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  1. ?Gacha Melody¿

    Depresyonda bunu izleyin ;>

  2. lililofai


  3. Ayse Nur Akalin

    Turkey Fans. 😊🤭

  4. Denisa Elena

    Teen wolf is you?🤣

  5. Ignis, Lord of flames

    This feels like an anime opening

  6. UnThinkable


  7. Zihemo 04

    Slow metal🤟

  8. Leong Peggy

    2:26 this is sandpit turtle

  9. belle morte

    I’ve listened to this a thousand times and it still gives me chills

  10. oXAngelusXo

    Any chance you'd work with Ville Valo now he's back?

  11. Virginia Kingsford

    Beautiful fucking hair.

  12. Павел Слепцов

    Fake and gay

  13. Tre Kha

    0:11 xx

  14. Mathew Rengma

    I come here everyday. Just to get through the day. Anyone with me???

  15. Syakim Zuheizy

    wow so good

  16. belle morte


  17. sel Grande

    This song kill my heart

  18. ultimatedarkshadow

    Am I the only one that thinks that the intro sounds like somewhere I belong?

  19. The Xplanation Lyrics

    UK Is F*cking Down By New Variant Of The Coronavirus!

  20. Анна Лаврова

    Заебись. Спасибо)

  21. Mopo- loc


  22. Serena Wrenn

    Just think about what this would sound like if Travis Barker was the drummer-

  23. Anime XD

    Loop that never ends ➿

  24. Isaiah colville watson

    This song makes me wanna fuckin explode

  25. christina

    Bring Me The Horizon BabyMetal Mick gordon Woooooooow

  26. Avery Sebreros

    Still listening to this in 2021 🖤🖤🖤

  27. Bunnie

    This gave chills holy shiiit

  28. tania lightwood

    Que pedo jajajaja no entiendo el punto de que primero se peleen y después se basen, a claro no es porque no esté de acuerdo con la comunidad gay solo se me hace un salto en los acontecimientos muy raro jajaja

  29. Bunnie

    Not here to hate but does anyone here NOT want to "jump off of a tall building in slow-motion"? Because I've seen lots of copy paste comments like that. Like hey good job for finding this song so meaningful, I'm just curious to find out who sees something other than that.

    1. Bunnie

      @Marta Figueiredo haha, yeah it is! ♥️

    2. Marta Figueiredo

      It’s just how it is lmfao

  30. Tyler Davis

    bro this song brought tears to my eyes i haven't heard something this good come out in so long

  31. KiRaKi001

    I love the acceptance of Gay Robots.

  32. Austin Tipton

    Anyone feel a heavy Linkin Park influence here???;););)

  33. JIE JIE7 JIE

    Its 2021 and I still dont know how to swim unlike my demons

  34. mr. guy


  35. Comink Suadnyana

    Ok ADTR ft Marshmello already a Blast, now this is amazingly epic!!

  36. JIE JIE7 JIE

    2021 the pack is still strong and alive

  37. Puteri Mainur Shahira

    im still love you oliver 🔥❤️

  38. ScreamingToWriteLOVE

    Forest Whitaker?

  39. Hani HD

    This song is so amazing and this song is seveb years old

  40. butter stamp

    Oliver is great in this and everything, but... Sumetal's vocals here truly make me appreciate her as a metal singer. Her voice completely transcends her body and provides such a beautiful part of the sound scape for these hard-rocking songs. 2:00-2:08 she sounds especially amazing accompanied by those intense drums. 2:30-2:41 Chills!

  41. Black hearts Club

    I had no clue they got the intro from some weird choir video on HUfast. Lmao. Thanks for giving us the link Jordan😂

  42. flappy suck

    Can u feel my br(ok)en heart

  43. Gabriel Azize

    ta parecendo o eren do snk na tumb

  44. Horus thepelucio

    Ooh yea!! This one is gold.

  45. Irossdrummer

    Age restricted? Are you shittin me?

