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  1. Banana Bonana

    The girl in the pic kinda reminds me of Billie Eilish

  2. Ghost Nafu

    I love this song Can u please tell people to check me out too u gave me courage to go start HUfast so thank you for that

  3. k a r e n

    why is this song so true though

  4. chamindi dilpriya


    1. NewMelody


  5. Brownie C

    Wow👏🏽 I thought this was gonna be a "Pick Me" song when I read the title. But now she just shut me tf up when she said she doesn't need anybody else to tell her she's pretty😏 And that's on CONFIDENCE and SELF LOVE🥰🥰🥰

    1. NewMelody

      yup <3

  6. Luna

    i talked with a friend yesterday about all this stuff. this song is scaringly accurate and was in my recommended today. what the hell :'D

  7. Tjums

    *Only pretty people can read this*

    1. NewMelody

      thank you bud <3

  8. Baylee Beck

    TEll a girl shes pretty 100000 times and she still wont belive you, tell her she ugly ones and shell remember forever

    1. NewMelody

      yess, sad that social media has made beauty standards even worse 😞

  9. Alishba Alishbakasi

    This song is such a lesson for girls who always try to hard to look good for the people who appreciates in front of you laugh at your back 😒

    1. NewMelody

      yup :/

  10. _x._shimmieshimmie bop_.x_

    Thailand 🇹🇭

    1. NewMelody

      norway here! <3

  11. Big Angy

    This song happend to me in real life

  12. fabiarmy kpopper

    1 minuto de silêncio pra quem ainda não achou essa música 😐

  13. tiza

    awe okd songs

  14. Md Belal Akhlaque

    Yes you are pretty ❤️🦋🥰

    1. NewMelody


  15. Adonis -

    Hard Boy and now this? @Frawley, you are going to shine! 💜

  16. GiVe Me YoUr ToE nAiLs

    What's wrong with short skirts sir- 🧠🍜

  17. Dn Ya

    it's amazing , Love from Kurdistan 😁❤

    1. NewMelody

      love back from norway <3

  18. Manal Alharthy

    Thanks minho

  19. hts_bboydeadpool GG


  20. Shooting Star

    I'm far from pretty...fat...ugly....not beautiful....i just gave up..

  21. amira pauzi

    You're pretty

    1. NewMelody


  22. maurice spinks

    I Love You song

  23. Adonis -

    Don't trust others but always trust yourself! You are enough!

  24. Nikita S

    And after you get out, it feels so good and you realise what you want

  25. Aesthetic uwu

    Tbh, When I say You're pretty I don’t lie

    1. NewMelody


  26. Adonis -

    Sometimes you only wanna sink down to the floor and sob it all out but at the same time, you don't wanna give life that satisfaction...

  27. BTS forever


    1. NewMelody


  28. Astrowxrldcorbs

    We all listened to this more than once am i r? U-U

    1. NewMelody

      i'm guilty 😄😄

  29. The Food You May Like

    Beautiful song🌸

    1. The Food You May Like

      Very peculiar song it is!

    2. NewMelody

      yess, glad you like it😄

  30. Hira Khalid

    Never have i ever relate to any song this much ...... Every single word 🔥

  31. The Food You May Like

    I don't need nobody except New Melody❤️

    1. NewMelody


  32. Mohammod Shamim

    That's cool

    1. NewMelody

      glad you dig it!

  33. kiana simp

    Everyone is commenting sad stories and wholesome things while I'm here listening to this while washing the dishes

  34. Madison Tomes

    sometimes we have friends but just don´t know they are our friends until they leave :c

  35. Helen Ovalle

    "I don't need nobody else to tell me,tell me im pretty" Me:I call everyone pretty and handsome uhhhh (Everyone's pretty/handsome in there own way,just be yourself and have fun!)

    1. NewMelody

      yess, hope you like the song! :D

  36. SonjaGaming _TV

    posted 18 minutes ago, sweet!

    1. NewMelody

      yess, hope you lke the songj!

  37. ERROR 440

    Nice nice nice music

    1. NewMelody

      yess, brynn is awesome!

  38. •BTS ARMY•

    Believe Me, When, I Say, You're Pretty... 💜💜💜

    1. NewMelody


  39. •BTS ARMY•

    Believe When, I Sat, You're Really Pretty... 💜💜💜

    1. NewMelody


  40. paras vijay

    Love ur songs sooo muchhh!!!!

    1. NewMelody

      so glad you like them!

  41. Adonis -

    AWESOME! 💜

    1. NewMelody

      yesss, glad you like it! :D

  42. hxyla A

    Am I the only one from 2021 lmao 😅

  43. kaveri meshram

    Love you from INDIA 🇮🇳🔥

    1. kaveri meshram

      @NewMelody 😍👍

    2. NewMelody

      love back from norway <3

  44. NewMelody

    *You are pretty* ❤️

    1. Maria Nina

      Thank you, and u 2 😊


      No,i'm really not... but thanks... :")

    3. SUZY.-.

      Awwwwww so cute youuu too!!💛

    4. The Food You May Like

      Yeah and what about you?

    5. n!ck!

      I'M😖,Thank U❤

  45. diana claire

    Dope beats

    1. NewMelody

      glad you like the song! :D

  46. Laky Aktar

    I love this song so much ❤️❤️🎀😍😍

  47. Aarya Ghuge

    Tell me I am pretty said the girl in the mirror “Pretty?? You’re drop damn gorgeous babe! “

    1. Dymd

      She had those LONELY EYES...

