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    Fat joe wasnt trying get KOd

  2. Keith Ulman

    If you didnt see this coming....I dont know

  3. mizzury54

    yeah that $2.5 and $3 million could have gone a long way to help struggling small businesses.

  4. Juanita Matthews


  5. IswearItWasn’tMe Doe

    Bet Charla thinks he’s the reason for the views on this vid lol

  6. Kevin Mason

    Shit 10 mil ..could not turn that down

  7. Just JaQualin

    Angela yee jus look toe up ! 😂

  8. javi Francisco Herrera ochoa

    he said big funnnnn hahaha

  9. Hanif Crafton

    That second one was funny

  10. Doug Young

    Everyone grows up and stop it charlemagne

  11. CHI Nation

    Plot Twist: They're Florida transplants

  12. Emilian Chux

    He cute, he cool, I enjoyed the interview.

  13. chefDbeats

    Feds come a knockin... Bes believe they case is tight. Sad shit Foreal Foreal

  14. Bmore Queeze

    Without Joe they was destined to fail 🤷🏽‍♂️

  15. ctaylor960

    Bro if you made some money take yo ass on to Guatemala or some shit. know they gonna trump up charges on him...

  16. Dion Rodriguez

    Lol ctg called Ye’s work a “stupid ass story”

  17. Roman Wilson

    Nigga be so lame , you could something so beautiful and it still ain't enough smh

  18. Micah Williams

    She washed up facts Street life

  19. Sam Battle

    What kind of BS is she trying to sell? Her services. She is a complete joke. How the hell is she going to make $50K a month, and spend too much and then tell broke $25K a year people to STOP SPENDING SO MUCH! What a joke! Then she said she spent more money on helping people, but had all kinds of cars, trips, homes, and , more.. GET PEOPLE LIKE HER OFF OUR PLATFORMS! She is JUST A SALESWOMAN TRYING TO SELL HER CRAP!

  20. Sincerity

    Listen 10 million I would get in the ring & say freak it- you throw the 1st punch - and I’ll pretend to knock out but do not punch me hard- if I was a guy. Lol 😂 50 cent is strong fella! Smh crazy

  21. BLAZE

    Malik is far from a nba star 😂😂😂

  22. Common Sense

    “bLaCk mEn dOnT cHeAt” 🤣

  23. Micah Williams

    Yo Larissa look old brooooooo!!!!

  24. Larry maxwell

    And he wants his money back, hmm really

  25. KickGameSoccer 23

    It’s so many Jason Williams in the world😂

  26. Jason Small

    they sicked 69 on oh boy. they was going to getting him then

  27. Michael Donaldson

    If anyone heard of the group Brick, OUTKAST was influenced by them and many other old skool r/b funk groups,from the way they dressed to the music all that came from 70's and 80's with their own twist to it respect to ATL,DF and OUTKAST can't get enough of that first OUTKAST album that mfer still get play in 2020 💯😎

  28. Ann Powell

    Hope y'all understood those jokes! Shout out to Claire Hustable who did it better

  29. DABIGDAWG001

    Damn that Charla. Got me putting The Wretched in my HUfast search bar.

  30. Mary Dera

    I literally cringe every time I heard him talking like that. Ugh bot everything is for us.... white people not everything is for us.

  31. Daniel U

    This Was A Great Interview. SAINT JHN Will Be One Of The Greatest Of All Time. Anything He Creates Is 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  32. Isaac Ybarra

    That photo of fat joe ..he look like the angry mayor of Whoville from the grinch.

  33. 404 Productions

    50 got a background in boxing 😂 Fat Joe better not be no fool lmao this will literally be a Tyson vs Butterbean type fight

  34. SuperTrader Mikey

    LOL I noticed the mic before CTG mentioned it. AK has great sound quality, he's gearing up for his podcast!

  35. Lola Malana

    If you think that Travis Scott’s association with those Kardashians has nothing to do with all them endorsements you’re delusional!!!