  46. *Starless

    2:40 omg the background music at this part...... Jeezuz! 😍😍

  47. Esmeralda Crespo

    This is rock

  48. Pez Tech

    Fkn epic

  49. Annie Nicoli

    Does anybody else hear the theme for Gravity Falls in this or am I the only one?

  50. ShivaTrap

    I don´t know, but I really always have liked Oli's shouts and singing, it was way more unique than the screams. Like, "suicide season" was such a good album, and I think there he started with shouts rather than screams. Well anyway, I loved BMTH from the beginning and always will be loving this band, never disappointed me tbh.

  51. Covered_in_ Rust

    Awesome song! I would love to watch a crazy fight scene with this song in the background

  52. nick hudson


  53. just alexia

    2021? 🖤

  54. Sebastián Peralta

    Bmth es todo lo que está bien

  55. taeeyesie 7

    Cry :(

  56. ToxicWolf 255

    This song fits perfectly with an anime fight scene

  57. Julielly Sousa


  58. antonio wehbe

    why is everyone randomly returning to this song in 2021

  59. The Savage

    well now I'm afraid of the dark again

  60. Aeron Leones

    Happy 100M views!!! This is the anthem of depression.

  61. Yudha Hansyah Putra

    hit 100m views🎉🎉🎉

  62. Yudha Hansyah Putra

    hit 100m views🎉🎉🎉

  63. Aster C

    heavens gate?

  64. Tanya Dong !

    Another day another post-traumatic order Brainwashed and feeling fine I bit off more than I could chew when I looked closer So I stabbed a fork in my eye Think I'm losing my fucking mind Don't know where to turn, now I'm blind Destroy yourself it feels so good to fade away Why, d'you want to hurt yourself? Die, for something else? Don't let your conscience get in the way Obey We hope you have a lovely day Obey You don't want us to come out and play Away, now now There's nothing to see here It's under control We're only gambling with your soul Obey Whatever you do, just don't wake up and smell the corruption Another day, another systematic nightmare Commemorate a wonderful life Bite me first, I'll bite you back Melodramatic laughter I stabbed a knife in my eye Think I'm out my fucking mind Brainwashed and I'm feeling fine Destroy yourself it feels too good to fade away Why, do I want to hurt myself? Should I die for something else? I let my conscience get in the way Obey We hope you have a lovely day Obey You don't want us to come out and play Away, now now There's nothing to see here It's under control We're only gambling with your soul Obey Whatever you do, just don't wake up and smell the corruption When your freedom it's lethal Tell me how you're going to hurt yourself You call yourselves peaceful You monsters are people You fucking monsters are people Obey We're gonna show you how to behave Obey It's nicer when you can't see the chains Obey We hope you have a lovely day Obey You don't want us to come out and play Away, now now There's nothing to see here It's under control (it's under control) We're only gambling with your soul (with your soul) Obey Whatever you do, just don't wake up and smell the corruption Smell the corruption Smell the corruption

  65. I'm Gani

    I feel Linkin Park sound's like on it CMIW

  66. Qween


  67. Matthew Snyder

    RESIDENT EVIL 2. They did a song about Metal Gear Solid, Death Stranding and now Resident Evil. Love this band!

  68. Chezuz Inferno

    2:57 brought old bmth vibes hah that's awesome tbh

  69. go6pblu [1GRID]

    Навальный? Не, не слышали

  70. Jacob

    Never hurts to try something different, in my opinion I quite like it

  71. Mickaël carré

    3:26 is this britney spears

    1. nathan bricks


  72. Imposter 4402

    Him just vibing walking through all that chaos

  73. achraf d

    I literally forgot this song EXISTED and tiktok brought me back i don't understand how it ruins song it makes them alive again

  74. Aylin Mercan

    Absolutely the most beautiful song in the world♥

  75. Daniele Inacio

    Meo pq eu ja conhecia essa musica

  76. baby_ roblox

    My favorite song of yours and if you still do concerts how do we get tickets and when will be the concert BC me and my friend RL love your music

  77. garipbirkisiligim

    Woww. Omg

  78. Terezka Orechovska

    I wanna scream