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  1. cassandrask8

    The Republican Party IS a terrorist organization. The Confederate flag is there to intimidate people. Intimidated people are not free to go about their business day to day. Terrorism must be convicted immediately. The Republican Party must be dissolved in order to restore freedom to the American people. Why the H&LL can't you see that??

  2. E. Squatch


  3. T Lay


  4. William H

    Biden taking office completes the crime 😳

  5. topgrain

    All he did for years was threaten GOP lawmakers with ruin if the opposed or defied him. It took the Capitol Building being sacked for them to finally decide they've had enough of Donald J. Trump.

  6. 7thLetter Speaks

    🗣🗣 lock them up!


    Who is the jagoff that keeps on talking while she is trying to tell the story.

  8. Tori O

    Fire them, and don't allow them to serve anywhere in the us.

  9. Angus

    Jennifer Rubin wins! She didn't guess Miles Taylor's name, but picked his profile/position. Others were way off.

  10. Mr. KMA

    MAGA = More Are Getting Arrested!! Bye Bye TRAITORS

  11. Robin

    It’s funny to me that Qanon pushed the narrative that Liberals are pedophiles when Trump is the guy who has charges against him for raping minors and a close association with Epstein. (Who mysteriously died before he could testify in court and expose his Donald Trump, as well as other “elite” people of notoriety.)

  12. The FPV Life

    The fact that these unions even have to think about not backing them reflects how poor they think.

  13. emo7247

    Remember when bush put 2 planes into the twins towersjust to start a war

  14. Tomasz Cisoń

    This video Prezenta USA pań 🚹 Joe Biden 46 🇺🇸👍🏼👏🏽💗🙂🥳

  15. Jeweled Bird

    Profound description of grief.

  16. Ricardo Caiano

    Police Unions need to join the real world one day, too bad this had to be the level of 'bad' some of them needed to get to that level. Worse that others are still unsure or supportive of this.

  17. Fighting Tyranny

    Fake news.

  18. I.M. Greg

    DJT excited the MAGA erections. A Freudian slip there Chuck?

  19. Dave G

    McConnell still runs the senate, you are a fool to think otherwise. McConnell has the corrupt corporate donor filling his pockets & Schumer wants the money, Schumer is just as corrupt, he will do exactly what the owners want, McConnell controls Schumer just wait & see.

  20. Tom Sawyer

    Trump's behavior in office was not incompetence - it was all intentional. And, as Speaker Pelosi has said, with Donald Trump ... all roads lead to Putin. All evidence points to Trump working for the other team.

  21. Vante

    Man send the checks out already!!

  22. MrJoebotello

    He can only con his own Supporters the Democrats are Way too smart to play his game And most of them are educated

  23. Songha Ng

    Get a U-Haul and send all to his address.

  24. Loyi Kyong

    Oh wow! Shocker! One by one the traitors trump harbored being smoked out.

  25. cloud atlas

    "Donald Clump". 😂

  26. Kevin Budzisch

    The plain ornament distally coach because spandex legally x-ray without a rebel hockey. phobic, makeshift wheel

  27. 2mangos

    It's disturbing that some are defending them! How many awful things can the police unions do this year.

  28. elvis presley

    Q says drones are no game sweetshart ....

  29. William Fender

    What a joke

  30. Rainbow Panda says

    “SOME” ... ?! Only SOME !? WTF 🤦‍♀️

  31. 1966swartz

    We can't turn our backs on justice for any and all involved in the insurrection & murder at capital including their leader ex-president Trump along with his fallowing republican's and yes you all will get a fair trial if you are found guilty then you will be removed from office never can any of you run for office again! Those in office and are part of any conspiracy, Q or racist groups need to be removed from office yesterday - that will Justice!!!!

  32. Toni Butts

    All democrats to be rounded up after 666 was put back on his throne!! Really!!? Sewing a big Yellow D on democrats garments and....I dislike these racist republican ss....Lord help us..

