Clash Royale is a real-time, head-to-head battle game set in the Clash Universe. Welcome to the Arena!

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  1. Alexandre Afful

    Mabppe love the cake 🎂

  2. Emir Djedovic

    Mini P.E.E.KA scared me😂

  3. EastEnders 4K

    Love spirit: makes enemy troops fall in love with your troops

  4. Rudra Chanderpaul

    Golden Dragon from Clash of clans😃

  5. Sebastian Paat

    Next card:barbarian king

  6. Anna Liza Gutierrez

    Why everyone like the princess there not even a prince lol

  7. Kenny Magic

    next Card: Skeleton Army but with Princess range, Sparky damage, Golem lives and the fire Speed of X-Bow

  8. 13 Abdul Rab

    I need the loading screen pic

  9. AlexHristovv

    This game used to be my favorite mobile game. I was playing it 24/7a day. And now im so disappointed of it... pure garbage... Please make smt new and interesting.

  10. Anonym


  11. Teivlaume


  12. Harivasan R

    it love the blue tongue..

  13. Yash Bodake

    when soldiers go for strike through air force

  14. Yash Bodake

    ice wizard we expected

  15. S D

    When will cr release a new card

  16. Radu Grosu

    Just finished frech class

  17. [creative username]

    yes ik there is no suh thing as infinite ideas but please could we get like a new card? there are many to choose from for example clash of clans you could add like normal Dragon yeti hunter ect.

  18. mr stick man


  19. Zack Zack


  20. Anna Liza Gutierrez

    Let me explain how goblin hut work and destroy. the goblins go to the hut and make a shape of the hut and then they will get out of the hut 1 by 1 and then if the hut is empty the hut will destroy because there's no more goblins inside the hut because the hut need support to stand Same on the barbarian hut 🙂

  21. PROton YT

    Clash of clans


    Very good video

  23. Pranshu Prajna Behera Behera

    It reminds me of Arjuna

  24. Un pana Odia otakus

    My new waifu 😃😃😃😃😃😃

  25. WojkareQ

    0:07 HAX

  26. c6ils

    Broo the music here is so cool

  27. polish bee

    What happend to sixth goblin.... After 3 years I login into clash royale and there are only 5 :(

  28. J H Lim

    I got mega knight in my first legendary chest! Yay

  29. Omega Knight 64

    Tornado: well yes but actually no

  30. Walkercin Allthing

    Sois la vergüenza del mundo de la programación

  31. PesonaTegal

    Clash Royale Simp

  32. Luv Dahiya

    This game is becoming trash

    1. Zx_Zxsaqw21

      @Amir Noureddine yes it is

    2. Joseph Joestar

      Bro who asked, Deku simp

    3. Redrainbow 5738


    4. Amir Noureddine

      no it doesnt

  33. Purfle

    Poison: *PaThEtIc*

  34. Zite2 Zite2

    Me and the bois at 1 am at grandpa’s house 0:25

  35. William Johnson


  36. alpakka67

    Hei tää on suamalainen peli

  37. Bajer

    Super season

  38. Mahir Daiyan

    At last the giant gained some brain cells 😂😂😂


    I feel bad for light blue know king

  40. Aditya Sawal

    Now its time to add one more new card

  41. Amin Khaled Amin Khaled

    Simps favourite card

    1. c6ils

      Ma favorite card 😍😍

  42. Eymen Türker

    The fisherman's fish is very sweet.

  43. esercito italiano

    I miss clash 2016

  44. Shad0wboy Legend

    Night Witch + Golem + Lightning + Fisherman to save the Night witch from high damage units equals chaos and a tower. I used to have a lumberjack but now I use fisherman for king activation.


    he will place mega knight and that s the skill

  46. davichost 1

    Musketeer waifu isnt real it cant hurt you Musketeer waifu: 0:00

  47. Dxyfidos Gaming

    Me: Oh cool Player fighting against me using the dubble hut combo Me: ROCKET

  48. Aga Jastrzębska


    1. Aga Jastrzębska


  49. Roderrick Gaming

    That's pretty underwhelming :/

  50. Aga Jastrzębska


  51. Mihir Jagani

    I wish i had pass royal.💰

  52. Luis Oviedo

    In tears most of my OG players have retired from playing.

  53. Enes can

    Pls make new season,not bring back old ones ore arenas xd

  54. m20_ yahya


  55. Γιωργος Τσαγκαρακης

    Οποιος ειναι ελληνας μπορει να μου πει γιατι μου διχνει κατι πραγαματα και δεν μπορω να παιξω

  56. حسين 1000

    ملمق نية تيةز تب اىزثث غنفب غىنلام غنفى

  57. Tomáš Šulík

    Where is Lava Hound ???

  58. Emmett Lutgen

    Anyone here because Clash is down?

    1. Hellofatduck *33 years ago

      Yeah Lol

  59. Javier Pinilla

    Gracias Náufrago ¡ WiiiiiiLsoooooon !!!

  60. Kanti

    we want unlock playing

  61. Âłphâkîñgʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    Everyone is saying they want a new arena by ngl I really love this one and the theme is awesome 🙏🙏🐲🐉

  62. Лего Stalker


  63. zeynab mosalla

    ممنون از سازندش

  64. Damir Abilkhanov

    Казактар барма

  65. Vivaan Rohra

    We still don't have a troop called dragon

  66. Barış YILMAZ

    Aa clash of clans goblin haritasındaki ejderha

  67. Joe M.

    Anyone else here because clash royale is down?

    1. ً ً


    2. Decimal Frosty

      Yes ha ha ha ha

    3. DJ Thompson


  68. RAG DEB

    fre nes 😄❤️

  69. Ashutosh Tomar

    1:48 , 😅 that thing scares me dude...

  70. Иван Кушим


  71. jape skape

    literally every single splash damage troop or high dmage hitting troop: H E L L O

  72. Alexdoesgaming