1. Игорь Сковороднев

    Everything was filmed gorgeous

  2. faxa nobru

    aquém em plena quarenta em 2020deixa o seu like pfv q Deus te abençoe sempre vcs oky nunca desista dos seus pais e nunca desista dos seus amigos e nunca desista dos seus filhos e nunca desista de Deus e nunca desista de vc oky

  3. Maicon Slavieiro

    I thought that will be finished with a polyamory

  4. Ethan Barry

    Dermo deserves more recognition. As massive fan and fellow countryman I'm so proud of him

  5. Bianca Fernando

    Estourooo aqui em itu Brasil 🍁🍁💥🎆

  6. The Corazon

    *A baderna está liberada*

  7. Danilo CBCG


  8. tomy scafati

    esta cancion es epicaaaa, esta nashe

  9. JayantVermaYT

    The best is when the dude says AH- AH- AH

  10. v. cr

    this song still makes me happy today..❤🙏🏻

  11. samet taş

    Amk 41 plaka tofaş mi gördüm orda benim mi kafam çok güzel yardım edin

  12. Willy Ks198

    I see ya working out and checking the comments 😂😂😂

  13. thena marie


  14. Bustin AlcolizzatiNati

    Meduza the best🙂🙂 base: 😍 rhythm: 😗😗

  15. Shivam Rathor

    Apart from song, voice & ah ah ah 😂. Location of shooting is also awesome 👍 Like if u agree....... And do let me know the name of the location pls

  16. 100toeface

    song is epic

  17. Gayane Grigoryan

    Oh tell me pls where was it shot?

  18. musaebru sanatevimiz

    La burası Türkiye bu inşaatlar da Bolu da 😄😄 bir işe yaramışlar 😂😂

  19. Dahri Usman

    Burj Al babas, Turkey

  20. T

    If you listen closely... he sounds a bit like Scooby Doo! Scooby-dooby-dooooo!

  21. T

    omG ThERes a ThoUSanD MilES BeTWEen HiM anD PArADIse

  22. Xvxvbii xvxvbii


  23. Елизавета Гранкина

    Such a masterpiese

  24. Arco


  25. Elizabeth Rose Salamandyk

    Oh my my the vibe 🎶👣🎶🤗💕

  26. Hector Hurtado

    It's amazing MEDUZA 🤯🤯🤯🤯

  27. BIEL


  28. rama bikelife

    Se re parece a la voz de dua lipaaaaa flashee bandaaaa

  29. El hurtadito


  30. Egbertukash

    This remix is godly

  31. Marianna Teixeira Minho

    Amo essa musica

  32. strammatu

    Orgoglio Italiano

  33. Kamil Wuuu



    me in life

  35. Joey Carry

    Meduza has such a distinctive sound

  36. WkCompsHD

    0:39, 0:54 selling replays

  37. Will Maddox

    Where tf was that filmed, Gondor!?

  38. @Truly.Rude

    Those were the UGLIEST F*ing kids I've ever seen in my entire life 😱🤮

  39. I'm rusek muzykoman

    interesting remix

  40. I'm rusek muzykoman

    amazing vibes

  41. Frederic Reid


  42. Frederic Reid


  43. Frederic Reid


  44. evisin77

    What sorry just quickly

  45. Amz RD

    The best part : 0:40 2:13

  46. Gökdeniz Bahadır

    Klipte Tofaş var amk


    To już za #OKNEM

  48. Xelter Plus

    Moçambicano que ama esse som é só deixar um like

  49. Rita Pieciene


  50. Julian Maze

    so cool check this out @

  51. Ethan

    This hits hard when your depressed😔

  52. Luciana Duarte

    And you is too much

  53. Godgreen_Tyreen

    This song gets deeper the more you listen to it. Love songs like that.

  54. Palma Celentano


  55. Palma Celentano

    Sono italiana scusa 😢

  56. Carlos Rafael

    02:41 F for the boy who thought they would have a life together and ended up being betrayed by his greatest love ...

  57. Francesco Scriva

    Orgoglio italiano ❤️🇮🇹

  58. enniruth.

    ☯ 🤍

  59. SKYFYU™

    Hey, I'm sorry but I'm not popular.... So I want to share you my last track 🔥 If you like, please take a like 🙏

  60. Ashok K.G

    Why did they burnt a couch atlast🙄

  61. Yutaka FF

    Top de +

  62. Jovan Craft

    Justin Bieber X Dua Lipa Originalllll!!!!

  63. Tenaj


  64. Ana Capricorniana

    Ouvindo essa música tive uma crise de arrepio

  65. Mr Chuck

    This is definitely 1 of my favorite songs

  66. Mr Chuck

    This is 1 of my favorite songs

  67. Darek Klich

    The zesty wren alarmingly test because sweatshirt immunohistologically vanish aside a new flax. maniacal, rigid printer

  68. Sumana Chakraborty


  69. ilay bar

    their best track ever


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  71. Samurai Gaming

    When I firstly listened this song I thought Justin is the singer of this song and when I searched meduza comes in the Roll😂

  72. Nahum Vega

    Para el gym con todo vamos 💪

  73. ShonBeast

    "Show me what YOU are" - Just be YOURSELF its not too hard...

  74. Dj Tira

    Para los que dicen q no hay comentarios en español aquí esta el mío y muy presente , apoyando el UNDERGROUND , HOUSE , TECHNO ... Saludos desde PASTO COLOMBIA 🤘🤘

    1. Bumbum Mojito

      Me podrias decir en palabras cortas que gracias🙂

  75. Antonio Abbinante

    Italian style

  76. Renata Valentina Hernandez Becerra

    This is incredible 👌👌👌😃😃

  77. Juliana Tello Muñoz

    Omggg finally found the song I'm happy

  78. Stephanie Venus

    Ha a piece of your heart, I love this tune. Samson Stevens