  36. Mr. A

    Charlamagne and Envy got the intellect of middle schoolers

  37. David Barnes

    Can always count on charlamagnes racist ass to make me laugh

  38. Jayboymvs

    I’m such a Joyner Lucas fan that I called the number of his 3rd to last album lol 😂

  39. Valentine Ent ihostparties j

    Factz Joyner fucc wit Roddy rich future Da Baby

  40. 704OMEN

    My son got his hairline right

  41. joe marin

    He such a snitch and a liar 🤥 he said he not scared 😱 yet he always gett caught like bow wow got caught with the bow wow challenge he claim he was in New York by nippssy hustle mural for hours but it was literally 30 seconds and his body guards where on his side out of view from the camera

  42. DO 4 SELF

    3 Presidents taking the Vaccine,,, that SHIT is Gonna be Saline!


    I'm a Jamaican Canadian man who lives in Toronto and the majority of us I believe take no offense to it. out here is heavily Caribbean influenced so you have many people from all walks of life adopting our Jamaican culture many for the Love of reggae music.. as long as there's no disrespect and it's all lov I see no problem.. it's an honor that people love our culture so much that they take the time to learn our Most people who are offended I think are none Jamaicans lol... Another thing in every Jamaican click there's always a non-jamaican who comes off more Jamaican than the ones from the Island lol... I've known many guys like that white Indian ,Chinese and American lol... But 2 guys I know stood out who I use to hang out with.. both Irish one was part of a Toronto top reggae DJ sound his name was Casper a white Irish dread..and when he spoke you would swear he was Jamaican and the other one ended up winning a Grammy for a song called Informer his name was Snow.. with that I think that's where Tom Hanks son falls in. his boys are Jamaican and he's influenced by them and has a lov for the culture so if that's the case NUFF RESPECT!! 🙏🏽👊🏽


      @Nellie K. Adaba Exactly it was all lov lol

    2. Nellie K. Adaba

      I love Snow who sang Informer in Jamaican patois, and no one took offense.

  44. CPGoat #3

    Sounds about right for my city. Smh

  45. Expat Lifestyle

    Jamaicans are not oppressed, it’s a developing country previously poor. What hell are you guys talking about. That kid should get his ass kicked for mocking people. PERIODT

    1. Nellie K. Adaba


  46. Cian Campbell

    There are white and Chinese and every other race of Jamaicans. “Out of many, one people” he does the language justice.

    1. Nellie K. Adaba

      Snow who sang Informer, also did justice to Jamaican patois in my opinion.

  47. Leon Carter

    What you think about the age gap 24 / 46

  48. Vincent Verb X Patterson

    People do realize there are white people from Jamaica right? There’s Asians and indigenous people all over di isle..

    1. A O

      That’s like saying white South Africans are Africans when they are still Europeans

    2. Nellie K. Adaba

      I guess Americans don't realise that.

  49. The Messenger

    This is the most important post you will ever read. Every one of us has sinned against God. We’ve lied, we’ve stolen, we’ve sinned sexually, and we’ve taken His name in vain; which makes us liars, thieves, fornicators and blasphemers.. Yet this is only four of our many transgressions. The problem is, we can never ‘outweigh’ our sin with good deeds because God is perfect in Holiness, meaning his standard is beyond our reach. He is also perfect in Justice, meaning, he will bring EVERY sin to light. The punishment for our sin is death, and Hell; a place of Eternal Fire, where there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Fortunately God is also perfect in Love, so 2000 years ago, Jesus Christ left his throne in heaven and came to this earth. While here, he lived a perfectly righteous life, only to take the punishment that We deserved; Our sinless creator became Our sin, and endured a gruesome death on a cross for our sake. Right before he died, he said ‘it is finished’.. meaning, the debt for our sins has been paid in full. And on the third day, he conquered death and rose from the grave. So now, we can go free from the wrath of God’s judgement not by earning it, but rather, as a free gift of grace ; Except a gift can either be accepted or rejected..So this is what you must do in response; Humbly admit to God that you have sinned against him, and through gratitude in the sacrifice of his son, repent (turn away) from your old way of life. Then, confess with your mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord, your savior, and the ruler of your life from this moment forward (Romans 10:9). Do these things, and you will be saved. If you do so sincerely, God will grant you a new heart which no longer finds comfort in sin. He will also grant you Eternal life in his presence; The greatest pleasure on earth doesn’t even come close to what God is preparing for believers in the afterlife. You’ve been informed; Now the choice is yours. What you do with this information will determine where you spend ETERNITY, meaning, this is the single most critical decision you will EVER make ; And all of us here, whether believer or atheist, know deep down that every last word here is true . Jesus Christ awaits YOU this very moment; don’t even think about sleeping tonight until you surrender your life to him, because your tomorrow isn’t guaranteed .. And as it is written (Hebrews 9 : 27) ; ‘It is appointed unto man ONCE to die, but after this, THE JUDGMENT’. All glory, honor and praise to Lord Jesus Christ.

