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  1. Molly Pollin Gamboa

    Follow up question from last week's soft drink thing. Do you prefer softdrink from a bottle, a can, or a cup like from fastfood restaurants.

  2. Olvyn Rodriguez

    Bro I so happy this popped up on my timeline 😭💟

  3. Sairraj Darnal

    Looks like Lester and Michael employed many peeps after Union Depository..


    I think the treasure isn’t real I think it’s actually a trick to get people outdoors exploring

  5. Moe's Moon TV


  6. jocontemporary

    Shane: once you get through the stuff that makes sense you tend to land of aliens Ryan, not 5 seconds later: yeah so they were abducted by aliens

  7. Nikhil Narayanan

    I guess the original treasure was the friends we made on the way.

  8. Panzerkampfwagen 4

    Wow you used Dreams unsolved thumbnail 😤👏

  9. Kayotiic 504

    Kinda off topic but ya never hear of a fat ghost.. or a midget ghost. Hmmmmmm🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔

  10. anthony mo

    I jerk off very easily

  11. Kristy

    Drugs drugs drugs. Either parents were on drugs and walked away from the car with the daughter, and got lost. Or they had a run in with drug dealers/suppliers. But I think the former is more likely, otherwise the money would have been found and taken, as well as wallet, handbag etc.

  12. Kristy

    I find Ryan’s pronunciation of Beauchamp really jarring

  13. senor zaxery

    Fallout new Vegas where a bunch of old lady in pink dresses attack you armed with rolling pins...

  14. Tneema Pathak

    Ryan: no one can see the top of your head except god 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  15. Zombie'sOpinion

    And how did I guess BuzzFeed would link to a left voting site 🙄 Thought BuzzFeed unsolved was different but I guess not. Just let Ryan and Shane go so we can all stop coming here and giving you views, making you think your bigger then you are 🙄

  16. DasSp0rk

    Impressive, truly impressive

  17. Lil Loogi

    @3:00 that didn’t age well

  18. You Are Worth Existing

    There is a saying that goes: “The right answer, is often the simplest one.” They write Croatoan so they probably integrated with the Native Tribe and left to Croatoan island, either didn’t make it to the island or lived there for the rest of their lives.

  19. Mollie Gerus

    I’m watching s7 on Amazon, but this season is already my favorite so far

  20. OHB

    He is drinking Bourbon Soda on the Puppet Island and smoking fruity garlic.

  21. PaoloGian

    19:55 Lavinia Fisher be like: What in the fuuu.....

  22. Steve

    Hi, someone who was senior staff for an election that literally tied here. No love for VA HoD-94 in 2017???

  23. Freddy Ahumada

    Actually had the votes been recounted in Florida, Gore would’ve won.

  24. Lucas Delaney

    Was this before or after they got pissed on their own channel show ?


    the guy who is measuring 17 inches, lowkey looks like Jamie Dornan

  26. mmedeuxchevaux

    Maybe the CIA (or the powers that be) search the world and recruit tall, albino twins as part of psy-ops.

  27. Jaycob Arruda

    bet you wont do Waipi'o Valley of Hawaii, The Big Island, Legend of the Night Marchers. Something i would never dare to try!

  28. David Alamo

    Shane was definitely on something lmaoo

  29. SuburbanHome Games

    "instead of going to an adoptions agency, this person wants to buy my child in cash. Gee, I wonder if this is a pedophile"

  30. Yoshi Bros

    Idk kinda sus

  31. Andrea Gluda


  32. Xmode Gaming

    FBI finally released the names of the suspects

  33. Salty Pirate

    There was no "moral dilemma", only cowardice on the part of law enforcement and you managed to stay quiet about that. The law refused to do its job. The people did its job for them, on their own behalf and in their own best interest. Quit with your lilly-livered equivocating and pissing yourself over an imaginary "moral dilemma".

  34. Rem

    How are they able to sleep at night-

  35. ben featherstone


  36. K A T

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  37. K A T

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  38. Tiffany T

    The movie Changeling is based off this!

