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  1. DeepFilmsHD

    Stop asking who’s listening in 2021,we never stopped listening

  2. LemonZestSauce

    Versace, is that you?

  3. V1lle

    thats not weeknd thats monday

  4. Aryan

    I am here before 1B views .

  5. Jessica Rose

    OK I know in four years late but did anybody else get the commercial with his blinding lights I as watching us

  6. Final Fantasy

    I feel like he was going for the handsome squidward look

  7. Brandie Sims-Garcia

    Does his songs from 4 years ago not all have 1 billion views

  8. Grus Americana Raging

    He clearly watched the Joker yoo many times lol

  9. BuurtvaderJakob

    no one: 2:32 : the hacker during the CS:GO game


    Love from India 🇮🇳 🇮🇳 I'm addicted to your songs 💥 GOAT.

  11. Alex Robinson

    Came here after hearing this on a Sky Cinema advert. Thought it was Pendlum when I first heard it.

  12. Algassimou Diallo


  13. Lee Lee

    He whispered Selena 😢💗 I hope they get married

  14. Hilda Lara Meneses


  15. nollyfkennedy

    The instrumental sounds like something that would be playing in a Mass Effect nightclub (Afterlife).

  16. Moonlight Vibes

    When hear this song I remember gta vice city and gta 6

  17. Dominic Fernandez

    why was he waring a mask

  18. Berat Eren

    1.17 1.55 my favorite

  19. Uye Lavy


  20. Reno Rheza


  21. AAAlina Tahan

    love this song!!!!! keep posting music videos I love them and btw your my fave artiste love you!!!!!!

  22. inevitable Afro

    Now this is human Ascension right here

  23. paola contreras


  24. Lidia Supac

    Las músicas de el me encantan me alegra el día 💥 Cada vez que voy en Manhattan pongo la música de el waw me dan las ganas de bailar en el tren. En las calles de New York 💥💥💥💥💗💗💗🤗 si a ti te a pasado lo mismo comenta 😁🇬🇹🇬🇹💥🤩🤩🤩

  25. Moad moad

    Is she selena gomez ?!!!!!!

  26. Vquash

    during the plastic surgery

  27. Jorje Lemus


  28. Jerome Murugas

    This song is insane

  29. ASJV FF

    5 years since this gem and it still feels like it was just uploaded yesterday

  30. sean

    Great song, but I can't help but to think this is one big Mercedes-Benz ad.

  31. Chocokathe Kathe

    You feel this song in all ur body Really amazing 😍😍😍

  32. Shanzay Asif

    This song really deserves 1B guys!!!😔


    Mano kkkkkkkkkkk o Weeknd se parece com o Maikon kuster.

  34. Jv Bryan Javier

    This is better than the original. I think this is the alternative Music Video, Just add the car scene slightly.

  35. kaori kaori

    Satanic clip 🤮

  36. D Smooth Gaming


  37. Mason Purcell

    Me when I get numbed at the dentist 0:10 (pause)

  38. Ayrton re14

    grand theft auto vi xd

  39. Lil eigth

    It's not your first time here

  40. robert mathias


  41. Xx Đɑvid xX

    - GTA 6 -

  42. mr lok

    What a face 😂 bro 🤣😹🤣

  43. Xico & Xica

    Parece uma mistura de Top gear com Such Great Heights do The Postal Service

  44. Grace Webbery

    I still get goosebumps after watching this for the fourth time

  45. Foxy

    Not just his face, he actually was running really like the “joker”, I’m Fascinated👈

  46. Dulce Castillo

    Me fascina este tema

  47. Nanda Das

    This man needs make film I mean this is awesome


    very very very .....................................good

  49. Mason Turner

    It's on fortnite

  50. ItsSpicy

    Very few songs hold up over 5 years! Incredible!

  51. Erica R

    So ready for him to play the Super Bowl 🙌

  52. Larry Pierce

    “I broke your heart like someone did to mine” hits different now...

  53. Erika Gregorio


  54. YUSU F

    Still legend"")))🖒

  55. Vincent Price


  56. Jose Vasquez

    What a singer is he. Amazing.

  57. Issoufegh Ikram

    And then : LA girls all look the same i can't reonrgnize


    Bienvenido a la realidad

  59. Ayushbhanzan

    I think Rockstar wants to heir the weekend🔥

  60. Anurag Singh

    Only the ogs remember kenny g

  61. 「drxiin」

    This is so song I'm going to play when covid ends

  62. EatThatPussy

    He put «can’t feel my face» on another level.

  63. Dillan Mistry

    Best live performance of this masterpiece

  64. Ley Viet


  65. Dillan Mistry

    I've always been a fan of Michael Jackson and the 80s, and I could never have been so happy for The Weekend to fulfil this

  66. Sekkiro

    PERTURBADOR el maquillaje

  67. omar ben

    From 2021

  68. ScafellFN

    This song feels at least a decade old it gives them vibes

  69. Vijaykumar Wali

    Spongebob wants to know your location

  70. Certified Bruh

    Ben, the weekend confirmed possible homosexual Maybe possibly pro cancer as well

  71. Winner Gaming


  72. Jayden Barrington

    the funny thing their were two women behind him in 1:27

  73. Keddy Ramírez. Mateu

    Como se llama la canción del principio

  74. Priyal Joshi

  75. Marsel TV

    Why is there no Daft Punk in this video

  76. Emanuel Ramos Del Rio

    yes we do eline E

  77. mrdevonscook

    serious The Killers vibes here

  78. Megan Louisa

    Fucking love this album him ...The weeknd and Lana defoo music royalty 🙌🙌🙌

  79. Mo Nha