I play video games too much. I might not be the best, but I do have hot elbows.

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  1. Ryan Tanaka

    I saw a poll and it said who is better and dream won the vote😡

  2. Havoc Gia

    "ChandlerHallow"hey peeps

  3. Aidxn

    Makes me wish I even owned Java edition

  4. leafwasnottaken

    *b o n k*

  5. Agent Tennessee

    I'd like to imagine they told Technoblade one hour in advance because he's the Batman of Minecraft prep time and he's one of those people that just gets exponentially more dangerous when he's aloud to think.

  6. Heavy Breathing

    Wwwwaaaaiiiiitttttt..... Whitelisted is Deo’s alt. I’m onto you now blade....

  7. Harvey Sucayre



    The only person to yell “NOOOOOO” when they win

  9. kelvin0_o

    I like how Techno’s always mined blocks with both hands instead of one

  10. Simply Mxlon

    Aww she reminded me when I was younger my brother used to play Minecraft i sat beside him saying “KILL THAT SHEEP” And same with GTA what ever was out in that time “KILL THAT OLD LADY” I swear I am ok now


    My mans mental


    Im everywhere

  13. Aidxn

    “I’ve seen Irish famines with more potatoes than this farm”

  14. Daniel Almiron

    He could of just broke the chest and got the items out off it

  15. Reyniel playz

    Tech no 10mil sub lets goooo

    1. Reyniel playz


  16. Ojas Mudgal


  17. XxLavender_DreamsxX

    I had counted 29 :D Also why am I JUST NOW seeing this LOL this was 7 years ago

  18. Cyberpotato 0271

    welcome 2021 recommended people!

  19. Will Thomas

    I had a couple.

  20. minecrafter

    3:49 with captions on,you won’t regret it

  21. Brogan plays

    Did i just hear a jojo reference

  22. *F O R T N I T E P L A Y S*

    Techno killed APHMAU T-T

  23. matt alcoriza

    what if the parents of the family were orphans if he kills the parents of the family then the child will be an orphan....

  24. Will It Snap?

    Techno best youtuber because techno enjoys killing small kids in videogame and directly demanding money from viewers because he deserves it because he is best youtuber

  25. Banana slash blade


  26. Jax_Potato

    He has bedrock

  27. Aidxn

    When you realize that Squid Kid is verified but Techno isn’t

  28. hamburber

    Techno sounds like a younger rick

  29. Nate Wong

    All he has is a diamond sword not that strong -Technoblade

  30. Yufeng yan


  31. Lnttt

    “I’m gonna get like 2 and a half armor bars.” *Techno literally gets 2 and a half armor bars right after saying that.*

  32. Justus McKay


  33. Dolphin Dan 2 Electric Boogaloo Return of the King

    ‘Never fight a man with thousands of dogs and really good armor and weapons.’ Sun Tzu - The Art Of War, Probably

  34. deltaRed

    Germany and the Soviet Union bully Poland

  35. Vicky Wu

    His kneecaps go crazy 😂😂

  36. Mr. Lumbago

    Why am i getting recommended old videos Not complaining just confused

  37. Roderick Pollard

    He clicked so fast, that the FPS of the camera didn’t pick it up

  38. Brbrbrbreanna D

    “In what way is this a government; it’s literally a book club.” Me, a book club board member: *sweats profusely*

  39. Dio Brando


  40. Ace John Macaspac

    I can see his faceeee

  41. Sharma Bavita

    What is MVP????🤕🤕🤕🤕🤕😅😅😅😅😅

  42. Honeylyn Delarosa

    Hey. Technoblade can duel again to dream and to prove your the best player in hol world

  43. unicorn lover

    Techno is literally my fav u watch 2 videos and now like his videos more then anything

  44. User NotFound

    The kitchen looks as if they took a school kitchen and gave it good cabinets

  45. LonelyLexi123

    This is 15 seconds. What a scam

  46. Funny Valentine

    Alternate title: British child gets bullied by 12 adults

  47. CyberDragon


  48. blxretro

    Why are we all arguing over wheat there is no hunger in this game. *goes and farms 500m potatos*

  49. Max L. B. M.Y. G.

    Who is here after Quackity’s stream to see the grave island

  50. Sun Dappled

    The intro is so good, the words are so simple and compelling.

  51. NickWearsSocks

    broooo my boy tech sword got kilt got gunk ball

  52. Nozomi Toujou

    Idk If It is what the person meant, but ixi in portuguese means oops ir when something is wrong/not going the way they expected

  53. SpItFiRe GOD

    why am I here? what lead me to this video after 5 years???

  54. Scarlet Skies

    It could be 80 degrees (Fahrenheit) one day and the next there could be 4 feet of snow, no joke that’s happened multiple times this year.... 😒 it also got to -36 ish degrees (Fahrenheit again) This winter I wore shorts in 32 degree weather because it got so cold I hate my states weather it’s so inconsistent Sorry about my weather rant, hope you have a great day! 😊

  55. Sun Dappled

    The epic conclusion! back here to watch after the crown was dusted off for the fight with Dante.

  56. Malluc

    This man has always had a fantastic sense of humor.

  57. bofooit gojo

    “If you can’t win a $10000 fridge go the $5000 one” -Sun Tzu the art of war

  58. dqriuss

    “pick up the pace losers, chop chop”

  59. Obamaspuebes

    Are you turning 22 this year?

  60. That Nerd Albert

    i found my 2 year old comment on this video, cool

  61. Sun Dappled

    Your content is amazing, and super funny I come back to watch this when I feel down.

  62. Cooper Jump

    Everyone:”so how many orphans have you killed?” Technoblade:”yes”

  63. dream

    those that have treated me with kindness, i will repay that kindness tenfold. and those that treat me with injustice, that use me, that hunt me down, that hurt my friends-i shall repay that injustice a thousand times over

  64. Irene Yambot

    hahaha michael was also there

  65. Doge Gaming!

    He even searched on the m- *box hits him* *1 second later* *dog comes*

  66. Sun Dappled


  67. Crafted Doge

    To this day admins still have not fixed pig kit

  68. Nini Luu

    :ooooo :OOOOOO

  69. Vicky Wu

    Another episode on *Will this be the newest high viewed video!! Made 6 years ago*

  70. Pengtropica

    What I learned from this video: He is a highschooler and he has Dream What I didn’t learn from this video: what Technoblade looks like

  71. Kashan Malick

    First in my recommendations lmao I just woke up

  72. Raphael Autret

    Man. I can’t get enough of those elbows