  50. Under God

    SMH is the plandemic 2020

  51. Ryan

    Please get your yearly flu shot. It’s usually about $10, available at many stores, and sometimes free. You will have my thanks. 🙏🏼

  52. Monique Cobb

    For $10,000,000.00, I'd fight Floyd Mayweather. After medical bills, I'll still have about $7,000,000.00 left. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  53. SOUND

    an amazing interview lowkey

  54. Katerine Quinde

    Yang for President 🙌 2024

  55. WilliAm Vaquedano

    His album is a classic 👌 ✨ vibe all day

  56. Rodney

    Why isn’t #LipService apart of the black effect conglomerate??? The are cohost and supposed friends #WeNeedAnswers

  57. JBguitar 1990

    You all are wrong for the most part but that’s cool you had him on here

  58. LaToya Thomas

    Naw, Uncle Charla! Listen again! The dude that did the stabbing, is the dude who stuck his hands in the food! AND, he was the guest in the victim's home!

  59. Micah Bell

    I don't like his music but he cool

  60. K3 TooOffical

    Charlaman be finna get killed by all the rapper😂tht dude funny aab😂

  61. Tavarus FLEMING

    Love nas god 🙏 him fr 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏God bless us in these hard times

  62. Reina Merrick

    Everything he talked about, he should've been more successful with as councilmember. Just saying.

  63. Under God

    SMH 2020

  64. Sneh Patel

    Clip bait chocolate droppa

  65. Janitza Sherrer

    Fat Joe I fight him 🥊🥊

  66. liberal hater

    Its like a room full of millionaire victims.

  67. hadassah carrington

    Lol @ might as well go bungee jumping

  68. 1goodgas

    The South got some to say - Angela yee or Lee as y'all say

  69. Grim

    support this man, everything helps. the other side rallies together, we need to support our leaders.

  70. Montrell Antoine

    Montrell Antoine

  71. YungHandz706

    There's people out there who're not Black Americans who will talk down on Black Americans but still use parts the Black American english dialect. We should focus on that instead of trying to defend Jamaicans who can defend themselves. Patois is not Black American culture not much to do with us.

  72. Darryl

    Lebron be tampering like a mf lol

  73. Marie Designz

    Hope they don’t pull A RICO 😑

    1. Marie Designz

      Whose the they 😂😂 the breakfast club pulled up the clip 😂😂

  74. Onyeka Onyebuchukwu

    *Mike Milligan* don lost his hair

  75. Jesse Mendoza

    They trying to make him flip like the 6 and the 9. Same areas.... dam the feds caught on.

  76. Malik Bronson

    Wow Playoff Pee!!!

  77. Katerine Quinde

    #yanggang here

  78. DRE Parker

    Nobody Joyner Lucas: “I’m rich N***a”🤣 Naw fr tho very inspirational interview! Now excuse me while I go bump Lotto🔥

  79. 24441Chris

    Always be in the minset to grow but always stay true to yourself. Shout out the goat Joyner✔💯

  80. Thomas Herbort

    Someone tell this nice old lady her jokes ain't funny