  39. Zyzor

    I think all 3 keepers, went insane and decided to commit suicide together

  40. Hannah Williams

    Title: The Goatman's Bridge Shane: Steals his bridge The Goatman: *Am I a JoKe To YoU?*

  41. Julia_ Lim123

    Let's be honest...They're the main characters

  42. Daniel Schmidt

    Magic grass? You're just antagonizing Grass Fed Grass now.

  43. S P E E D W E E D

    Are we even going to acknowledge that she died (or at least buried) on Christmas Day? What a goddamn tragedy

  44. Rhiannon Draws

    Bruh Ryan sounds like he's about to fu king cry during his personal investigation

  45. Deangelo Dixson

    Think everythang a joke

  46. Bernie Sanders

    Thai video doesn’t do justice

  47. Eleanor Mack

    haven’t seen the video yet, but it’s impossible to learn the history of something that doesn’t exist

  48. Jojo Aguirre

    Shane spitting out his drink when he hears about Duane Weber confessing to his wife, will always crack me up.

  49. I I

    2 minutes in and that's enough for me, rather you just got on with the story.

  50. Aden Jurado

    What happens when they actually find a ghost.... does the series just end or something

  51. Reed Plant

    I really love this show. Even though they rarely find any actual evidence they’re honest about it and always have a good time anyways. Also Ryan’s spooky story voice is very soothing 10/10

  52. Puny_God

    I read the title as 'the haunted lighthouse of the augustine lighthouse' and went wut

  53. Ayva Duddington

    that's awkies because i gave myself a wealth spell and my fam won 10,000 in a bet

  54. NoxWyvern

    My question is if they properly close the spiritual connect after the seance. And that if the spirits of a location becomes more active and aggressive after they leave since they're constantly provoking the spirits. 🤔

  55. Sm D

    They need an upgrade on the Voice Box thing.

  56. perpetuallyConfusing

    Death valley has a national park. Seriously. Its call 'Dunemont Dunes'

  57. Dart Aader

    It’s the [email protected]

  58. John Q. Public

    These morons failed to point out that 98% of all election fraud is committed by the Democrat Party.

  59. Salvador Flores

    So wired how this guy goes from ? To ¿ 😂

  60. Prapti Panda

    In the Hannah Williams video.. I'm sure that Shane should be given a title. The full name should be "Demon Shane Alexander Madej" don't you like that Shane?

  61. Teoh Li Ching

    If you made a video on April fools about the cartoon, I'd honestly enjoy it

  62. mattbatesteacher

    Shane... "Can I axe you some questions?... Can you "handle" that?"

  63. Amorryujin

    Did anyone notice that during conversation Shane had a blue ball in his hand which he took for timmy the ghost in a previous haunted hospital episode

  64. zuygj bnsv

    The problem with the investigation is that they didn’t bring in Inspector Clouseau

  65. RemnantofGOD

    Halloween is a Satanic holiday. I don’t care what anyone says I don’t care if you try to defend it or if you dress of your kids as little angels or superheroes the core and sole purpose of Halloween is satanic

  66. Ruby Jamil

    The cameraman or man's are very brave to go with them

  67. Lardos Ridos

    "100.000 lives" Coronavirus : W e l c o m e t o 2 0 2 0 m y f r i e n d

  68. AKA Austin9996

    Bigfoot's are netraul beings of great size that seem to be under developed humans who,just like us, are evolving

  69. tizha zhi

    Someone confessed Gauguin with Degas...

  70. Lardos Ridos

    "Also dont forget the boy is in the box dont throw it." "Yeah yeah whatever..what did you say-- what ever ill throw it"

  71. crynos inso

    8:35 Millennium Necklace? Where's Ishizu? Where is the Eye of Anubis?

    1. crynos inso

      Well, it'd be an ancient Egyptian artifact, so it'd probably bid high if it were real.

    2. zuygj bnsv

      Very money-heist netflix type

  72. linda davalos

    Squirthead right here!!