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  1. marco mendex

    2:38:45 best part

  2. Rocco Castagnola

    Fuck man had me crying, havent done that in some months

  3. SaggyPantsAndSquats

    2 years to late but if anyone is curious the dude plead guilty to assault and was given 14 months community service, she was also charged with common assault.

  4. top tier

    alebrelle looks like an upside down TriHard emote

  5. mophead1666

    I can't believe they spend so much time argueing about the Racial IQ thing and no one brought up the Eugenics movement of the early 1900s? It was formed largely from false assumptions from "The Bell Curve". And involved many forced sterilizations. That rhetoric is extremely dangerous, and I think what he said was a bigger issue than any of them brought up. Just look at what happened with the one bad study that supported vaccines causing autism. Despite that Doctor being completely removed and his license stripped we are still feeling the ramifications to this day.

  6. Iker Simarro

    wtf am i watching lmao

  7. ReetDaRat

    Greek kinda cute can’t lie

  8. Irrelevant


  9. Yooshi

    Train is a 5 head chad, what an absolute legend🦍

  10. BunnyMcAwesome


  11. MikeyBoy

    Anybody know who Hasan matched with?

  12. Xerxes

    15:26 Funniest part of the stream

  13. ay0d


  14. Smelly

    I heard n/m-word too

  15. DE MIEUX


  16. Niibz


  17. IcyWind

    still ranting domer?

  18. Smelly

    i dislike slasher more than any other streamer, everything he says and the way he says this and react to shit is always so annoying... Anyone else feel like this? lol

  19. daspecialist1220

    Damn curseorama! 9 f bombs in under a minute n some odd seconds... smh i once heard it said that cursing is the result of those with weak vocabularies...

  20. Frenchify

    If you find this cringe, that's fine but look in the mirror. Every night, look in the mirror and when it's pitch black, When at the end of a night, every single one of us in this fucking world, we have a mask on. And when clock hits 12, all of us at one point take it off. And when you do that you'll realize it's not cringe. You'll realize it's real. -Trainwrecks Cheers, homie.

  21. ΛC1D

    Virgins gaining sx education

  22. Mr.Tricep

    I’m new to this but Destiny always seems like he’s eating delicious gummy bears

  23. Y.MStizzy

    8:23 "cocaine is one hell of a drug" BRUH AHH AHHAHAHA

  24. WideHard


  25. Yung Moco

    “Oh we have IDs”

  26. masked turtle

    Dudes 5'7

  27. gk k

    You remind me of Vandal Savage haha

  28. WaHu_Cobra

    randomly got this in my recommended. also nice choice of bg music, inception op

  29. Alex Selles


  30. Osman Riyad

    Tina is so annoying

  31. Theodor Lager

    no editor 4Weird

  32. Theodor Lager

    get an editor DOMEY

  33. Issy_Wissy

    what's the name of the song? I need this right now.

  34. JJloManning

    Was this really the birth of Devin Nash’s space background?

  35. Lancelot Andrewes

    Hasan "double-digit IQ" Piker

  36. Adam A.

    Lmao imagine thinking Train's speech was true, if twitch is the platform for the gamers and the nerds and the bullied, who's giving all the follows/money/power to twitch toths? Those exact same nerds, you're your own problem, deal with it or continue being a self loathing hypocrite scrub.

  37. Gareth Penrose

    Actually a pretty good debate all things considered...

  38. Commander Rockwell IV

    Who knew it was Paul Rudd’s “destiny”, to suck at debates and have really bad points of view... he should stick to his usual version of acting... instead of acting offended for “marginalized” groups.

  39. Commander Rockwell IV

    Yea guys... member when “the world” (since we’ve always been “globalist”) and totally not just why-tuh people in America, discovered/invented electricity, the automobile, the airplane, television, etc.? I sure member

  40. Adonis

    Did he not do 131?

  41. Commander Rockwell IV

    How much is that dude being paid by Coke?

  42. D 1 ᛉ

    19:04 The knife cuts deep

  43. Logan Perry

    Destiny rivals Ben Shapiro in talking speed

  44. Logan Perry

    These are some DOODS

  45. Logan Perry

    Asmongold looks perpetually skeptical. Like it's just permanently on his face lol.

  46. someasiankid

    man train is so cool

  47. Hoop Mooy

    is that picture really not edited?

  48. aja23

    3:41:24 Austin giving hints

  49. Abanovisky

    i like train but god how dumb can he really be? i swear when he said he was dunking on them i cringed so hard that my body hurts.

  50. poop

    2:41:18 Nick was spot on with this

    1. nameless short person

      Wow bro you actually have your username for brains

  51. TheDevious Squirrel

    3:21:40 Epic triggering.

  52. Drock 90210420691985

    Poor sammi she had no idea lol

  53. TheDevious Squirrel

    Could Hassan explain what happens to non communists in communist states, then explain again how socialism is based on inclusion?

