just a black and white tale of good against evil, but rather a complex exploration of different women with different levels of agency/power and what they do with that power in a barbaric system. Lydia whole-heartedly believes in Gilead's mission, doesn't see Janine as an equal, but does feel immense compassion for her, and recognises this isn't fair. Just like Serena, who is also a true believer, but recognises how much of a 'sacrifice' she is making. truly makes us wonder how much we'd be willing to give up for a cause that we were thoroughly brainwashed to follow absolutely.

  21. Phoenix by Monika Huber hungry for the New season

  22. 李嘉琳

    今年8月26日濱崎步要發新單曲 是我寫的 我們合作很久 幾乎每一首歌 我們相識近二十年 她二十歲就出櫃 得到認同 沒有起家庭革命 我則是跟她結婚後 找一個時間跟我家人講 我很害怕 但家人對我的態度 比較溫和 讓我內心一顆大石頭總算落下

  23. Tia Monique Prioleau

    Oh man this was so good.

  24. Sepehr Torabi

    These trailers should have spoiler alert!!!

  25. Al Chanel

    Something tells me the series will end with the downfall of Gilead, and the ladies who were once handmaids will put back their red coats one last time by choice to stone Aunt Lydia.

  26. Czuowiek Janszczur

    jakby ta typka dostala nobla to kisne i moge umierac by odejsc z tego swiata idiotow ; D

  27. Sega Drive

    if no one dies on first episode, then this show is......stale.

  28. Anthony Strunk

    As a Police Officer there should NOT be a quota

  29. Colleen Mae Callender

    I honestly cant feel sorry for Luke. He cheated on his ex wife and treated her like garbage and he questions June staying in Gilead. She is trying to save his daughter and hes too far up himself to see it.

  30. Ryland Haze

    I love the little teleportation part cus people in comment sections on HUfast argue just like that

  31. AlexanderMccarthey87

    Janine is one of the most amazing characters ever created. I've been traumatized, brought to tears, and left in awe of her beauty. Her innocence is an inspiration. I'll never forget the first time I saw her, and I will never forget the effect she has had on me.

  32. SarahLee

    I wonder if Soleil knew or had any kind of inkling that when she was making these videos she would one day share them with the world and whole generation would come together and be nostalgic at the same time...? Here it is 2021. Iim now 40yrs old and once again, Soleil Moon is making this moment in my life awesome! Ty Soleil Moon Fry and company!!! 💛💛💛

  33. DieLoveDie Film

    Love Gemma Chan from "Humans" and Sandra Oh from "Killing Eve" and Kelly M. Tran from "Monster Land". Wish they were together in a live-action film/show.

  34. Enzo

    If she dies IMMA SUE

  35. alexandra _36

    Janine is the best ❤

  36. DieLoveDie Film

    One of the best shows on Hulu.

  37. 李嘉琳

    JAC JAGACIAK將代替我進行登基大典 因為他是國王 我則與濱崎步在一起 現在菲利浦親王駕崩 不是好時間 先等一段時間

  38. 李嘉琳

    我需要國王 奶奶選中JAC JAGACIAK 可以坐黃金馬車 皇家馬車有一百部 只有黃金馬車是國王與女王才能乘坐 要八匹馬拉 純金打造 有騎兵護衛 還有步兵在旁 奶奶登基大典完後 曾登坐黃金馬車繞倫敦一圈

  39. Ankita Surjushe

    Dunphys!! 💙 are da best!

  40. Ken Nicholson

    Ofjoseph may also be with child

  41. Ken Nicholson

    What about Ofgeorge's journey?

  42. Rachel Noneofyabeeswax

    Hope we get to see this in the UK

  43. Ken Nicholson

    He'll be a great father.

  44. Lee

    This has been my favorite song since I first saw the ad. Thank you Dame! Thank you Hulu!!

  45. Jessie Arturo Thunder

    My grandfather owned and operated a trap line in northern b.c my brother and I spent two summers there in the 90s while my grandfather was away we were at the cabin beautiful summer day and my brother came running back from the outhouse saying he seen a light brown almost blonde haired thing running on two feet about 50 yards up a hill behind the outhouse not making a sound while running and at a crazy pace & speed too he stuck by what he saw up until he passed away at the age of 29 four years ago and he was an honest person a skeptic to this day it still gives me the creeps thinking about it

  46. David Ckoocie

    I swear to god if she get's as much as a scratch

  47. マリオ

    WeWork "Do you wanna show how we broke" Apple, Hulu "hECk YeAh"

  48. Dave Imlach

    Ya I was attacked when I was 15 years old up in northern British Columbia it was an amazing creature.that was summer of 1980.

  49. Emily Francis

    I've missed janine so much, I really hope she gets out of gilead so she can heal 🥺

  50. Rodolfo Gutierrez

    i'm really curious about what heroes will pop up to fight him. maybe it will be some loveable loser scenario where he defeats himself before any heroes do..

  51. Rakha Adhitama S.

    This is like the bite of 87 from fnaf

  52. Rakha Adhitama S.

    Pandory the panda voice sound femiliar to a youtuber named combo panda

  53. Bryan L

    I loveeee these videos they are putting out to hold us till the premier !

  54. HeikkiP

    Would love to see Janine killing Aunt Lydia

  55. Ferney1c

    I’d like a journey video for all of the Handmaid’s. Also Nick and some of the Martha’s.

  56. Nadiezda Serrano


  57. Enzo

    If she doesn’t join the resistance I‘m leaving

  58. How to Faint

    The only happy ending I need is for Janine :( :( :(

  59. darkFantasy

    Janine ❤️

  60. krystal

    So I think Nick and Joseph' s journey will be next. Maybe Hannah?

  61. Carla Correa

    YeeeSSS I need more Janine in this season 😍

  62. Domenek Bluen


  63. Depoit T

    Can't wait for the next season ❤️

  64. Vorehand Roblox Piggy and dark deception

    Five nights at panda!

  65. tatiana mogollon

    I want to see Nick's Journey

  66. Steven Woods

    Where's the "Nick's Journey" video?

    1. No Name

      Omg yesss ugh we want more of nick

  67. Katie

    He is getting more creepy and disgusting. When he blames Serena what she made him, it sounds like the typical line of abuser trying to excuse himself... He is way more evil than her... He had bigger part in creating Gilead, and he did it just for his own power. He had Serena help him, promising her a baby, but didn't actually care about her or anybody else. He does not actually believe in Gilead, otherwise he would not bent its laws. He was actually really nasty to Serena - unfaithful to her at Jezebels, beating her for helipng a child, getting her finger cut, caring always more for his power than his family... He really shouldn't have been surprised that she threw him under the bus when she go the chance. Serena is morally twisted as well, but she never hurt him, he hurt her...

  68. Xavier J Thomas

    not the final!!!!!!! i really enjoy watching this show!

  69. Tom

    I. Am. STRESSED.