    2. NewMelody


  48. Aarya Ghuge

    7 mins ago??!!!

    1. NewMelody

      yess, hope you like it! :D

  49. Svea Tresselt


    1. NewMelody


  50. NewMelody

    *Where are you guys listening from?* 🌎🙋

    1. Diana

      From my home which is my castle. 🥰

    2. Shuliza Ali Mohammed


    3. Gobinda Halder

      India 🇮🇳🇮🇳 and city kolkata

    4. God_of_ Memes

      Germany 🇩🇪

    5. Whiplash Vanquish


  51. n!ck!

    Tell Me I'm Pretty 😞💔

    1. David Parkinson

      Your beautiful

    2. n!ck!

      @NewMelody Awww❤ So Cut ,Thanks

    3. NewMelody

      you are <3

  52. Matei Dumitru


    1. NewMelody


  53. shadow

    Im not pretty im just fun but now im pretty.. Lol😂

    1. NewMelody

      lmao full circle 😂

  54. Alexis Lintz

    Caring to much all the time ? so me!!!

    1. NewMelody

      feel you xD

  55. Tanishka Tripathi

    Told me I m pretty😍

    1. NewMelody

      you are <3

  56. Nill Sakib

    nice song

    1. NewMelody

      glad you dig it!

  57. Miya Su

    Love from Indonesia 💜

    1. NewMelody

      love back from norway <3

  58. Michael Kaiser

    Very good song Hit 2021 👍💯

    1. NewMelody

      yuup brynn killed it!

  59. Tanishka Tripathi

    I ve never been so early just 2 minutes🥺🥺

    1. NewMelody

      yess, thank you for supporting!

  60. Minu Mehrin P M

    I don't need nobody else to tell me I'M PRETTY ❤️

    1. NewMelody


    2. SUZY.-.

      Yeesss fooor sureeee

    3. lyx

      hey i also create lyric videos, it’d be amazing if you could check them out!

  61. Manuzinha _Games


    1. NewMelody

      hope you like the song!

  62. Tanishka Tripathi

    Omg this is crazy guys u can u do it🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 nd yeah been so caught pleasing but no not anymore😎

    1. NewMelody



    I'm from kashmir valley 🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹🌹

    1. NewMelody

      norway here bro


    Love this ❤song🎶🎶🎶🎶

    1. NewMelody


  65. Levi’s Wifey

    Omg this is good Love this 🤍😌

    1. NewMelody

      yess, it's catchy right? :D



    1. NewMelody


  67. Potato RJ

    Yay! I'm early😄 Love all your uploads! This is super catchy ❤️

    1. lyx

      @Potato RJ thank you <3

    2. Potato RJ

      @NewMelody I love it! It's added to my favorites🤗

    3. Potato RJ

      @lyx sure! 💙

    4. NewMelody

      yess, so glad you like this one! ❤️

    5. lyx

      hey i also create lyric videos, it’d be amazing if you could check them out!

  68. Grethel Barrera


    1. NewMelody


  69. senu kawmini

    Love from Sri Lanka!♥❤

    1. NewMelody

      love back from norway <3

    2. Janindu Shyaman

      Sl එකෙක් ඉන්නවා දැක්කාමයි😂

  70. XxGemini. PleasexX

    1 view 22 likes sounds about right

    1. NewMelody

      yup xD

    2. Gursheen Kaur

      haha lol


    OMG am i first?


      @NewMelody ;)

    2. NewMelody

      almost! :D

  72. Yuca Mine

    Tell me I'm pretty.

    1. David Parkinson

      You're not just pretty you're beautiful

    2. NewMelody

      ur pretty ❤️

    3. SUZY.-.

      Your so prettty 💜💜💜😩.

    4. Dion Van der Deure

      Your Y in your logo is indeed pretty😂

    5. Javeria Tariq

      Girl you so pretty

  73. Fatima Jawad

    Heyy early squad

    1. NewMelody

      heeey :D


    I was searching for this thxxx


      @NewMelody Yes! Loved it!

    2. NewMelody

      np, hope you like the song!

    3. lyx

      hey i also create lyric videos it’d be amazing if you could check them out, btw i’m a huge fan of rosé too lol😉

  75. Adeen Asim

    Love this 😙👌🏻

    1. NewMelody

      yess, so good!

  76. Talented Paws


    1. NewMelody


  77. - تَـࢪآنيِي ࢦطـيفۿ 𓆩𖤐.

    فييي عرب 😭؟.

    1. - تَـࢪآنيِي ࢦطـيفۿ 𓆩𖤐.

      @Nico I just wrote a comment in Arabic.

    2. - تَـࢪآنيِي ࢦطـيفۿ 𓆩𖤐.

      @NewMelody Oh My God

    3. NewMelody

      ur first 🥇🥇

    4. Nico

      What does that mean?

  78. Noura Marzouqi


  79. XxShizu_ ChanxX

    My teacher: How often do you think about your stress? *Me thinking about my stress and pain:* "Only think about' em on the weekdays and weekend, only in the mornings and evenings, only when I wake up and sleep in-" my teacher and classmates: oh my god-

  80. xxDiana xx

    i sang it back in school last year i love that song