  33. Renegade Rocker

    Here's something for msnbc needs to think about, the Democrats have abused their power trying to overthrow the president since 2016 ,and msnbc has bias intent to speak out against the president, so to msnbc think about this the Democrats made up a false narrative about Russia Collusion and found out there was nothing there, and the Democrats tried to get Trump on a quid pro quo with Ukraine and that failed, the answer is that joe Biden did a quid pro quo with Ukraine and had taken money from foreign countries and nobody's talking about that and what about hunter Biden, is MSNBC so bias towards the president and that msnbc is not talking about the Democrats for what they and the media put the United States through, so here's a gustion ? Don't you think that the American people deserve answers of exactly what happened and how the Russia dosiea came about and that in fact it was Hillary Clinton and Obama who spied on a American citizen before Trump was elected,. So instead of wasting agian taxpayers money on impeachment of the 45 president, let start impeaching these Democrats who willingly set out to take out a president of the United States and the American people want justice, and if anybody is at fault about what happened at the Capitol is the Democrats fault, they have allowed unrest protesters and had city's destroyed and the media like MSNBC never called out the Democrats for supporting unrest and talking about reforms of how police should do their job, and Nancy Pelosi said people do what they do. So if anyone wants to start an impeachment then let's start with the Democrats first, it's truly unfair how the president of the United States has been accused of such hatred and how the media really is, let this be a wakeup call for all Americans and see the evilness of the Democrats and media and how bias they really are, God bless America

  34. kelvin henry

    Some!? Why not all?

  35. Joseph Micucci

    It is Unconstitutional he will never be charged ,you can charge a President that left office. People better learn the Constitution.

  36. WhiteBuffalo Designs

    No police Union should be backing members that took part in that insurrection! Plurge law enforcement now!

  37. Fighting Tyranny

    Fake news.

  38. Fred Flintstone

    Looks like your country is already starting to right itself... Congratulations America.!

  39. Michael Jones

    Its called America, you should become a citizen, carrying firearms is a right.

  40. Jaye Jaye

    This shouldn't surprise anyone. Many white supremacists have infiltrated the police force.

  41. Renee Collin

    What's next??? Let's start with a good hot bath, some de-programming, and community service (at the Capital) for the 20yrs, cleaning, painting, waxing floors and reading The Constitution !!! Dumb azzes!

  42. Trent Petersen


  43. Rodney Caviness

    Its not that the previous admin didn't think to put together a vaccine distribution plan...they thought about it, and decided they just didn't care..since trump lost the election and he knew he lost it from day one...he lost interest in doing his job because it wasn't in his best interest anymore since he's no longer president...he just didn't care.

  44. Mario Rocher

    He made history by inciting the most infamous, treacherous, seditious, anti American, anti Democratic attack against the Government of the United States since the Civil War. On January 20, 2021 he proved to the world that his only Founding Father is Jefferson Davis...He should be erased from the American History, his image brought down with the rest of the Confederate Officers, and convicted of Treason and Manslaughter....

  45. Jason Milton

    Don't worry Dear Leader Pres. Trump will Unleash the Kraken soon!! MAGA is here to stay... We are going to create our own new party called the Patriot Party!!

  46. Paul The Painter

    I went to a wedding reception at a police union hall once. Tons of cops drove home drunk.

  47. ironroad

    The great failed up *Rising* of 2021. Where democracy stood *firm* in the face of a *surging* mob trying to knock down its walls.

  48. S M

    I’m so sick of the defiant, lying, corrupt, cheating, thieving, manipulative, attention seeking, above the law, untouchable, hypocritical, fake Christians, and childish obstructionists of the Republican Party. They’re nothing more than a bunch of weak losers impersonating tough guys. They’re pathetic! It’s been way past time for these self serving, antidemocratic, seditious, traitorous, chaotic drama queens to go!

  49. Wayne Kerr


  50. JG 46

    Pay no attention to the other side- they do not act in good faith. Follow through with what’s needed done

  51. don christie

    Attorney’s, judge’s, cops, politicians and anyone that works in legal fields that knows better, should get double or triple sentences

  52. easterlywhitedove1

    This is WHY I dont watch fake news! Rolls my eyes! NBC CBS ALL Demons and Liars!

