Enter the World of Warcraft and descend into a world of myth, magic, and legendary adventure. Enter the Shadowlands - Available Now
ESRB Rating: TEEN with Blood and Gore, Crude Humor, Mild Language, Suggestive Themes, Use of Alcohol, Violence.

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  1. wownelfwarrior247

    This looks Awesome ❤️

  2. Liam Dalysmith

    no matter how many times i watch this, whenever taran-zhu lands on the water and jumps up and punches garrosh for 1 glorious second i always think, "the mad lad is gonna do it this time" and every time I end up dissapointed

  3. Yung Tuna

    How much is the lease

  4. Ty Guy

    You have crossed a terrible threshold uther

  5. R Obrien

    blizard is really starting to fail this game the last good expansion was the wrath of the lich king

  6. Ty Guy

    This cin made me love the winter queen

  7. IanMaCee

    I believe him

  8. Alex ander

    Hm, so this is Blizzards version of "the isle of refuge" from Everquest 2. Not bad, I like the idea. I guess Holly is already using her EQ2 experience to make WoW great again. Keep it up! Haven't played Warcraft in many years, but I am considering returning to it next week. EQ and WoW truly are a magical experience, both in their own, unique and fun way.

  9. August Hasani

    Arthas finishing a broken Uther would legit be a Thanos/Gamora level moment in a Wacraft movie if it was done like that

  10. Khronzalonz

    TriKool AYE

  11. Vokuro

    Shadowland is the best thing ever happen to wow.. Resubbed 2 weeks ago and im having a blast. Bastion is just majestic arggh.

  12. jesus Ruiz Alencastre


  13. Лоли в погонах

    Is he lefthanded?

  14. Lawlzilla

    This is the most beautiful think i have ever seen since wrath

  15. Art Val

    Is this a new ftp phone game from China? lol

  16. Wolfgang Reimers

    Better then mdi's

  17. Brohogany

    "Forge new friendships" just not with other players because you don't need to anymore... :(

    1. Joshua Lucas

      I always forge at least 5 in a new expansion xD

  18. Damaso Rodriguez

    Even the lich has to leave all the evil-doing aside because that mid-term scroll won’t write itself

  19. Mittens

    Huh bloodsuckers concentrating all the lifeblood of a system for the sole fact of entrenching their the power they've been cultivated to believe is justly theirs, even more? Wonder if this could be an allegory for something

  20. NT ZXC


  21. Andrés De la Oliva Guzmán

    One of the reasons I don't like the genre is that it feels like the same 2 songs are playing for 4 hours... Oh well, it's mindless noise. Useful for working sometimes...

  22. Almog Azulai

    hey for someone like me who played alot of mmorpg , but never touched WOW , is it worth playing it now? i want to know if this game is freindly for new ppl.?

  23. Steven Steele

    looks like it was shot on graphics set to 1, looks nothing like this in max setting, RTX HDR 4k

  24. Krogzax Ants

    Why not make world of warcraft 2 with superb grapics. And make it old style again.

  25. Master Yoji

    4 toons in after a buddy gifted me shadowlands a week ago. Can't tell if this is a curse or a blessing.

  26. Sam Xeah

    L90ETC Power of the Horde thats what i like to see :D

  27. Erik Sjöstrand

    Loved draka since WOD and frostwolf Clan, Will for sure fight for her again

  28. YOGI

    shows you how much wow has changed they call you a champion when in the vanilla you were just a random adventurer like everyone else

  29. Skeptical Chris


  30. ShadowScale Studios

    So sick!!! My Demon Hunter is super happy! 🦇🧛‍♂️🦇

  31. Álvaro Kadeem

    The first time I watched something related to World of Warcraft was this video on a TV at the mall. I watched the whole video there and I found that so exciting, I'm so glad I finally found the video again!

  32. alphaghoul

    I couldn't remember what song it was, scrolled down and everyone else did. (It's Crazy Train).

  33. Anhaeyn

    The best one of them all 4. Coming back everyday and listening to this piece at least once a day.

