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  1. Someone

    Helmets are cool

  2. ashley chivaaree

    he’s the 🥺 emoji

  3. Squatting Squirrel


  4. Puckstopper

    The dude is lucky the hair dresser didn’t react in a way that she jammed the scissors into his head.

  5. Tskele hamilfan

    And he was never seen again

  6. vulprit

    his friends dared him to

  7. Shark King

    If she didn’t have cameras, insurance would’ve never believed her

  8. Moon Rocco

    The owner did not try to stop the cat.

  9. Yogesh Ganu

    He did make a good apology though 👍🏻

  10. memelawdcs

    What a pepega...this dude can't even do a simple bridge

  11. mrs malfoy

    i shouldn’t have found this funny.

  12. Nathaniel Miller

    It’s cute until you figure out the the cat was just worried about getting feed that night

  13. Joshua Carter

    It's funny watching kids realize how stupid they truly are. They think every thought is original yet it's only an exact copy of a swin off of an original thought.

  14. Kleever DeLeon Guzman

    I like how she just went What dose this lever do

  15. Jimbo Johnson

    You're lucky it didn't kill him.... If that went down his esophagus

  16. Angelica Koka-P


  17. Kaitlyn H

    What kind of witchcraft-

  18. Tyrone Livingston

    "GUYS?!!!.........there's something..... down here.

  19. Chib's Corner

    Oh Deer!

  20. Maurice Battle


  21. Just Joe :P

    By the time he hissed at the bear for the 5th time, he should have befriended with him instead (said no one ever)

  22. Leafeon Fan

    took me a while to realize it was in black & white

  23. Johnnys Coffee

    Is it ok that I laughed or...

  24. Sunlight in Spain

    Aren't they going to jump anywhere?

  25. Eva Aube

    I'm crying !!

  26. Kamikaze Kyre

    I want to laugh. Not get mad over child abuse!!!!

  27. Dr. Samuel Hayden

    “quote unquote” -me

  28. Johnny TheNippleKing6969

    That cat is asking to be taken to a shelter free food and bed till he dead

  29. •Oreo Wolf• YT

    Girl crying)(Girl POV: I don't wanna live anymore might as well shoot myself with this gun)(shoots) (Girl crying even louder)

  30. I AM T.JAMES

    This cat has been watching too many Bushman prank videos.

  31. Edward Hernandez

    Best comments section ever

  32. Dee Cee

    Wholesome content!

  33. Marcus Aurelius

    The dog put an end to playing in the house.

  34. DarkZones3D6

    Stay at home stay safe

  35. Mohammed Choudhury

    How is he lucky? The lucky ones are those seven people still standing.

  36. David Droney

    He's most likely using counter assault bear deterrent spay. You can hear it on the audio.

  37. natanael jose


    1. natanael jose


  38. BlueDragonKnight77

    Get the new rescue helicopter! ... Hey!

  39. Sorry My brothers

    It seems like she ended up being like her fault

  40. الا رسول الله

    She wanted to die

  41. Molly English

    That is gonna itch like a bastard.

  42. Grandpa & Max show

    Well that was a waste of money

  43. ·bugachu·

    The babys faceXD

  44. Ronald Cox

    We don't deserve dogs.

  45. Bobby D

    Cats are jerks lmao

  46. AvocadoSpud


  47. nxbxdy

    Floppaaaa ^-^

  48. Zedd

    the girl isnt scared to deer the deer was scared from her

  49. Basil Majeed

    Do not try this at home

  50. Criminal S

    0:07 Shot On iPhone .. BY. HAJIME I. cmon man.. i give you idea to a meme

  51. Fragger Mickey

    He is lucky someone recorded it, Now he has stories to tell his grandchildren with proof

    1. Aaron Waab

      Yup tell his grand kids how much of an idiot he was

  52. Persianprince P

    This makes my heart melt 🥺

  53. kyleyoumans

    When Curious George gets a little too curious

  54. Otto Matic

    FLICK! Opps... that was one of your piercings. You did those intentionally!

  55. ItsToasty


  56. mythplatypuspwned

    Just like in cartoons XD

  57. Alvian Gilang Sagita

    "Start the new rescue helicopter!"

  58. Dam78

    Minecraft 1.17 powder snow:

  59. Shane Miles

    Hey it’s Hercules 😃😃😃

  60. Samuel Coleman

    GOD bless the baby and the mom or grandma

  61. Zedd

    never build a glass wall

  62. Prince Westerburg

    It can be the cat is ill, guarding nearby kittens, is trying to get attention as a last ditch hope etc. Not funny, this is extremely strange behaviour and anthroprobmorphasizing it is not a solution. Whats the real story?

  63. Joey T

    This boy is adorable. He should never be bullied.

  64. Aaron Daniel L. Isles

    What country is this?

  65. Mari Animates

    I'll buy him all the slippers he wants

  66. Ethan Wagner

    There's no LiveLeak icon, so that's good

  67. Brenn Chapman

    Prolly like 6ft

  68. Alex Villa

    Bruh is it just me or are theses the ones in Universal Studios Hollywood?? Lmao 👀

  69. Shahaan Khan

    Baby brood plate: I fear nothing but that baby It scares my

  70. Cutie Oui

    The guy: *falls* The guy on the left: i dAncE

  71. Família Shih Tzu TV

    That woman at the window almost got killed :/ I'm glad nothing bad happened to them.

  72. Robe Cube EXTRA


  73. angelinajoanie


  74. Robe Cube EXTRA

    Still watching in 2021 👇

  75. Palash

    Next: Dad demonstrates how to get milk then disappears.

  76. David Degraphenreed

    Dog: I will never jeopardize our relationship over a tasty slipper ever again.

  77. FL FleXx

    does it think his finger looks like one of he babies

  78. Marie Lewis

    I would too it’s a a PS5 HONESTLY

  79. Obi Kenobi

    That first shout is the best I think....the aaaaaaaaaouw ! ! !....she realised she must not neglect the icy conditions....

  80. Mr. Clean002

    Dad has reached god lvl