  53. Solo Logging

    After the massive failure of the capital police I don’t blame the guy

  54. Deborah Zenquis

    My God, while tragedy unfolds, God protect our President and his VP and staff. Protect the Russian opposition.

  55. Pink Rose

    Real police officers follow the law and aren't traitors to their country!!!

  56. Judith Knights -Rayson

    Oh, NOW we are going to learn that the sickdem's WON'T BE ABLE TO CONTROL COVID ANY BETTER than President Trump. While Trump was around, the sickdems were safe. They could blame him for everything. But now that he has gone, let's see if lazy Joe can do any better! Already he seems to be floundering. While previously occupying a government chair for 47 years, he produced nothing memorable or of value, but now at last, he seems to have galvanized himself into action, and aiming well above his capabilities, is churning out new laws, all for the benefit of non- Americans, that once become law, will put all true Americans at risk. But that's to be. expected. The sickdems do not consider America, the country, worthy of their attention. They are GLOBALISTS, and believe they have bigger fish to fry. They are after controlling the WHOLE WORLD . The career politicians, the class to which the sickdem leadership belong, have discovered that absolute power can be corrupted absolutely, and they intend to use their power to the fullest. Those who sneered at President Trump, are going to find during the comng months and years, that their freedoms and privileges as American citizens, are going to disappear, and the immigrants will be the favored ones. When THAT begins to happen, don't start whining. You had your chance and rejected it!

  57. luistinajera

    Some of those who work forces Are the same that burn crosses

  58. Holly Rae

    Shame on all of you. You need to learn n report facts or are you really that stupid.

  59. Kyle Lussier

    So we're just all going to ignore that massive 'insurrection' slip-up Schumer

  60. dennis bryan

    How can you impeach someone who isn't elected? He didn't give one example of the scholars he said

  61. Daniel j Cor-i-ca

    Who cares....

  62. MILK MAN

    Why because he has a right, daaaaa

  63. Ills Solution

    There would be SERIOUS concerns for ANYONE who didn't want to assign THIS MAN to THIS POSITIONS. Lead on, General!

  64. You Tube

    Mussolini, Pol Pot, Stalin, Hittler,Trump & no doubt more to come. All populist leaders come to power in the same way & for the same reasons.

  65. lizzys BEAUTY show etc.

    Lock them all up already.

  66. akeleven

    Why aren't we impeaching Trump for refusal to deal with the virus? Half a million dead because he couldn't be bothered. See how easy it is?

  67. 3 2

    “Like Mussolini and Kennedy I'm the cult of personality The cult of personality The cult of personality”

  68. Ricky Tombstone

    Just lost Phil Niekro and now the Hammer Hank Aaron. He had the quickest wrists known in baseball. No secret plus he was built strong and broad shoulders.

  69. Tomasz Cisoń

    This video studio TY Live USA 🇺🇸👍🏼👏🏽💗🥳🤗🤩😍☺️

  70. SpectatorAlius

    I am *so* glad he pointed out that 41% of registered voters are independent. The Left seems to keep forgetting this. Because they forget this, they also forget how the Left has *never* won a major contest *without support from the center* -- tace the Far Left megaphones claiming we need to get more extreme to reel in voters!

  71. PacifierMusic

    I live in TX. I lived in MI. I’ve never once felt like I needed a gun. Americans don’t need guns. When are we going to wise up and put an end to this?

  72. Melissa H

    Accountability !!!

  73. Rod Rossi

    WV was one of the last states to get the virus, say what you want about the state, but they handled this better than anyone.

  74. Arturo Alvarez

    Republicans if you dont to impeachment trupm and his new party that he will make and run under will destroy you he will go after the Republican party.

  75. Elaine Berg

    There is no reason to pack heat into Congress. These people are insane.

  76. D RiteMoLawzBks

    I told him not to go back. I still don't think he's going to die. Putin is still a politician. He's going to do some BS that makes him look diplomatic and merciful. 👎🏾

  77. Tommy Johansen

    Dance around those comes the coronavirus giving them your home want them? They can stay with you.

  78. Bob Jones

    Unity my A! Don't the republicant's use their power 100% with a unyielding hand? So shoud the Democrats!