  34. Aim Straight

    For the horde!! Ahh good times

  35. fuckmountain

    calm down blizzard it's not that good.

  36. Horsebird

    Meanwhile I’m making exclusively allied races because they’re cooler

  37. Average Awesome

    This one has got to be my favourite of all the main expansion cinematics, never before at least to me has warcraft felt like actual war. not to mention the show off moments of the faction leaders. My only problem is how Anduinn has clearly become the main character of the warcraft plot, im okay with that cause ive really enjoyed the growth of his character but I'm Horde. I havent played since beginning of BfA but i know that if I ever come back Im wearing red again

  38. Shiirow

    Man, Illidan with the hard core smuggen. Its even worse in other cinematics.


    Most badass scene in the entire wow cinematic universe

  40. Kieran Mclernon

    Endgame vibes anyone?

  41. Blackrockmore

    NO credits for the OG, stealing like always...

  42. GrosserAndrew5000

    They meant to say "Beyond the veil, lie* the Shadowlands" - "to lie" in it's plural form. The people behind these cinematics don't even speak proper English...

  43. KruTa2

    It seems like The sims game

  44. Unemi Ryune

    Hey bois, ready to step inside once more? :p

  45. マイコ

    I might make a new toon for this

  46. Richard Tugger

    2:09 rally to the queen activated

  47. Extrnal Sorce

    That “Archon” is really giving me Imperius vibes

  48. Floodsye

    Well, this is terrible. Oh well, happy that others enjoy it.

  49. thomasbdl

    We’ll be in 2021 in a month and this is still the best cinematic trailer ever made.

  50. DDespicable

    Ok so...they updated and replaced the typical tutorial and starting zone story lines?

    1. YOGI

      no they have just added a new tutorial island you can still choose the old cataclysm tutorials if you want

  51. Miblan 2

    I was really (positively) surprised how good Exiles Reach is. Even as a returning player, a must do!

  52. Martynas Budzeika

    Create Warcraft 4!!! stop with this wow updates...

  53. Daniel Carelli

    These lofi remixes are incredible. Please tell me well be able to buy them somehow.


    Omg, more content like this, right path for yung players)

  55. Christopher Jones

    everytime i watch this, when Devos asks *WHO DID THIS TO YOU?* and it flashbacks, i get chills of nostalgia

  56. TheHaiku2

    Nice! Very nice.

  57. Dorenger Gaming

    the final boss of the World of Warcraft series will be the WoW Devs

  58. Kylä Hullu

    laura bailey what an amazing voice <3

  59. dampsvinet


  60. Erhan Enver

    Forge New friendship??? Remove Shards and layers ör remade them to Moore ppl at öne Shard layer etc...

  61. Rob Hangsti

    this needs to be nerfed

  62. Κωστας Mirage 2000-5

    Add Ozzy as a special character! :P

  63. Maxxis

    But the cast classes still casting standing

  64. SirB3ast

    LOL Ozzy Osbourne hittin Sylvanas with that Crazy Train!

  65. aryo x

    Truely amazing this soothed my soul😍

  66. Shiirow

    a tutorial that teaches you how to play Shaman wrong, when was the last time you used _"Primal Strike"_ while playing? according to the tutorial its integral to your combat.

  67. Milton D

    Why did she have to go bad. :( she wasn’t robotic like the others.

  68. Floodsye

    764 sexists saw Sylvanas beat Foldragon (since she's around 100 times more powerful than him, would've been weird if he stood any chance as a half-powered, subdued Lich King fighting for control from the Helm) again and got triggered like the snowflakes all those thin skinned "men" are. I wonder what they might be compensating for...hmm. *cough* Small PP incels *cough*

  69. Cooperman626


  70. Cooperman626


    1. Morgaith

      No one told you to roll on the highest populated realm in WoW.

  71. Cooperman626


  72. Cooperman626


  73. Cooperman626


  74. Cooperman626


  75. Cooperman626


  76. Cooperman626