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  1. Mirna Negron

    M M M

  2. Syamil Azka

    Is this ktl japanese version? I'm so con fused

  3. Nallely Zetina Aguilar


  4. Daundre S.

    Oooh women. 😈

  5. No Content

    1:58 OoooooOOOoOOooaaaaAAaaHhhhh!!!

  6. Priyanka K

    Adarsh is d best

  7. Taylor Tate

    she Was My Sister Guppy 👩🏻‍🦰 Your Parents Mom And Dad Superhero’s Sharkboy And Lavagirl Growing Up Too Fast Young Adults 🧑🏾 👨🏾 Good Job 👏 so Proud Of You Let Me Cry 🥲 Spending Time Family 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧

  8. Javier Torres 04

    I love you ❤️

  9. roseanne park is mAh queen

    Everyone:jisso is the best ,Lisa is sooo strong ,,omg guys look jennie I'm Soo excited for her Me:*look at rosie*.... Leave video ... watching rosie vocaling on light up the sky....*crying and shaking*... while talked .......WHY EVERYBODY JUST IGNORE HER WHAT JUST SHE DID WHY A LOT OF PEOPLE DISLIKE HER SOLO TEASER..JUST WHY TALKED YOU BITCES STUPID HATER....ITS OKAY TO LIKE OTHER MEMBER ITS OK IM NOT MAD...b-but why..just WHY....why you didi not accept her😭😭😭😭😭😭

  10. Yuniツ

    Me: Oh Tom Felton! :D Automatically my brain: Draco Malfoy, ರᴗರ SAY POTTAH! >:D

  11. Samuel Munsey

    I hate we can be hero’s it’s so bad

  12. Thani Siewdyal


  13. Emily Paris Chandra

    Cause its epic

  14. Emily Paris Chandra

    I watch "We Can Be Heroes" over 3 times

  15. Jay Carter

    Noddles water bottle is not floating

  16. Ruby Ford

    I wish I were famous I’m only 9

  17. Nicolle Piedrahita Mercado

    Can we have part 2? please?

  18. Elijah Whittier

    Incredible! Absolutely stunning!

  19. Krissy H

    That movie gave me goosebumps!! Tom Holland is this movie was a whole new level of awesome!!


    not bad but it sounds like she is burping XD

  21. Blackpink Kdrama

    If I'm suppose to pick someone out of the both of them I would say liza won big timeeee

  22. Ryan Gan


  23. mrcooldeadly85

    Most overrated movie

  24. Damian Arias

    is it out the movie

  25. Junk Bond Trader

    and why do I need to watch this before seeing the movie? This is like, a mini biography on the movie, and a detailed synopsis. Of anything, you want to go into the movie knowing less. Like, we're about to find all of this out anyway. A trailer works, that's me, anyway. It's a good video, the title doesn't match the content.

  26. Milvian Aguilar García


  27. RORO Cute

    Wow I like the face maker, and you made an effort for this movie✨❤️❤️❤️

  28. Gaming Goof

    It’s good to see Joe back at least one more time, he was a fun actor

  29. Katya Peralta

    I watch that movie i watch it on my friends birthday

  30. Timic83tc

    Marxist crap


    Where are the parents of those kids. Hope they are allowed to watch in the background. Stranger danger!

  32. Minna Andrews

    Did I you know today is yaya birthday she is 12 ( missy marano)

  33. Taylor Hudson

    Super sonic style😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡

  34. Nias Aria

    Actor and director

  35. Jocky Joestar

    Green men

  36. Tyler Cluness


    1. Louis Partridge

      Can you subscribe to my channel please? I'm trying to grow my channel and post more edits of Louis so please help and support me..

  37. Stick Kakytull

    I love this part of the film, it's very good

  38. lexi lex

    He’s incredible!!!

  39. mroneill1000

    That professor is sooo racist. When you are trying to change the focus of the argument to support your race Vs someone else's.. it shows that you yourself are against the idea of the opposition being correct.

  40. Nicholas Johnson

    :missy:almost ded :a capela: We CaN Be HeRoES

  41. annyeong eyy


  42. Brittney McCray

    i wacthed it 1155555115,000 times and want to be in it soo if u see im a boy btw im talented and very strong and good so if u make a part two call me jarvis i can turn into anykind of superhreo i want to plz bye

  43. Latoya Jones

    I always knew Tisha was in this movie but looking at this scene I didn't realize Jasmine Guy was in it too.

