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  1. Nathan Delgado-Schreck

    he looks like his name should be Pedro lol

  2. nieooj gotoy

    These boys held Houston to 20 first half points and when I saw the Moneyline was +175! I knew that was easy money....

  3. sport2

    good game

  4. Neill Baxter

    Dude really just showed up to play the whole time. Really deserved it

  5. Chris W

    This dudes a scrub lol

  6. Justin Edwards

    I like dangelo Russell but I don’t feel like he is the starting pg for this t wolves team.. if they have a chance to get Suggs or Cunningham they need to pull the trigger

  7. J

    thats for sure a first round draft pick

  8. J

    thats a first round draft pick

  9. J

    this guys like kidd and rouf combined

  10. Aj Mattei

    This is Audio Toon before Audio Toon!

  11. Connor P

    Minnesota please.. D'lo Ant Mcdaniels Mobley Kat with beasley off the bench

  12. Cartman 4Ever

    Brutal loss by my Bruins. They deserved much more than this. 🤦🏻‍♂️

  13. Kevin Warrick

    Very intelligent and special player...

  14. watch21

    good game

  15. Alex H

    Wow, what a bunch of stiffs. Almost none of these blocks, were skill blocks. Almost everyone was the BYU player sticking the ball into Shaq's face. No fade-aways, no jump hooks, etc.. It's just a drop step and try to power through. Not exactly the greatest strategy for going against a 7'1" 300 pound monster.

  16. Leif Johnson

    That's the beauty of the NCAA Basketball Tournament. Every team will eventually have to face a very good opponent. Totally unlike the tradition with Alabama football, where head coach Nick Saban annually load's up Alabama's non-conference schedule with a bunch of creampuffs in order to both pad his record and minimize injuries prior to the conference season.

  17. Kreutz

    MaCio Teague was such a pleasure to watch all year

  18. Elias

    He had a fun playing style. I thought he'd be a Kevin Durant type scorer in the NBA. Would've been cool to see.

  19. Glitter

    Arkansas stopped buying and or were out bid by other colleges with momma cars in Memphis, Dallas, and Tulsa that's why the program went down.

  20. Dave L

    Reminds you how impressive play by play announcers are... In every clip the color guy just screams and loses it in the excitement, just like ppl watching, but the PbP is still talking through what is happening and managing to keep it together

  21. Yesmam Nosir

    No offense but he must’ve not been taking any classes at UCLA cause he seems to have an lower than average I.Q. Great basketball player though.

  22. Cdizzle Gaming

    & Now Baylor 5 Years Later Is National Champions.

  23. Earnest Young

    Welcome to life after Cash money welcome to the NBA

  24. Earnest Young

    To the county champions you are truly the NBA future the pandemic and everything else belongs and your will if your will stay strong it should be done thank you for putting in the hardest work and basketball history 🖐️🗽🇺🇸

  25. Milo Cocola


  26. Zion Graham


  27. Tristan Ritsema


  28. Caleb Holliman

    No Luke Maye shot?

  29. tornado tom2

    So...what really happened to his NBA career?

  30. 1800LUNATIC

    dude glowed up now he's looking like budget henry cavill

  31. Rotom2304

    Not a huge sports fan, but as a math fan I still enjoyed this.

  32. josh bentley83

    As a UK fan it doesn’t get easier...

  33. jsuss beuh

    Bron bin recruiting steph curry

  34. Anthony Melendez

    This ref: no blood, no foul

  35. Ron Egan

    Should have been Arkansas in the final. They were flat out robbed in the semi against ISU.

  36. FactsOnly

    Then he ran into freshman at UCLA named WESTBROOK. the end.

  37. Harry Lucas


  38. Supermariohoops24

    I wish Davidson won this.... imagine Derrick Rose VS Stephen Curry in the championship game

  39. Chairman Meow

    I respect the guy for playing at that level with T1 Diabetes no matter how his career turned out

  40. Stazia Kibera

    The chez rocker mix on HUfast

  41. Stazia Kibera

    The rmj Experiment on HUfast

  42. Johnny M

    Juzang slows the game down for himself he’s going to be special. Specially during these times he’ll be great for the NBA and the Asian community

  43. Dandy Don

    classic, just a classic

  44. Dubya

    Can you imagine having action on this game? I bet UTSA betters were scotch taping their tickets back together and Old Dominions betters were already lined up at the window with 4 to go

  45. noah koz

    Still my favorite tourney game

  46. Mark Nethercutt

    Sorry Charlie no national champion for you guys

  47. Pau C

    The Legend

  48. Kyle P

    Wait, didn't this guy activate the winter soldier?

  49. bcvbb hyui

    These boys held Houston to 20 first half points and when I saw the Moneyline was +175! I knew that was easy money....

  50. Media SL - Second Life

    Super 😜

  51. DJ Dhada

    before Henry Cavill became Superman

  52. Mary Herring

    So great watching this game again. Knowing the outcome, I could watch it without the tension that I felt before. One of my favorite Tarheel teams!!

  53. bnegs521

    This only team barely beat ball st in the sweet 16 by 2 and in the final four vs Georgia tech was up by 7 at the half and won a very close tight game. All hailing this team as the greatest ever based on this game 😄😄😄😄

  54. Dee Rod

    Instead of a Gooooooooooollllll It's sooooooogggggggggggggs

  55. BigBass 34


  56. Derrick Rush

    All these years I didn't know that the referees cheated for North Carolina. It's really no surprise.

  57. James The Sports guy

    yeah I think if ucla beat the zags then the baylor game would have been closer vs ucla

  58. Stephanie Gibbs


  59. Theodes Lewis

    I remember this game...

  60. Cupid Ace Bernales

    He should remain in collegenfor the rest of his basketball career

  61. Danny Ocean

    He won a Chip with the @Lakers tho, must mean something.

  62. JWhite _whoRu

    Detroit we here

  63. Manu Ginobilis Bald Spot

    Sean Woods with one of the all time money shots lost to history. Up there with Marcus Paige.

  64. Jonny Gertmunger

    are these women

  65. Charles Carter

    He was ard but not da real deal tho!

  66. Got Game

    Truly one of the best one of done players to win it all

  67. Perry Beamer

    Look at curry man, so inspirational

  68. Aj Brown

    I was there heartbreaking 😢

  69. sehhi vooty

    Zags couldn't handle the dribbling ability of Baylor and were on skates the entire night.


    Super quick....cant nobody stop him!!!!!

  71. Rachmat Junawan

    Welcome to H-town 🔥