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  1. Mykle Lape

    Can I have one of your masks to wear during coronavirus?

  2. Mandy Schoep

    That synthesizer tune sounds eerily familiar, Blood Brothers by Papa Roach?

  3. daniel sambo

    WHAT??? Great collaborations here! PS: I want this game haha!

  4. Mike Getto

    My dad: Good to see you listening to happy music! Me: It's actually all about suicide My dad: I'm concerned for your generation... 😂😂😂

  5. Marina Hofer

    nice job guys !

  6. Eduardo C.

    so falta fazer um som com ronnie radke

  7. Logan Vandal

    This is collab I never knew I needed or would exist but it does and I love it 🤘😎🤘

  8. Tyler Mitchell

    I genuinely want this as a game now 😂

  9. Theodore Tomaszewicz

    holy shit

  10. J Garcia

    Quick Insert Coin for the next Level.!!!! 💰

  11. wnnalis cioov

    Hollywood Undead out here with their masks even before this whole “pandemic” shit.... cool music video and the songs dope 🤘🏾

  12. Bala Mohammed

    SEGA Fans where ya at?!

  13. Nem Fatality

    Such a banger holy shit

    1. wnnalis cioov


  14. Enenra

    Was secretly hoping that last guy was going to be Deuce. A man can dream right?

  15. Bhavnish sareen

    New Chartbuster Song Out Now:

  16. Infexous Music

    Jealousy kicks in I need a Collab with Spencer

  17. Cʜʀxsɴᴇsxツ

    Came here because this was the first suicide song I listened when I was 6 (and I understand what it meant) so i love this guy so much, he’s been my idol for so many years

  18. Blinky Collector

    When ur final boss is hiphop Jason Voorhees

  19. imricsko22

    I liked them more when they have masks!!

  20. CharlesSaintss

    Who is dead bite??

  21. Артём Раскин

    lol masks comeback

  22. Sonya Protege

    collab of the year two favorite groups together, i got heartbreak

  23. Ryan Grenstiner

    Fire also got dead bite pretty dope like the design bumping this when working out

  24. The Hollow Wolf

    Let's go Spencer!

  25. Squads215

    Sick song, all 3 bands r great. Need see more of this plz.

  26. Retro Cobra

    Can we talk about how amazingly they've grown since there first album?

  27. Сергей Теряев

    То что надо 🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟

  28. Wolfchant17

    Not even the rain can defeat Jacobys' hair. lmao

  29. / Anku

    Jacoby just kil'd it as always ! P.Roach \m/

  30. Kameron Tye

    There are gonna be 3 versions of this song First Version Idol ft Tech N9ne Second version Idol ft Ghostkid Third version Idol ft Kurt92

  31. Adam Durdel


  32. Ayush Lakan

    Unexpectedly awsome.. u rock guys

  33. DylanTheSloth

    New album soon 😍

  34. Anton Fess

    Final boss - Deuce

  35. my dog ran away and got raped

    You can say what you want about them but you have to admit this music video is unique

  36. Lemon Lime

    I love how this song sounds so happy for someone talking about death. Also... DEAR CHILD PLEASE DONT TRY!

  37. Futur Shop

    I love it. Good job Hollywood Undead! Keep up the good work

  38. Jushida Okay

    Undead Brock

  39. Drew H. Buy some schwag

    Had this shit on repeat since it dropped. I would love an mgk verse on this

  40. Bradley Wilke

    I wish we could get anotha American tragedy goddamn that was a good album

  41. daddyvsauce

    I'm waiting for the Slipknot collab

  42. AlexJones Productions

    I'm coming home because I heard this song 20 years ago and want a refund oh woah oh oh

  43. Branson Stevens

    This is great school shooter music. (I'm joking, of course. I do like Hollywood Undead and Papa Roach a lot so this is one hell of a team up)

  44. ellie hayward

    i stumbled across this song for the first time in years its crazy seeing all the people comment from less than a month ago when i havent heard this since about 2015

  45. Psyko_Skitso NdaStiks


  46. Kira Linero

    Pretty good

  47. Devin Recon

    If they make a dead bite merch mask, instant cash

  48. GraveBound

    Wow, glad to see you are back at it.

  49. CollidedGeneration

    Damn man that chorus is catchy as hell. Haven't listened to this band in years.

  50. The Reverend

    This song coulda been fire if Deuce was still in the band

  51. SAME

    I'm everywhere.

  52. Fist Fool A Candy

    Ice nine is great, but i think they could've done far better than this.

  53. 女王Moriarty

    Does anyone know why the music video of BUllet was deleted?

  54. Jacob W

    The crossover I never knew I needed

  55. BlackDeathCrusher. Y10

    Can someone explain me what I'm missing, cause if I'm not mistaken there was already a song from Hollywood Undead called heart of a champion, but then without Papa Roach and Ice Nine kills, so what's happening here? I'm confused. (This song is freakin dope tho, I just wanted to ask this)

  56. Diogo Martinez

    This is Fuckin awesome Hollywood Undead Papa Roach and Ice Nine Kills

  57. Jos17

    I really like this song, it's my favorite

  58. William Bennett

    Did anybody else get goosebumps while listening to this ?

  59. Michael Levin

    Best crossover of 2020.

  60. Error Crayon

    Ich habe dieses Video geliebt, ich weiß nicht, wie ich es erklären soll, aber es ist etwas aus der anderen Welt. Nur meine Lieblingsbands zusammen ein Video machen zu sehen, macht mich sehr glücklich. Danke für alles. Ich wünsche dir alles Gute ^__^


    Mad to see my favourite band and favourite artist collab 😤loved the song ❤️

  62. Leon Lionheart

    HU really did come out with some dope masks also awesome feature choice super powerhouse vocalists

  63. Reuben Larsen

    I would love to have dead bite mask and to se who is being the mask

  64. jacob burnichon

    So glad ice nine kills is in this

  65. Copperlif3 _49

    I have to say Spencer and Jacob saved this song

  66. Sakura Suzuya

    seeing jacoby with the crew makes me so happy ouo

  67. Fluxi Flexy

    I have a question did that actually took a child to sing “I wish that I could fly way up in the sky like bird so high oh I might just try”

  68. Josef Newton

    Hey is medicine back drop nice

  69. Don Andrade

    Anyone else notice that the chorus is pretty much the same tune as "Jeckyll & Hyde" by FFDP?!

  70. William Cody

    The funny thing is the background music is enemy

  71. Shane Wooten

    Shane 16 Yes

  72. Ryan Salewski

    Some old skool sounding Hollywood Undead and with Roach. Fuck ya boys!!!

  73. just a cup :D

    this song hits different

  74. Lord Lok

    Me RN: Papa Roach...That's a name I haven't heard in a long time

  75. Nahte -

    Papa roach didnt Just explode like a land mine, this song exploded like a land mine too

  76. Идель Ахметьянов

    Офигеть! Я никогда и не думал что такой микс вообще будет! Парни, вы сделали действительно крутой трек! ❤

  77. cooley

    Idk. This seems pretty cringe. Never been a fan but decided to listen to the new stuff. Seems generic.

  78. Kim Rivera

    That was 🔥 AF!

  79. chidorislayer9000

    ok now we need an actual hollywood undead side scrolling beat em up lol

  80. Rydale J

    Please make a video game