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  1. Mishka Tot

    This is the sane woman who said we should get rid of gender reveal parties cause they’re Transphobic

  2. kortneethomp

    I love Demi Lovato. This is so so brave of her ❤

  3. LaNesha Stile

    Love you forever 😭😍❤️💪💯

  4. Trendsin Beauty1

    I’m praying she doesn’t relapse again, she is so talented such a beautiful soul I’d hate to hear news she’s no longer with us STAY STRONG DEMI 🥺💗

  5. Meghna K

    I can't even IMAGINE living this life.

  6. Mags Yilden

    Gosh...... Demi..... 😭🥺 this is why I love you🥺

  7. jack watson

    No one cares

    1. uriel boldman

      About your comment

  8. Seahawks76 BamBamKam YoAzz

    Amber Turd, what a Big Turd.

  9. Music TheorY

  10. You’ve been lied to Demi

  11. Nikeysia Butler

    Still looking forward to watching it, but based on this trailer I definitely think it will be more dramatic/hyped up than Simply Complicated

  12. Avi Shekiniah and Sacha Stone are your problems

  13. Avi and Sacha you fuked up psychopaths

  14. Get way from your marketer too

  15. Yukozuna

    So... she’s a satanis? How stereotypical #SpiritCooking


    Is there an unlimited button for ♥️ in here?

  17. Melanie Lawson

    *THE GIRLS ARE 18+ HERE **HOTSLUT.LIVE* みゃあこさん!ฅ( ̳• ·̫ • ̳ฅ)ニャン TANTA BEYEZAS QUE DIOS A HECHO EN ESTE MUNDO ASERE Y DISEN QUE DIOS ES MALO SI DIOS ES MALO NADIE ES BUENO ASERE MIL GRASIAS POR TANTA BEYESAS I loro stati di salute rispettivi prevenirli ライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!この日のライブ配信は、かならりやばかったですね!1万人を超える人が見ていたもんね(笑)やっぱり人参最高!まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした!今後は気を51x95994

  18. Kimberly Michelle

    “Dance with the devil might last you forever”

  19. Kimberly Michelle

    “Dance with the devil might last you forever”

  20. Mya Porras

    Wow. Just wow... She is the definition of amazing strong and unstoppable, she truly is comment or like on this if you agree.

  21. Rachel Elizabeth

    1:27 can we talk about the guilt look? So hard to see that.

  22. andrea celine

    she’s always so honest and open even when the truth is ugly, and painful. i’m glad she’s finally getting to set the record straight

  23. Raul Salas


  24. Tatiana Blackthorn

    Dude my Mom and I talk all the time about the Disney star girls. Demi, Miley, Selena etc. We freaking hate seeing them struggle like this so much. It sucks that Hollywood hurts them so much and then bam this stuff keeps happening. I'm so worried about Demi Lovato and seeing this? I hope it sheds better light to people who are confused or hateful without a cause. This is all very serious.

  25. Melanie Kay

    Seeing this, is making me tear up... I know that I never knew Demi (nor will I ever), but I grew up with her acting and singing careers. I always understood that darkness from a sunny disposition.. And the thought of never being able to see her again breaks my heart.. 💔😢

  26. David Garcia

    She’s a junkie that talks about how talking to someone helps so much with her ads on tv but she keeps going back to drugs and overdosing so she’s a hypocrite, why are people praising this, she runs to drugs for her problems, because she admits it and she’s a young famous woman? Poor her. If being famous is so hard and you’re turning to drugs, then leave Hollywood.

  27. YD 223

    Is she going to make a documentary every time she relapsed?

  28. Dhashvin Deva

    Damn it’s a heroin addict

    1. blanche devereaux

      damn its an ignorant idiot who can’t keep their gross mouth shut

  29. Pable Blowfish

    e foi aqui que a moreninha me matou

  30. squiddy ft.insecurities


  31. Hot Pepper

    When you dance with the devil and win then you better be thankful you come back and learn your lesson. I know I to have a had stroke before but idk I had one till after the fact. Plus my Girl dances with devil many years and she finally learned her lesson when he put her in the hole and now she is earning her life back one day at a time

  32. graphicats 3D

    Disney destroys.

  33. AlbaDoggy

    I really want to watch this! I remember when i hrars about the news I was crying. I was so mad and so scared at the same time! And I've NEVER felt that way towarda ANY celeberty/person i don't know personally. Even now I remember...and i still feel

  34. MelancholicMist

    I knew Barney was the devil

  35. ChRis Wilson

    Lol drug addict

  36. Shotzi Blackheart


  37. Mike Gorgonzola

    HUfast I don’t care

  38. Micah Fleischman

    When African American men are victims of drug abuse, they get ridiculed. When Demi is a terrible coke addict who can’t stop relapsing DESPITE support and resources, it is “empowering”.

    1. Sky Walker


  39. Nancy

    I love this song but it breaks me every time.. I come back to it hoping I’d be strong enough to listen without breaking down 🥺 “I prayed for your peace even if you started this, this whole war in me”💔

  40. Sophia Vega

    Keep the devils away from this angel

  41. Carl Spackler

    Comethazine has entered the chat

  42. Nathan Lucero

    She's a horrible person...

  43. Eliza R

    Where can I find it? In full?

    1. andrea celine

      it’s not out, it’s coming out in 4 episodes. the first two come out march 23rd

    2. Mina Ashido

      i don’t think it came out yet

  44. Parry this You filthy casual

    0:12 No carol you can drink more you have a spouse and kids you shouldn’t do it it’s making you abusing

  45. Juana Berber

    I lov u Demi ❤️❤️

  46. Jamie Loupee

    I just love her


    Do anything for the money

  48. hey vih

    eu to toda arrepiada

  49. Jasmine Delgado-Guerrero

    where can i watch this

  50. Vee Spinelli

    💎🤍💙 Demi

  51. JvVar2120

    Dancing with the devil and sold her soul just like the rest of Hollywood. Don’t follow these people they will destroy your lives.

    1. Amber Leyah

      In Hollywood I feel like nobody loves you.

  52. BeetleSaysOH [NWOD]


  53. IAMBETHVEE iambethvee

    Her vocals are literally SOMETHING ELSE 🔥 🖤

  54. KPNvKenyan


  55. IAMBETHVEE iambethvee

    What’s the first song called the one where she’s in the studio in the beginning?

  56. rylee_cow

    I've watched this so many times and it's only the trailer

  57. kodi

    1:37 last photo before the overdose

  58. summerlouiseofficial

    This is so sad and so intense, demi I love you!

  59. destinys lps

    i love demi so much.

  60. Jennifer Guzmán

    Quien está aquí después de tantos años

  61. Jennifer Guzmán


  62. Kinnie Burton

    This is such a publicity stunt

  63. Nikki Hamilton

    I waiting for 3 part of the demi thing

  64. Kinnie Burton

    She definitely fits her stereotype

  65. Yung Moco

    More like dancing with needles