    1. TheDevious Squirrel

      @nameless short person Top reply. Well done.

    2. nameless short person

      yo dude go outside and then consider reading something

  54. L.S. Aaron

    They were really against admitting liberal media bias I guess it’s like acknowledging your privilege

  55. Pedram Olyaei


  56. Иван Чекушкин

    Feels like a troubled narcissistic wife and exhausted husband fighting for children in custody. When they are asked if they care about children they both get silent, wife snaps "so what?", some awkward silence follows and they retreat to fighting over whether kicking in the groin constitutes disrespect

  57. horndogg

    Bro wtf i love hyphonix

  58. Ilie Iancu

    bro that's gayyyyyyyyyyyy

  59. Drock 90210420691985

    1:40 is what u want

  60. Carl Wandt

    I had one thing in my life that made me happy, one thing that made me smile, that special someone in my life, my girlfriend of over one year. I recently found out that she is being with another guy. She blocked me and now I’m in a really bad place. I cut myself daily. I can’t drink, eat, and I can’t take care of myself. I can only fall asleep if I drink a lot of wine and overdose on sleeping pills. My lips are dry, my room is dark, I cry every hour. And I have to hide it all from my parents. This speech made my day a little better, thank you for that.

    1. Carl Wandt

      @UNREG I will never forget you, thank you for your words brother

    2. UNREG

      No woman is worth to die for. There are billions of them out there. She replaced you. You can easily replace her as well. I had the same problem after my breakup 6 years ago. Gaming helped me forget her completely. It´s not that hard. Especially if you realize that she is just one of 3,5 billion and how easy it was for her. Why should it be so hard for you then? What did you lose? The connection with her and the sex. That´s what it´s about. And it is not one of a kind. The planet is full of it. Life is too precious to be attached to people who don´t appreciate you. Life has so much more to offer. Look what´s going on in the stock and crypto market. With our girlfriends we wouldn´t do shit there. We would be too distracted by them. At least I was. She isolated me from all the other interesting stuff that was going on. Now I am free to do what I want and no one wants to change things up in my life. Do the things you were not able to do because of her. Focus on your life and not hers. Make your life better so she regrets it if she sees you again. And reject everything from her. It feels like victory when you succeed in it.

  61. GhostViper 95

    Fuck discovery on twitch just come watch my shit on twitch. SL

  62. Drock 90210420691985

    1:44 Train the Dad I love it

  63. Mika Ren

    Lmfao that fight story tho lit 🔥 😂 This story got me crackin up and made me feel bad for him Ion know how to feel, subbed.

  64. 30slak

    train "at the end of the day" wrecks

  65. overwinters

    Woman: *lets him in* Chat: *KILL IT!* *WTF IS THAT?* *SATAN* *IM SCARRED FOR LIFE* edit: i cant tell if thats a woman or man ;-;

    1. Nana

      He's a drag queen lmao

  66. Emma Goldman

    round 2!!

  67. Lord Shrek

    1:53:28 Based Sargon laugh

  68. Lord Shrek

    3 Liberals, 2 Socialists, 1 Reactionary.

  69. Jacobey

    I seen him there before, good guy.

  70. gk k

    pink hoodie girl is just mentally not there and she is showing how biased women can be

  71. Kento

    Is Andy young or old?

  72. Astral

    Destiny is highkey annoying in this debate “Tell me where IM INCONSISTENT TEL ME WHERE IM INCONSISTENT” Nick was literally saying that u called Sargon inconsistent...

  73. Josh Ginseng

    Dear Domey, I wrote you, but you still ain't DMing' I left my twitch, my discord and alt accounts at the bottom I sent 4weird donations back in autumn, you must not've gottem There probably was a problem at twitch offices or somethin Sometimes I DM your friends too sloppy when I ctrl+v it But anyways, fuck it, what's been up, man? How's your upload schedule? My mutes pregnant too, I'm 'bout to be a father If I have a podcaster, guess what I'ma call it? I'ma name them Gordo Jr.

  74. BasedVidya

    I come back to this debate every 6 months lol. Destiny was soooo disingenuous with the James Watson scandal. To say he got obliterated because he made a scientific claim outside his expertise is so bullshit because he would not have been obliterated if he said the IQ gaps were solely due to environment or that height differences were due to genetics. He only got obliterated because what he said is forbidden to say because it puts the entire multiracial diversity dream into jeopardy. To not admit that is just pathetic.

  75. William P

    Any time stamps for Hasan malding at Sargon

  76. Satellite Jim

    if you start by saying we're going in then say "we're in" when you're in lol

  77. Auda

    This was a really fucking entertaining life story.

  78. Müller Mustermüller

    He made this up Haha dead

  79. Abanovisky

    which podcast 1:10 is? also 4:00?

  80. XYROGG

    And hafu gang still playing.