Би́лли А́йлиш Па́йрат Бэрд О’Ко́ннелл - американская певица и автор песен. Снискала известность в 2016 году благодаря публикации дебютного сингла «Ocean Eyes» на SoundCloud.
В 2019 году её дебютный альбом When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go? возглавил американский и британский хит-парады, а сингл «Bad Guy» вышел на первое место в Billboard Hot 100. Он стал первым чарттоппером певицы, а сама Айлиш, благодаря этому достижению, стала первым человеком, рождённым в XXI веке, которому удалось возглавить Hot 100.
В 2020 году Айлиш стала триумфатором музыкальной премии Грэмми, выиграв все четыре основные номинации: Песня года, Альбом года, Запись года и Лучший новый исполнитель, а также победив в номинации Лучший вокальный поп-альбом. В результате она стала первым с 1981 года исполнителем, получившим все четыре главных награды года.

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  1. cesar Alarcón

    relajante. 🍃💫

  2. Mr. Mad!


  3. norma reeb

    too bad she's straight cause like I'm **+s i m p i n g+**

  4. XxL3m0nadexX

    Who else love Billie

  5. Frost Nezz

    Let's see how many people listen to this song today?? 👀

  6. Jenifer Lopez

    love when people capitalize off of my mental disorder. psycho and sociopaths are not playthings for your amusement, asshole.

  7. edmcs9

    this song makes me feel like a boss bitch

  8. Alhía Rodríguez


  9. Cassidy Onespot

    you lisin to my brother his name is blake onespot

  10. Hufflepuff

    I can’t relate to this song (cause no one likes me ✌🏻) but it’s still so painful

  11. Gospel969

    Why Billie Eilish's music was never guested on Steven Universe show. That disapponits and makes me really sad.

  12. Jennifer Chuqui

    Really love how she said “good life” instead of goodbye

  13. Blue-diamonds

    My acellus teacher: soo- Me:

  14. Brayan zora



    No, Billie, I haven't done that dance since my wife died There's a whole crowd of people out there who need to learn how to do the Scarn Don't ask questions you don't wanna know Learned my lesson way too long ago To be talking to you, belladonna Shoulda taken a break, not an oxford comma Take what I want when I wanna And I want ya Bad, bad news One of us is gonna lose I'm the powder, you're the fuse Just add some friction You are my strange addiction You are my strange addiction My doctors can't explain My symptoms or my pain But you are my strange addiction I'm really, really sorry I think I was just relieved to see that Michael Scarn got his confidence back Yeah, Michael, that movie is amazing It's like, one of the best movies I've ever seen in my life Deadly fever, please don't ever break Be my reliever 'cause I don't self medicate And it burns like a gin and I like it Put your lips on my skin and you might ignite it Hurts, but I know how to hide it, kinda like it Bad, bad news One of us is gonna lose I'm the powder, you're the fuse Just add some friction You are my strange addiction You are my strange addiction My doctors can't explain My symptoms or my pain But you are my strange addiction Bite my glass, set myself on fire Can't you tell I'm crass? Can't you tell I'm wired? Tell me "Nothing lasts" Like I don't know You could kiss my as-king about my motto You should enter it in festivals Or carnivals Thoughts? Pretty good reaction Pretty cool, right? You are my strange addiction You are my strange addiction My doctors can't explain My symptoms or my pain But you are my strange addiction Did you like it? Did you like that? Um, which part?

  16. eu sei lá

    Nunca pensei que ia tá ouvindo Billie eilish

  17. paige chlorro

    where are the comments

  18. Penny and fi 0923

    I'm still trying to figure out what the pic is.

    1. A n n i e

      It's a broken marble(?) statue

  19. Raquel Gonzalez


  20. Maria Fernanda Banks


  21. Unicorn Girl Good

    Live love make time a die my sad Hello Welcome Home...mmm

  22. Elizabeth Rodríguez Caicedo

    El comentario en español que buscabas xd

  23. Arya Salunke

    It just makes me think how he comes into my mind at random times and make it beautiful just to leave me at the end..

  24. Yamileth Gonzalez

    i love you billie

  25. Mariah WardJolly

    this is my new favorite song, omgggggg jerjbgkbfb

  26. Anna Stella Minieri

    im still alive!!

  27. Megan Gazaway

    If Billie don’t callab w me 😢

  28. Skipping Willow

    School:exists Me:Idontwanttobehereanymore

  29. Bri Willis

    no one: My brain 🧠: billie’s my strange addiction!!!

  30. Pigeon System

    My latin teacher made us translate the chorus so that she could give it to the younger students n ask them to translate it back into English n see if they'd recognise it lmao

  31. Julie gj9034016

    Bille elish you r so amazing and so relazing to listen 2. thank u so much!

  32. Nehir Ersoy

    I can stop thinking that how much everyone would cry listening to this song if she commits suicide or something

  33. hedahh

    i still hear this song

  34. iiiBlxssoms

    Billie: *Slurp* *Slurp* "My invisiline has finally- (Laughs) I have taken out my invisiline and dis is de album" *Laughs* Me: Is Billie eating noodles?

