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  1. xEl-_-Chavo 831x

    Not even fair!

  2. Colby Murray

    Bring out cleetus and race rubie 😁

  3. Liam Wattie

    Next vehicle in forza 4 😂

  4. MegaSnipe100

    Cleetus mcfarland's ruby might give hoonicorn a hard time

  5. mason huffer

    We need to see viscous stang go against ken

  6. Ryan Johnson

    Ken was on the hit thought a drag racer might be on it a bit better after the first 2 flags. Probably would have been alot closer or a win on the first one.

  7. Roland Reynoso

    Ken finally answered the question everyone has been asking: the button on the handbrake.

  8. Ivan Reyes

    Perfect example of money doesn’t buy you skill that Supra is a waste with that guy behind the wheel I mean come on should’ve stuck with the automatic tbh

  9. matrox

    The Audi look like a boring POS. The Mustang is over 50 years old but still looks better.

  10. The710Salmon UwU

    “This isn’t what the eye likes it’s what the wind likes” *what the wind likes: gets taken to gapplebees by a photoshop flying brick

  11. Marios Ioannou

    cant compare 4wd to rwd. its obvious 4wr will win... by far the best drag race with the rs3 was the best!!

  12. goozgoozgooz

    Hoonicorn VS Ghettocorn !!!

  13. Keith Pixton

    5 tons

  14. Sasha Spilberg Cars

  15. Sasha Spilberg Cars

  16. Ned Harris

    What is that song at 11:20? Plsss

  17. anas awan

    Meme channel Here

  18. M W And he said unto Avram, Know of a surety that your seed shall be a stranger in a land that is not theirs, and shall serve them; and they shall afflict them four hundred years; BERE'SHIYTH (GENESIS) 15:13 את CEPHER And also that nation, whom they shall serve, will I judge: and afterward shall they come out with great substance. BERE'SHIYTH (GENESIS) 15:14 את CEPHER Bd

  19. saul Ruano

    Ken block VS Street Outlaw???????

  20. Petar Evtimov

    Guys, lets not be ridiculous. You all see that the Hoonicorn dominates the scene, so please, give somebody like 6 car lengths to make it interesting. It is so boring to see the races, as the outcome is inevitable from the get-go.

  21. TheMiddleAmerican

    You just “Branded” a new Xmas line for HotWheels’ new Hoona-Drag. Make HotWheels sell this as a Special Edition set.....DonkMaster should be a Limited Edition (Special Edition) .....Further more....There should be a special 1 off Xmas themed DonkMaster Edition painted like a Xmas stocking. Whom ever gets that car Wins!...The winner gets flown out for a ride along re-match against Ken. Happy Holidays to my FAV Channel!

  22. goozgoozgooz

    HUfast rules: 1- do not watch any video that is between 10:01 and 11:00 minutes in length 2- if a video is 15-20 minutes long, it has about a minute's worth of content somewhere in the middle. 3- if a video has sample preview at the beginning, that's most likely the only part worth watching. 4- 99.9% of videos on youtube should be watched with ADBlock and uBlock Origin active :) Thank you.

  23. Canyon LadyGaGa

    Man that’s my dream

  24. Benjamin Jordan

    The corn is light and all wheel drive, go up against Godzilla

  25. Jon L

    11:12 can someone please tell me the name of this dnb track???

  26. Damalgam

    Does Amir have a channel? Awesome vid btw. Good informative content

  27. Ernesto Vasquez

    Ruby vs the hoonicorn

  28. Michael Solch

    Someone needs to take a 15XX+ hp R35 out there and take Ken to Gapplebees.

  29. NEON Tv

    Go get the underground dope.3 🤣🔥 0 smoked salmon.

  30. Ethan Houllahan

    If this doesn’t explain why ls swap the world than i don’t know what does

  31. 300EMS

    Ken, amazing. every [email protected]$%*&g time.

  32. Toe Bangah

    Watching the hoonicorn run through gears like a fast and furious movie...

  33. Bedford TV

    Cop pulls me over for jogging over speed limit 😭

  34. Corey Resch

    Hoonicorn vs Farm Truck!

  35. Psymøn


  36. The Jumping Nomad

    Those Audi upgrades are sold as a kit? Hmmm... "Dear Santa....."

  37. JDM Engineuity

    You guys should just start saying, "Previously on, HOONICORN VS THE WORLD" for That intro you use like eight times now. Lol

  38. JDM Engineuity

    Finally a race car vs a race car... Well, racetruck...

