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  1. MZ Espedido

    This song makes me calm when I am mad

  2. Briana Borromeo

    Girl: i have a crush on you Crush: What? Girl: i said i have a crush on you Crush: You're not even beautiful, and i have my only one The girl run and started to cry The moment she went home... Mom: why are you crying? Girl: It's just that my crush doesn't have a crush on me and he said im not beautiful sob Mom: Listens Girl: Mom am i not beautiful? Mom: you're beautiful, and pretty's on the inside not outside, just wait for the right guy maybe he's just somewhere out there Girl: Really? Mom: Yes, Really The next day... Boy Bestfriend: hey! (Y/N) goodmorning! Girl: goodmorning Boy bestfriend: what's wrong? You're not energetic Girl: oh, im not in the mood Boy Bestfriend: why? Girl: just... just leave me alone Boy Bestfriend: just standing in front of her Girl: get out of the way without even looking at him Boy bestfriend: No Girl: please? sob Boy bestfriend: No Girl: boys are always the same Boy Bestfriend: Really? Girl: yes... sob Boy Bestfriend: Quiet Girl: just promise me (Y/N) when you have a girlfriend don't hurt her Boy Bestfriend: Ok Girl: ok im fine now, get out of the way Boy Bestfriend: No Girl: What do you want?! Looks at him now Boy Bestfriend: You Girl: what? Boy bestfriend: i said, you Girl: you're joking Boy bestfriend: im not Girl: it's not funny The girl went to leave but the boy stopped her and said Boy Bestfriend: all these years, i endured the pain, i accept that you have a crush on someone, i accept that you don't love me, i accept that you only just see me as your brother, i accept you only see me as a friend but the truth is... I Love You Girl: shocked Boy bestfriend: why won't you say anything? I said I Love You Girl: im not pretty Boy bestfriend: i don't care i love your flaws i love who you are and i love you Girl: Thank you Boy bestfriend: hugs her i will give you some time to heal so i can ask you out Girl: no, im fine i already move on, now i know who's the one for me Boy bestfriend: holds her hand Girl: smiles I JUST WANT YOU TO KNOW THAT YOU ARE WHAT YOU ARE, LOVE YOURSELF FIRST BEFORE LOVING EVERYONE AND IM SHOUTING THAT YOU ARE SO BEAUTIFUL IM SHOUTING TO THE WORLD THAT YOU ARE SO HIGH THAN MOUNT EVEREST YOU ARE PRICELESS, BE FREE FORGIVE AND FORGET THAT'S THE WAY YOU SHOULD MOVE ON! EVERYBODY LOVES YOU! REMEMBER THAT! Please leave a like thank you!

  3. Malia Hdz

    OMG I cry of dis song because I can't see my dad anymore😔😣👉👈💔 but I love you ❤️💖💝💘

  4. Franco pacheco

    ¿Hay alguien acá que no sea ni gringo ni ruso ni portugués?

  5. José Marinho do Nascimento filho

    Alguém do Brasil kkkk com o corona

  6. Savannah Becerra

    This song makes you have a good day lmao!! have a good day

  7. Ness Sapal

    Verry sad song

  8. Naufal Kurniawan

    I Like it

  9. Brittany Cloyd

    praying medic

  10. Mimz Chan

    00:44 is tiktok part You can dance guys?

  11. yadi yudy 23

    Fijense yo hablo español hola😂😂


    Le doi 300l LIKE




    Canciones bacana

  15. Naruto Uzumaki

    Thanks to autoplay I was able to find this hidden gold.

  16. Kellen Burr

    HUfast is getting way to comfortable with these non skipable ads

  17. Rigel Ramos

    1:54 got yall

  18. Deah Jimenez

    arent you just gonna take that

  19. littlebody bigheart

    Fun fact actually sad fact: your reading a fact

  20. justagoatwho moomoo


  21. Younger Motivational

    You Are The Creator Of Your Destiny, Because You Are The Creator, The Decider Of Your Feelings In Each Moment . You Decide The Meaning Of Each Situation, And Therefore You Can Direct Your Destiny However You Choose.

  22. Martin Santiago Unibio Alarcon

    Mi pan susususu mi pan yakakus ñam ñam ñam mi pannnnnnnnnnn sususuususu

  23. Existencial Misery

    cancion lacra

  24. KAIF GaMe!nG

    Nice song

  25. رجل أعمال FF

    عربي مر من هنا سأضع أيموجي ليضن الأنجليز أنني أتحدث عن الأغنية 😱😱

  26. 1000 Subscribers without a video challenge

    *i pray whoever reads this can make his dreams real ❤️*

  27. Reem Abdulrahman


  28. Jonathan Cooksey

    Rip juice wrld forever

  29. Andika Tri Ramadhana


  30. Krystal Ener

    My mom sead i couldn't sing That just mean but I have ran into a singer famous one and got here apinon I can sing

  31. Calfin Es kepal

    Iri bilang bos

  32. Galačtic _ Wølf

    Sometimes I really want to cry but I don't want my family to ask questions bc I don't really have an answer so I quietly cry my self to sleep at night saying "When is this going to end??"

