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  1. tane dunn

    Those women were like oh my god look at Amy being drunk again soo tragic

  2. Douglas Voss

    Damn, this channel must be running out of material. I barely watch it & I've already seen over half of the vids in this compilation on this channel before. Good to know a person can ignore this channel for six months & still not miss much.

  3. Daniel Syafiq

    horse on the road , only john wick can do that HAHAHAA

  4. Hops And Lead

    First video, dude is demonstrating the gayest way possible to wear a hat.

  5. Raymond Cavanagh

    Why would anybody want to watch the stupid videos?

  6. bigmike1547

    Yooo shout-out to the skater who crack thag lambos windshield!!

  7. . Shannara

    Yeah, most of these are in 3+ other videos.

  8. sergio2020

    Just posting to let y'all know I'm unsubscribing. It's been ages since I watched Failarmy, and I just realized i've wasted 8:28 mins of my life. Never again...

  9. dave Fool

    New content hey

  10. Mike

    8:00 always a knobhead in a car with a girlfriend who needs to make better life choices. Car stunts are just not cool !!

  11. dnhman

    More recycled clips.

  12. Bhronic Man

    You post sum of the same vids

  13. Teubass

    4:00 Total satisfaction

  14. brettwrb

    Backstory on the motorcycle stuck to the front of the minivan please.

  15. Colin Schenck

    Are you guys even trying anymore? It's just the same clips with a different video title...

  16. Spleens

    2:20 you don’t delete the WoW account. Never.

  17. Ron Butler

    1:28 That's me taking my driver's test. In my defense, I was distracted. I was drinking and the test person tried to take my bottle away. Should I automatically get a do over?

  18. cønstrütør Røbløx

    0:58 this is Brazil guys! This is what happens when u go to Brazil


    On the first clip unplugging a ps4 is considered domestic violence 🤬

  20. Tammie Broggins

    That girl would have jumped in after my phone .

  21. Ron Butler

    0:30 Honey! I'm home! What's for dinner?

  22. Ross Phillips

    An ad 20seconds in wtf are you? Scumarmy!

  23. Cagstok

    Too many setups 🙄

  24. Emerson Galvao

    I don't understand how the second clip was a fail what happened?

  25. Stuart Mclellan

    Fails from years ago👎

  26. Taylor Alison Swift Is Sexy

    Stop Reposting The Same Clips In Your Videos Fail Army.

  27. Salik Pewds

    9:13 as bayrakları CcCcccCCcCccCcCCCcCcCcC

  28. Zorikos

    I still can't understand why people laugh when someone crash a tv screen.What is funny about it?the money you waste or the garbage you create?Rest are awesome!😂

  29. Matthes R.

    Eure Videos sind schlecht. Muhahaha.

  30. William Turnquist

    0:19 has me feeling a little sheepish, that was kinda scary

  31. Edgecomb5

    90 54

  32. Fuzzy Smasher

    This is honestly the last time I’m accepting that recycled crap

  33. GCP Edit

    Always the same shit

  34. Nasse ナッセ Sweden

    Are you stuck? 😏

  35. Paul Warner-Green

    Noticed their video's are more and more just the same clips remashed

  36. Mevlit Coşgun

    5:40 ablam mundar ettin resmi :) 🇹🇷

  37. Jade Haert

    That guy showed that small garbage can who’s boss.

  38. OkieOran Scott


  39. James Sharkey

    5:28 the crack tho

  40. Gamucci Niwali

    Your channel is dying...

  41. Merv W

    3:42 Honestly, I would've done the same because I hate when people don't attempt to merge and just wait there like morons. Lol.

  42. Krabby Patty Krabs

    Don't add sound to it when there is none in the video.. It's not funny 99.9% of the time. Really. It's not. Stop.

  43. Kristina Brumbaugh

    Pig: Get off me!!! 0:04

  44. Vince Bella

    What a bunch of goof ball's.

  45. Tyler Wertenberger

    Number 76 was the hardest fall I have ever seen

  46. Mike

    2:28 Nobody in the car. No registration plate! Probably worth the hits eh? !!

  47. Cyan2002

    What are they unloading at 7:43?

  48. Ultimate XLR-8

    1:19 Happy to see me having fun with other guys?

  49. Jeff Horsager

    JFC, tree service anyone? Please tell me you saw that transformer blowup coming for years and you were just to lazy to fix it.

  50. Logan Salzman

    These Americans live . They have so much fun . I'm from Jersey. I don't know about any of this backwoods stuff but I would love to chill down there for a few and see what America is really like. Looks awesome and loving people too.

  51. sidewinder2057

    I haven't watched this channel for a damn year, still noticing recycled videos from god knows when. Bye!

  52. Rodel Montano

    -You got it? -Yeah! *Drop the tv like it’s hot.

  53. diximat

    That first video always annoys me. Her pleasure in upsetting him is not normal.

  54. Nándor Zoltán Regős

    3:16 hol van ez a hely?

  55. Sabrina Shafe

    1:10 wth happend

  56. max jones

    Ok, the spider in the ear muff. Om... HELLLLL...NNNNOOOO

  57. Eduardo Mori

    Just toxic people

  58. Sarah Green

    If my boyfriend smacked my phone out of my hand and off a bridge, we ain’t dating anymore.

    1. Sarah Green

      @CatLover662 oh it was. Then why the f*** is he holding it like that?

    2. Sarah Green

      @CatLover662 Was it?

    3. CatLover662

      I'm pretty sure that phone was actually an ice cream sandwich

  59. NeilPower

    3:33 So... I'm assuming the driver is fleeing a scene of an accident with a rather large piece of evidence embedded in the front grill of their vehicle. I hope the owner of that bike is okay.

  60. John Jelar

    16 dude spittin fax

  61. Omae wa mou Shindeiru


  62. Mako TRG

    Love the recycled videos you guys are always using.

  63. Jacob Conway

    i hate this so much its too easy

  64. Paulo Rosetti

    4:42 why these guys are arguing?

  65. maoribrotha53

    0:26 How is that a self inflicted fail?

  66. Kräuterseuche

    0:30 - well .... I have anger issues. Bring him to me!

  67. yukuhana

    100% recycled :( Boo!

  68. Livres Audio

    Stop uploading the same clips ffs

  69. artem2531

    Maybe "what were did they think"?

  70. Andreseme23

    Anyone: That's odd. American: Lets kill it just in case.

  71. brianartillery

    I'm really amused by the use of the word 'Thinking' in the title. I'm not sure if a lot of the people in these clips actually have the ability to think. If they did, then they probably wouldn't appear in these videos. QED.

  72. Tivo

    The Corgi is not dumb, the owners are ,they overfeed the poor thing

  73. max jones

    You can't fix stupid. Ron white; Philosopher

  74. NoisyGriff

    So may ads...

    1. awesomejimthethird

      And they are all unskippable...

  75. Severin DUPUCHE

    Great to see that failarmy is meeting their goal of 80% recycled videos by the end of 2021

  76. super trooper aspie ?

    7.38 is He dead?

  77. Luis Abisai Catarino Mejia

    9:50 Pausen ese momento historico

  78. Lyle Waller

    If it weren't for Democrats, these channels wouldn't even exist!

  79. Luis Abisai Catarino Mejia

    7:45 Hitler niño friendzoneando

  80. S L

    Thank you for bringing back all these classic fail videos we have seen so many times in the last years. But is there a chance to get videos which we did not see a dozen of times?