A free multiplayer game where you compete in Battle Royale, collaborate to create your private island in Creative, or quest in Save the World.

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  1. A Wall

    This is ok, for now...

  2. Zayan Ninja

    Bugha: Preparing for 1 million dollars............ Courage:buuuuuuuuuuuugha

  3. Jara _1


  4. Freddieultragamer

    1:18 POV: your brother took a s**** in the nutella jar and you beat his ass

  5. Fortnite gamer

    Fortnite please make a naruto skin please I'll be so happy my sister will be happy

  6. Ultra gamer

    Please fix this I bought many loot ilamas in save the world

  7. A Wall

    This is cool but seeing chief without his ar and with a scar has like kind of a sad feeling, and cursed knowing little kid's reaction.

  8. ZarHakkar

    Music used remids me of Apox - Stay Triumphant

  9. Сун

    Say "hello!" from 2021!

  10. Nizar games

    Epic can give us a hint about the live event and season 6?

    1. GonOliver

      @Son Goku Search "PlayStationGrenade" on YT, it's a great channel, mostly about Fortnite, explaining what's happening, theories about what could happen, map changes and a lot of other things, and if you guys are looking for hints about what's gonna happen in the future of Fortnite, I tthink you'll enjoy their videos a LOT, cus at least I do

    2. Son Goku

      There will probably be no live event

  11. 56Fennix

    It's almost been a year wtf

  12. goldeggshell a

    This is better than battle royale

  13. 56Fennix

    The future of the real world sucks

  14. RawiriZone

    A alguien mas le recomienda esto en 2021? DIOS que tiempos🔥

  15. 56Fennix

    Such a good season. I remember when it was free for a lot of people. That's how my friend got peely

  16. 56Fennix

    I remember my friend got the battle pass the first day and got creative. I was so jealous

  17. 56Fennix

    My second favourite season

  18. Enes Sahin

    we want the old map again please Wir wollen die alte map wieder Bitte

  19. 56Fennix

    Even if we go back to this map the sweats will still remain

  20. 、あかまる


  21. Dream No.2

    No offense Fortnite but I quit for this game for cod

  22. Rob Hangsti

    im glad for mongral the face sway retake actualy works

  23. Bho Bho

    this is so cool

  24. Sean MARVEL

    Boooooo worst season ever!!!

  25. TJ S

    James Bond 007

  26. Bho Bho


  27. P4blo 4621

    MPX carabine (Julius Jack form Roblox)

  28. Mark Isaiah Francisco

    This is the best season ever I will rather be stuck in this season I'm a mobile

  29. den

    Where is my old game ?

  30. Gethin Davies

    It’s funny how they used a skybase and no one shot down😂

  31. Mikayla Williams

    Welp... this season is coming to an end so bye season 5 👋🏽

  32. Libby

    I wish i had parents like that 😔

  33. Yann Gadonnaud


  34. Fistus Waumann

    Why is there a "Löwenzahn" metal song?

  35. bendahou ilyas 133

    Fin saison 5 go saison 6

  36. SM22 Gaming

    0:14 gun attachments are now coming to fortnite


    Btw, just now i got my old fortnite account with this battle pass,cause my ps4 account got banned.

  38. SageAttic


  39. FELLOW WOLF 10

    I remember playing this on St Patricks day on my switch I was getting dinner in a hotel.

  40. Omar Ahmed

    أهلا كيفك عبدالرحمن

  41. london sullens

    best season

  42. Savage Sonny


  43. 56Fennix

    How has it been a year

  44. ItsDreamzy


  45. Angel Oceguera

    Can you band Davidlocho he is toxic ple

  46. Intrained

    Bro jannisz only won 1fncs 😂

  47. Mihai Iovan

    8 Can you give my The original Maidas to mihaiandrei2018 please

  48. Mihai Iovan

    Can you give to mihaiandrei2018g please

  49. Drift gamer

    Doesn’t epic know how to make a trailer

  50. Drift gamer

    Who ever played this is prob the best player in the world

  51. 56Fennix

    Fortnite I have a problem. I get stuck on the main menu and can't go into the game I've only been able to play like 4 games this season

  52. zd_ gamer

    I Love fortnite💯💯💯

  53. Gustav

    Imagine still playing fortnite😂

    1. Gustav

      @SHADOW Gaming yt Im confused😂 You are also a kid😂

    2. SHADOW Gaming yt

      You r just a kid and your prp proof it so go shut up and sleep

  54. YT Magma-FN

    Can we have a live event for season 5 and can u bring back chapter 1 we all miss it

  55. FastNas2 TTV

    0:23 I have heard that song

  56. Jah Nicker

    Honestly if I ever qualified the only person who would be happy is my gf and prolly my coworkers

  57. Miles Lande

    Doesn’t baby yoda look so cute in fortnite


    Keep a bts character

  59. TOMMY

    This is what its all about

  60. TOMMY

    It looks so exciting!

  61. Hazzawazza

    I wish it was like this now

  62. Alex Reyes

    Fortnite knows they're gonna get hate comments like dead game that why they never have a live chat smh

  63. Endrit Dacaj

    Best seson chapter 2

  64. Mkmoas

    Can u plzzzz tell us more about the ban on mobile

  65. Mr wwe Max

    I stop playing fortnite men I hate this bot

  66. Conor Martin

    I am

  67. car1938

    What's wrong with 1984.....yes yes I get the reference but still

  68. احمد احمد

    فيه عرب

  69. Adam B

    Remember when Fortnite was actually fun? Double pumping, no sweats, no competitive just pure fun. They ruined the game imo.

  70. danstrike08

    Here in 2021?👇

  71. فنان قيمزKSA

    طيب وش اسويلكم

  72. Jacob Sturzaker

    hi epic plz can i have a support a creator code my fortnite name is jake11 kill

  73. Tropical Gaming

    I loved Gotham it was my favourite drop when it came back

  74. 24danoc

    Free javis

  75. Lara

    *POV: it’s midnight and this came up in your head.*

  76. Gabriel Robles

    I broke up with my creative game

  77. Rico

    Thank you fortnite for everything