1. sawan kumar

    You're amazing love from india

  2. Anand Carrara

    I'm very sad life

  3. Subhaan Mehrban

    So family friendly ;kids it’s cold outside grab ur coats Also ;ima gonna crack ur nose fo cracking jokes

  4. saad bin zubair

    When Lag Hits you Hard af

  5. Bii bi

    🔥🔥WHY IS IT SO FREAKING AMAZING!!!🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 i can't stop listen to this🔥🔥

  6. Jimmy J

    The younger Eminem style

  7. Catie Blackwell

    The king is back

  8. beast workoutz

    i been a follower of nf for the last 5 years of my life, have had some serious life changes take place (most of them were pretty suck) but nf has had my back without even knowing it, this man has my full support, this mans talent never ceases to grow and mature with every song, give this man the credit and honor he deserves.

  9. Hidayet Foufa

    Make it in speed lecture 1.5

  10. yousuf shihabi

    0% drugs 100% shopping cart

  11. Google Google

    gracias por ser mi cama pero ya no puedo hacer video

  12. Pierrejo PJ

    I do not know what to say

  13. Gaming Musketeers

    Sadness sadness.....who knows it!!!!! Everybody has felt it!!!! But have u felt the pain when heart aches...I guess it's worse than heart attack coz heart ache u Iive witb it!!!!...same a paralyzed...j cant do anything just go through it.....

  14. Yaseen Khan

    Now I just want hug my mom

    1. Yaseen Khan


  15. Yayah X


  16. Enanuel Bogarin

    First song I hear of this guy and I’m already a fan of this guy🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🐐

  17. JJ Meer

    That coffin opened up and it hit real hard in the feels. Teared up. Struggling with this shit with my parents but it's my dad that's dead and not me.

  18. Enanuel Bogarin

    Yo who is this guy he🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  19. Tony Black

    Phenomenal artist

  20. Aaron Johnson

    I couldn't help but die laughing when the kid didn't give him the high five back 😂

  21. Dipa Ghosh

    Its 2021 and its probably my millionth time listening this, but im still crying...i repeat IM FUCKING CRYING



    1. [ HVSTAGE ]

      Gods Grace + Faith = heaven...

  23. Advan Selami

    Who is watching this 2021

    1. Juilho the powerful

      Hm...Alot of people

  24. George L. Steven


  25. cisum revol

    Why he's the only rapper who cam give me goosebumps everytime







  28. Anthony Williams


  29. cisum revol

    The only Artist who can give me goosebumps everytime

  30. Jouhaina Zayidi

    I’m a rapper already I have best raps

  31. Mulany Mula


  32. Xxx101Xxx

    Bro get him to pewdiepie's level damn

  33. FG Slix


  34. Maya Kerr

    I know this is the start of something awesome because he doesn't have his iconic shopping cart, or the cage/keys from perception, or the 'real' hat, or the timbs. so excited for this to come out!!!

  35. UltraMagnus15

    This guy here deserves to be listened to, he's undeniably at the Em level...

  36. Niels Van der lugt

    When the devil dies, he will go to nf's music video

  37. team 41

    beautiful lyrics brother 👌👍🙏🚩

  38. Cleaves

    lmao, so there was 11716*** plays when i just watched this, i checked before i refreshed the video, after the refresh apparently there is 11715872 plays.. hmmm NF HUfast stealing your views bro !!

    1. Cleaves

      now it says you have 11716552 plays lol. ive been video recording while i refresh the page and it keeps going down my man. ive got actual evidence.

  39. Matthew LaMacchia

    Now we will never bring up the Christian God again...Oh wait is that why he has dog who lies to give people the right to sin....We don't believe....Our hearts are done.

  40. Matthew LaMacchia

    Were still not going to serve the church and state as the jesus kid...It will never happen...I choose to be a dad to my two kids.....Its freewill we were never Christian and its a free country so I thought. So why would my life judged so the wizard can do what he wants...Thats why I don't beile in a Christian god.

    1. Luffythegoat 1.0

      are u on the wrong video? legit question by the way

  41. Daniel Unknown

    Dope ass track! Straight fuego🔥🔥

  42. Carrot Man

    But like who’s here from clouds

  43. Cleaves

    This song is fucking amazing! \

  44. Carrot Man

    I think I found every NF fan’s favorite song

  45. Beatriz Infante

    Oklahoma city

  46. Beatriz Infante


  47. legit_gaming 101

    Nate i love youre music. you are so underrated.

  48. Vanessa Hamm

    Fire :)


    One day everybody gona die, and remember no one's is gona remember you! So fuck world create ur image in world which can keep u till 12 generations .

  50. Sir Chadothy

    can wait for the full mixtape

  51. 42812501718 AZAD

    I wanna know

  52. Shadowbrine Playz

    Me a 5:00 am this song me: jamming up

  53. sxilky Heathers

    Not lying, this made my heart race

  54. 000firebird

    NF will never go mainstream. Mainstream will go NF

  55. ilyairo

    Америка подарила миру ещё одного классного репера, а Россия подарила СНГ моргенштерна. Вот и вся разница

  56. Lucas Howard

    NF: grabs apple ME: always eat healthy foods

  57. S K Y

    ماش ماش نبي اقوا

  58. ciaran oneill

    Only a couple days have passed and it already has 11million views. Amazing

  59. Антон Бочкарев


  60. Shad Xv

    Eminem version

  61. Nicole Cristine Alves

    Sou a única brasileira aqui !?...

  62. Blurry Face

    Oh my god 69 million

  63. Sam Ezekiah

    Next eminem

  64. Alyssa S

    Couldn’t be more ecstatic about the arrival of his signed mixtape album at my home soon!

  65. tim visser

    new eminem?

  66. the boogey man

    People dont understand this is a make the critics quiet or prove them wrong type song, and not flex its confident. Most people here dont really know the difference between flex and confidence

    1. the boogey man

      @Dennis R. FAX

    2. Dennis R.

      "You find out pretty quick that life is more than just appearances I know some things we could avoid to save embarrassment But everything that breaks you down can also build your character 'Cause people love to see you fail, just be aware of it Don't let nobody tell you who to be or write your narrative Look, we're all products of the things that we experience But there's a big difference between confidence and arrogance You hearin' this?" Nate by NF

  67. 9A Harshavardhan

    NF is not a eminem clone he got his style from him that doesnt mean he is a clone!

    1. Nikki

      Anyone who counts knows this. Haters going to hate. He is different.

  68. Gibran Obeidat

    NF checks commands someone is Tping you everywhere

  69. hi what expected a real name with the stuff I type

    I love this song cause when I use to listen to it a lot I was in a better situation and I can see myself being there when i listen to this it makes me feel free

  70. Emma Jamieson

    Time to return to my monthly crying session

  71. Sana Nul

    but what can i say

  72. William Smith

    At 0:19 Nate aka NF said he gonna not he wanna unlike the other kids hes different

  73. Alicia Castelli

    I am 7

  74. Alicia Castelli

    I am 7 I love this song

  75. hi what expected a real name with the stuff I type

    So many good flows some people take it forgradted

  76. David Kisula

    Yet there's 4k who disliked this... like seriously?!

  77. Tabatha Tuszynski


  78. Awruko

    0:49 : "Born efficient, got ambition, sorta vicious" My brain: *Touch tha fishy*

  79. Sana Nul

    kinda k.flay or what?)

  80. Sana Nul

    thank you for your songs