  35. M C

    Why do most of her songs from this album remind me of most danganropa characters ;-;

  36. iiiBlxssoms

    Oml- she still sounds like an angel when she sings with helium

  37. Martin Rivera Lopez

    I feel like I've heard this before

  38. Camila Ustariz


  39. Peter Sifgfried


  40. Benjamin Taylor

    1:59 Anyone get Real Slim Shady vibes with the synth ostinato in the back?

  41. Food Food

    That dislike is the people who are just weird

  42. Olivia Scheiderer

    Hello Oikawa Kinnies.

    1. A n n i e

      Hello to you too :)

  43. Oh me Art lover

    I want to listen this song in my death bed.

  44. justjane_

    body shamers: you ug- billie: *"shut your piehole 😀✋🏻"*

  45. Pamuk Şekerr


  46. lilly ryan

    listen !!! my theory is that billie had (i say had because there isn't really any known relationship anymore) been seeing a guy names brandon for a while. his nicknames including the name 'que' and also '8', but im not sure why. bil wrote the song about brandon, but used his nickname instead of his actual name. also, the song wish you were gay skips the number 8 because he is who she is talking about !!! tons of footage of the two has been filmed and speculations of the two have been put on youtube if you wanted to see :)

  47. Creep Cat

    at work like 0:15 - 0:18

  48. Marijana Atanasovska


  49. Grace Lynch

    News: nothing good is going to happen during twenty Everyone: lol true dat Billie: hold my coke

  50. ʜɪ ᴄʜᴇʀʀʏ ツ

    This song is perfect and epic

  51. no one

    Hello lgbtq+ community

  52. yoyo sumi


  53. K

    I will just keep conducting my day as normal. I can't keep trying to guess what you want.

  54. Matteo Carollo

    so good!!

  55. It'll get better soon.

    I think this song is directed at CORPSE HUSBAND because he tweeted thinking Billie Eilish specifically went through this just like the lyric "Don't talk about me like how you might know how I feel" and lately he's been growing, feeling like he's the top of the world or something. I'm a corpse fan too (not a simp) but maybe just maybe somehow the song is PARTLY directed at him. Just a theory!

  56. Adesh Roberson

    the second that first note plays, it hits all over again

  57. adam

    Skyfall was better

  58. adam

    Will there be another male 007? No, Time To Die

  59. Abiep Alfiana


  60. Gracie Fast

    Listen before I go, I love you, Goodbye 👌

    1. Gracie Fast

      That hit hard

  61. SunsetBeachPlays

    Me: **Hears, "I'm not your friend"** Also Me: I HAVE SOMETHING TO SEND TO MY TOXIC FRIEND NOW :D

  62. Reacting With Lil Mike

    My cousin has started making raps. He's getting started, but with your support, he could become famous. Please put my cousin to the top. Search up "Yung Geezy" Español: Mi primo ha comenzado, peru con su apoyo, podría volverse famoso. Por favor, ponga a mi primo en la cima. Busca "Yung Geezy"

  63. Victoria Jungic

    That was so epic oml

  64. Humanity ._

    I like to imagine Levi from AOT flying with ODM Gear to this

  65. Q1 Smitty

    My favourite song billie elish voice Love uu billie 👽

  66. Yoongis three dollar chain

    Hey (My name) are you back again this year? Really.? I hope your doing better.

  67. extraannoying

    he was an amazing friend now he’s a stranger again. I miss him, I miss laughing w him. I miss everything abt him

  68. Andy B

    most beautiful voice

  69. Jamjock Cruise


  70. Jamjock Cruise

    I'm in love

  71. fÜçK__


  72. Bøøp Beep

    technically you can say this is your favorite song and you really wouldnt be lying about it being a song lol

  73. QuattraSol99

    This song is so chill but so savage at the same time and I absolutely love that. Honestly one of my favorite things about her music! She just doesn't seem to give a damn what anyone thinks either.

  74. Kalea Thornton

    listening to this since your got canceled 😚✌🏼

  75. Glamourtine

    Ok but umm this song makes me feel powerfull and a lil cocky hbt yall

  76. Paula Lopez

    To the 1% who reads this Your skin isn't paper, don't cut it Your body isn't a book, don't judge it Your life isn't a movie, don't end it Your heart isn't a door, don't lock it You're beautiful💓 Always remember you are amazing And there are so many people that love u It is worth living You have a purpose Be you... I know these times are hard but keep fighting You are worth it You are amazing You are special So don’t be afraid to be yourself

  77. Madi-Shyrock

    Who’s here after tour got canceled. I am sobbing.

  78. Elicia Alvarez

    LISTEN TO ME ON THIS OK? therefore i am (november 12 2020) everything i wanted (november 13 2020) therefore i am everything i wanted