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  1. x x x

    Ti sento........ scooter continua così. Sono anni che ti ascolto classe...

  2. Tumza Stoodi

    2021 still sounds good.

  3. Diego Ferreira

    Amo Está Musica Tem Uma Good Vibes ❤🎶

  4. Musical Chronicles

    *I don't know who needs to hear this, but everything will turn out fine. Release all the negative thoughts and just relax🌈*

  5. Harris Calvin


  6. Yvo wild


  7. Shalacy's Travel & Makeup Vlogs

    Omg... I found this song through Michelle labonte. As soon as I heard it I knew I had to find the song. Omg.. its amazing!

  8. lukas m

    Wer ist 2021 hier 🥳😋

  9. Rachael Clarke

    This beat Victoria Beckham to number one!

  10. Hoviny Records

    Loved it

  11. Leidy tatiana Izquierdo sanz

    Quien lo escucha en el 2021?

  12. Jarosław Mikołajczyk


  13. Александр Логвинов

    Это нечто!!!

  14. Александр Логвинов

    The best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. Александр Логвинов


  16. Salvatore Simonetta


  17. x x x

    Super scooterrrr

  18. Расим Алилов

    Надоели 👎 эти Старые 🤖песни переделанные в Remix ! 😤👎💩💩💩

  19. czfmdx

    Wow, nice remake 😍

  20. Eduards Rimsa

    Amazing song god bless Dj!

  21. Sturmilein

    Anyone here from 2021?

  22. Stefan Bauermann

    Scheppert kontor

  23. Tomasz K

    Kupili Cię Max

  24. Marco Meinlschmidt

    Das ist Toll !

  25. Patrick Fritsch

    Hanging Tree - Jennifer Lawrence 2.0 ?

  26. Lucas Costa

    Escutando em 16/01/2021🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷🇧🇷

  27. Máté Pap


  28. kamil pielichowski

    legend video of youtube if you agree like or comment :)

  29. Moritz R

    This music is bullshit, sorry but it's the truth

  30. Awesome ❤️

  31. Anna Polak

    2021 ❤️💥

  32. Tuomo Suonkoski

    Scooter can create new music every year - songs that are really good - after so many years - that is a gift... Thank you Scooter

  33. Mr. Wpunkt

    brings back great memories...

  34. Tuomo Suonkoski

    Still one of the greatest Dance tracks ever and also you can listen to this every day - so brilliant song... Thank you Scooter... You will create great songs every year - past / future...

  35. Damokles X

    Still love it in 2021

  36. Melanie

    Wie gerne wäre ich deine Freundin 🙇‍♀️👍

  37. Samuel Šeba

    After a unbelievable 7 years, this song still alives in 2021,whos listening with me? HIT ❤️ if you listen to this song this year... This is really unbelievable

  38. Miki Pro

    pozdrav svima iz srbije

  39. Pk xd

    Alguien en 2021

  40. Zander Vos

    Tom is so good looking

  41. Неля Мирганова

    Р-н з дн 6 шее ГГц 6 5 6г™ъъъъ

  42. miguel Kuhne

    Voll der Ohrwurm

  43. pyro boss



    Он такой же Black Star как белая задница у Drake

  45. Danil Osipishin


  46. Ronald Meeuwissen


  47. pyro for mean

    Bam bam zag zag 😋👌

  48. Małgorzata Imburska

    Moja ulubiona piosenka na tym portalu

  49. Marcel Menzl

    Du fehlst mir

  50. baxster baxter

    2021 i ciągle dreszcze

  51. kevin kruis

    Like Scooter 2021 (!)

  52. ruin art

    This unlocked a memory I though I had forgotten

  53. Bartłomiej Gorecki

    2021🔥 How is listen ☝🔥🔥

  54. BrandoJones

    Anybody knows if there's a track, a remix, anything, with this base but more of it? The electronic base is simply awesome, i want to hear more of it!

  55. Merlin Maij

    Einziges Lied von Scooter mit sinnvollem Text. 😂😂

  56. Bartłomiej Gorecki

    2021🔥🔥🔥 still Legend

  57. joe heinz

    this is how beautiful autotune is used and the proper way to use it

  58. cassian.79

    Wir sind noch da

  59. Tony Gottwald

    Brauch nen manta😂👍

  60. Justyna Wojtala

    Petarda 👊🔥🔥🔥🔥🤩🤩🤩🤩🤩

  61. One Man Army

    Das einzige Lied was monte wirklich fühlt! Wortwörtlich !!

  62. cassian.79

    Wir sind immer noch da



  64. Klaudia Bylica


  65. Philipp Klahr

    2021 und wer ist immer noch dabei und liebt es _????

  66. Petr Strouhal


  67. Marie france Vincent

    Je suis française ( comme vous pouvez le voir ) ou pas d d'ailleurs. On s en fiche j adorais avicci et sa musique était pour moi la meilleure. Bref je kiffe aussi les clips qui me font bien marrer. Même si son suicide me bouleversera à jamais. 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

  68. Zitch Pyro

    Hello 2021

  69. Simone Renzi

    La mia canzone preferita.😎

  70. Pascal Osterholt

    Is anyone here ,because of The Topic Remake?

  71. Jeroen Ruiter

    Stratoooo always stratooo

  72. Fiona Mente

    Wie COOL

  73. ycedoor

    I like it! ❤

  74. Run boy run

    cool (y)


    Best track on Kontor

  76. Péter Benyovszki

    your are ground zero member??

    1. biffen,s bass boosted

      im gas (: but ground is good too

  77. Seventy Sixer

    Sad as f that this is a norm for many. ❤

  78. Darek Mazurek

    5:03 what sing ??