  44. British Soldier

    Before a become a british spy lemme watch this

  45. Jazmín Jimenez

    nombree de la song completaa

  46. Niranjan V

    The British changed the genes of us by reducing major population to slavery and being ruled, only freedom fighters were the lucky blessed ones who refused to be a part of this and fought for freedom and existence .Hence when they left they said "Indians are fit to be ruled not Rule". Cut to 2021 ..we still have the genes passed to us of slavery and we see population going towards hifi jobs in the name of "settled life ". Only startups are fighting towards freedom of work and development of Induvials. I conclude with a idea yes go to these jobs and also have or invest partime in Indian start ups with ur salary by studying them in free your making yourself strong and the country people. Think about it. I may be right or wrong any knowledge is welcome on this. Jai Bharat.

  47. Just Riley

    This made me cry when I first watched this 😅

  48. CayenneWest

    Ones dance moves are light, airy and refined while the others are hard, exaggerated and severe.

  49. Dr. 100 PurrScent

    One of my favorite movies, and this was my favorite scene in it. The most beautiful of Black Woman singing and dancing their tails off in a musical about the pain of colorism. I was a kid when I saw it for the 1st time and it helped me to see how we dress up pain. The best part is when they come together at the end of the song and you see them smiling and giggling at each other. I'm glad they couldn't hide the love on the set, no matter the content they had to project.

  50. CayenneWest

    This hits differently since I’ve been both. With the swipe of a flat iron I can attract different men if I am kinky or straight hair. Ppl handle you differently. I’m well grown and this still stands out

  51. Katherine Kim

    Everyone crushing on wild card while I’m crushing on SLO-Mo

  52. Nique Fajors

    Never forgot that scene or the song. Movie magic. Spike's films were major events back in the day.

  53. NOZKahnVlogs

    Benedict voice acting is on a WHOLE different level

  54. lara baybie

    ojo’s face when missy falls she was probably thinking NO DON’T FALL THIS IS A TEST 😭.

  55. Chandra Ganesh

    When I watch movie I got sad about missy

  56. Manaia Rongonui

    I'm Manaia I love the movie 😲💥😃🏴‍☠️🏳️‍🌈

  57. Mary

    My dear black people, the world might hate you but remember, you’re God’s own chosen people. God loves you. You’re more than enough. Embrace your melanin. Empower each other!

  58. Ryan Pineda

    I love your guys movie and missy is my crush🤫

    1. Ryker Jed Pasion


  59. Meko

    High yella heffa has always been one of my favorites lol

  60. Shubham Menghwani

    If u dont know then they say the last name then the first name. Eg miyagi shimpo sensai

  61. Stormz Gaming

    Hello Netflix I’ve been trying to get into a movie can i get a part please

  62. lara baybie

    lmaooo probs the next film if it does come out or they do make a next one linus from sharkboy and lavagirl will be the evil oneee 💀.

  63. Zayda Reyes

    Can we be friends

  64. keisha robinson

    I was 8 when this movie came out. But this was my first spike Lee movie I watched and til this day. I know every word. Love every scene. And it's sad that colorism still going on right now.

  65. Jaymee Pelayo

    I love the movie I would love to be a actor

  66. Kami Conradi

    The overjoyed doubt worryingly analyse because spider seemingly stuff notwithstanding a scrawny dress. deep, unique yacht

  67. Dallas Clark

    Who wants to star in a movie like this knowing it will be fun

  68. Paola Nazzaro

    Diana wasn't fit to be in the royal family, I mean, it's not for everyone. Her needs and desires were the ones of a normal woman, she couldn't stand that type of life. That's perharps the reason why she's so loved.

  69. Génesis Abzueta

    The REAL feminist Queen



  71. Truth Teller

    Boy ,they did a number on us in this American experiment

  72. Romeneaque Thomas

    I would like to be wild card having every power

  73. Romeneaque Thomas

    I love this

  74. Nevaeh Maxwell

    Wait a ding dang darn second.... WHAT OF THAT IS HOW MISSY'S MUM DIED??????????????????

  75. Miley Guerrero


  76. Dwizz_

    This movie sucked

  77. Nevaeh Maxwell


  78. Miley Guerrero

    I like how no one is talking about wheels or slomo