  39. Richard Stevenson

    That RS3 is NAAAASSS-T ! 🤩

  40. Damian Riky

    I want to see 1400 hp Evo vs Ken 1400hp Ford awd

  41. Simon Dearing

    How fast is the Hoonicorn going when it crosses the line roughly?

  42. H W

    You can tell when Ken is bagging cuz he’ll get a lead then get to top gear quickly. The 3rd race, he wasn’t bagging, he maxed out every gear and never reached top gear. The Audi should have bumped it up in last round, might as well put all your chips on the table for best of 3, not a best of 4. This 3rd race was best out of all the races so far, cuz Ken actually ran out the gearing for maximum acceleration.

  43. Damian Riky

    Evo is Evil when you see all them slicks on all 4

  44. Space Surfer

    Baddest mustang on the planet, ever

  45. Damian Riky

    Can y'all get 707 awd hp vs awd evo sti audi or 800 hp rwd car

  46. Space Surfer

    Baddest mustang on the planet

  47. Mikel Malone

    Cmon Dyrdek damn

  48. Caleb Flanigan

    Need to race these cars on a prepped track so there aren't any wrecks, good race though

  49. Damian Riky

    Hes too old to shift fast

  50. Brian DrMoreau

    Still a better race than the hoonicorn

  51. Muffin Lion

    12:11 Ken saying to himself "I win"

  52. yipe222

    I say...Hoonicorn vs. Farm truck.

  53. Daniel Thornton

    Loving this series!!!!! Keep up the great work guy's n gal's

  54. Ross Zollinger

    I’m sure you made Toyo happy but I would have liked to learn more about that truck

  55. Nick Starz

    I drive a diesel truck cause it will last .... not cause it goes fast .

  56. Sorcier X

    Watching this series, keeps a smile on my face, that car is soooooo angry :D

  57. Gerardo Garcia

    Tampa drift gta online

  58. Billy Thorn

    Plz help a brother out I just wanna be seen

  59. casperv35b

    We need Hoonicorn vs Leroy the Savage

  60. Mike deems

    I just gave a thumbs up for the fanny pack full of snacks lol

  61. Alex Burns

    ok so first things first: BRO SHIFT IT second: "Ballast Bois" supra should've had it if didn't have a learner driving

  62. Moctify

    Wonder what can beat he hoonicorn 🦄

  63. idahogunslinger

    The episode I never knew I wanted... my 2 favorite cars right there.

  64. cnan34

    JP Performance has a KTM XBOW completely build new with an RS4 Engine called MOMENTUM. About 2204,62 Pound weight with 800-1000HP depending on the map. Thats 1 HP per 1 KG weight. Definetly race it.

  65. cnan34

    JP Performance has a KTM XBOW completely build new with an RS4 Engine called MOMENTUM. About 2204,62 Pound weight with 800-1000HP depending on the map. Thats 1 HP per 1 KG weight. Definetly race it.

  66. Billy Hellboy

    Old smokey be best doin hj it ain't touchin Ken he like girls

  67. Gamez Garage

    Lost respect. Don't preach about masks and distancing. It ain't you job, stick to content and don't be fucking dicks.

  68. Matthew Nieken-Spence


  69. Preston Rich

    I just want his truck to have Mater's eyes.

  70. shamus orbell

    no ads?

  71. Christopher Walters

    Rc is awesome at any age im 35 and I love all forms of the r.c hobby

  72. Richard Stevenson

    “ it’s built for full on angry driving “ Best.Sentence.Ever .

  73. Isaac Jans

    I wanna see the hoonicorn vs cleetus 1700 hop camero

  74. Jon Eslick

    Hoonicorn vs Cleetus McFarland in Leroy

  75. Nayelly Valdez

    11:59 amazing camera man skills dude didn’t even flinch🔥💯

  76. Shannon Robson

    Senna is a track car you idiots. Not a straight line car.

  77. Spartan8907

    I can not wait to see Rob's race

  78. Jenson Hartmann

    Traffic, traffic, lookin for my chapstick, oh look, there's a Ford Mavrick!

  79. wafflexboy

    I mean, masks were cool. I don't know why you guys stopped wearing them. It's not like there's been hundreds of thousands of deaths but no you guys keep doing you that's cool.

  80. Richard Stevenson

    #RollSmokey needs to be in Forza Horizon 4 as well !