  33. radial_ninja 3

    Whenever life gets me down, I come here, this song just lifts me up and IDK how to describe it, but it's a good feeling

  34. KarsOnMars

    Thank you, google. I finally found this song

  35. Jihadi Hasan

    I love this

  36. Shiv HappyBATMAN

    I AM BATMAN 😎😎.... I AM NOT WEIRD....HELL NAAH !! ( If you get the joke , Lmao 😂)

  37. Shirley Chevry Jules

    I- he saying some dirty things I-

  38. Noah deWit-Healy

    did you know that this is the most veiwd song in the world???

  39. Noah deWit-Healy

    every one coming to listen to this song every day for energy

  40. Elmer Gomez

    🛑 has always been the best. 🎤 Every single one ☝️😡🤬😤👽☠️💀👻💩

  41. Ashley Lopez

    Is bille Eilish the best?

  42. Ashley Lopez


  43. Maris :3

    This song fits one of my antagonist OC very well, The song is like telling my OCs crimes, and telling her cold persona. when my oc finds out someone likes her or something she goes through a breakdown and starts yelling, since she knows she’s a bad person.

  44. Kitten M

    1.5x is kinda fire tho🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  45. CarEnthisiastKid

    Only people who came from there car radio can like. Go ahead bois

  46. Alenes Daño

    Before you go kiss me and say'"goodbye'""

  47. SnugglyChocoHeartsHahaUwu


  48. Hi Hi

    Is anybody here from pro pepper dear epic games or does anybody know the video

  49. nur aina

    such a sad song.

  50. Atasha Nuez


  51. Swypehouse Tiktok

    Nobody Charli d’amelio😱😜👑 @ temuka

  52. Zackmixing

    u asshole describing girls like that.

  53. bk-x records 記錄

    B e a u t i f u l 🥰

  54. Riski Fadilah

    Lili bagus

  55. Yatziri Olivas

    Alguien más que hable español

  56. Jen Arcand

    He is so good

  57. Guillermo Muñoz

    Esta canción me recuerda a mis familiares fallesidos y me da pena 😢:-(

  58. goth boi clique

    boy friend broke up with me to go like my cousin and my cousin told him i don’t like him so he broke up with me to go to my cousin 😕


    Que asco de musica

  60. RainCloudSky Storm loomer GD

    This is in monster school and reminds me of the rap in monster school. It was 😎

  61. Zoe Aldovino


  62. Temuujinfriends 1020


  63. josue el crack



    where are you from

  65. Momo Yaoyorozu

    How the lyrics actually are: Não vai não Me thinking how the lyrics are: Now I know

  66. James Johnson

    South Carolina

  67. Fernanda Alto Guerrero

    gran cancion soy de mexico de padre y estunidinense de madre

  68. Trox Roxy

    just thought i needzd to pretty much get some answers so i can feel that way but i think this pretty much does it i cant take you ignoring me anymore

  69. Trox Roxy

    if i ever met you i wouldnt know what to say i wouldnt know what to do and i know were beyond done but just in case youre ok in my book

  70. Paula Vega

    JJ no el ñññ yo

  71. explore withNina

    toosie slide lyric video

  72. Trox Roxy


  73. Фанат Российских Рейнджеров

    Im not lesbian, but if you're afraid of coming out to anyone don't if u don't want to you don't owe anyone anything keep it to yourself ifuwant but if telling someone empowers you go for it. I can't say much cuz my biggest fear is a cat but try to face anything that comes in the way of you and don't care what anyone thinks because all that matters is what you think, keep going my friend

  74. Dawn Jones

    Her Momma must be so proud. I'm no prude, by any means, but this is pure shit.

  75. Qhofi

    Iᗰ ᔕᑌᗷᗷIᑎᘜ TO ᗩᑎYOᑎᗴ ᗯᕼO ᒪIKᗴᔕ TᕼIᔕ ᑕOᗰᗰᗴᑎT👈🏻❤️🔥Iᗰ ᖴᗩᔕT 🔥🔥🔥

    1. Evan

      I’ll dislike

  76. Kaley Lewicki

    This song is low key good

  77. Antoni Setiawan



    Life’s lessons are a beautiful gift, but they don’t always come wrapped in a shiny, red bow. Sometimes tragedy brings us wisdom. Sometimes joy does. Other times we stumble upon life-changing lessons when we least expect to. No matter how they come to us, life’s lessons are invaluable and worth cherishing. Use them as a guide to live unapologetically, without limits. I just want everyone to know that you guys are so strong and if people would focus more on trying to make others feel good about themselves instead of putting lables on everything a judging people then 1 of 4 suicide cases wouldn't have to happen but people this generation just always wants to bring the next person down.

  79. Vashti Young

    I still can't believe he died :(


    Jembut asu